Monday, February 20, 2017

New Ways To Help Make Insulin Affordable

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From: Blake Hall

New Ways To Help Make Insulin Affordable

I usually do not ask others to sign a petition, but this one is one worth filling out. When I was a child, I could get a vial of insulin for $20. Now it costs over $250 for a vial of Humalog insulin without insurance now. Please do not feel any pressure to sign, but if you have time and are willing, please do.

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Dear Blake,
Stand up for affordable insulin
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Two months ago, I was honored to announce that the American Diabetes Association’s Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution calling for immediate action by Congress and by all of the parties involved in the insulin supply chain to ensure affordable insulin for everyone who needs this lifesaving medication. At the same time, I asked you and other supporters to sign a petition to make sure that call was heard by those with the power to help individuals and families struggling to afford insulin.
The response was overwhelming. Over 156,000 of you have signed the petition so far. But we need to be louder to make a real difference. So I am asking you to take a few easy next steps:
1. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about the need for affordable insulin. I challenge each of you to recruit FIVE more people to sign the petition. Do this by forwarding this email, and sharing the Association's posts on Facebook and Twitter.
2. Click here to tell Congress directly to hold hearings about why insulin prices have skyrocketed.
3. Check out our new website – – to hear from real people affected by the rising cost of insulin, share your own story, follow the issue in the news, and read the research. You can also share the website on social media with resources from our website.
This is the moment to Raise Voice in support of all those loved ones and strangers we will never meet; who labor under the burden of inadequate access to the insulin they need to stay healthy and to stay alive. Thank you for taking action now!
Alan L. Yatvin
Member, Board of Directors
American Diabetes Association
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