Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Joel Daugherty and Rebecca Erlandson Wedding

From: Duff Daugherty

Joel Daugherty and Rebecca Erlandson Wedding

Joel Daugherty is currently engaged to Rebecca Erlandson of Odessa and they were planning on a wedding in July this summer. Joel is currently serving in the ARMY National Guard and his unit was set to deploy over seas this next month. Joel was to stay in "rear detachment" which meant that they would be able to stay state side and they could take their time and prepare for the wedding. Then last week Joel was given 30 days' notice that he is going to be deployed with his unit overseas for abut 9 months. So, Joel and Rebecca have moved their wedding up to Saturday, May 20th. They will have a small outdoor ceremony at the Odessa Hills Camp grounds. Due to limited time and space they will have an invitation only wedding but want all of SCRB to know how much they love you and appreciate the congregations support and prayers during this exciting time.

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