Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Tipping the Scales in Zion's Favor

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From: Muriel Luedeman

Tipping the Scales in Zion's Favor

Dear, Saints,

Muriel Luedeman here. I am writing because I am convinced by the Spirit that we are at a critical time in this land, the Land of Zion, when our immediate prayers and actions will tip us in one direction or the other, for good or for ill. Please pray for light and understanding as you read further.

The Holy Spirit has shown me recently how much he has invested in the Black community, and how precious His children there are to him. Last April, I was traveling 23rd Street, Cleveland Avenue, and 27th Street into Hallmark. I was stunned by the litter and household debris I saw along the way from I-435 on west. Instead of judging Blacks for not caring for their neighborhoods, my heart broke as the Spirit caused me to think of what it would be like if I had to leave for work and come home to my neighborhood condition like that. How long could I maintain my joy and hope for my life and my family’s future? How long would I maintain my faith, and sing God’s praises? I wanted to get out of the car and start picking up the trash, but thought my actions would be misunderstood. The experience stayed with me and I wondered if I could get a group of friends together and offer our services to help with neighborhood cleanup.

My heart was convicted again a few weeks later, when the Spirit brought to my mind the time when Independence took over the KC schools that lie in the Independence city limits. My family and I volunteered to help refurbish those schools. Many saints helped. It was a wonderful feeling to reclaim and offer the students in those schools something far better than they had had. But this day, when the Spirit had hold of me, He spoke, saying, “What about all my other children in Kansas City, who are still trapped in deplorable school conditions? Don’t they deserve better?” I had never even given those kids a second thought until that moment!

So, the burden of the Black community, especially the Black Christian community, lays in my soul continually, and I pray, asking God for answers. How can I help? God is So GOOD! At the August meeting of the Jackson County Republican Committee, I was given the privilege of presenting my thoughts, and asked my fellow committee members if they would be interested in approaching inner city pastors and offering our assistance in unmet needs. I told them of experiences I’ve had when a young Black family came to my rescue when I didn’t have enough money in the checkout line and wouldn’t give me their name and address to pay them back, and how I appreciate how joyous Blacks are in their worship, and their laughter, and when I say, “Hello” with “God is good,” they say, “All the time!” I told the committee that Blacks have come to be very precious to me. The response was overwhelming, from Mark Anthony Jones, the chairman, on down. We formed a subcommittee for urban community outreach and we are in the process of drafting a letter of introduction to pastors in the urban core. The party committee also paid for a table at an inner city, day-long convocation/luncheon, on September 15th, focused on building strong relationships and reconciliation between Blacks and Whites.

Before attending that event, I met a young Black woman, by Divine Circumstance, Lisa Watson. She, too, had been praying for ways to help her people, especially the very young children. She told me if Republicans and Whites want to do something worthwhile in the Black community, it would be to support school choice. That is the top need in 70% of Black minds today. Then, she proceeded to tell me that God had unfolded a plan to her in which He wanted to reach, not only the young children, but also their parents. She said He told her He wanted to replace the school system! He gave her a one-room school model to start with, to be developed by pastors in their churches. The curriculum would be Bible based and follow the principles Jesus’ lived and taught. She was looking for people who had teaching expertise in practical arts, and fine arts, as well as core subjects of math, language, and science. Marriage, personal finance principles, good nutrition skills, and the Constitution would be among the things taught.

When I heard this, I knew it was right and true, and God was instituting a mighty work in the Black community. When implemented, this Holy plan would become a model for replication in other cities. It was the answer, not only to the Black community’s worst problems, but for all Americans. We all need to put God and the Bible back into our children’s education. Our children deserve better than we have given them for over 55 years, when prayer and Bible reading was taken out of the hands of public school teachers. We are reaping a bitter harvest.

The Lord has shown me that “The first shall be last and the last shall be first”, applies to His faithful Black Saints. We are now in the generation where God will pour out His Spirit upon them and they will become a people whom all people will look to for comfort, knowledge, wisdom. And the power of God’s LOVE will pour forth from them to the melting of hearts. They have so much to give, and we have so much to learn from Black Christians about being joyful in the midst of trials, of perseverance, and forgiveness, and overlooking of faults.

I have been in touch with Brother Randy Vick, who was directed by the Holy Spirit three years ago to connect with an inner-city pastor. Randy introduced me to Brother Troy Walker at Skylight Missionary Baptist Church on October 29th. I heard Brother Walker preach and was greatly blessed. We have emailed each other since then. I shared my story and what Lisa Watson received. We will be meeting soon to talk about how we can move forward together.

Saints, what we are seeing is Zion’s foundation coming forth, not as we expect, but as the Lord will have it come. Lisa Watson is not a Restoration believer, though she is a Messianic Christian, a faithful woman of God, and she grew up in Kansas City, Kansas. This land, is where her heart is. I believe God has raised her up to do a good portion of His Marvelous Work and a Wonder. This project was conceived in the Center Place, and for the Center Place, so that Zion’s light will shine forth to the world. It deserves all the prayer and action support Restoration believers can give.

Dear, Brothers and Sisters, when you go to prayer service tonight, and in your daily prayers, please pray for the success of this Holy endeavor of education for the most precious of all God’s creation, His young children. Ask God if this is not His plan for the sake of Zion? Ask Him if there is something, even the smallest thing, you can do to assist in this work. I know if you do, you will tip the scales of Zion in the right direction at a most critical time, and through this, we will begin to see the transformation of the entire KC Metro area into Heaven on Earth.

And dear friends, please pray for me, also, that my words and actions will please and honor God and bring no harm to anyone. I am stepping into deep water, willing to risk being made a fool, and being overcome, yet trusting God that He will take me where He wants me to go and bring me safe home.

Your sister in Christ Jesus,

Muriel Luedeman

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