Friday, April 7, 2017

Vacancies in the Conference of Restoration Elders

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From: paul gage

Vacancies in the Conference of Restoration Elders

Greetings Saints,

I would like to share a few items with you for your consideration.

1. Publication Council Vacancies: The Publication Council functions under the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE) and has the primary responsibility of preparing the Tidings of Zion for publication, on a quarterly basis. The Council functions, generally, with seven members. Vacancies on this Council will be filled at the Conference of Restoration Elders during the week of June 25-30, 2017. There could be as many as three vacancies this year. Requirements: There are no real "requirements," but there are some qualifications that would be very helpful.
A. Live close enough to Independence, MO to be able to attend meetings, when called. There can be 1-2 meetings prior to the publishing of each issue, depending on various things.
B. It would very helpful to be computer literate and be able to send and receive documents and photos.
C. It would be very helpful to have skills of editing, grammar, literature awareness, etc.
D. The Publication Council works closely with the Coordinating Council of Elders (CCE), which makes the final decision as to what is included in each issue.

Anyone interested in serving on this Council may contact me by email or phone if you have any questions or would like to have your name considered to fill one of the vacancies.

2. Domestic Outreach Committee: The Domestic Outreach Committee functions under the Coordinating Council of Elders of the Conference of Restoration Elders. The purpose of the committee is to offer and provide ministry to any Saints, Branches, Groups, in the USA and Canada. Currently, this Committee has no official members, except for one person designated by the CCE to assist in this ministry, though many have been involved in providing ministry. Through the Domestic Outreach Committee, ministry has been and is offered to many Saints in various parts of the USA and Canada. This committee mainly functions when requests are made by Saints and pastors in the regions round about. Many branches are also providing this valuable ministry and it is not the intent of the Domestic Outreach Committee to interfere in any way with what the branches are providing.

Any priesthood from Restoration Branches, especially Melchisedec Priesthood, though not limited to the Melchisedec Priesthood, who might have an interest in this area of ministry may contact me by email or phone to express an interest or ask questions. You do not have to live in the Center Place to function in this ministry.

3. Witnessing Weekends: Witnessing Weekends were prominent in offering and providing ministry to the Saints and Branches back in the 1960-70's. A Branch decides It wants to host a WW and makes plans by setting dates and contacting someone of their choice to see if that person would assemble a "team" to go to the Branch for a weekend of ministry. It usually begins Friday night and concludes with lunch on Sunday. If there are any Branches/Groups in the USA that would like to host a WW, feel free to contact me or contact those you would like to come to your Branch/Group. The Team Leader and Branch Leader work together to outline the weekend activities

Feel free to forward this as desired.

In Christ,
Paul Gage
Chair, Publication Council
Director of Domestic Outreach Ministry
1817 S Pearl Street
Independence MO 64055

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