Monday, June 26, 2017


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Greetings Dear Saints,

This is the Daily Tidings for this year's Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Conference of Restoration Elders.

The week was begun on Sunday night,June 25, 2017 With Seventy Richard Neill bringing the message. He was assisted, up front by High Priest Francis Harper and Elder Alan Ronk, both of Woodbine, Iowa, Elder Gary Livingston of Salem, Oregon, Priest Andrew Joyce of Morgantown, West Virginia, Elder Ray Lane of Sibley, Missouri and myself, presiding. Beautiful music was presented by Tammy Tandy and Mosiah Allen on the cello, and Angie Goff on the piano. Sister Robin Neill led the song service. There was a very good spirit throughout the service. Our closing hymn was "The Spirit of God like a Fire is Burning," sung by over 300 hundred Saints.

The weekly theme is Jesus is Calling, O Hear Him Today. All evenings services are livestreammed at:

Today's theme was "Repent and Obey," Timely counsel for all of us. There was a wonderful priesthood prayer service at 7am and a general prayer service at 9am. A really good class was taught on the daily theme by Elder David Joyce of Morgantown, West Virginia. In the afternoon, the Elders met in session and there was a general class on Grace.

Saints have come from all over Missouri, as well as Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, and West Virginia.

Special prayers were offered up for some who would have normally been in attendance, but this year could not be present. They were Jim and Laura Daugherty, of Butler ,Missouri, Jim is in ICU, Frank and Mickey Dippel of West Virginia, who need to be close to their daughter who has medical problems, Eric and Pam Odida, from Kenya, who could not get passport clearance this year, Alan and Kathy Teel, of Oklahoma, both of whom are having some health issues, and Darrell and Fran Webster of Ohio, who also have health issues.

God bless and keep you
In His Bonds of Love
Paul Gage

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