Monday, January 23, 2017

A Prophet Came to America -- NEW!

From: Paul Ludy

A Prophet Came to America -- NEW!

New Booklet by Elbert A. Smith

In 1938 Brother Elbert presented 10 radio sermons, which were later reprinted in The Saints' Herald. They gave evidence to the general public that his grandfather, Joseph Smith, Jr., was indeed a prophet of God.

Now those sermons are available in a 52-page booklet for your study and edification and to share as a witnessing tool with your friends who do not have a Restoration background.

The price is only $5.00 each. 1-8 copies will ship for $3.00.

With each order by phone to 816-210-8450 or e-mail to you also receive "Oldbookman Cash" worth 10% of your purchase (or worth 20% of your purchase if you order 24 or more items at a time--a few limitations apply) that you can use to pay for a future purchase.

Call me if you need new or used RLDS books.
Paul V. Ludy

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