Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Family in need!

From: Ester McCune

Family in need!

Hi Garland,

I have copied two messages that my friend posted on Facebook in the last couple days. She and her husband and little girl are in desperate need of help right now. They have to be out of their apartment by the end of the month and they have not been able to find somewhere to move. They also don't have a car.

Tonight she messaged me and ask if I knew anyone who had a car because she's seriously contemplating having to sleep in a car to keep her daughter off the streets. If I was financially able I would buy them a house right now.

My Hope Is that someone on your mailing list would have the means to help them. I have known her since we were kids and she has always been the hardest worker regardless of of her health which is not very good. I would appreciate it if you would forward this on the restoration mailing list and hopefully there is someone who can offer them a lifeline.

Thank you,
Esther McCune
(816) 308-9790


March 21st - If anyone knows of houses to rent in the independence area or even blue springs area ( two bedroom ) & a car that is in decent shape for sale or that someone wants to give away. My family is having to move in less then a week and we are in major need of help. I hate asking on Facebook but I have learned sometimes it's best to let others know that you need help then hold back and keep it to yourself. Prayers are needed. Thank you.

March 22nd - Tired of having these twisted knot pains in my stomach from so much stress. Praying always works in so many ways and my family is in need of prayers big time. We are all healthy.... Well mostly healthy. We are breathing and are able to work lol. But we are in need of a car as soon as possible before the end of the month and if anyone knows of anyone renting out homes in independence or blue springs area please let me know. I have been searching the internet all day, calling and messaging people and I keep seeming to hit a wall each time. I keep telling myself, even if I don't have anything I at least have my family and if that is all I have then I will be happy but with having children you kind of need the other stuff lol. Prayers are needed. Sorry for the long post.

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