Friday, June 2, 2017

The Adversary 6/2/17

From: Francis Harper

The Adversary 6/2/17

Dear Ones,
My mother never hesitated to share of her personal encounter with Satan. She was in her twenties at the time of her unique experience. I have heard her share this testimony many times. Her eyes always opened wide as she recalled the fear she felt as Satan appeared to her. She departed from this life on her 91st birthday, September 9, 2001. I gratefully share her testimony, in her own words, taken from a taped interview on July 30, 1983.
She often asked, “Why did I have to see him instead of meeting an angel of light?” I tried to comfort her by explaining how people need to know their enemy, the devil, and of his evil intentions and tactics.
Satan is Real
A testimony of my mother, Bessie Harper

“All the family was in bed except for my sister, Thelma, and I. She had just told me that she had a girlfriend in college who had something called a Patriarchal Blessing. I told her I also had one, and asked her if she would like to read it. I told her it was very sacred to me and asked her to consider it carefully, even as sacred scripture. She would read a sentence or two, and we would discuss the meaning before we proceeded. She seemed very interested and pleased.
“During our discussion, I lifted my head and looked toward the kitchen of our house. I felt a cold chill go through me as I noticed a personage just inside the door! I knew immediately who he was and why he was there. He was dressed in black. I can’t say if he had eyes, nose and mouth, but he was in the form of a man. He was there because my sister was believing. I couldn’t endure looking at him for more than a moment. I was filled with fear by his appearance, yet I felt I must watch him. I looked up three times, and each time he was nearer.
“I recalled that my mother-in-law [Minnie Fry Harper] had told me that if I ever had an encounter with Satan, all I needed to do was pray, because God has power over him. I didn’t dare let my sister know what I was witnessing because I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to see him, and she might think I was losing my mind.
“I bowed my head and said, ‘Dear God, take him away!’ That was a very short, humble prayer, but it did the work, because when I looked up again, he was gone.
“I thought to myself, ‘Old fellow, you are not going to get the best of me. I am going to stay right here and talk to my sister as long as she is interested.’ But when she said we had better go to bed, I didn’t say we should stay up longer, because I was still very frightened. I immediately went upstairs to bed and awakened my husband, Francis, and told him my experience, and I cried because I was extremely upset. And every time I tell of this experience, even to this day, it still affects my emotions.
“I have always been rather disgusted that I had to see Satan. I have always thought how much more pleasant it would have been to be permitted to see an angel of light. Yet, seeing Satan has been a blessing to me because now I know how near he can be to us in this life, and how he is always right there to discourage us whenever we want to do good. I have always guarded against him.
“Always pray if you encounter Satan. He has no power when God comes to your rescue.”

I send my love to all,
High Priest Francis Harper
Woodbine Iowa

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