Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tidings of Z17ion Mailing List Update - 11/5/

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From: ​ ​Paul Gage​

Addresses for Tidings of Zion

Tidings of Zion Mailing List Update

November 5, 2017

Dear Saints,
If you can help find new addresses for the following people, it will be very much appreciated.
Thanks so very much for your help.
If you respond, please respond to me at:

Jeremiah Jennings SE Moreland School Rd Blue Springs MO
Karl Miller E. Pink Hill Rd Grain Valley MO
Renee Wersching W. 29th St. S. Indep. MO
Dustin Barger NE County Rd 11004 Urich MO

Bill Hunt Pan American East PRKW Albuqerque NM
Lowell Piedt N. Arrowhead Rd Silver City NM
Loraine Murray Grindstone Rd Grindstone PA

Paul Gage
Chair, Publication Council

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