Monday, October 2, 2017

Hospital Bed Needed​ - Cheryl​

From: Cheryl Clute

Hospital Bed Needed​ - Cheryl​

I’m in need of a hospital bed for my almost 93 year old mother to borrow, I can buy a new mattress for it if it doesn’t come with one, it would be nice if it also came with bed bars. I also need a smaller wheelchair that cannot be wider then 25 inches to borrow too. We live in Independence, MO and we’d come and pick these up in our truck. My mother has been on Hospice for over a year and now has improved according to them and they’ll be cutting her loose this Friday, she is either in bed or in a wheelchair. If anyone can help us out with these needs it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Contact me through email:
or call my home phone 816-461-5510, this is a landline number and you cannot send texts to it.

Cheryl Clute

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