Thursday, August 10, 2017

Needing a Youth Group

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From: Vicki Ferdig

Needing a Youth Group

Washington Restoration Branch in Excelsior Springs, is in need of a youth group that would be willing to volunteer some time to help our branch out with some storage cleaning. It's not a lot and wouldn't take long, but is needed to prepare for some pest control.

I've attached some photos. Ideally we would like to see a group from a smaller branch that could use some items from our church that are from a time gone by. We used to have a large group of youth and had some talented members that made costumes for Christmas pageants that are free to anyone that wants them. We also have a barn puppet stage that is beautifully crafted!!

Please contact Steve Ferdig, pastor of the branch, to schedule your youth group service project!! We will provide a meal!!

Blessings in advance!!

Steve and Vicki Ferdig

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