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Free Items from Rick

From: Rick Reynolds

Free Items from Rick

Free!! Small Entertainment Center

Entertainment center is 54" tall, 36" wide and 20" deep. Great for kids room or den.
We will deliver within 10-15 miles of Independence if needed.

Toshiba 27" TV and Toshiba DVD/VCR player, both work well.

Rick Reynolds

September, 2017 Monthly Tidings of Zion

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From: paul gage

September, 2017 Monthly Tidings of Zion

Dear Saints,

Please find attached the September, 2017 Monthly Tidings of Zion.

If you have any response, please respond to me at or 816-833-6552

God bless
Paul Gage


Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE)

Monthly "Tidings of Zion"

September, 2017

Greetings to the Saints around the world,

The monthly "Tidings of Zion" is new effort by the CRE to reach out to the Saints. It does not replace the quarterly "Tidings of Zion" magazine which is at the printers and will hopefully be in the homes by mid-September. Feel free to copy and distribute to anyone you know who may not have internet availability. We encourage each pastor to copy and make available to your branches and groups. Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Saints and branch leaders may send in items for the monthly Tidings as is also done for the quarterly magazine. We would like to receive testimonies, reunion, camp, retreat experiences, branch events and activities, or articles you may want to write and so forth.

September is an important month in Church History as it was on September 21, 1823 when the angel Moroni appeared in vision to Joseph Smith Jr. and told him of the responsibilities he would have, as well as giving him information about the plates, from which came the Book of Mormon. This would be a good time for individuals, families, branches and groups to revisit our Church Heritage. This experience is found in Church History, Volume 1, Chapter Two.

September is also an important month in the United States of America, as

September 16, 1620 was the date when the Pilgrims left England, on the Mayflower and headed for and reached the "Promised Land," led by the hand of God. This is also a great time for all of us to "go back in time," and read about the Pilgrims and their travels and trials. Did you know they had planned to take two ships, but ended up with only the Mayflower. Bad luck? No, God's Divine Plan.

September 17, 1787 was the date when the Constitution of the USA was signed. Did you know that the Doctrine and Covenants mentions the Constitution? You can find out what God said about it in DC 95:2 and DC 98:10.

We, in America, remember September 11, 2001, when tragedy struck in New York, City. Remember everyone quoting II Chronicles 7:14? Most, if not all, Americans were in great prayer, but for how long? This would be a great time for all of us to go back and read this scripture, because it mentions much more than just prayer. Prayer is the easy part. Has God heard our prayers, forgiven our sins, and healed our land? You can answer that after reading this scripture and asking yourself the same question.

It was in November of 2001 that the CRE made its first journey to Kirtland, Ohio for the first Priesthood gathering. After 2001, the CRE moved the annual retreat back to the third weekend in September. Mainly because the weather in Ohio is a little "more friendly" in September.

September is also an important month for the House of Israel, as the last three of their feast days occur in September/October. The Feast Days are Trumpets (Rosh Hashana), Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and Tabernacles, ( Sukkot/Booths). It is good for us to know about these events.


CRE Annual Priesthood Retreat at Kirtland, Ohio.

September 16-17, 2017: Theme:"Charity is the Pure Love of Christ" Moroni 7:50-53


Saturday, September 16, 2017

All morning activities will be at the Kirtland Restoration Branch

08:00 am Registration.

There is a $10.00 registration fee payable in cash or by check at Kirtland or before you arrive. Checks can be made out to CRE and on the memo line write, "Kirtland."

Registration can be done at Kirtland or on line at

08:30 am Worship

09:00 am Class and small group discussion.

10:30 am Break

10:45 am Discussion and sharing from the morning session.

12:00 pm or so Lunch will be served at the church.

All are encouraged to stay for lunch Cost is by donation.

01:00-04:00 pm Open time for tours, etc.

04:00 pm Gather back at the church for a Sacrament Service in preparation for the evening service in the Temple.

06:00 pm Worship Service in the Temple.

Sunday, September 17, 2017 08:00 am gather at the Temple for Worship.

A suggestion is to fast two meals a week in preparation and use the time in travel for further preparation as well.

September 23-24, 2017 CRE Women's Council Fall Retreat at Odessa, Hills, MO.

Theme: "Being Valiant in our Testimonies With the Things We Do"

Saturday from 8:00am until Sunday at Noon. Cost is $40.00 for the weekend or $25.00 for daytime. Speakers will be Connie Smith and Aubree Wilson, who will be sharing various testimonies and thoughts pertaining to our theme. In the afternoon, we will be making items to uplift and be of service to others. Please fill out, clip, and send this form along with a $40 or $25 check made out to Conference of Restoration Elders. Mail to: Mary Prater, 3513 S. Emery St., Independence, MO 64055 – 816.277.8885 –



Roommates preferences? Please list names of those you would prefer to room with. ______________________________________________________________________________

Domestic Outreach: The Domestic Outreach Program, ministry to the USA and Canada, has functioned under the CRE for many years. At the 2017 CRE, a resolution was passed with the intent to "rev up" the Domestic Outreach efforts. The USA and Canada have been divided into ten regions and two priesthood assigned to each area. The intent is to touch base with Saints, leaders, and priesthood in the ten regions. The purpose is to visit with leadership in each area for input as to how the CRE can be more helpful in fulfilling its purpose, as found on the inside front cover of each issue of Tidings of Zion magazine.. Leaders in each area will be contacted by those planning to visit in order to make sure all arrangements are satisfactory to all.

Mission to Nepal: SEAAM is supporting a mission to Nepal and India. Elders Brian Herren, Doug Smith, and Lyle Smith are in Nepal for the next two weeks. Currently there is much flooding in Nepal and India. Please pray for them.

Center Place Restoration School (CPRS) has begun its 26th year of operation. Brother Dan Schoenemann is the school administrator. Brother Eric English is the Board President. About 160 students are expected to attend CPRS this school year.

With the USA in debt but 18 trillion dollars or so, I could be a few cents off either way, I regret to remind the Saints of the ongoing needs for funds to support the publishing of the Tidings of Zion, general expenses of the CRE, and the missionary work around the world. Think of this: If every home that receives Tidings (over 4,000) would simply send in the suggested $20.00 donation, it would cover the expenses mentioned above. Pray about it. We sincerely appreciate those who have already done so, many of them for more than $20.00.

Forward to Kirtland Temple, Meditations and Testimonies

by Earl R. Curry, 1973

The House of the Lord, in Kirtland, Ohio, is dear to the heart of all Latter Day Saints. Great events have happened there, and many of us confidently expect will happen much more gloriously in the future. In speaking about the Temple, as we usually call it, we quite often call it a shrine, or a mecca (Any place that people visit or hope to visit.) These are altogether inadequate, because of the connotations these two words suggest. Rather, I find myself hoping that we shall increasingly speak of this House of the Lord as a Mount of Transfiguration! These words suggest an abiding spiritual Presence, and there is. They cause us to remember that there was, and is, an extremely far-sighted intention for its ultimate use - a use that would cause the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ to stand out in all its tremendousness1

God bless!
Paul Gage
Chair, Publication Council

Attention Ammo Reloader's

From: Bruce Luedeman

Attention Ammo Reloader's

I have 15 gallons of casings from the floor of my gun range. This is dirty, unsorted brass. Most common caliber is probably 9mm and 5.56 with some .22 caliber, aluminum and steel casings mixed in.

Only $25 a bucket.

Bruce Luedeman MA, EMT

NRA Training Counselor
USCCA Training Counselor
Ph# 816-353-6826 (also text )
2425 S. Crysler #5
Independence, MO 64052

Fall Women’s Retreat

From: Suzanne Bendorf

Fall Women’s Retreat

Sponsored by the Restoration Women’s Council - Conference of Restoration Elders
Theme: Being Valiant in Testimony by the Things You Do

September 23-24, 2017
8:00 a.m. Saturday to 12 noon Sunday

Cost: $40 for entire weekend (includes lodging and meals) or $25 daytime
Meals include: Muffins at check-in, Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday Brunch

Where: Odessa Hills Campground
6505 Odessa Hills Road
Odessa, MO 64076
Classes focus on: Being valiant in our testimonies with the things we do

Our speakers will be Connie Smith and Aubree Wilson. They
will be sharing various testimonies and thoughts pertaining to
our theme. In the afternoon, we will be making items to
uplift and be of service to others.


• Pillow and bedding
• Towels and toiletries
• Clothes for changeable
Missouri weather
• Scriptures

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Roommates preferences? Please list names of those you would prefer to room with.
Please fill out, clip, and send this form along with a $40 or $25 check made out to Conference of Restoration Elders.

Mail to: Mary Prater
3513 S Emery Street
Independence MO 64055


Unto ALL Men - Men's Prayer Breakfast

From: Jay Huffman

Unto ALL Men - Men's Prayer Breakfast

Unto ALL Men
Men's Prayer Breakfast: Saturday September 2 at 8:00 a.m.
at: Farview Restoration Branch
11404 E 24 Street S
(24 Street and Vermont)

Unto ALL Men

All men of the restoration are invited to breakfast,
worship, and prayer this Saturday, September 2, at Farview

Baruch Haba HaShem Adonai

" O that ZION were established "

Laus Deo !!

His name is Jesus,
the Holy One of Israel
El Gibbor - the mighty Elohim
Aviyad - the Everlasting Father
Sar-Shalom - the Prince of Peace
Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem

Many seek to be THE ONE,
I choose to speak of BEING ONE IN CHRIST JESUS
Yeshua Hamashiach
Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord -
*** Jay Huffman
*** A Prisoner of Jesus Christ
*** A stranger and a pilgrim on the earth
*** May He come quickly

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


From: Jeannine Wright


27 inch Sony WEGA Trinitron color TV
Has instruction booklet and remote
Excellent condition

Also, 25 inch Sylvania Console TV
Works fair.
Could be a DYI project for a nice cabinet.
Cabinet is in excellent condition.

We are unable to deliver.

If interested
Call Jeannine: 816-550-4795

Services for David Russell Beebe

From: Don and Patricia Beebe

Services for David Russell Beebe

Services for David Russell Beebe
Buckner Restoration Branch
Twyman Road, Independence, MO
Thursday: August 31, 2017
Visitation: 9-11am
Service: 11am
Interment: Mound Grove Cemetery

Obituary and Condolences can be viewed at:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Australian Restoration News September 2017

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From: Noel Rowlatt

Australian Restoration News September 2017

Greetings All,

Please find attached the September 2017 Australian Restoration News.

With best wishes,

Noel Rowlatt



Around and About the Centre Place by High Priest Paul J. Gage, Independence, Missouri
God's Blessings upon all the Saints of Australia,
I trust the good Lord God Almighty has been and continues to bless each of you in His special way, as you go through each day. I doubt there is a person in the world who does not have daily struggles in dealing with life. How marvelous it is that we have Jesus Christ as our Savior, Shepherd, Light, Life, and all the other names by which He is known. I love, so much the promise in DC 83:15 C. It tells us that there is no part of our lives that go without His watch care and protection. Also, angels around us to bear us up.
Brothers and Sisters, of all ages, don't ever forget how valuable and precious you are, as one individual, to our Lord, Jesus Christ. He knows our every struggle, doubt, fear, concern, etc. and is always true to His promise. He was praying for each of us in John 17:20. As He was praying for the disciples then, He prayed for you and me, because it says, “For them also which shall believe on Me through their word." We know the disciples, after Jesus ascended into Heaven, took the gospel to the world and the Church was established in many areas, and the rest is history. We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ today because someone shared the same gospel they had received from another and so the gospel is now to us in our day to share with all we can.
Jesus came to save us from our sins. He knew we would sin. Many times we get down on ourselves and feel unworthy. That is when we need to go to God in mighty prayer and repentance and ask forgiveness for our sins. It is a promise that when we sincerely repent, He will forgive us. I like the scripture in Philippians 1 especially verse six. Read the whole chapter and be revived in Christ. You can pull up the lyrics to this song on the net. Look for "He who began a good work in you." I also like 1st Corinthians 10:13 for the promise of Jesus. Many people misquote this verse by leaving off the last sentence. He shows us the way out of temptation. That verse is the same in the King James Version as it is in the Inspired Version, so no follower of Christ has to remain "lost," because the "way out" is to run to Jesus.
The reunion and camp season is history....His Story! Do you have a testimony of "His Story?" Share it. The Pastors of Zion Summer preaching series has also concluded. It ran from June 11 - August 13. There were some excellent sermons during the series as well as at the (In-town) reunion. Many services were live-streamed and are available for viewing.
The website is :
As you may know, the USA was "treated" to a total eclipse of the sun on Monday, August 21, 2017. It was a spectacular event, which to me, is evidence of the greatness and power of God. What made this eclipse special was that it crossed the entire country from west coast to east coast and the Centre Place was in the path of the total eclipse. I watched from my front porch. There have always been "signs and wonders" in the sky as a part of God's creative genius. That too, is now "His Story."
Centre Place Restoration School has started the fall session under the leadership of Brother Dan Schoenemann. This is his second year.
The Conference of Restoration Elders is "revving" up its Domestic Outreach Program in an attempt to make connection with the Saints throughout the USA and Canada. The country has been divided into ten regions and two elders assigned to go into each area to get input from the Saints and leaders in each region. Leo Carroll and I will be going into the Southeastern part of the USA, mainly Florida and Tennessee and other states as possible. We will be going to Kirtland, Ohio for the annual CRE Priesthood trip on September 16-17, 2017 and leaving from there. We plan to return home around October 4, 2017. We would appreciate the prayers of support from the Saints for the Kirtland trip and the Domestic Outreach efforts. Kirtland is always a very fond memory for me, because that is where I first met Brother Keith Whately in 2001.
The Publication Council of the CRE is now publishing a "Monthly Tidings of Zion." The first issue was sent out on line on August 18, 2017. Most of those in Australia, with internet, should have received it. If not, let me know and I will send it to you. Feel free to copy it and share with others. It will not replace the regular Tidings of Zion, but will serve to help keep the CRE more in touch with the Saints. We are in the process of placing it on the CRE website.
September is a very important month, for the Church, because it was September 21, 1823, that Joseph Smith Jr was visited by an angel and told about the plates, from which came the Book of Mormon. You can find Joseph's testimony of this marvelous experience in Church History, Volume 1, Chapter 2. This would be a good time for each church member to review this part of our history. If you don't have the Church History Volumes, you can pull it up on and go to the library. You have to spell Center, the American way.
The missionary groups are all still functioning. ARM has just completed another mission to Africa. Doug Smith will have an article in the next Tidings, which we hope will be in the homes by mid-September. GEM is planning a mission to Germany and possibly England this fall. Two families were in the USA in August to help Brother John Mundy celebrate his 80th birthday. A couple from England were in Independence in July and received their Patriarchal Blessings from Brother Mike Ballantyne. LAMB is active in Central America and Mexico. Seventy Juan Reyes and wife, Tina, from Mexico were with us for the (In-town) reunion. Brother Angel Castro, from Honduras was here this summer, attending the South Crysler reunion at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa.
SEAAM is planning a mission to Mindanao in the southern Philippines in October, while Murray and Delma are returning to Luzon, in the northern part, in December. There is also a mission to Nepal. The team of Elders Brian Herren, Doug Smith, and Lyle Smith leave in late August and return in mid-September. The SEAAM Board is seeking input from the Australian Saints and priesthood as to the best opportunities to plan a mission to Australia in 2018. Steve Mapes has resigned from the SEAAM Board and Jenna Clark and Jeff Morrison have been selected to fill two vacancies on the Board. I had the opportunity to visit the Belton, Missouri RB on August 20, 2017 and visited with Ray and Sheila McFarland and Dan and Lisa Schwartz. They are all doing fine. I have also been in touch with Judith Hawley recently. She is doing fine and will have an article in the next Tidings.
We regret to inform you of the passing of two stalwarts in the Restoration work. Seventy Thomas Evan "Tommie" Thomas and Elder Harold "Skip" Robison. Both passed away in August. We also extend our love and empathy to Sister Elma Grayden and family and the Saints of Australia in the passing of Brother Geoffrey Grayden, certainly also a stalwart in the Lord's work.
God bless and keep you till we meet again, or as Brother Jack Hagensen would say, Till we eat again." Either way, or both, it will be a grand reunion.
************* God’s Response to our Prayers. Submitted by Sr. Sr. Jillian Maas, Brisbane.
Dear Reader, It is cause for celebration when our prayers are answered immediately. We marvel, rejoice and praise God. And then there are the times that our prayers take time to be answered. Why? Because there are some things in life that just take time to develop. It takes time for a house to be built, hair to grow, and a baby to form in its mother’s belly. These all naturally and physically require time to develop. So it is with answers to many of our prayers. While the answer to our prayers are developing, so are we. We should be especially careful not to interfere with the development and process of such prayers. For example, when we decide to practice better eating habits to lose excess weight, we only hinder the process if we become impatient and consume sweet treats. It is the same with our prayer life, if we become impatient with waiting on God, we falter . . . and delay the answer. What do we do while we wait? We study God’s word and get to know Him better. We do what we can for God in service to others. We make ready for the answer. We praise Him for His blessings and promises We be patient. Charles Spurgeon once said “Grin and bear it is old fashioned advice, but sing and bear it is a great deal better.” The Israelites that Moses led out of Egypt are a good example of those who were not patient and hindered the success of their prayers. Their prayer was to be released from bondage. As a process in the answer to that prayer, they were given the avenue to flee from Egypt and make their way to the Promised Land in what should have been an eleven day journey (Deuteronomy 1:2). However, they hindered the answer to their prayer by growing impatient, disobedient and murmuring. Hence, the answer to their prayers were delayed by 40 years. Too often we mistakenly think that our prayers should be answered immediately. For the healing of the
sick, rebuking of evil and such, they should be. However, there are also many instances that our prayers need time and patience to manifest. Just as a farmer must wait faithfully for his or her crop to grow from planting time to harvest, so must we wait and patiently endure. God requires action on our part. “. . . Be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises . . . and after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.” Hebrews 6:12. What is the Promise? It is the answer to our prayers, our hearts desires and the promises of Abraham who talked with God. All that was his, can be ours. “But let patience have its perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing” (James 1:4). May God grant us the patience to be faithful and patiently endure.
A Brief Tribute to the Life and Ministry of Elder Geoffrey Graydon by Elder Murray Broughton Bro. Geoffrey Graydon was born on 18th September, 1928 and passed away on 24th July, 2017. He was ordained as a Priest when he was 18 years old and came to Euroa to help Elder Harry Jacka with his missionary work. He was employed at Jacka's Dry Cleaning for a while, until Kevin Dowell took him under his wing and took him out at night shooting rabbits. He also helped at Mt. Hut Camp grounds in the early days and worked also at S.E.C. (State Electricity Commission) for many years. It pleased him as he was able to do his church work and have time off to do ministry. He was Pastor in Euroa Branch for many years. He traveled to Shepparton and one time, riding his auto bike there to give ministry, had to follow in the wake of a car and lift his legs to get through the flood water that covered the road.. Others may have turned back. Bro. Jacka once asked him to go to Kelvin View to the home of Jack and Alice Broughton to hold a service and Bro.Geoff said. “how will I get there”?. Bro.Jacka said to him,”you have a bike”; so Geoff rode there on his bike, put it under a tree; not thinking that it would be dark when he was to come home and that he would not be able to see where he had left it. Eventually he found the elusive tree and his bicycle and thus made it home. His father David Grayden gave him his inheritance and he bought his first car which he changed every two years, because of the mileage (50,0000 a year) he traveled going to Melbourne, Murrumbeena, Philip Island, Geelong, Frankston, Euroa and other places to give ministry. He once said to Mr. Baker (a Baptist minister) that he was going to Kelvin View on one foggy winter night on a road with no white lines and Mr.Baker said to him "going in these conditions, you deserve to have a good meeting with the people there tonight”. He went back to Rosebud to work at S.E.C. in Sorento and for some years travelled back to Kelvin View to give ministry. Some Sundays he returned to Rosebud after traveling 4 hours each way and had to work the next day. He served as the Pastor meeting in the homes of Sr.Elsie Crosbie for 7 years and Sr. Elaine Walker for 10 years and then 24 years in Kelvin View Hall where he serve as Pastor until his death.. Bro.Geoff Grayden was a faithful servant of the Lord. He blessed and baptized many people, and married many couples including my wife and myself. He would go out at night when he was called to administer to the sick and to help meet the spiritual needs of his flock. He loved the missionaries coming, especially the visiting ministers from America, Queensland and Tamworth who came to visit and give ministry in Kelvin View. Bro,Geoff Grayden was a devoted minister and will be sadly missed and always remembered. Bro.Geoff Grayden was laid to rest at Euroa Lawn Cemetery at 9 a.m. with a graveside service for family and close friends . This was followed by a memorial service at 11a.m. at Mark Floyd Chapel, and then a wake at the Tennis Club. Anthony Grayden spoke about his father’s early life. Frank Mcmahon and Bro.Tim De Uray spoke also at the memorial service. On behalf of Sr.Elma Grayden, Anthony and his wife Pauline, thanks are extended to Br. & Sr.Peter & Helen and Bro.Danny Helen Archer who traveled all the way from Tamworth and Sydney NSW, to be with us for Bro.Geoff’s funeral service. Also to Bro.Tim De Uray and his son, daughter and mother Jan and also his brother, and to all who came to pay their respects to our much loved and Brother. God be with you till we meet again. Respectfully, Murray Broughton
Testimony – Marriage of Charise Mitchell to Adrian Morris by Elder Neil Kerswell, Queensland. On the 15th of July 2017 I had the privilege of marrying Charise and Adrian to each other. Until our counselling time together approximately 2 months prior I had never met either of them. They and Charises’ Grandparents (Ron and Jan Mitchell) came to Brisbane to stay with Del and Neville Churchill for a weekend. My daughter Emma & I had lunch with Charise and Adrian at a beautiful spot beside Wivenhoe Dam close to nature where I spent time in pre-wedding counseling and preparation later with the couple only, to truly get to know them and their love one for each other. I felt God’s Spirit and leadings as we shared and it was a joyful time, and like so often in the Lord’s work they felt to me like my family almost from the start. It was also a testimony to me that God was with them and their wedding plans. During the time that passed we kept contact and I prepared in heart and mind for the part I had to play and prayed for the couple almost every day that they may be prepared to truly make a covenant for life. God always gives me what he wants done in a service, sometimes months before, sometimes just before. However when He moves I know it and it thrills my soul as I can’t wait to share it. In relation to this couples marriage it was two weeks before, I woke up one morning and the beginning of the service played out in my mind and joy filled my soul with confidence. I was able to have the service notes, scriptures, poems and analogies together and ready all in very little time. All that was left was prayer and preparation until the time arrived. The night before the big day, Del and Neville Churchill and I travelled by car driving 9 hours to Forster. Normally the trip would have been shorter but there was much roadworks and heavy traffic in sections. We were blest with good conversation and a safe trip. Del prepared hot soup, sandwiches and fantastic snacks for dinner and keeping us awake throughout the night and into the early morning hours. The Motel accommodation was very good and spacious. Neville and I slept perfectly till about 7.00am. Sadly Del laid there wide awake, but thanks be to God we all felt good as we had a light breakfast and enjoyed the day as it unfolded. When we left early to see the beautiful spot for the wedding (Green Cathedral – Tiona - this place has a rich heritage with God’s people over many years), we saw the challenge of the day first hand, and it was raining, wind blowing and cold enough to numb your hands. We went to Bunnings Hardware nearby to buy extra umbrellas as we were told by Ron and Jan, it had to be hailing or a cyclone for the wedding not to happen at the venue. We were back in plenty of time and plenty of prayers for good weather. I was inspired by Neville Churchill, he started bearing testimony at least an hour before the due time, that the weather was going to fine up and bright light would break through the dark clouds making it a beautiful day when needed. I must admit under natural circumstances this weather would have been there for the day and into the night (in my opinion it was well and truly set in). It was not just to people of the Restoration but anybody Neville had opportunity to speak too. My thoughts were I know God can do it I have seen it many times before and I got behind Neville’s testimony with much prayer of the heart, because of His courage to witness in faith before the miracle has come to pass. It came time for the marriage and the weather was still miserable, I gave one of my umbrellas to a lady who had a beautiful dress but didn’t do much to keep her warm, Neville and Del shared their umbrellas too where needed. Neville was protecting me up front with his Umbrella as we waited for the Bride. I practiced trying to turn the page of my service plan and could barely do it as I couldn’t feel my fingers properly to grab one page at a time. Thankfully Charise and the girls were ½ hour late, God knew this and had set up a witness for all attending with perfect timing. As the wedding march started the wind had dropped off and drizzling rain began to stop, Neville didn’t need to protect me anymore, the light started to increase continuously. As Charise was given away by her Father, I focused 100% on the service and really was impervious to what was unfolding weather wise throughout the service until it was time to sign the legal documents and have a Duet by Ron and Jan. Then I realized fully just what a blessing God had performed. Most important to me, Mr. and Mrs. Charise and Adrian Morris were given the right conditions to allow them to truly make a covenant with each other in comfort. I know God attended and showed some signs that He was in deed there. I heard people both in Restoration circles and out thank God in public for what He had done for Charise and Adrian. We were invited to the reception and I was amazed when we found we were at the table closest to the Bride and Groom. We weren’t expecting anything like this. We thought we would be at the very back somewhere allowing family, relatives and friends the best seats (this would have been fine with us). However Charise and Adrian chose to give us the best position. I thank God for this couple, I thank Adrian and Charise for allowing us to be a living part of their lives. I thank God for the Unity amongst all people that attended. I thank the couple that their love brought us all together with one accord. It was a joy, pleasure and honour to be a part of the entire experience. We were blessed with a faster 8 hour trip home, we were all tired but very satisfied and fulfilled. May God continue to bless Adrian and Charise is my prayer in Jesus Name, Amen.
Video Tapes of Church Services available on the Internet Information has been received for inclusion in our Australian Newsletter advising of 2 Restoration Branches that have websites where videos of church services can be down loaded An email received from Elder Dan Schwartz who devoted six months of his time to serve in a mission to Australia as a single man and later returned, after he had married, with his wife Liza to attend a Reunion here includes a greeting and one of the two video sources. An extract from the email is as follows: Lisa and I are doing well, and feeling very blessed. We moved into a new home in March 2017. We plan on this being our last move (unless the Lord has other plans), and us growing old together in this home! Our new address is 718 Fox Tail Ct, Raymore, MO, 64083. We think about our Australian brothers and sisters often, and wish that we could come for another visit. Our love, and thoughts and prayers are extended to all. I wanted to pass along some information that may be of interest to some in Australia, particularly those who are somewhat isolated. Our congregation (Belton Restoration Branch) has been uploading our services to a website. They are available to whomever may desire to listen to them. We are in the process of loading some of the older services, and we may eventually have services available from 2012 to present. The services can be accessed via our branch website. Go to, click on the "Links" tab, then click on the "Belton Restoration Branch Recorded Services". This will take you to the website where the services are available. Your brother in Christ, Dan Schwartz
The other link is provided by Elder Mark Churchill who has notified us that videos of services from South Crysler Branch are available on line.
The link is
Victoria News
Church of Jesus Christ Restoration Branch, Kelvin View submitted by Elder Murray Broughton 23rd July 2017--Preaching Service: Reading Acts 1: 3-11 Text v 7 “Precise Timing of the Lord.” Exodus14 Attendance was 4 . After the service we went to Violet Town Nursing Home to visit Bro.& Sr.Grayden. and they both received administration.
30 July 2017---Elder Murray Broughton preached.Text Exodus 32::26—“Who is in the Lord side?; let them come unto me.” Administration ..Sr.Elma Grayden. 5 present
6 August 2017—Communion Service. Elder Murray Broughton Reading :1 Corinthians 2:9-16; Rev 21: 1 -8 Text: “:He that overcometh shall inherit all things,and I will be his God and he shall be my son”. 6 present
13th August 2017--Church at Kelvin View Hall –Sermon. Elder Murray Broughton
Ephesians 4:11 -15; Matthew 24: 40 - 51; Matthew chapter 25:12. Gen.7:23, 36.
As a result of the death of our long serving pastor, this was followed by a Business Meeting---All went very well: a good spirit was present, The officers elected are as follows’
Pastor: Elder Murray Broughton
Secretary -Sr.Betty Broughton;
Treasurer-Bro.Murray &Neville Broughton;
Book Steward-Sr.Delma Broughton
Music-Sr.Elma Grayden
8 present. Many want the Branch to keep going and I will do my best to feed the "lambs and sheep".
Our deepest sympathy to Sr.Elma Grayden, Bro.Anthony and wife Pauline,and those in America,who have lost their loved ones. We do pray for those in need of healing, comfort ,guidance and the Holy Spirit to witness of Thy truth, to open the eyes of the blind and draw and lead people back to Thee..
We thank Elder Noel Rowlatt for his time and effort in publishing the Australian Restoration News.

Tamworth News submitted by Sr.Helen Archer We continue to meet each week with Elder Peter giving us ministry.
Our Dear Brother Elder Geoffrey Grayden passed away on the 24th of July. Elder Peter and Sister Helen Archer travelled to Sydney and on the Wednesday evening and stayed with their son Elder Danny Archer. Peter, Helen and Danny then travelled to Euroa on the Thursday, stopping to visit with Sister Mary Dunn at Taralga where she now resides and after sharing the Sacrament with her, taking her out to lunch. We had a lovely visit with Mary then continued on our journey to Euroa. The Funeral was on Friday the 28th of July. A Graveside Service was held at 9.30 am in the morning for the family and conducted by Elder Murray Broughton. A Memorial Service was held at the Funeral home at 11am. The Archer family then traveled back to Sydney and stayed the night with Danny, leaving for Tamworth on Sunday after a Service with Danny and Kris. On the way home Peter and Helen called in to see Br. Johnathon Page.
The Tamworth Group would like to send their condolences to Sister Elma Graydon and family and our Brothers in Sisters in Euroa.
**************** Please include in your prayers the following people who are in need of a blessing Elma Grayden Gwen Whately, Mary Dunn Alma & Janice Kerswell Monique Hummel & Family George Parker Dirk Waasdorp Jonathon Page Adrienne & Robert Windsor Audrey Kerswell Peter Archer Jan & Dennis De Uray ****************

17-19 Juers Street, Kingston, Queensland. Pastor: Elder Alma Kerswell. Phone 07 3800 1151

Sun. 3rd. 10.00 a.m. COMMUNION SERVICE. Elder A.Kerswell Elder G.Melling
Musical Item for Service. Glenn Kerswell & Jillian Maas 11.10 a.m. Prayer & Testimony Service. Elder A.Kerswell

Sun. 10th. 9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing: Rebecca Melling Flowers: Rebecca Melling
10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder G.Melling Elder N.Churchill
Elder A.Kerswell. Jillian, Linda and Rebecca
11.10 a.m. Adult Class: Elder N.Rowlattl
Youth Class: Jillian Maas

Sun. 17th. 9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing: Jillian Maas Flowers: Linda Kerswell
10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder N.Rowlatt Elder N.Churchill
Musical Item for Service. Gary and Rebecca Melling
11.10 a.m. Adult Class: Elder N.Churchill
Youth Class: Jillian Maas

Sun. 24th. 9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing: Linda Kerswell Flowers: Cathy Melling 10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder N,Melling Elder A.Kerswell
followed by a Fingerfood Fellowship Lunch. (Please bring suitable food.)

BRANCH NEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS for Kingston Branch. Birthdays
Happy Birthday Wishes to the following people on their Special Day in September.
Emma Kerswell on the 9th. Gwen Whately on the 14th. Roslyn Lakelin on 23rd.
Joshua Kerswell on the 30 th.
We were very saddened to hear the sad news that Elder Geoffrey Grayden had passed away and we, the members of Kingston Branch, wish to acknowledge the great dedication and selfless devotion that he had throughout his life for the Lord and His Church. Deepest sympathies are extended to Sr,Delma Grayden and family.
We ask your prayers for Elder Murray Broughton who has accepted the role of Pastor of Kelvin View Restoration Branch as well as ministering and giving leadership in areas of the Philippines.
Contributions to the Australian Restoration News need to come by the 20th of the month and must be submitted by email if possible.Email details are Phone contact: 07 3824 8386
We would love to have contributions from isolated members in Australia; articles or testimonies or just greetings. We would also like to hear from American saints who have ministered in Australia.
If you do not have access to an internet facility and would like to post your article to me, I will try and have it typed and included, but I would need to receive it by the 18th of the month for inclusion in the next issue. Postal details are as follows: Noel Rowlatt, 6 Wetheral Place, Alexandra Hills. Q4161

Spanish Services - September 3

​------ Forwarded message ------
From: Jon Tandy

Spanish Services - September 3

Bienvenido a Waldo!

Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch is beginning a series of combined Spanish/English services on the first Sunday evening of the month, starting this Sunday, September 3 at 6:00 PM. 819 West Waldo Avenue, Independence, MO 64050.

This Sunday, Elder Chuck Sperry will be speaking.

We invite those who speak or are learning Spanish and would the exposure to the language. We would also encourage you to invite Spanish-speaking friends or relatives to come hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Livestream:

Jon Tandy

RCM - Service Projects

​------ Forwarded message ------
From: Bryan Smith

RCM - Service Projects

Hey! This year RCM of the Centerplace is focusing more on service projects, and we would like to try and help out more with individual church members needs. If you have any yard work, cleaning, raking, or any type of manual labor you need done, feel free to ask us! We usually meet on Tuesday evenings, but we can work weekends if it's better for you.

If you're interested or know someone that could use our work, contact me at 660-441-8762 or

- Bryan Smith

Monday, August 28, 2017

Items For Sale or Give Away

From: Darrell Newell

Items For Sale or Give Away

Furniture for sale: Home is no pets or smokers
bedroom dresser 43 years old, good condition. Asking $50 or best offer

Converted water bed now with regular mattress. Bed has headboard available that goes with it
$50 or best offer

Corner computer desk - Free

Bed and desk will need to be disassembled.
Will need to pickup and need help.
Desk in basement

Darrell Newell

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Restoration Christmas Choir Rehearsals

------ Forwarded message ------
From: Larry Ward

Restoration Christmas Choir Rehearsals

Restoration Christmas Choir

a blending of voices from all branches

You are invited to join the Restoration Christmas Choir
in their 21st year of celebrating the birth of our

Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
through a service of worship and praise!

Sing with us, invite your friends and family,
and don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Rehearsals are at Atherton Restoration Branch
every Sunday, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Rehearsals begin Sunday, September 10.

Worship services will be presented

December 10 and December 17.

For more information,
contact Larry or Diane Ward:
(816) 252-8311

Saturday, August 26, 2017

New Covers for the New 3-in-1

From: Paul V. Ludy

New Covers for the New 3-in-1

We have just obtained some more new covers for the new 3-in-1, The Holy Scriptures by Cumorah Books, Inc. They are $30.00 each, plus shipping or delivery.

All have pockets for the book covers to slide into. The straps go completely under and around the books to hold the weight. Numbers 5 & 6 do not have the straps covered. Numbers 9 & 10 do not have handles.

Please order by number. Call me at 816 210-8450 to order.

Yes, we still have copies of The Holy Scriptures available at $80.00 each.
Go to:
for photos, scans of pages, and ordering info.


“Restoration Scriptures” is a subsidiary of Cumorah Books, Inc., which has published Restoration Voice magazine since 1978. Restoration Scriptures is dedicated to ...

Paul V. Ludy

Adoption Fundraiser Garage Sale - Saturday, August 26

From: Tammy Tandy

Adoption Fundraiser Garage Sale - Saturday, August 26

Adoption Fundraiser Garage Sale: Saturday, August 26th. 8 - 4:30

527 S. Crane, Independence, MO 64050

The Jordison Family and Tandy Family are both adopting internationally and are raising money to help with expenses to bring their children home!

We have lots of darling baby boy and girl clothes, several toddler sizes, junior girls, women’s, plus size women (including nice business suits and pants), and some men’s items as well.

There is a lovely ottoman, daybed frame and other bed frames (no mattress or box springs), some smaller wall shelves, stroller and other baby/toddler items, bedding, craft supplies, homeschool books and other books, housewares, Isabel Bloom figurines, glassware, and much more!

We appreciate your help and support and prayers!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Zaun Avenue Yard Sale


Zaun Avenue Yard Sale


Lots of wonderful things from antique to exercise equipment to children books,

toys and Prom dresses, paintings, miscellaneous tea cups, dishes knickknack and silverware

717 E Zaun Avenue
Independence MO 64050

Saturday August 26, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sunday August 27, Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Laurel Alexander

Limbs for Firewood

​From: Connie Guthrie

Limbs for Firewood

​The recent storms brought down some big limbs that I am unable to take care of.

Would anyone want these limbs for firewood?

Thank you
Dave Guthrie

From: Franinzion

The Great Sign in Heaven by Neil Steede

I wanted to share this excellent lecture we listened to on Sunday evening, August 20, 2017, at the Stone Church given by Neil Steede for the monthly gathering of the Book of Mormon Round Table. It was the night prior to the eclipse which was a spectacular event to witness. There were over a hundred folks attending on Sunday evening and we had 12 from our congregation who came. We all thought the information was of great interest. I wanted to share what I gleaned from the lecture although it was a bit overwhelming. One of the things that I think is so interesting is Neil himself as he is almost totally blind and very hard of hearing and since his stroke he is paralyzed on the right side. His mind is amazing. He can lecture for a long time and obviously without notes. Neil loves the Book of Mormon and has been studying it for over 40 years. He lived in Mexico for 20 of those years. I feel blessed to learn from him and thank the Lord for allowing him to continue to teach. Attached are my notes. I hope you enjoy reading them and the information I have tried to share. I would like to hear any comments or insights you may have on the subjects discussed.

Fran Manning


The Great Sign in Heaven by Neil Steede

“The Great Sign in Heaven” by Neil Steede given August 20, 2017

What is it? What does it mean?

The umbra is the darkest part of the shadow of the moon. We are in the center of the umbra where the eclipse will be viewed in totality. The eclipse of 8/21/2017 is the beginning, the opening curtain call. The umbra is 70 miles wide but the penumbra is gigantic covering all of North America. It is traveling at a speed which varies from 1000-2000 miles per hour.

The closing curtain call will be the eclipse that follows in 7 years on June 8, 2024.

This first eclipse we’ll call Eclipse #1. It will cross through 5 Capital Cities in the USA; Salem, Oregon, Lincoln, Nebraska, Jefferson City, Missouri, Nashville, Tennessee, and Columbia, South Carolina. The second eclipse, Eclipse #2, crosses through 4 Capital Cities; Austin, Texas, Little Rock, Arkansas, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Montpelier, Vermont. This makes a total of 9 Capital Cities crossed by the 2 eclipses.

Neil said, referencing the Kabbalah which teaches universal principles that apply to all peoples of all faiths and all religions, regardless of ethnicity or where you come from, that the number 9 means expectation. He claims it is saying to the cities, expect a greater capital city, Zion.

He says 3 important restoration sites, Independence, Kirtland, and Palmyra will be crossed inferring another will be added and this is Zion equaling 4 which is the number for Messiah. He also says these are his opinions and you don’t have to believe it.

Our 4 blood moons have been an introduction to all of this. In 12-21-12 the Mayan calendar wasn’t ending, it was marking a beginning of a new period.

Each eclipse carries metaphors.

On 8/21/1914 a total solar eclipse crossed Eastern Europe prior to World War I. In 1918 the great American eclipse heralded the pandemic flu which killed 50-100 million people world wide.

He also mentioned other signs in the heavens which have foretold things to us. The Star of Bethlehem was in the constellation Pisces. The fish has long been recognized as the symbol of Christian Believers beginning 2 millennia ago.

Other Archaeological sites within the 2 paths of the eclipses include Spirit Pond, Maine, a variety of dolem sites in Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as Mystery Hill in Massachusetts, the complete Arena Cultural area in Northern Ohio, as well as the Newark Ohio site and even the Zelph mound in Indiana and the list continues.

(I only know of some of these from previous lectures that Neil has given but further information can be found on the internet).

The area where the 2 eclipses cross is located in southern Illinois and it is possibly referring to the Volcanic fault over which it is located. This is the New Madrid fault which rocked southern Missouri many years ago and is the greatest earthquake to date in the USA. However, the impending disaster to which it is symbolizing is completely of humanity’s doing, not that of nature.

Our eclipse begins in the USA at the exact moment of the sunset in Jerusalem which signifies a New Jerusalem is coming.

Now is when my notes get tricky to share. I have lots of notes and little understanding so I will share what I have and leave the translation of them up to you. Please don’t blame Neil if something is stated incorrectly due to my error.

The constellation Leo representing the lion or tribe of Judah has 9 stars and is above the head of Virgo which is the virgin, giving her a crown of 9 stars but now something new is coming in September as Mercury, Venus, and Mars, will move into the constellation Leo giving Virgo 12 stars in her crown. The ancients did not call these planets but wandering stars so when the scripture says the virgin will wear a crown of 12 stars this is what is being referenced.

The Gabriel Proclamation Tablet, found in the Dead Sea in 2000 dates back to 10 BCE (Before Common Era) or BC (before Christ) and predicted the birth of Christ at September 9, 7 BC. It also predicted the second coming to the New Jerusalem in the land of the refugees. Neil asks, “What country has more refugees than the USA?”

The Antikythera Mechanism (named for the Greek isle near where it was found) was found in 1902 onboard a Greek ship which sank in 86 BC. It is called a water clock. At the time of its making the only known planets were the ones they could see; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. This mechanism is an analog computer which has been able to accurately calculate the equinoxes, solstices and eclipses dating between 600 BC to 2020 AD based on the movements of stars and planets. It too gives Christ’s birth at September 9, 7 BC.

Another reference mentioned is Sir Isaac Newton’s book titled “Prophecies.” Newton gave this book to a friend to publish after his death but the friend died before Newton, and the book was not found until years later after Newton’s death and never published. It is available to read on the internet. It is housed in Israel. In this book Newton predicts when Israel would become a nation along with other notable predictions such as where the New Jerusalem would be located.

I will return to the point of this information and that is that this September something never seen in the heavens will occur. Neil and his friend, David Brown, laboriously looked at every night in the past 10,000 years and in the 10,000 years to come to verify that these events have never occurred in the night sky. Jupiter which is the King planet has been in Virgo since November 2016 and on noon of September 9, 2017 it begins to come out of the constellation Virgo and will take 13 days which Neil says is representative of the 13 Tribes of Israel (11 plus the 2 tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh). Never before has 12 stars been in Virgo’s crown with the moon at her feet as described in the Book of Revelation and Isaiah. This process has been ongoing for 42 weeks representative of the human gestation period. Neil believes this is signifying the birth of Zion and the 13 tribes coming together in Zion. He also told us the loin stars of Virgo are named Seed and Branch and Branch has 2 knees which is important. He did not explain further as to what this might mean.

As science develops better ways to make observations such as the x-ray machines and now the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) the Antikythera Mechanism has been able to tell us much more. The most recent findings reveal that this mechanism marks dates from 600 BC to 2020 AD. Particular markings reveal that the birth of Christ was predicted by at least a century. It also marks the 40 years between 1980 and 2020 AD. Neil believes this is when changes took place within the church that caused her to flee into the wilderness for 40 years. Using this Antikythera Mechanism the time for the end of the 40 year period and the beginning of something new is in the middle of the year 2020.

Then Neil ask, “What happens in 2020?” He makes this statement, “He who comes from the Lamanites.” He offers nothing more on the subject.

Of course I’m thinking, is this when the 7th prophet of the church arrives? That’s my thinking and not Neil saying. Please don’t pass on anything Neil did not say.

We were given a handout which included a list of 71 events that have occurred since 1980 which validate Joseph Smith Jr’s statements. On the handout were the following words. “A large disbelief in the Book of Mormon began to grow among the leaders of the church. The claim was made that there is no scientific evidence of the book. In actuality that statement was true. However, in the 15 years between 1980 and 1995 the archaeological world took an ‘about-face.’ The Lord had said that He was testing their faith. When they finally had given up, the world of Mesoamerican Archaeology morphed into something new. Even the field of archaeology did not fully comprehend the change. The reason that they did not “get it” was because they were completely ignorant of the Book of Mormon story. In the Mormon Church things were about the same. The Mormons had attempted several historical scenarios about the book of Mormon only to have them fail one after another. Their church finally, as a whole, made the church wide decision to never again try to “prove” the Book of Mormon historically. They too gave up. Therefore, by the 1980’s there existed no official organization dedicated to investigating the Book of Mormon archaeologically. This was about to change.

These are some of the Official organizations that explore Book of Mormon archaeology and when they came into existence:

1. The Mexican Epigraphic Society – 1980

2. Early Sites Research Society - 1984

3. The Pre-Columbiana Journal – 1985

4. The Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc. – 2006

5. The Bountiful Historical Society II - 2007

All of these organizations are located in Independence, MO. Each of them is filling very specific needs. All of them are open to new membership. The Pre-Columbiana Journal has the personal financial obligation of subscribing to the journal. It is a judged journal which is subscribed to by mostly Universities, Museums and professionals. It has no religious overtones.

The Hill Cumorah Expedition Team Inc. has a free membership along with an on-line free quarterly newsletter. If one desires to go on any of the biannual field trips, one must cover his/her expenses.

Early Sites Research Society, The Mexican Epigraphic Society and The Bountiful Historical Society are all closely intertwined. It is through the first organization which financing is received to execute scientific investigations.

I will make a list of the recent discoveries but not at this time as I want to get this information out to those of you who have wanted to hear about the Sunday evening class of August 20 2017 given by Neil Steede.

Prayer and Fasting by Roy Weldon

From: Francis Harper

Dear Ones,

Prayer combined with fasting opens the windows of heaven. When we willingly deprive or deny ourselves of food, worldly treasure or pleasure, the Lord knows we mean business!

It is not surprising to find fasting and prayer being mentioned together in the Scriptures. Some examples are these: Matthew 17:21; Mark 9:26; Acts 14:27; 1 Corinthians 7:5; Omni 1:47; Alma 4:6, 12:25; 3 Nephi 12:14; 4 Nephi 1:13; D & C 59:3-6, 85:36b, 92:3e, 124:1, 130:1.

Prayer and Fasting
By Roy Weldon

“About ten years ago [1941], in the fall of the year, my father took the flu. Before long it became evident that he was seriously ill. The elders administered to him; and the Saints at Berkeley, California, had special prayers for him at the Wednesday evening service. He received only a temporary blessing, but then his condition grew worse. He had reached the place where he could do nothing except labor for breath. It was Easter week in April when the doctor informed my sister, who is a trained nurse, that it was useless for him to come back, because there was nothing they could do—the end was near. One of my brothers and I talked the situation over. Our parents had been very good to us. We decided to make a final effort in their behalf.

“We dispatched telegrams to all members of the family, setting aside the succeeding three days for fasting and prayer, at the end of which (Easter Sunday) we would administer for the last time. I will never forget that beautiful Easter Sunday when we went quietly into the sick room. Patriarch William Dawson of the Northern California District, assisted by Elder Myron Schall of Sacramento, laid hands upon my father and administered to him. As soon as it was over, we filed quietly out. It was very evident that unless the Lord acted promptly, it would soon be over. The next morning I returned and was overjoyed to find that the Lord had acted. I found my father breathing quietly and normally. The fever which had been with him so long had departed to return no more. He recovered and in a few months sold his holdings in California and reinvested in the stakes of Zion.

“Suppose we had not had a three-day fast for my father. I have noted other cases where the ordinary routine of calling the elders and having prayers at the church had not availed, and then some of us decided to go a little further and had a period of fasting and prayer. In one such instance in our stake, a remarkable, clear-cut blessing came which has greatly strengthened and encouraged all who know about it. Perhaps it is the usual practice when illness or disaster overtakes some of us, to call for the elders or have prayers in church. If this does not suffice, we conclude, ‘It is the will of the Lord.’ In view of the circumstances I have related and others like them, I raise the question, Are we writing off some of the results of our own shortcomings as the will of the Lord?”

Love to all,
Francis Harper

Van For Sale

From: Carol Caplinger

Van For Sale

2007 Honda Odyssey - loaded.
DVD player, Sunroof, leather, 3 rows of seats that fold down, rear vents & shades, heated seats, arm rests, upgrade CD/ Fm/ Am . Upgrade floor mats.
100,000 miles.
New tires/battery/timing belt/water pump/alternator/AC compressor.

Carol Caplinger

Fasting and Prayer 8/25/17

From: Francis Harper

Message for 8/25/17

Fasting and Prayer

When we consider the Christian disciplines such as study, fasting, prayer and sharing, it is likely that fasting is the most neglected. The Saints forfeit many spiritual blessings whenever they fail to support their prayers with fasting.

Jesus gave his disciples instructions on fasting in his Sermon on the Mount. “. . . when ye fast , be not as the hypocrites, or of a sad countenance; for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward. But when thou fastest, anoint thy head and wash thy face, that thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father who is in secret; and thy Father who seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly” (Matthew 6:17-18).

Jesus fasted and he expects his disciples to fast. He promises the Father’s blessings to those who are willing to fast. The most common fast is to refrain from eating, but there are other acceptable fasts. Putting the needs of others ahead of our own is an acceptable fast.

Isaiah was speaking for the Lord when he asked, “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke [of bondage]? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? When thou seest the naked, that thou cover him? . . .” (Isaiah 58:6-7).

In the eyes of the Lord it is better to help people with their physical and spiritual needs, than to bow before him, covered with sackcloth and ashes! Those who serve the needs of people will be abundantly rewarded: “Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily; and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be your rearward. Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am.

“If thou take away . . . the pointing of the finger, and speaking vanity; and if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noonday. And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought . . . and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.

“If thou turn away . . . from doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, . . . and shalt honor him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words; then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father; for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it” (Isaiah 58:8-14).

When prayer is supported, or supplemented, by fasting more is accomplished than is done by prayer alone. The disciples of Jesus had been unsuccessful in their efforts to heal a young man who was troubled by a foul spirit. The disciples asked Jesus, “Why could not we cast him out? And he said unto them, this kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting” (Mark 9:25-26; Matthew 17:19-21).

Alma and the sons of Mosiah had diligently searched the scriptures and “had given themselves to much prayer and fasting . . . and when they taught, they taught with power and authority, even as with the power and authority of God” (Alma 12:4-5).

Thursday, August 24, 2017

MY TESTIMONY by Dean Odida

To: Eric Odida

From: Dean Odida

MY TESTIMONY by Dean Odida

My name is Dean Roro Odida. I am 25 years old and I want to be one of the greatest chefs in the world. My love for cooking pushed me to join a culinary school and for the past two years I watched God work his miracles in my life. I’m about to share with you one of the greatest testimonies that happened to me.

I am far from perfect and more times than I can count I have strayed from the path of righteousness but I never forgot what my parents taught me and how I was raised. Despite all my short comings during times of need I always remembered to pray and true enough he never abandoned me. Being a chef means you entirely need your hands, everything in the kitchen requires a hands-on approach and it has to be perfect, from preparing the meals to plating you will need your hands. A couple of months ago my hands started this weird thing where they would shake uncontrollably, doing simple tasks in the kitchen started becoming a challenge to me. Now I take my cooking very seriously and do everything to the best of my ability and this was rewarded by the chefs’ faith in me, though I was just a student the chefs had so much confidence in me I was able to run my own station unsupervised. With the tremors, I was afraid the chefs would notice and what I had worked hard for would all be lost and true enough it happened. Simple tasks like chopping and cutting were becoming complicated, my cuts went from being perfect to sloppy and unrefined, it got to the point where I couldn’t work next to people in fear that I might hurt others. With no change in sight I was demoted to mere tasks such as arranging or greeting guests, my dream was slowly slipping away from me, it seemed the harder I tried the more my hands shook, broke a couple of knives cut myself multiple times I was mad, I was sad this is all I had left I did not know what else I could do and I was about to lose something I was really good at.

Multiple times I had called my mother to complain about how hard this was and how much it hurt. I wanted to drop out but I did not know how to tell my dad I was done, I was useless in the kitchen. I sat in my room one night, tomorrow morning was going to be my last day, I was going to quit maybe there was something else out there for me. As I sat there contemplating what I was going to tell my dad a thought came to me “you should probably pray about this”. I immediately got down on my knees and asked God to help me, I don’t want to lose this. Next morning, I went to the kitchen like always, for the past two weeks I had been on stocking duty, no interaction with the chefs in the kitchen for good reasons though, my shaking hands had done more than enough damage. This morning was different though, I walked into the kitchen of course everyone was surprised and nobody wanted to be next to Dean. I closed my eyes said a little prayer and started cutting, my hands did not shake, I was doing good, I was doing better than good. Every time I put the knife down my hands would shake violently but anytime I picked up a knife my hands were calm and steady even better than before. This went on for the entire period I was in the kitchen. The tremors did eventually decrease but I did not care if they shook anymore, I knew God had my back, I knew I was going to be fine, I knew I will one day become a great chef because he was/is there with me through each step.

Dean Odida

Memorial Service for Norma A. Elwell

From: Luana Bessmer

Memorial Service for Norma A. Elwell

NORMA A. ELWELL Norma A. Elwell, 91, Independence, MO, passed away Sunday August 20, 2017, at the Oak Grove Nursing and Rehab Center. Memorial service will be 2:00 p.m. Saturday, August 26, with visitation starting at 1:00 p.m. at the New Salem Funeral Home in Independence, MO. Contributions may be made to Crossroads Hospice or for Parkinson's Disease Research. Norma was born October 5, 1925 in Knob Noster, MO, the daughter of Hugh D. and Neva V. (Norman) Poort. She found her calling when she opened Norma's Beauty Shop in the basement of her home in Independence. She was the heart of charity and was always there to help those in need. She was very proud to be a "Rosie the Riveter" at Pratt and Whitney during the war and later worked at Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Noster while her husband was overseas. She loved the color lavender and was a member of the RLDS church. For Norma it was very important to attend church and to be baptized. Norma is survived by four children: Luana (the late Ralph) Bessmer of Independence, MO, Dennis Elwell of Lee's Summit MO, Leah Elwell of Olathe, KS, and Kevin (Brenda) Elwell of Blue Springs, MO; seven grandchildren: Denise, Eric, Mark, Kimberly, Adrien, Amy, and Zahra; 12 great grandchildren, Derek, Megan, Connor, Kaitlin, Briar, Molly, Micha, Briley, Joshua, Hannah, Tabi, and Luke; two great-great grandchildren, Evan, and Raelynn; three sisters, Joan Marr, June Williams, and Diana Ellison. Also surviving are many nieces, and nephews. She was preceded in by her parents, husband John Hughes Elwell, grandsons Andrew, and Matthew, six brothers, Curtis, Paul, Robert, Gary, Merlin, and Ronnie; four sisters, Shirley, Joyce, Gail, and Pearl.

Royer's New Salem Funeral Home
1823 N Blue Mills Road
Independence MO 64058

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Concert for Ronda

From: Dan Hood

Concert for Ronda

ESL Teachers Needed

From: Janet Forth

ESL Teachers Needed

Kansas City Public Schools is looking for several certified ESL teachers to fill various part-time and full-time positions.

Masonry Job

​From: Val Brotherton

Masonry Job

I'm looking for some help in my masonry company.
Looking for a laborer and possibly a mason.
They must have their own transportation as we work all over the metro area.

They can contact me at:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tidings Addresses ?

From: paul gage

Tidings Addresses ?

Dear Saints,
Once again we are asking for your help in locating some of the Saints who have moved so we can update the Tidings of Zion mailing list. If we cannot locate these Saints, we have no choice but to delete them from the Tidings list.

You can help most, by finding a new address for those you know who are on the following list. Send new addresses to me at or call 816-833-6552.

Thanks and God bless
Paul Gage, Publication Council, Conference of Restoration Elders

Stickel Ken PO Box Tucson AZ

Allen Jim PO Box Armorel AR
Smith Lori on Kahoka Rd Mountain View AR

Butler Barbara on Pope St Saint Helena CA

Maze Joyce on Oxford Rd Pinellas Park FL
Winn Wilfred on Sheldon Rd Tampa FL

Davis Raquel on Avenue H Council Bluffs IA

Rowlett Ben on E. 19 the Ave. Winfield KS

Jones Samantha on Sunnyside Dr Flushing MI
King Elaine on River Rd East China MI
Lee Daniel on Linden Dr North Branch MI
Simpson Wesley on Lakeshore Dr Columbiaville MI
Smith Vivian on Claridge Lane West Bloomfield MI

Day Rhoda PO Box Bates City MO
Leone Nick NE 9th St Ter Blue Springs MO
Teeters David NW 17th St Blue Springs MO
Crowther Luke NE A Hwy Cameron MO
Baldwin Jennie Cliff Dr Excelsior Springs MO
Bowen Shirley S. Turner Ave Indep MO
Davis Jennifer S. Spring St. Indep MO
Hacker David PO Box Indep MO
Hilliker Janet E. 25 Ter S Indep MO
Mangalos Jack E. 37th Ter Ct Indep MO
Miller James III S. Spring ST Indep MO
Olson Erin E. 37th Ter Ct S Indep MO
Raveill Eva PO Box Indep MO
Sinclair Robert N. Union St Indep MO
Whitaker John N. Liberty St Indep MO
Baker J.C. Laurel Ave KC MO
West Robert S. Baltimore St KC MO
Sartin Brian NE Barnes Dr Lee's Summit MO
See Jonathan NE Westwind Dr Lee's Summit MO

North Carolina
Madden Michael on Teague Pl Durham NC

Dennison Ashley on Chesterfield Cir Lexington TN

Pure Dance Studio Fall Class Schedule!

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From: Pure Dance Studio

Pure Dance Studio Fall Class Schedule!~Offering New Classes and Daytime Sessions!

Pure Dance Studio (PDS) is getting ready for a fantastic school year!

Are you looking for a wholesome, uplifting, and nurturing atmosphere for you and your children? Our fall classes begin Tuesday, September 5th, and we want to serve you and your family! At PDS we offer a wide variety of dance classes and a flexible program that encourages our students to honor God with their gifts. For more program information or to schedule a free trial class, contact us today!



To view our Class Schedule and Information Packet please view the links below. For online registration click here. packet ~ schedule

Cassy Glandon and Kelda Brown, Owners

P.S. Check out our exciting announcements for the school year below!
(Please see the class schedule for a full list of available classes and programs.)

Class Schedule:

Information Packet:

Laptop Donation

​------ Forwarded message ------
From: Penny Curtis

​Laptop Donation​


The Give Back Hope Orphanage in Malawi Africa is currently in need of a used laptop. They need it for keeping track of financial records and also emailing information back to the board of Give Back Hope International.

We have missionaries that are going Sept. 1st and will be able to take it with them. There will be no additional shipping costs.

If you have an old/working laptop that you would be willing to donate, please contact Penny Curtis or Kevin McMilian for pick up. Or, you can drop off at Pure Water Oasis during store hours.

Give Back Hope will give the donor a tax receipt for value of the item.

For more information about the orphanage feel free to visit the website at:

Penny Curtis

Pure Water Oasis
411 E. 23rd Street
Independence, MO 64055

Looking for Car

From: Todd Smith

Looking for Car

Looking for small sedan or hatchback for my Daughter.

Please contact Todd

Monday, August 21, 2017

Tommy Thomas Memorial Service

------ Forwarded message ------
From: Karen Miller

Tommy Thomas Memorial Service

Brother Tommy Thomas memorial service will be on Sunday, August 27, at 2:30 p.m. at:
Buckner Restoration Branch
2607 N Twyman Road
Independence MO 64058

In Gospel Bonds,
Chuck​​ and Karen Miller

Washer & Dryer For Sale

From: Missouri Sorting Service LLC

Washer & Dryer For Sale

We have a washer and dryer still very useable we would like to sell. They are both Kenmore brand. We are asking $150.00 for the washer and 100.00 for the dryer. We would take $225.00 if you want both.

Contact Connie or Randy Downey if interested,
Connie 816-679-4430
Randy 816-914-0707

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Harold M. (Skip) Robison - Services

Harold M. (Skip) Robison - Services

Harold M. (Skip) Robison, 96, of Independence, MO, passed away at his home surrounded by his loving family on August 17, 2017.

Visitation will be 1-2 p.m., Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at Speaks Suburban Chapel. Funeral services will follow at the chapel.
Read Obituary at:

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Part Time Bookkeeper

From: Bruce Luedeman

Part Time Bookkeeper

My daughter is getting busy with college so I need someone to come into my office, or we could work out an online arrangement, near month’s end, to reconcile and prepare monthly financial statements. Must be fluent in Excel as that is what my current system is on. I am a small one person business. I imagine once the bookkeeper is familiar with my needs the work may encompass 4-5 hours a month. Besides communicating what my needed reports are I cannot train someone. Monthly reports are forwarded to my CPA for subsequent tax preparation. Please reply by email or text to the contact info below.

Bruce Luedeman MA, EMT
NRA Training Counselor
USCCA Training Counselor
Ph# 816-353-6826 (also text )
2425 S Crysler #5
Independence MO 64052

Friday, August 18, 2017

Are you on Medicare? Must read!

From: Stuart Gage

Are you on Medicare? Must read!

Hello friends. My name is Stu Gage and I attend Colbern Road Restoration Branch. I also happen to be a Medicare specialist. Open enrollment begins in October and every year, plans change. I am making it my mission this year, to visit with as many Restoration seniors as I can, to make sure they are in the best plan for their needs. I am offering a free consultation to all those who would like to work with a fellow saint, that you can trust. I work with all of the major carriers so I can make sure that you are in the "Best Plan For YOU."

I'm already booking appointments for open enrollment so please call, or text so that I can get you on the calendar.

In Gospel bonds
Stu Gage
Licensed life, accident and health agent

Vernon Darling's Blessing

From: Vernon and Margie Darling

Vernon Darling's Blessing

We have just received a miracle! We went to meet with the oncologist today and we were told that after reviewing the 1st pathology report and then receiving a final one that there is no sign of cancer anywhere! The doctor said there must have been a mixup when the first one was sent out and after conferring with 2 other doctors, all agreed that there is no cancer. They may think that there was a mixup, but I choose to believe that Vernon received a miracle! Thank you for all your prayers and loving support. Praise God!

Vernon and Margie Darling

​Rural School Music Program Fund​

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From: Audrey Horn

​Rural School Music Program Fund​

Good Afternoon Saints,

I am excited at the possibility of adding world drumming to my elementary music classroom this year! I've created a classroom project request on to give you a glimpse of what I hope to accomplish if this project succeeds. As of now, the project still needs $735 to succeed with an expiration date of December 2nd. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, my district is unable to purchase quality instruments from which my students can learn key fundamental concepts. If you or someone you know wish to donate to a rural school music program, please follow the link below. Any amount helps get us closer to the goal!

Thank you and God bless!

Miss Horn

Kirtland Priesthood Retreat 2017

From: Horn, Vim

Kirtland Priesthood Retreat 2017

To register online, click on:

To print a registration form, go to:

Handyman and Mowing Needed

From: Phillis Bitzer

Handyman and Mowing Needed

I am in need of a Handyman.
I also need someone to Mow.

Please contact my daughter at:


​Lost Sheep

​----- Forwarded message ------
From: ​​Paul Gage

​Lost Sheep

Dear Saints,

Thank you so very much for your help in finding new addresses for some of the Saints.

We still have the following list and would appreciate your help in locating them. Otherwise we have to delete them from the Tidings list.

If you respond, please respond to my email at


Day Rhoda PO Box Bates City MO
Leone Nick NE 9th St Ter Blue Springs MO
Teeters David NW 17th St Blue Springs MO
Crowther Luke NE A Hwy Cameron MO
Baldwin Jennie Cliff Dr Excelsior Springs MO

Bowen Shirley S. Turner Ave Indep MO
Davis Jennifer S. Spring St. Indep MO
Garland Barbara Appleton Ave Indep MO
Hacker David PO Box Indep MO
Hilliker Janet E. 25 Ter S Indep MO
Mangalos Jack E. 37th Ter Ct Indep MO
Olson Erin E. 37th Ter Ct S Indep MO
Raveill Eva PO Box Indep MO
Sinclair Robert N. Union St Indep MO
Whitaker John N. Liberty St Indep MO

Baker J.C. Laurel Ave KC MO
Raffety Tim NE Parvin Rd KC MO
West Robert S. Baltimore St KC MO
Sartin Brian NE Barnes Dr Lee's Summit MO
See Jonathan NE Westwind Dr Lee's Summit MO

God bless
Paul Gage
Publication Council