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Dil and Rebecca Gurung - 11/3/17

Francis Harper

Dil and Rebecca Gurung - 11/3/17

Dear Ones,

I am so grateful that we have a present-tense God, who has befriended me so many times, and in so many ways, through the many years of my life. What a friend he is! As we sing, Can we find a friend so faithful, who will all our sorrows [and joys] share?

I want to introduce two of my best friends in the whole wide world. They live twelve time zones in distance from us who live in the central part of the USA. They live in the uttermost part of the earth from us, but the Lord we worship, who is not limited by time or space, called them to come to him fifteen years before I met them. I was privileged to baptize them into the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.

Although they are not rich by worldly standards, they describe themselves as being happy and completely satisfied with their knowledge of the gospel, as the Lord has restored it in these latter days. I have asked them to share their testimonies in their own words.

The Calling of Dil Gurung

“My name is Dil Gurung. I come from Buddhism family. February 1990 one night I am sleeping on my bed mednight. Somebody calling my name, three time, Dil, Dil, Dil. I wake up and open door but there was nobody and next night same time that voice call me again. I wake up again but saw anybody. Third night the same time I was vision that one man was standing in my bedroom. He got so many light on his face I can’t see that face and same voice call me again, Dil you come to me. That time I was happy and feel good, not any tation (no problem) in my life. I was very joy.

“Next morning I ask my friend, you know about this things, but my friend also don’t know about my vision. After same day I and my friend move from New Delhi, India, to Darjeeling and I was visit to my friend brother house, pastor at Darjeeling, so he told me about the vision and I belived Son of God.

“Now my family are all Christian and God blessing our family.”

The Calling and Healing of Rebecca Gurung

“My name is Rebecca Gurung and my husband name Dil Gurung. I have three sons. My first son name is Ashish [which means blessing] Gurung, and second is Biswas [meaning believe] Gurung. My youngest son Simon [Christian name].

“I am very happy in my life because I have believed Son of God Jesus Christ. First I was not Christian, I was not belive in God. I was thinking that ‘God is not here any thing when my mother sick and I take Hindu god fast, but my mother has died.’ That’s I thought no God is here after some time I have marry [her first husband died], and often some time I get sick and doctor also give the time to dead, but my husband family was Christian and in my heart I was thinking that Jesus will heal me and I sleeping in my bed and so many beliver come to my house and they were praying for me and suddenly there was so light. One man standing front me and colling to me, daughter you come with me I will give of the life bread and I wake up. I kneel down on the floor that time I don’t know but I was praying to God. And get well. Now I am pleased with God willingness to do so and have blesed me in many mighty ways beyond God understanding.”

My love to all,
Francis Harper

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