Friday, January 20, 2017

New Cochlear Implants Needed

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From: ​Melissa​ Scott

New Cochlear Implants Needed

Dear Saints,

As many of you know me and my daughter Emily, you know that she is deaf and has ​​
cochlear implants.

Now due to the fact that she has not had insurance for her "ears" for over a year we have found ourselves in need. We received an email telling us that we need to upgrade her implants because the ones she has now will no longer be supported, meaning should anything go wrong (which she is having trouble with the left one) we are out of luck. Now there is a solution only it has to very quick. The upgrades are $20,000 BUT....If we can make it to a convention called Cochlear America's Celebration 2017 in Orlando Florida Feb. 16-19 then we get 50% off as well as $2,000 off each ear if we send in her old ones. That brings the total to $6,000 for the upgrade, which we have in Care Credit insurance which they accept.

What we are asking for are prayers for guidance and the funds to make this happen. I have spoken to cochlear and this convention is the only place and time we can get the 50% off. Otherwise we pay the $20,000.

The convention costs are as follows:
Convention entrance fee $175 for me and $150 for Emily
The resort where it is held is $200 a night for 3 nights
The airfare for 2 + a service dog ? Spirit Airlines for 2 roundtrip $500 total, possibly less if we sign up for their membership at $60 a year
If you wish to contribute

Go Fund Me page:

We would appreciate any prayers, thoughts, anything. If you wish to donate feel free to contact us at or my cell 816-914-1577

Thank you,
Melissa and Emily Scott

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