Friday, July 14, 2017

Hundred Year Old - Old Town Canoe

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From: Archie Gatrost

Hundred Year Old - Old Town Canoe

To Interested Party.

In 1966 my dad brought home this old fur traders canoe that used for trapping in Canada. Probably from the 1920's. It is wide bottomed and stable. It was in need of repair then. For two summers I replaced any floor planks that were in need of repair. Then I gave it two layers of fiberglass coating and set an aluminum keel and side rails. Needless to say that made the canoe heavy and now 50 years later it is difficult for me to set it on our lake. Last week we purchased a lighter canoe that you can see sitting up on the rack. I had it out early this summer, it is completely water tight, but it is time for someone that has time and ability to work with fixing it back up. Not good on rapids with rocks, I tried and had to patch it. 😊 The price is good, free, I just do not want to see it sit down there and deteriorate, that would be sad for me. I have to first see if there is any interest and then decide what would be a good home. So if interested please email me at "" and let me know what your plans would be. Even if I pick someone, they may come out and decide this project is not for them. Maybe I am dreaming that someone would like to fix up an old canoe, the wood is solid, but not the front piece I added. Just not the right type of plywood. Thank you for any interest.

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