Tuesday, May 9, 2017

SCRB Summer Volleyball, 2017!!!

From: Judi Faunce

SCRB Summer Volleyball, 2017!!!

Dear Volleyball contact!

We at SCRB are really excited about the summer coed volleyball season we plan to host during June and July! We thank you so much for your participation last summer and hope you will again recruit a team, select a name and let me know as soon as YOU know if you plan to participate!

We will follow pretty much the same format as in previous years. A round robin competition for league play with a single elimination play off on the last night. Matches will be 2 out of 3 games with the first two games to 25 and the third, if needed, to 15 points.

We will be playing on Friday nights from 6:00 to 9:30 or 10:00. And, we will not be playing during the week of the SCRB Reunion, June 11 through June 17, 2017!

At this point, I just need to know for sure if you will be having a team, and the name of your team so we can plan a tentative schedule!
Don’t forget to inform your players of the $5 entry fee per player. This fee is charged whether you play one night or all of the nights and is only charged once, not per game! It also saves a lot of confusion if you have a scorekeeper available, when your team is playing.

Be sure you have enough players (minimum of 8) so that there will not have to be any forfeits. Forfeits are not fun and really disappoint your opponent for that week! If you are having trouble finding enough players use this as an outreach tool and recruit outside your congregation or combine congregations. Just be sure they understand that this is a Christian League with an expected code of conduct that reflects that.

A list of the playing guidelines will be sent to all captains/contacts as we get your commitment to enter a team. The only major difference this year is that we have made a greater commitment to the co-ed concept. So, no team can be all female, or all male. (There cannot be more males on the court than females at any time and you must have at least 2 males on the court at all times.)

The DEADLINE to form a team and contact Judi Faunce at 816-716-9469 is May 26th!!! You can also email her at 1realhealdeal@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for seeing that this information gets into the hands of interested participants in your area!!! We love hosting this event and look forward to SCRB summer volleyball, 2017!!!

God bless you as you form your teams!
Judi Faunce, VB Coordinator SCRB

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