Friday, June 30, 2017

CPRS Fireworks Tent - July 1-5

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From: Jon Tandy

CPRS Fireworks Tent - July 1-5


Thanks to everyone for your help so far, and those who have already signed up. We can still use help through the closing on July 5, so come support this fundraiser for CPRS!

The fireworks tent is located at 24 Highway and Susquehanna (near Hardee’s and Dollar Tree). You can come by the tent, or contact tent coordinator, Tony Rush, by calling or texting him at 816-304-5833.

Here are some time slots in the next five days where help is needed. Those marked with ++ are those with particular need. There are also security positions open during the night or daytime.

Saturday, July 1:
+2:00-6:00pm, +6:00-11:00pm

Sunday, July 2:
+12:30-3:30, +3:30-6:30, +6:30-10:00

Monday, July 3:
+10:00-2:00, ++2:00-6:00pm, +6:00-12:00 (midnight)

Tuesday, July 4:
6:00-10:00, +10:00-2:00, +2:00-6:00pm, ++6:00-12:00 (midnight)

Wednesday, July 5 (breakdown):
+6:00-10:00 (security), ++8:00-finish

Thank you in advance for your response!

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