Monday, February 27, 2017

Experience the Benefits of Increased Circulation

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Experience the Benefits of Increased Circulation

Come join us tomorrow night, Tuesday, February 28th on the Independence Square as we learn more about the health benefits of Bio-Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation, known as BEMER. Come and try it out for yourself. You will also hear the testimonials of others who have been greatly blessed by adding BEMER to their life. Many have experienced relief from chronic discomfort, lack of energy, mobility, over all poor circulation and so much more. BEMER is safe and healthy for our bodies, because it restores the proper environment for our cells, organs, tissues and the entire body to heal more quickly. Come see for yourself, it can truly change your life. See attached invitation for details

Please RSVP seating is limited CALL/TEXT (816)301-7222
(Personal demonstrations will start at 6:30pm)

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