Monday, May 8, 2017

Missionary Family Reunion Scriptures for 40 Days of Preparation

​From: Greg Thomas

Missionary Family Reunion Scriptures for 40 Days of Preparation

Dear Saints,​​

On 8 May, we begin 40 days of Spiritual preparation for the Missionary Reunion held at Graceland University in Lamoni Iowa, culminating in its start on Father’s Day, 18 June. We hope each of you are considering joining us for the 17th annual Missionary Family Reunion. The theme is "Just Share It” and it will be held at Graceland University from June 18th - 24th in Lamoni, Iowa.

The Missionary Family Reunion has organizational ties only to Jesus Christ, crossing all sectarian and organizational lines. It exists to promote the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and provide the tools and encouragement to make you, His Disciples more effective in bringing others to Him.

Often we seek opportunities to share Jesus’ love with others, but procrastinate out of fear – or waiting for just the right circumstances. The time to delay has passed! and it is now time to get out in the world and, “Just Share It!”

With classes and activities for everyone, Bob Bobbit will be leading the main adult class with information and ways to put this theme into action in your life. Of course it wouldn’t be a Missionary Family Reunion without an abundance of missionary testimonies and preaching.

Here are the 2017 daily themes:

Sunday 18th - Just Share It!
Monday 19th - Share God’s Love
Tuesday 20th - Share God’s Salvation Plan
Wednesday 21s t - Share God’s Will
Thursday 22nd - Share God’s Hope in Jesus
Friday 23rd - Share God’s Mercy
Saturday 24th - Share God’s Power

Additional information is available via the Missionary Family Reunion Facebook group.

Registration can also be made via paper form (attached). Please feel free to print or share electronically with your friends and branch.

The registration fee is $50 per family with the balance of the budget made up by free will offering. ALL donated funds will be used exclusively to offset reunion expenses.

For additional information please contact Greg and Jani Thomas at

Whether you are able to attend reunion or not, we humbly submit the attached scriptures for your study and meditation.. We would like to thank Joel Loving, Ammon Thomas and Abram Thomas for their time and consideration in the selection of these scriptures.

We also ask for you to keep this and all other Restoration reunions and camps in your prayers.

May God richly bless you as you consider his Word and seek to serve him.

Your Fellow Servants in Christ Jesus,

Jani and Greg Thomas,
Reunion Directors

PS Many who have said they are attending have not registered yet. Please do so as we must begin providing Graceland with meal count information very soon.

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