Friday, July 14, 2017

Biblical Archaeologist Ron Wyatt

From: Francis Harper

Biblical Archaeologist Ron Wyatt

Dear Ones,

I was privileged to travel with the Biblical Archaeologist, Ron Wyatt, to eastern Turkey, Israel and Egypt in June 1991. In addition to his discoveries related to Noah’s Ark, the Garden Tomb, the Ark of the Covenant, Sodom and Gomorrah and the Red Sea Crossing, I wanted to ask him if he had seen an angel, as he had claimed.
I knew if I endorsed the work of Wyatt, and later his claims were proven to be false, my own credibility would be questioned. We had been together for nearly two weeks, and I had not had an opportunity to ask him if he had actually seen an angel. Time was running out. We were in Cairo and were beginning the first leg of our long journey home, by heading back to Tel Aviv. From Tel Aviv we would be flying home the next day.
I knelt by my bedside in the morning of our final day together. It was now or never! I asked the Lord to arrange a private appointment for me with Ron Wyatt. My prayer was answered by the Lord arranging a meeting with Wyatt, in the privacy of his hotel room, on the eve of our departure. I could never doubt or deny the Lord’s involvement.
As we were eating our final meal together with the Wyatts, a person stopped by our table to tell us of a shop nearby where satellite photo maps of Israel were being sold. I expressed an interest in buying a map. After the meal, I was invited by Ron and his wife, Mary Nell, to accompany them to the shop to purchase a map. Surely, this was the golden opportunity for which I had prayed! Surprising myself, I responded to their invitation by saying, “Thank you, but I do not want to interfere with your chance to be alone with your wife, for an hour or so of shopping.” I asked them to buy a map for me.
I must have walked several miles doing window shopping along the streets of Tel Aviv that evening before I decided to return to the hotel. When I turned around to retrace my steps, I realized I was lost! I was completely disoriented, which is very unusual for me. Even the name of the hotel had escaped me! Finally, I recalled that I had a key to my hotel room with the name of the hotel imprinted upon it.
I hired a taxi, and as I was arriving at the hotel, I noticed the Wyatts were also arriving. It was the precise timing of the Lord, but by the time I reached the lobby, the Wyatts had disappeared. My prayer had not been answered! As I walked around a corner toward the elevator to my room, I was surprised to see the Wyatts waiting there. I asked if they had purchased a map for me. Mary Nell sadly reported, “Francis, they had only one map left and we purchased it, but we have an older satellite map of Israel in our room. We will sell it to you at a good price. Would you like to come to our room to see it?” My prayer had been heard and answered after all.
Needless to say, I accepted their invitation and purchased the map. I was grateful the shop had only one map to sell! The precise timing of our return to the hotel was another evidence that our meeting was divinely arranged. I rejoiced that my prayer had been answered, even in the final hour, in the Lord’s own creative way! Ron shared his testimony of seeing an angel, and I knew he was telling the truth. I also knew he was a servant of God, and all his claims supporting the credibility of the Bible were also true. The Lord would never have arranged this meeting for me if Wyatt was an imposter and a liar!

My love to one and all,
Francis Harper

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