Monday, November 13, 2017

I love what God is doing!

------ Forwarded message ------
From: Muriel Luedeman

I love what God is doing!

Dear, Friends,

By Divine Circumstance, God let me meet one of His sons last night!

I needed to pick my daughter up by 6:00pm. Looking at my watch, I saw I had just enough time to get to Aldi for some things before closing time. As I lined up to check out, a young Hispanic woman came up in line behind me. She greeted me with a smile and said hello. I smile and greeted her back, appreciating her confidence to do that, when I recognized her accent. Maybe it’s just me, but most people of other cultures seem keep to themselves. A man joined her, I assume was her boyfriend or husband. The checker got me through the line and I rolled my cart to the bagging counter. I overheard an exchange between the Hispanic man and a man in line behind him. There were actually two young men together, perhaps in their twenties. One was Black, the other White. The Black man began speaking in Spanish to the Hispanic man, which surprised and delighted him. I turned around to see. This happy interchange went on as they made their way through the line. (At this moment, I recognized The Holy Spirit pouring love through that checkout line between the woman, and me, and the two men in line behind.) They said their good byes and the Black man was now up to the checker. He transferred two skateboards from his cart to the checkout cart.

This was a remarkable sight unfolding in front of me - a Black skateboarder speaking fluent Spanish, blessing a Mexican couple in their own native language. I took my groceries out to the van, and finished loading. I was gripped right then, compelled to go back in and speak to him. He was bagging up his purchases now. I approached him and said hello.

“I had to come back in and ask you how it is that you speak Spanish so well.”

“Oh, I just I ask questions and pick it up here and there.”


“Yes. You know, I just love people. I want to help, no matter who they are, and want to be able to talk to them and bless them. I learned sign language, too, so I could talk to deaf people.”

“No kidding?! That is AMAZING! What a blessing you are!” A huge smile broke across his face. I stood there looking at this man, a big kid, really, wishing I had time to know his whole history.

He seemed to read my thoughts, “I like to give credit to a higher power for it all.”

I said, “Yes! Thank you, Jesus.”

Then He said the most profound thing, “I try to be careful not to name that Power, because I don’t want to offend anyone. I do believe in Jesus, like you, but not all people do, and I respect that.”

How wise this young Black man was! I told him so. I told him that what he was doing was so inspiring, I needed to get busy and learn other languages well enough, so I could bless people like he was doing. He was beaming as I thanked him again, and asked God to bless him in all he did. He spoke the same for me and I headed to my car. I got in and suddenly was impressed to give him some money. I yanked open the change tray where I had a few spare dollars. There was enough he could split it evenly with his friend if he wanted, and each have a sandwich somewhere. The two fellows, skateboards in hand, were leaving the parking lot, headed west onto the side street. I called to them again, walking quickly before they got away. I pressed the money into the fellow’s hand.

“I want you to have this; I wish it was ten times more. Don’t stop what you are doing. This town needs a hundred more just like you. We would have the Kingdom overnight. God is truly going to bless you in all you do!”

Both men appeared shocked. The Black man started to weep and thanked me. I didn’t linger, not wanting to embarrass him, and I needed to be on my way to pick up Jenna.

Back at my van, I wished I had gotten his name, so I could stay in touch with him. This is a man with a message I want others to hear. His loving way of hospitality and grace with people was incredible, a lesson for me as I interact with others around me. Sometimes I try to push my Jesus on people. There is a time and place for that, but it should be as the Spirit leads, farther down the road in a relationship when questions naturally arise. All God wants me to do is show up to take care of others as the need arises. Knowing their language helps that process. As trust grows, the source of all my goodness will come out. God will see to that.

I thank God for putting me in that place last night to meet one of his servant/leaders - a young Black man with a skateboard. It was humbling! By outward appearance he is a man without much, yet he possesses Everything. He is Rich! Very Rich! Figuring that one out really says something about the strange, delightful ways of God. We never know where we will find His diamonds, pearls, and gold. I do believe Heaven is right under our noses, right before our eyes, and we don’t recognize it.

God’s great love and blessings to all of you as He opens loving ways to serve Him. May we all have many divine appointments like the one I had last night!

Muriel Luedeman

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