Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Tidings List

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From: paul gage

The Tidings List

Dear Saints,

I am going to make one more effort to try to locate the following Saints. Any help you can give in regards to a new address or confirmation that the current address is correct will be very much appreciated.

Please feel free to forward to whoever, but ask them to respond to me at pauljg_64055@yahoo.com.


Blue Springs John Clay on NW 26th St
Steven Gimmarro on NW Leann Dr
Steve McVay on SE Sherri Lane
Dena Pulley on NW Anchor Ct
Devin White on NW Park Rd
Lela White on NW Mill Dr.

Cameron Ivy Rambo on E. 5th St.
Holden Steve White on S. Lexington St.


Jennifer Davis on S. Spring St.
Rob Hamilton on N. Ashley Dr
Maxine Kubin on Newbury Lane
Terry Littlemeyer on S. Harris Ave.
Harlan May on E. 29th Terr S.
William Moore on S. Megan Ct
Ray Oatman on E. Truman Rd
David Patrick on S. Dodgion Ave.
Terri Jo Richmond on E. 37th Terr Ct. S
Aaron Saylor on S. Cedar Crest Ct
Aaron Warner on W. Truman Rd
Del Yockey on S. Leslie St

Kingsville Shawn Brewington on NW 100th Rd
Nevada Donald Hancock at RR 2 Box ?
Oak Grove Scott Miller on S. Fields Rd.
Stockton Jacob Stockton on E. 1000 Rd.

ARIZONA Nancy Todechine in Pinion

CALIFORNIA Josseph Salazar Citrus Heights

FLORIDA Lucas Boyce on Fairview Vista in Orlando
Jeannie Klier on Edgeawter Dr in Port Charlotte
Randy Zielinski Box # in Wesley Chapel

HAWAII Dorothea Lee on Kupulau Dr in Kihei

KANSAS Michael Stice Box # in Elk City

MAINE Andrea Davis on Water St in Ellsworth

MICHIGAN John Garland on W. Brown Rd in Mayville
Douglas Hale on Keith St in Plainwell
Samantha Jones on N. McKinley Rd in Flushing

MINNESOTA Harry Leamon on 7th St. NE in Columbia Heights

OHIO Jim Stimmel on Piquad Rd in Elida

PENNSYLVNIA Dee Bollinger on Evergreen Run in Imperial
Grace Carney on Spring Valley Rd in West Mifflin

WISCONSIN Michael Giltner on N. Stone Creek Cir. in Madison

ON ANOTHER NOTE: An Elder from Morgantown, WV has just been transferred to Richmond, VA. If anyone knows of any Saints in Virginia, please send me that information. We currently send ten Tidings of Zion into Virginia.

Thank you all for your help.

God bless
Paul Gage

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