Saturday, June 24, 2017


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From: Jon Tandy


It’s fireworks season! Come support the CPRS fireworks tent, located at 24 Highway and Susquehanna (near Hardees and Dollar Tree). This is a major fundraiser for CPRS, and your support will benefit the school. Pass it on to your friends!

We are still in need of lots of volunteers. Anyone affiliated with CPRS, please consider signing up for a shift (or 2 or 3). CPRS alumni, help support your alma mater! Anyone else, we would welcome your support. If you can help in any way, contact tent coordinator, Tony Rush, by calling or texting him at 816-304-5833. You may also reach him on our Facebook page at cprsftind​

Here are some time slots in the next six days where help is needed. Those starred (* or **) are those with particular need.

Saturday, June 24:
10:00-2:00, 2:00-6:00, 6:00-11:00pm

Sunday, June 25:
*12:30-3:30, *3:30-6:30, 6:30-10:00pm

Monday, June 26:
**2:00-6:00, 6:00-10:00pm

Tuesday, June 27:
**6:00-10:00am, *10:00-2:00, **2:00-6:00pm

Wednesday, June 28:
**10:00-2:00, **2:00-6:00, 6:00-10:00pm

Thursday, June 29:
**6:00-10:00am, 10:00-2:00, **2:00-6:00pm, *6:00-10:00pm

More help is needed through July 5, so ask about those days as well.
Thank you in advance for your response!

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