Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Restored Professionals of the Center Place

From: Drew Ballantyne

Restored Professionals of the Center Place

Hello, Brothers and Sisters!

I have created a group on LinkedIn for people of the church as restored in April 1860 named Restored Professionals of the Center Place. This group is a Zionic endeavor intended to establish a professional (collars of all colors!) network for those of us in the Center Place and those who would gather in. One's network of colleagues, friends and acquaintances is critical to a successful job search these days - greater than 70% of open positions are never advertised and filled exclusively through "silent" referrals!

I recently completed a search and found the process to be daunting. If I can save one soul the frustration, uncertainty and loneliness I went through, I will have succeeded in my mission. It is said you should dig your well before you are thirsty, and this is what I am admonishing and begging and imploring everyone I know to do! This group is intended to help all of us dig our wells.

I will post some getting-started, uh, posts on the group board as time permits in the next couple of days. In the meantime, please follow the link below and request membership. If you see any problem with requesting membership, please let me know! As the creator and manager of the group, I can't see what it looks like to an "outsider."


In pursuit of the Kingdom,
Drew Ballantyne

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