Friday, June 9, 2017

SCRB Reunion Last Minute Requests

From: Lynette Davis

SCRB Reunion Last Minute Requests

Please take note of a few last minute details for Reunion:

We need several people to bring basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs and other sports equipment you might want for recreation time. Graceland has tightened up on checking out equipment.

Any person riding a scooter must also wear a helmet.

Scooters and bicycles are to be stored in your room or in the bike rack. Please do not park them inside the entrance areas or in front of doors of any buildings on campus.

With the pool closed, some water activities have been planned for younger children. Small wading pools, sprinklers, and water guns will be available for fun. Feel free to bring your own water gun from home. Modesty is encouraged and all participants are to wear a solid t-shirt over their swimsuit.

Please mark all equipment you bring from home with your name to avoid loss.

Parents/adults, please supervise your children during recreation time. The recreation volunteers cannot keep track of all of the children.

Ice cream cones are a favorite dessert in the dining hall. We have specifically been asked by the staff to not make tall cones to avoid messes and to make sure that there is enough for everyone to enjoy it.

Golf carts are provided for those who need transportation assistance. The Leutzingers are in charge and will select authorized drivers. Parents, please explain to your children that they are not to take up seats meant for those needing assistance.

Flag Day falls on June 14th. Be patriotic and wear your red, white and blue!

The freight elevator in Gunsolley is to be used only for moving in and out of the dorm. It is not to be used for normal travel to your residence floor.

Please tell Paul or Lynette Davis during the week if your schedule changes from what was marked on your registration form. If anyone must leave earlier than expected, we need to know because we are charged per person, per night in the dorms.

Regarding Meal Wristbands:

Please do not place the wristband in the back of your name tag---this is a common way of losing them. They are to be worn on your wrist

If you are leaving campus and a part-time person with no wristband can finish the week using your wristband, the staff encourages us to let them as we have already paid for the meals that the wristband entitles them to eat.

We encourage you to write your name (with permanent marker) on your wristband in case you lose it.

We look forward to a great week of worship, study, fellowship and service. Let's remember that we are witnessing on campus at all times by our words and actions. Let's leave a great impression on our hosts by being courteous, charitable, and by cleaning up after ourselves.

Paul & Lynette Davis

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