Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Scripture Programs Available

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From: Jon Tandy

Scripture Programs Available

A number of years ago, there were a few programs available for Restoration scriptures that allowed easy reading/study and good searching. Some of those programs have gone obsolete, and for many operating systems (Apple, Android, Linux), they never existed.

Most of the electronic scripture options now available consist of plain document formats (eBook, Kindle, PDF, etc.). These are okay for reading, but their search and browse capabilities are limited. Online sources provide better searching, but they are inaccessible or less easily accessed while in church or disconnected from the Internet.

I am happy to announce that there are now several options available for those who want to carry the scriptures with them on phones or tablets, and for those who would like a desktop version that provides more powerful search options. And they are free to download!

See the following for information on installing the programs:

Quick Bible

• Android phones and tablets

• App provides quick browse and full search capabilities for the scriptures.

Restoration Scriptures Portable

• Windows, Linux, and Apple OSX desktop/laptop

• Program provides quick browse and full search capabilities, including the scriptures and several Restoration history documents. It can also be expanded with additional files to search anything you want.

There are also Web-based and ePub/PDF/Word documents, which are currently the only options for Apple iOS phones and tablets that I’m aware of.

Jon Tandy

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