Friday, February 3, 2017

CPRS Robot Team - In Need of Rolling Tool Chest

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From: Archie Gatrost

CPRS Robot Team - In Need of Rolling Tool Chest

We have just completed our second year of the FIRST FTC robot challenge. This year our 18" x 18" x 18" robot competed with greater success than last year, being being able to accomplish all of the goals in the challenge. The team built an auto loading cannon to fire wiffle balls as well as extending arms that could place an exercise ball 4 feet off the ground into a basket.

As we acquire more motors, electronic parts and other construction parts we are finding a need to organize motors, wires, wheels, and many other miscellaneous parts.

We were looking to see if anyone has a 5 to 10 drawer rolling tool chest that we could use to organize our building parts. You may contact me by email at or leave a message on our home phone 816-650 6010.

Thanks you,
Archie Gatrost

May God be With You This Day.
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