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RLDS Genealogy –Do you know your Family?

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From: Heidi Taylor

RLDS Genealogy –Do you know your Family?

Four generations of women have been baptized, four generations of women confirmed. As I look back on my family history as a professional genealogist in Independence, Missouri, I see so much of the strength and challenges the Restoration has been through.

Since my Great Grandmother Beatrice (Beatrice Sylvia Jardo 1896-1982) met J. J. Cornish while he was on a missionary trip to Michigan. To my Grandmother Mabel (Mabel Dorothy Fisk 1928-) and her 9 siblings attending the Bentley Branch my Mother Karen (Karen Sue Meihls1948-) baptized at Sanford Branch and my baptism on December 24, 1975 in Alma, Michigan Branch, we all married men outside the church. (Heidi Lynn Powell 1967-)

Great Grandpa Toras (Toras Lewellen Fisk 1895-1973) would take Great Grandma to the front door of the church every Sunday and when it came time for Reunions at the Sanford Camp Grounds, he would get her all set up for the week and head back to Sterling to take care of the farm. He never did join the church, but was supportive of her in his love.

Grandpa Bud (Ellis Leroy Meihls 1921-1981) joined the church after marrying Grandma Mabel. He was a young Navy veteran when he came back to start work in the oil fields. When grandpa passed in 1981 he was a well respected Elder in Independence.

My dad Gerald/Jerry (Gerald Lee Powell 1948- ), was also not a church member when he married my mom in 1966 right out of Ithaca High School and employed by Oldsmobile in Lansing. He was not brought up in a church going family, even though my grandma June’s (June Marie Skinner 1928-2011) family came from a long line of Dunkard (The Dunkard Brethren have their roots in a protestant movement, known as Schwarzenau Brethren or Dunkards)

By 1975, when my family gathered to County Storehouse in Bates City, Missouri my dad had been baptized and ordained a Priest, the office he still holds today.

And now we get to my Chris, (Chris David Taylor 1964-2005) another spiritual person, but not from a religious family. Before his death in 2005, Chris had been baptized at Atherton Restoration.

By now you must be wondering why I am writing this article at this time.

Well, to answer that question….

Just this past week, Midwest Genealogy Center located here in Independence, as acquired microfilm of the deceased member’s files 1877-1995 of the RLDS Church. These contain birth, baptism, marriage, ordination, and death information. These records were previously only available at world headquarters and private branches.

For all of us family researchers, this gives us full access to look for our family data along with any other historical figure in church history. I have already started a list of people I need to look for and will be making the 3 mile trip to my favorite library very soon.

If you have any questions on finding your ancestors on the RLDS film, you can contact me, or the Midwest Genealogy Center at where I am a volunteer.

Heidi Powell Taylor
Professional Genealogist
A Positive Genealogy
Independence, Missouri
March 5, 2017

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