Monday, March 20, 2017

Conversion of Old Sermons

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From: Nancy Nolker

Conversion of Old Sermons

What I am wanting to do is find someone that will convert the old reel to reel audio tapes to CD or even a thumb drive. I have sermons from Oscar and Hubert Case, Al Pellitier, Ray Zinzer, ZZ Renfroe, Seventy Thommy Thomas, D. Blair Jensen, Charles Heeld, and maybe others. Most of what I have is of Oscar Case since he was my grandpa.

I would be willing to try doing this myself if I had access to a recorder. I can make copies of CDs that could be shared in our Lexington congregation library. I know there are many inspirational sermons among what I am holding and I want them to be shared with others.

Please let me know of anyone you think might be of help in this endeavor. It has been on my heart pretty heavily for about two weeks now and I think it is what the Lord wants. If you want to call me, my cell number is 816-694-1098. I also can accept text messages.

Thank you for your help.
Nancy (Case) Nolker

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