Friday, June 30, 2017

Mara Sayings

From: Mike and Sherri Palmer

Mara Sayings

When our kids started speaking, it didn’t take long before some the funniest things started coming out of their mouths. We knew we had to capture these in a computer file for each kid, and one for grandpa! Mara gave permission to share some of her file here but she has not read them. The earliest are last. I originally intended to just share these with family but all of you are our extended family.

Thanks Mara!

Tabi's grandmother fell and broke her invertebrae.

(Rocky was talking in his usual riddle talk) Mara: Rocky, I'm tired of your optical illusions.

The Dead Sea Squirrels

You're my favorite daddy in the whole universe. What is a universe anyway?

Daddy: Mara, if your noodle gets away from you, will you be able to swim to the side? Mara: I'd walk on the bottom if I had to.

Daddy, don't you like where you work? Isn't it better than picking up the trash? You get to work with that good smelling stuff and work on those clean keys.

Jordan: Where were my pajamas made? Mommy: In Bangledesh, the people there are very, very poor. Mara: Awe that's so sweet, they should have kept them for themselves.

(mommy in deep sleep) Mommy, mommy, grandpa just left and he did not want to wake you up to say goodbye.

I rememberized it.

Momma, is that the end of the road (our street)? Yes it is Mara. Mara: And there's no other end except the other end?

Butterflies aren't very trainable, are they? They would just fly away.

Momma, know what I would do if someone tried to steal me? I would plug their nose and take off all their clothes!

Will the police put those people in hand muffs?

Momma, Jordan's being a tattle tale!

I wonder what it would be like to live on the other side of the world. We would all walk on the ceiling, wouldn't we? Go to sleep Mara.

It'd be sad to lose your momma and be sad to lose your daddy too. It'd probably be more sad to lose your momma because mommas say, "Ah it's OK, everything will be alright" and daddies say "Let's go fix the car."

Thank you God for naming things so well, like clocks.

How does God know how to name things because a house looks like a house?

I wish I were one of the disciple’s daughters then I could see Jesus all the time.

How much longer till my birthday? Daddy: "Two Months" Mara: Hurray! What is a month Daddy?

On a field trip after hearing a short lecture on blacksmithing the blacksmith asked if there were any questions. Mara raised her hand, as her proud mother looked on, and asked "Do you speak Spanish?"

We get stickers (in school) for being quiet but I haven't gotten one yet.

My teacher says that tall buildings are called sky scratchers.

I know why God made ceiling fans, so when the air falls down you can feel all His love blowing down into your heart.

What Mara tells her babysitters:
Mama puts the curling iron under the faucet.
Mama heats up soup by placing the metal pan in the microwave.
Mama Locks Jordan in the bathroom when he is naughty.

Are we going down to the basement because tornados don't like messy places?

Are we going down to the basement because tornados get smaller as they go down?

Is the sky sticky? How do the clouds stay up there?

When grandpa stomps in the house, his smoke falls off!

All I ever do is eat and go to bed, I never get to have any fun.

Mama, there's a school bus with old people in it. There must be an old person school somewhere around here!

Thank you and thank you! One thank you is for God and the other thank you is for Jesus.

When I get bigger and become an adult I'm going to eat all the candy I want!

At Burger King: Rocky: Are you thirsty? Mara: Yes I am, my mouth is full of dry!

(viewing picture of the beaten traveler as Grandma Lade read the story of "The Good Samaritan") Mara: "Didn't they like his underwear?"

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