Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Re: Underwater Ancient Pyramids in WISCONSIN LAKE

From: Frank Frye

Re: Underwater Ancient Pyramids in WISCONSIN LAKE

Dear Brother Maynard and all,

Thank you for including me on your email regarding "Underwater Ancient Pyramids in Wisconsin." I'm always interested in such things, and do not doubt that some sort of structures exist in the lake mentioned in the video. I've read other reports about it, and even saw a TV program regarding the same. However, the lady making this "report" lost all credibility in my opinion when she started showing underwater structures that were not from Wisconsin. She even showed a squiggly distorted photo of the pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza which is in the Yucatan of Mexico, apparently trying to make it look like it was underwater. She couldn't even properly read the the words on her own script.

Then there is the issue of dating the Wisconsin structures at more than 12,000 years old !!! To my knowledge, nothing has ever been recovered from that lake that could even remotely be used to date the underwater structures. The 12,000 years are probably from the imagined dates of the ice age. I do believe in the Biblical Flood of Noah's day, but that was less than half of the 12,000 imagined years ago. The so-called dating of the ice ages was invented by atheists who were trying to deceive people into an atheistic belief system which would relegate the Bible (as well as the Book of Mormon) to the dust bin of history.

I am far more interested in the real history that we have in the Bible and the Book of Mormon which do recognize the reality of the Flood and the reason for it which was the judgment for sin. And as the Apostle Peter said, there will be another judgment at the time of the end (in our day) which will be by fire because of the wickedness upon the earth. By the way, there is a surviving manuscript from the Spanish Conquest of Guatemala (the Popol Vuh) which relates the story of a universal flood which it calls "butik," and further states that the ancient prophecies speak of another butik which would come at the time of the end, and would not be by water, but this time by fire. I find that written report far more credible than this cobbled together video from some unknown person that can't read her own script.

I'm sure that most, if not all of you had some similar thoughts as you watched this video, but since no one else had commented yet, I thought I'd put a few of my thoughts on "paper" just for the fun of it.

Keep the faith.
Blessings to all,
Frank Frye

Join me to celebrate my 70th birthday as the Lord bisects the USA with the shadow of a total solar eclipse on the 21st of August. I believe it will be one of the signs of the judgments that God has for our nation because of the wickedness of most of our leaders and many of our nation. 3 Nephi 9:51–52 is about to be fulfilled because of the "open borders" that the last president forced upon our nation along with his busing program that brought Central American youth into the hearts of major cities and even small towns all around our nation. If we don't befriend these Latin American people who are now in our midst and teach them the gospel so that they can come under covenant with the Lord, then they will be our enemies and will fulfill the above prophecy.

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