Friday, November 10, 2017

Prayer Request - Tamara Fowler

From: Maeanna Mefferd

Prayer Request - Tamara Fowler

My bosses wife Tamara Fowler I have put her on the prayer list before but she really could use more and continued prayers. For a lung healing and or improvement of it's functions.

This past year Tamara has started experiencing a great deal of lowered lung function. Out of no where it seems.
She has been in the hospital many times and seen many many doctors
Even a specialist in St. Louis
No one can pin point a true diagnosis they say it is very rare someone in her condition
She is at half lung function right now.
They are trying new meds to try and at least keep it at where it is if it isn't improved

If her lungs continue to decline she will need a lung transplant which they don't want... They have already placed her on the transplant list even though they say it is last resort. All of those type of transplants only prolong life only so long and typically only gives another 5 years.

She is one that gets anxious and I can only imagine how this has made her feel

So if you would also include comfort and peace for her and her family I know they would greatly appreciate it!!

Thank You,
Maeanna Mefferd

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