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Restoration Bookstore News: New Books and Reprints of Favorites

From: David Price

Restoration Bookstore News: New Books and Reprints of Favorites

New books now available at the Bookstore:

Vision 92: March 2017 (Current issue)
For those who may not be subscribers to Vision, this magazine is sent out every three months. It contains many testimonies, articles regarding doctrine and history, reprints from old Saints' Herald, as well as present-day articles. The magazine is full of color and beautiful pictures. Its goal is to strengthen the faith of the Saints and help prepare them for the Kingdom of Zion. $20/year

Joseph Smith III--A Centennial Tribute
This booklet is a collection of tributes and appreciations of Joseph Smith III by some of the many who knew him--Elbert A. Smith, Audentia Anderson, F. G. Pitt, and A. B. Phillips. It was originally prepared for the centennial anniversary of his birth in 1832. 69 pages. $5.00

Back Issues of Vision on Disc.
Vision issues 1-90 are available on this disc in searchable, full-color, PDF format. This is an excellent tool for research or just enjoying the hundreds of articles from past Visions. You can open just one back issue or search all Visions for a particular subject, author, or title. (This works on both PCs and MACs.) $10.00

Timely Information for the Saints, Part 2.
This booklet contains a compilation of articles previously published in Vision magazine from 2006-2016 that deal with the present-day Church factions in relation to the original beliefs and laws of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 108 pages. $6.50

The Evening and the Morning Star (Volumes 1 and 2 combined)
This is not a new item, but it is an updated version that includes a new cover and darkened font to make it more readable. The Evening and the Morning Star was the Church's first official paper. It was published June 1831-July 1833 in Independence, and December 1833-September 1834 at Kirtland. 192 pages. $15.50

Emma Smith--The Elect Lady, by Margaret Wilson Gibson. This is a reprint of a very popular historical novel that tells of the joys and sorrows of Emma Smith, beloved wife of Joseph Smith Jr. As this book portrays, Emma was truly "an elect lady" (see DC 24), called by the Lord to assist Him in His great work. 232 pages. $8.50

Simply Sweet Hymns of Faith 2 (CD), by Melinda Hawley
This CD is a sequel to the beloved original Simply Sweet Hymns of Faith, performed by Melinda Hawley, which has now been heard around the world. Hymns include "I Need Thee Every Hour," "Where He Leads Me," "Blessed Assurance," "Let Us Pray for One Another," "Redeemer of Israel," and many more. $12.00

Favorite Recipes, from the Handmaidens and Lamplighters Girls' Program at South Crysler Restoration Branch
This cookbook is "a collection of warm memories around the table." It includes appetizers and beverages, soups and salads, vegetables and side dishes, main dishes, breads and rolls, desserts, and cookies and candy. There are also many special hints and helps. 96 pages. $6.50

The Adventures of Beezrom, by Mindy Mulheron
This delightful book for children brings to life stories of people in the Book of Mormon in interesting and engaging ways for kids from preschool through grade school. Originally published in glyph notes from January 2011 until January 2016, each lesson includes an activity. Great for Sunday school, retreats, reunions, homeschooling, etc. Illustrated by Aaron Presler. $6.00

A Prophet Came to America, by Elbert A. Smith
A series of 10 radio sermons from the Stone Church (presented over KMBC radio, Kansas City, Missouri) from April 24-June 26, 1938. Brother Elbert presents evidences that Joseph Smith Jr. was a prophet of God. 52 pages. $5.00

You may also order any of the above books online at Restoration Bookstore.

Remember, during the week of April 1 through April 8, if you purchase any book at the Bookstore, you can select a free book from the following: Beatrice Witherspoon, Joe Pine, Parsons' Textbook, The Fourth Relaford, Joseph's City Beautiful, and A Reasonable Service for Zion. You can receive up to six free books!

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