Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tidings of Zion Addresses Needed

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From: ​​​​ Paul Gage

Tidings of Zion Addresses Needed

Dear Saints,

If you can help me find new addresses for the following, it will be much appreciated. You don't need to respond unless you have a new address for someone on the list. I know all these people are related to someone, but I don't have time to track them all down, so I am asking for your help.
Send new address information to Paul Gage:
or you can call 816-833-6552 and leave a message.

Thanks so very much.
Paul Gage

Belton MO

Virginia Fry on Evergreen Dr.

Blue Springs MO

Russia Davis on SE 11th St.

Nick Leone on NE 9th St.Terr.

Timothy Stahlman on NW Vesper

Buckner MO

Fred Knapp on E. Truman Rd

Butler MO

Jo Ann Ross on RR 2 Box 563

Joe McElwain on N Havanah St.

Chilhowee MO

Russell Atkinson on SW 860th Rd

Grain Valley MO

Lisa Bullard on NE Coldwater Creek Dr

Luke Crowther on NE Coldwater Creek Dr

Patricia Johnson on S. Minter Way

Karl Miller on E. Pink Hill Rd.

Holden MO

Bob Carlson on NW 1021 St Rd

Independence MO

Doug Armstrong on E. Devon St

Aaron Ballantyne Suffolk, Virginia

Kay Boyd on E. Walnut St.

Kaileb Everett on S. Maybrook Ave.

Melissa McConnell on N. Miller Dr

Richard Smith on W. White Oak St

Brian Stuck on E. 41st St. S.

Charles Stobaugh on E. Meyers Rd.

Donna Weddle on N. Pleasant St.

Kingssville MO

Bob Sheeley on NW 1891 St. rd

Lee's Summit MO

Dennis Evans on SW Boulder Dr.

Doris Snow on NW Murray Rd

Odessa MO

Lauren Baker on W. Marlow St.

Harry Porter on Gillen Rd.

Oak Gove MO

Patrick Asberry on NE Dogwood St.

Willie Feltrop on Sunset Dr.

Lynwood Hosler on SW 9th St

Larry Hoy on PO Box 808

Jim Huseby on PO Box 84

Raytown MO

Janet Hilliker on Blue Ridge Cut Off

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