Monday, March 27, 2017

Free Books at the Restoration Bookstore

From: David Price

Free Books at the Restoration Bookstore

During the week of April 1-8, the Restoration Bookstore is offering a free book with any in-store book purchase (i.e., buy one book, get one free; buy six books, get six free, with a maximum of six free books--all of the same title or a combination of titles). The free books can be selected from the following:

Beatrice Witherspoon

This is the autobiography of Emma Beatrice Burton. It contains uplifting testimonies of life with her missionary husband, who served as a minister for the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the United States, Canada, Australia, and French Polynesia. Hardcover. 383 pages. ($12.00 value).

Joe Pine, by Elbert A. Smith

Brother Elbert, who was one of the Church's foremost authors, wove incidents of his early life into this novel about a boy who grew up on the frontier with his widowed mother and his uncle. His little playmate, Irma, called him Joe Pine because she could not pronounce his real name, Joseph Prian. Joe Pine led an exciting life on the prairie and grew up to become an apostle in the Church. The book stresses good morals and a strong faith in the Kingdom of God. Paperback. 352 pages. ($9.00 value).

Parsons' Textbook, by Alonso H. Parsons

This is an amazing book that contains an exhaustive compendium of rare texts and quotations on a variety of subjects--the antiquity of the Gospel, the Book of Mormon and its authenticity, the principles of the Gospel, the restoration of the Church and its doctrines, quotations from the Journal of Discourses regarding the LDS Church under Brigham Young, and many other topics. It is a must-have reference book for everyone's library. Paperback. 377 pages. ($9.00 value)

The Fourth Relaford, by Viola Short

Read the heartwarming story of Billy Relaford, the fourth son of Margaret and Martin Relaford, who lives in the mountains of Colorado. The mother, a member of the RLDS Church, is eager to bring her family into the Church and to have her fourth son marry a mountain girl. The coming of a new schoolteacher from the city makes an interesting and inspiring story. The book was first printed by the Church in 1928. Paperback. 400 pages. ($9.00 value)

Joseph's City Beautiful, by Mabel A. Sanford

This book is a historical novel of life in old Nauvoo before and after the martyrdom of the Prophet. The main character is a boy named Robert, a close friend of Joseph Smith III. The book was first printed in 1939. The author was acquainted with Nauvoo residents who had known Joseph and Emma personally, which makes this inspiring narrative more historically authentic. Included are beautiful colored pictures of Nauvoo. Paperback. 207 pages. ($8.50 value)

A Reasonable Service for Zion, by Grace Baughman Keairnes

This is a beautiful story of a young woman who was orphaned as a child. After finding Christ's true Church, she strove to give to the Lord "a reasonable service." Her zionic ideals led her to find love, marriage, and a home in the city where one day Zion will be. Paperback. 179 pages. ($7.00 value)

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