Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Prayer Request for Missionaries

From: G. Miller

Prayer Request for Missionaries

Please pray for the safety of this family. Joan is my cousin.

Hi Gary,

Flint, Michigan made World News again. There was an act of terror at our airport, Bishop International Airport, this morning. One alleged terrorist, one victim. He is a resident of Canada, entered the U.S. in New York, rented a car and drove to Flint. No idea why he chose Flint. He attacked a police officer from behind and stuck a 12 inch knife in his neck. The officer survived. He was initially in critical condition and after surgery is in stable condition and expected to recover fully. The airport has been closed all day and the FBI is investigating. As he stabbed the officer is was shouting in Arabic. He has a strong hatred for the U.S. but why he chose Flint nobody knows. We have had news coverage nearly all day.

Here is the reason I am asking you to pray. Tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., Angela, her husband Todd, and our youngest granddaughter Jenna are leaving for a mission trip to Guatemala. They live in Grand Rapids, two hours west of here. They will be gone one week. I am nervous thinking about them being in airports and traveling to another country. So much has been happening lately. I told Todd that I would be praying for their safety and his reply was "it's all up to God". I know that, but I still think prayers are in order. So, I would appreciate any and all prayers for their family. We will be staying at their house all week. Our oldest granddaughter has to work, so she could not join them on this mission trip. She is 20 and could stay alone but asked us if we could come and stay with her. Of course we are going.

Thank you in advance,

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