Sunday, April 2, 2017

​Residence Needed in Center Place​

​From: Andrew Naylor​

​Residence Needed in Center Place​

Dear Saints,

I feel led that the time has come for me to gather to the Center Place. My current lease in Iowa expires at the end of July. I would hope to have secured a new lease and move in between mid July and early August. I will need an apartment or home with the following features:

wheelchair accessible entrance
attached garage with wheelchair access to living area
large bathroom with walk-in shower
living area all on one floor

My income will be limited at first until I establish new students for my violin studio. This may limit my options to a two-bedroom situation with a roommate, or renting space in someone's home. Any possible housing opportunities can be sent to

Thank you all for your continued prayers, messages and support as I recover from my recent shoulder surgery.

In Gospel Bonds,
Andrew Naylor

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