Monday, May 29, 2017


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From: Paul Ludy


I need to have a sale because these books are multiplying on my shelves. You might better have the use of these books. So through June 7 (or as long as supplies last) you can order these titles for only $5 each:

Book of Mormon Deeps (vol 1, 2 & 3) by Roy Weldon.
Brother Elbert by Elbert A. Smith.
The Church through the Years (vol 1 & 2) by Richard Howard.
A Commentary on the Book of Mormon by Chris Hartshorn.
Discovery of the Last Chapters (vol 1 & 2) by John Henderson.
Encyclopedia of the Book of Mormon by Margaret Bingman.
History of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (vol 1-8 all blue covers but not matching sets, various conditions).
Joseph Smith III & the Restoration.
The Mormon Churches--a Comparison from Within by Francis Holm.
Nauvoo--Kingdom on the Mississippi (softcover) by Robert Flanders.
New Commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants by F. Henry Edwards.
New Concordance to the Doctrine and Covenants (softcover) by Hale & Barbara Lee Collins.
Our Legacy of Faith by Paul Edwards.
Question Time (vol 2 only).
Research in Mormonism (hardcover).
The Sacred Book of Ancient America by Harold Velt.
Secrets of the Last Sunrise by John Henderson.
Sent Forth to Witness by Z. Z. Renfroe.

I have another 20,000 RLDS books available--give or take a few.
Don't forget that you also get a refund of 10% in "Oldbookman Cash" that you can use on a future order.

I can mail books to you, or I deliver in the Independence (MO) area for only $1.00.

Call Paul V. Ludy at 816 210-8450 or e-mail to

For "NEW" RLDS Books go to

For Used RLDS Books go to OLDBOOKMAN.US

For information about the new 3-in-1, go to RESTORATIONSCRIPTURES.BLOGSPOT.COM

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