Saturday, June 10, 2017

For Sale: Decorations for Wedding or Party

From: Pam Miller

For Sale: Decorations for Wedding or Party

The following items are for sale:
(see attached photos)

20 large Libbey glass bowls- 7.918"/20.1cm

20 small Libbey glass bowls- 5.6/14.3cm

15 beveled-edged, round mirrors- 8" diameter

3 round mirrors- 7" diameter

18 beveled-edged, octagon mirrors-12" diameter

2 clear/plain, fluted goblets

1 glass vase- 2 etched hearts-9" tall/ 3" diameter

1 unity sand set, including: 1 heart-shaped glass container with stand, 2 clear cylinders to pour sand, 1 partial container of white sand and 1 partial container of lavender sand

8 lavender-painted pint Mason jars filled with lavender, silk flowers, and dried baby's breath

65+lavender/white/silver ribbon twirlers, with purple can to hold them (can take the place of throwing rice)

Fabrics for decorating tables:
Glitterbug satin(sparkly,lavender)- 58"width x 6 yd. long (originally $9.99/yd)
Glitter tulle (sparkly, lavender) 10 pieces- 64"width x 9 ft. long,
8 pieces-64"width x 7 ft. long
1 piece- 64: width x 8 ft. long
1 piece- 64"width x 7 ft. long, slightly different shade of lavender

Lavender lining fabric 58" width x 5 1/3 yd. long

Large bag of satin and tulle scraps

2 new plastic, purple table cloths (the sparkly tulle looks great on top of these); one round and one rectangle

1 new plastic, white table cloth that looks like lace

113 handmade pom-poms(lavender, purple, white-assorted sizes)

The value of all the above items was over $1000 new. Some of the glassware and mirrors were never used. Everything is like new, all you might want to do is steam the fabric and fluff the pom-poms(since they have been in storage). I am asking $200. Selling all as a package.

If interested contact Pam by Phone call, text, or email:

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