Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kenya Higher Education Silent Auction Camper Trailer

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From: Wailani Hallier

Kenya Higher Education Silent Auction Camper Trailer

Up for auction for all who are interested is an as-is, late model and very clean camper trailer. All proceeds will go to the Kenya Higher Education Fund. The trailer is located at:

Oak Grove Restoration Branch
1203 N Broadway
Oak Grove, MO 64075

Make an appointment with Curt Hallier to view the trailer: 913.375.5244 weekdays after 5 pm and anytime weekends.

It will also be available for viewing this Saturday night at the Kenya Higher Education Benefit.

Bids will be taken starting today, Thursday, March 30th until Saturday, April 14th.

Camper Description:
26 ft., 2003 Aerolite with slide-out sleeps six: front bunk room has two sets of twin bunks and wardrobe with droors. Rear slides out to reveal eating area and is a full-size bed.
Kitchen has oak cabinets, fridge, freezer, gas oven, sink, microwave and stove-top range.
Bathroom has toilet, sink and tub/shower unit.
Tires are like new with only 4,000 miles.
Trailer has only been used a few times so is like new inside.
Unit is very clean.
A/C and heater work, lights work.
Awning is fully fully functional but canvas needs to be replaced.

There is a roof leak and the rear flooring is swollen as pictured because of water damage; see photo. The trailer lists to the right when pulled because of this.

Unit needs a new gas regulator which is an inexpensive part.

Unit is light in comparison to other trailers, allowing a lighter-duty truck to pull it without putting too much of a load on the transmission.

Original manual is included.

My thoughts on this unit: it would be great as-is with a few minor repairs if it's not traveling far. If you don't mind repairing the roof leak and replacing the gas regulator it would be very nice for local camping. Kept under an awning or under a weather-proof cover, the flooring is sound and does not need to be replaced. However, if you are looking for a trailer to pull for any amount of distance you will probably want to consider replacing the floor. Place your bid if you want a great camper that just needs some TLC and you'll be helping a student go to school!

Sincerely and God bless,
Vi Hallier

Kenya Higher Education Silent Auction Camper Trailer

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Wailani Hallier

Up for auction for all who are interested is an as-is, late model and very clean camper trailer. All proceeds will go to the Kenya Higher Education Fund. The trailer is located at:

Oak Grove Restoration Branch
1203 N Broadway
Oak Grove, MO 64075

Make an appointment with Curt Hallier to view the trailer: 913.375.5244 weekdays after 5 pm and anytime weekends.

It will also be available for viewing this Saturday night at the Kenya Higher Education Benefit.

Bids will be taken starting today, Thursday, March 30th until Saturday, April 14th.

Camper Description:
26 ft., 2003 Aerolite with slide-out sleeps six: front bunk room has two sets of twin bunks and wardrobe with droors. Rear slides out to reveal eating area and is a full-size bed.
Kitchen has oak cabinets, fridge, freezer, gas oven, sink, microwave and stove-top range.

Bathroom has toilet, sink and tub/shower unit.

Tires are like new with only 4,000 miles.

Trailer has only been used a few times so is like new inside.

Unit is very clean.

A/C and heater work, lights work.

Awning is fully fully functional but canvas needs to be replaced.

There is a roof leak and the rear flooring is swollen as pictured because of water damage; see photo. The trailer lists to the right when pulled because of this.

Unit needs a new gas regulator which is an inexpensive part.

Unit is light in comparison to other trailers, allowing a lighter-duty truck to pull it without putting too much of a load on the transmission.

Original manual is included.

My thoughts on this unit: it would be great as-is with a few minor repairs if it's not traveling far. If you don't mind repairing the roof leak and replacing the gas regulator it would be very nice for local camping. Kept under an awning or under a weather-proof cover, the flooring is sound and does not need to be replaced. However, if you are looking for a trailer to pull for any amount of distance you will probably want to consider replacing the floor. Place your bid if you want a great camper that just needs some tlc and you'll be helping a student go to school!

Sincerely and God bless,
Vi Hallier

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Youth Survey

Hi everyone! The Youth Council is trying to finalize some classes and activities for the CRE Family Reunion this summer. Please take a moment to complete this short survey (only 10 questions) about what classes you would want to attend, and also activities for recreation. We need your input soon so that we can confirm teachers for the classes. Like I said before, it is very short, so please take the time to complete it. We want to offer things that the youth are interested in. Also, if you aren't for sure if you can make it, please fill it out anyways! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks again!

Brianne N. Specker
(Vice Chair)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garage Sale - Honduras Mission

From: Charles Sperry

The annual Garage Sale for mission work in Honduras will be held May 16-19 at Living Hope Restoration in the gym. The address is 2425 S Crysler Ave, Independence MO 64052.

If you would like to donate items or bake sale goods, please call Connie or Regina Sperry at 816-229-9438.

The building will be opened for drop off of items on Saturday, May 12 from 8am-2pm;
Monday, May 14 from 9am-2pm and 6-8pm; Tuesday, May 15 from 9am-2pm or 6-8pm.

Start saving your items now!

Thank you and have a blessed day.
Regina Sperry

Kangen Water Machine for Sale

DX Jr. Kangen Water machine, including 2 filters and cleaning system for sale.
Price reduced to $1000.

Owner will accept two installments of $500 to pay off machine.

This is an incredible buy! An excellent opportunity for someone who needs already has a machine and wants to have an extra to use as a loaner for business purposes.

The retail value of the DX Jr. and the extras is $2800+. Even the competitor brands don’t come close to this price.

All other brands compare their machines to Enagic’s gold standard ionizers. The Japanese pioneered and perfected this technology for over 35 years.

This machine was purchase by a woman who is entering a nursing home and can’t take it with her.

It was delivered the first of November and used less than a month.

Warranty and servicing is in tact.

Muriel Luedeman

House for Sale

From: Marilyn Bobbitt

Our house is an all brick ranch in Susquehanna Village,
711 N Arapaho
Independence MO 64056
It is listed with Latta real estate (MLS) so can be looked up on line.
It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths.
3rd driveway for a boat.
Screened in porch, walk out basement.
Hardwood and tile on main floor, carpet in basement.
Kitchen and bathroom recently redone.
Well kept.
Fenced in yard and big shed.
$129,500 obo.
Located a mile from South Crysler Restoration Church
and less than 15 minutes from CPRS

Thank you.
Have a great day!
Missy and Bob Bobbitt

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pro Life Rally in Jefferson City

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From: Restoration for Life

Fellow Pro Life Advocates,

This Tuesday, March 27th from 9:00 am-12:00 noon is the Pro Life Rally in Jefferson City. Information regarding times, speakers, what to wear (WEAR RED!), and what to expect is in the attached email below. If you've been at a Pro Life Lobby Day in the past, this is going to be like nothing you've ever experienced. They are expecting anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 people, so it'll be exciting!! Parking will probably be an issue, so try to get there early and carpool.

If you don't have a ride, please contact Brian and Jessica Holmes (816-225-0656 or and we'll help you find one. Likewise, if you have extra seats available in your vehicle, please let us know that as well so we can try to help you fill them.

Make sure to print off the registration form and the other forms below so you're prepared for the day. This is going to be an excellent opportunity to remind our legislators that they represent a PRO LIFE state. Please do everything you can to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Brian and Jessica Holmes

National Right to Life affiliate for Kansas City/St. Joseph area

Missouri RIGHT TO LIFE Western Region

Please plan to attend the Religious Freedom Rally in Jefferson City

Tuesday March 27th

Wear red to show support for bills that will protect our religious liberties. If you want to lobby legislators, please come at 10 a.m. to register. Sponsors of the event are: Assemblies of God USA, Concerned Women for America, Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Missouri Baptist Convention, Missouri Catholic Conference and Missouri Right to Life.



You can now preregister! - Get registration form and other necessary forms here
Registration Form - complete before coming
Other Forms and instructions- for contacting legislators - Print 5 copies of page 6
Upon arrival in rotunda, only need to turn in registration form and pick up name tag


According to the Missouri Baptist Convention Pathway, "For the first time anyone can recall, the executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention will join with the St. Louis Archbishop in a religious freedom rally March 27 here at the Missouri State Capitol." Archbishop Robert Carlson will join with Dr. John Yeats of the Missouri Baptist convention and Maggie Karner, with the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church as speakers for the rally.

Drive or go by bus
Transportation and parking provided for a nominal fee of $20.00 a person (this wouldn't even pay for your gas if you drove) Reserve your seat on the bus by calling Mike Jarrett: 816.356.4962. Tue-Sat 8am-noon else 816.353-4095.

This bus will depart at 7a.m. from the Knights of Columbus Hall 5101 Blue Ridge Cutoff, Kansas City MO 64133 (two stoplights south of Kaufman Stadium).

Contact Mary @ the Missouri Right to Life office for additional information:

What to bring:

Brown bag lunches are suggested. However, there is a cafeteria in the basement of the Capitol and restaurants within walking distance of the Capitol. Lunch is not provided.

Wear comfortable walking shoes as the rotunda might be standing-room only.

Please do NOT bring signs. They are not allowed inside the Capitol.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Van needed

From: Saralee Rhoads

The Atherton Restoration Branch would like to borrow a 12 or 15 passenger Van for a Zion's League trip over the Palm Sunday weekend.

Saralee Rhoads and Bill Rhoads

Dominoes Needed

I need of lots of dominoes to use for an object lesson. Any of the standard size and kinds. They don’t have to be complete sets.

Preferably donations, but I am willing pay a reasonable garage sale price.

Muriel Luedeman

Memorial Service for Leland Scott

Leland Scott passed away on Monday, March 19.

A memorial service will be held on Friday, March 23 at 2:30 pm at Grain Valley Restoration Branch.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Book of Mormon

From: Patrick McKay

A little more than 180 years ago a book was published in the United States that has perhaps become the most widely read and distributed book ever published in America. You probably might not guess that this book is the "Book of Mormon."

Contrary to many popular assumptions, the Book of Mormon is not a book about Mormons or about the Mormon Church’s. Instead, it is a book about a specific set of covenants that God has made with mankind. Because it, like the Bible, is the story of a people’s journey with God, the spiritual truths found in it are universal and touch both sinner and saint with the warmth of God’s Holy Spirit and even greater understandings about how we can become effective citizens in God’s Kingdom.

Although the Bible came to mankind through the avenue of the Catholic Church; many denominations accept the Bible as the Word of God. The scriptural insights and blessings of the Bible speak a universal language that ministers to all Christians. In like manner the Book of Mormon came to the world through the avenue of the Restoration Movement, led by Joseph Smith Jr. There are spiritual insights and blessings that come to all Christians who prayerfully read the testimony contained in the Book of Mormon.

Non Christians have a hard time believing that the true Word of God, Scripture, can be found written in the Bible. But those who have entered the discipline of reading the Bible testify that a wonderful spirit of con-formation re-sonates in their hearts bringing them to the same conviction that fell upon Simon Peter — that Jesus is truly the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Christians, not acquainted with the Book of Mormon, have a hard time believing that the true Word of God, Scripture, can be found written in its pages. But those who have entered the discipline of reading the Book of Mormon for themselves (millions) testify that a powerful spirit of confirmation descends upon their hearts to bring an additional witness that Jesus Christ, is truly the Son of God and that he was sent to be the Savior of all mankind.

A rare opportunity presents itself to residents in the local area. Everyone is invited to attend on Friday evening March 23, and all day Saturday, March 24, to hear presentations about this remarkable book. It is truly uncommon to hear about the Book of Mormon itself, without the overlay of church organizations appealing for converts. But on this day, speakers from a variety of fellowships will be sharing their understanding and appreciations of the book. This is the time and place to satisfy your curiosity about the most famous book produced in America, the Book of Mormon.

Book of Mormon Festival
March 23-24, 2012
Remnant Worship Center
2820 S 291 Highway
Frontage Road
Independence MO 64055

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Ravensbruck Prayer

O Lord, remember not only
the men and women of goodwill,
but also those of ill will.

But, do not remember all the suffering
they have inflicted upon us:

Instead remember the fruits we have borne
because of this suffering:

Our fellowship, our loyalty to one another,
our humility, our courage, our generosity,
the greatness of heart
that has grown from this trouble.

When our persecutors come to be judged by you,
let all of these fruits that we have borne
be their forgiveness.


While our son, Garrick, took a Kindermusik class one evening (sometime in late 1993 or early 1994), I noticed this prayer posted in the home of the teacher. It reportedly was found in the pocket of a dead child’s clothing at Ravensbruck, the only all-female concentration camp in Germany during WW II.

The prayer was of great encouragement to me. So I copied it down and later typed and printed it on a sheet of paper to keep with me in my scriptures. It was a particular time of trial in my life and ministry, and this prayer greatly encouraged me to focus more closely upon our Lord and His ministry.

Eventually I misplaced the paper and was unable to locate another copy. I searched the web several times over the years, but failed to find it. This past week the prayer again came to mind, so I searched my computer files one more time without success. When the prayer came to my thoughts this morning, I searched the web again and was blessed to find a copy on the following website:

Not only did this webpage contain the prayer I was seeking, but it also included the following wise counsel from a father to his sons:

"I told my sons when they left the house to go off into the big wide world that the faith I had taught them had to become their own. I had never forced my faith down them, but had taught them of mine but I knew they were going to be exposed to things they’d never heard before. They could go to a zillion different churches and hear a zillion different things. They could read the latest pop psychologist or philosopher trying to tie the loose ends of life together, but whoever or whatever they listened to, they needed to filter it all through four really important things."

1. "Does it help you fall in love with God?"
2. "Does it help you love yourself?"
3. "Does it help you love your neighbor?"
4. "Does it help you love your enemy?"

My hope is that God will richly bless you according to His riches in Christ Jesus our Lord. And may the above prayer and the wise counsel shared by a father be an encouragement to you all.

Dwight Burford

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Restoration Resurrection Choir


He Shall Arise

a musical celebration of the resurrection
of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Worship Service Dates:

Sunday, April 1 – 6:00 p.m.
Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch (CPRS)
819 West Waldo Avenue, Independence, MO

Sunday, April 8 – 11:00 a.m.
Atherton Restoration Branch
4910 North Main, Atherton, MO

“And I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne, saying with a loud voice,

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
to receive power, and riches, and wisdom,
and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.”

For more information

Friday, March 16, 2012

Typist Wanted

Hello Blessed Ones

Who live in the land where Zion shall be! In the land more choice than any other. May this find you about your Fathers business. I need some typing done for a book I want to do. If you are willing and able or know someone who is please respond by email.

Michael Holmes

Kindle Fire Giveaway

Help bring Dusty and Jayden home.

My friend Michelle is helping us raise the last bit of money we need to bring home our boys so she has put together this awesome giveaway. Please share this with anybody you can and thanks!!

"We are hosting a giveaway of a Kindle Fire (worth $199) in order to help raise the last bit of funds before the Sanders family travel to China to bring their two beautiful sons home (Seth/Dusty- age 13 and Jayden - age 4). They are traveling in one to two weeks. Let's spread the word and make this happen for them!!!

Here's how it will work:

We are only running this through Saturday (March 24th) at noon, CST!

1 chance=$5 donation

5 chances=$20 donation

20 chances = $50 donation

**Anyone can get one entry just by leaving a comment that you told a friend about this or posted this to your Facebook page. **

If we do not receive enough funds to actually purchase the Kindle Fire, we will split the earnings with the lucky winner.

Please visit the Sanders paypal account and note- SALE in subject line so that we know it is for the Kindle. This is important as we can only determine by notes the difference between an entry and a donation!!!

If you are local and would like to enter the giveaway, please feel free to contact Michelle Sherer through fb or email: and I will be happy to collect it and enter you in the giveaway.



Thursday, March 15, 2012


It is Saturday 3/24 from 10 A.M. - 2 P.M. with lunch provided.

We run a non-profit kids program called OWL HOLLOW FARM. You may go to our website for more information
On Saturday, March 24th from 10 A.M. - 2 P.M. we will be having our second annual volunteer day. Last year we had 42 youth from three different churches join us for painting, planting, and some good ole fun.

We provide lunch so we would like to know ASAP if there is interest from you or your group. When we are finished with volunteering the kids are welcome to spend some time with the different horses on our farm and our volunteer staff.

Please feel free to call me or email me with any questions you might have.

Cathy S. White, Director
Owl Hollow Farm
10908 S Hunt Road
Lone Jack MO 64070
ph: 816-668-0926

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flowers & Lawn Care

Hello fellow saints,

Spring is upon us and the planting season has arrived.
I would love to create and plant a beautiful yard for you
and/or maintain the lovely yard you have.
I have worked in the dirt many years and love it dearly.

I Plant Trees, bushes,vines,and best of all FLOWERS!

Let me have the thrill of working your dirt
and trimming your grass for you.

My sweat ... your pure enjoyment. Prices are reasonable.

Call Susan @ 816-257-5242
or email @

TaTa For Now,
Susan Simmons

Live Like Zion is Here NOW.
Charity, Faith, Hope

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CPRS Spring Play - Prop Needed

Center Place Restoration School is looking for a set of four theater seats to be used in our spring play at the end of this month. We would like to get the seats as soon as possible, so the cast members have opportunity to rehearse with them. The play will be performed on March 30 and 31, and we would return the seats during the following week.

If you have four theater seats and are willing to let us use them, please call the school office at 252-1715.

Thank you!

ABEKA Materials

I would like to bless someone with ABEKA 1st grade materials that need to find a new home.

Julie Caldwell

"International Travel Fund"

Dear Pastors and Saints,

The committee charged with planning the Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Elder's Conference has established an "International Travel Fund" to assist those from other countries that might want to come for this event June 24-29, 2012.

Interest in attending has already been expressed by Saints in Africa, Australia,Mexico, the Philippines, and Russia.

There could very possibly be 10 or more visitors from outside the USA.

Most, if not all, of them would need some assistance with travel expenses, mainly airline tickets.

If you, your family, or Branch would like to assist with this project, you may make out checks to the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE) and in the memo box write "Internation Travel Fund" for Reunion/Conference.

PO Box 4085
Independence, MO 64051

While we can't know, at this time, what the schedules of any visitors will be, it is most likely they would be here for more than a week and would visit some of the branches, camps, or reunions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact
Vim Horn at
Pete Hughes at

Feel free to pass this information on to anyone who might be interested.
God bless and Thank you for this consideration,

In Christ,
Paul Gage
Reunion/Conference Manager

Twin Bed needed

We will be leaving for China shortly to pick up our two boys. We are in need of a reasonably priced twin bed for 13-year-old Dusty (Seth).

On a side note we have found a family for Lucky, the boy I sent the email about a couple of weeks ago. Dusty, Ned and Lucky are all very close friends in China and we are adopting Dusty, another family in the Independence area is adopting Ned and Lucky, if all goes well, will be adopted by a family south of Warrensburg. Praise God!!

Stacey Sanders


Good condition, runs great, clean, non-smokers.
V6 3.3 engine Title in hand.
80,000 miles, Power locks and windows, Cruise Control,
3 row seating (seats 7 total), Rear heat/AC controls,
Rear Window Defrost and Wiper, Tinted windows, Roof Rack,
Built in Hide-Away Child Car seats in middle row.
Asking $7500 Or Best Offer. Ready to sell.

Please call if interested: John @ 816-699-6039 or 816-254-6580.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2001 Chevy Astro LT Van For Sale

Fully loaded - dutch doors, AWD, Tow package,
all leather interior, non-smoking, no dents, no rust,
never been involved in a wreck.
New tires and fuel pump, 111,000 original miles.
Mainitained with regular service every 3000 miles.
We have all maintentance receipts.
We bought it in 2002.

$4500 obo

816.509.2970 or 816.509.4401

Friday, March 9, 2012

Car and Prayers Needed

Dear Saints,

My neighbor Jeanie Marsh (Colbern Road Branch) is looking for a car to purchase for her dear friend, Mary.

Mary is employed as a medical aide and is currently homeless. She has a couch where she spends nights at a residence adjacent to the facility where she works but would like to seek other employment - something that pays more than minimum wage. If she can find a better job she will be able to afford housing.

Her plans to move in with her sister Debbie fell apart two days ago when Debbie went to the hospital with a blood clot and bleeding on the brain. She is left unable to communicate after what appears to have been a stroke and she has a fourteen year old son. Please pray for Debbie.

If you have a car to sell that runs or know of one will you please let me or Jeanie know?

Vi Hallier 816.625.3888 / 360.775.5704
Jeanie Marsh 816.690.3685 / 816.678.7212

Kenya Higher Education Fund (KHE/ARM) Benefit Update

Saturday, March 31st
5:30 - 7:00 Silent Auction - Come as early as 5:30 to place your bids.
6:00 Dinner, Music
7:00 Case Statement / Testimonies - Aaron Smith, Doug Smith, Cara Smith
7:45 Showing "A Small Act," 2010 award-winning film. The true story of how an elderly woman's monthly donation of $15 altered the life-course of one Kenyan boy.
9:15 Evening Concludes: farewells, auction pick-up.

Dear Saints,

You're invited! You can still join us in the effort to improve the lives of our church brethren in Kenya and surrounding regions. One hundred five guests representing fifteen branches are registered to attend the Kenya Higher Education Benefit scheduled for Saturday, March 31st. Be the first to represent your branch if it's not listed below!

We are waiting to welcome you at Oak Grove Restoration Branch, where Restoration college students and young adults from various branches will be serving you under the direction of M&S Grill Maitre D', Rebekah Johnson. As you are seated your salad will be served right away, followed by piping hot Nadler's Beef Brisket or Pat's Baked Chicken entree'. Enjoy a hot vegetable medley, garlic mashed potatoes, warm rolls and Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for dessert. Dine to the sound of Elead, Bountiful String Quartet and Claire Burford/Laurie Huseby woodwind duet.

Peruse the silent auction where there will be something for everyone: over $3500 worth of gift certificates and a variety of useful, new and like-new household items and hand-crafted goods. Shop ahead for the holidays or find something for yourself. Still to come: 26' Aerolite Camper-Trailer. Watch for photos and information. All ticket and auction proceeds benefit the education fund 100%.

Come into the sanctuary for recent testimonies and photos from missions trips to Kenya. Afterwards, settle in for the amazing story of how one woman's small sacrifice changed the course of one boy's life and ultimately the lives of many others.

If you already have tickets, please send payment by next Thursday the 15th. This reserves your seats.

If you would like to attend but don't have tickets contact Vi Hallier:


Representing Branches:

Colbern Road
Living Hope
New Hope
Oak Grove
South Crysler

Thursday, March 8, 2012

50 Days of Preparation

Faith: Establish a House of Faith -- D&C 85: 36b
1 Feb. 19: "Faith is the evidence of things not see" -- Hebrews 11; Ether 5
2 Feb. 20: "And now as I said concerning faith" -- Alma 16: 143 - 163
3 Feb. 21: "Without Faith it is impossible " -- Hebrews 11: 6
4 Feb. 22: "Faith without works is dead" -- James 2: 14 - 18
5 Feb. 23: "Faith causes victory over the world" -- 1st John 5: 4 - 6

Repentance: Establish a House of Repentance -- Gen. 5: 1
6 Feb. 24: "Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand" -- Matt. 4:16 - D&C 3:16
7 Feb. 25: "Forgive us… as we forgive: -- Matt. 6: 13; 18: 32 - 34
8 Feb. 26: "4 R's of Repentance": repent, remorse, restitution, reconciliation
9 Feb. 27: "If ye have aught - Matt. 5: 25 - 26; D&C 42: 23
10 Feb. 28: "Confess sins, repent, and bring forth fruits of repentance

Matt. 3: 35 - 38 Prayer: Establish a House of Prayer -- D&C 85: 36b
11 Feb. 29: "The Lord Shall maintain their cause" - 1st Kings 8: 45 - 49
12 Mar. 1: "Then hear thou from Heaven" - 2nd Chronicles 6: 30
13 Mar. 2: "Have respect to the prayer of thy servant" - 2nd Chron. 6: 19 - 20
14 Mar. 3: "Lord, teach us to pray" - Matt. 5: - ALL ; Psa. 17: - ALL
15 Mar. 4: "Prayer of Nehemiah" - Nehemiah 1: 5 - 11; "Prayer of Daniel" - Daniel 9: 3 - 19

Fasting: Establish a House of Fasting -- D&C 85: 36b
16 Mar. 5: "Fast not as hypocrites" - Matt. 6: 17 - 21
17 Mar. 6: "Is not this the fast that I have chosen" - Isaiah 58 - ALL
18 Mar. 7: "To seek by prayer and fasting" - Daniel 9: 3 - 14
19 Mar. 8: "Blessings come by prayer and fasting:" - Matt. 17: 19 - 21
20 Mar. 9: "Prayers are answered by fasting" - Acts 10: 30 - 34

Study: Establish a House of Learning -- D&C 85: 36b
21 Mar. 10: "Learning brings Blessedness" - Psalms 1: - ALL
22 Mar. 11: "Study to show thy self approved" - 2nd Timothy 2: 15
23 Mar. 12: "Scripture is for our benefit and learning" - 1st Nephi 6: 1 - 5
24 Mar. 13: "They shall learn wisdom" - 2nd Nephi 12: 37
25 Mar. 14: "Feast Upon the Words of Christ" - 2nd Nephi 13: 30; 14: 4

Obedience -- Trust and Obey, for there's No Other Way
26 Mar. 15: "Understanding follows obedience" -- Gen. 4: 4; Phil 2: 8 -9
27 Mar. 16: "Be obedient and prepare your hearts" -- D&C 58: 3b
28 Mar. 17: "The obedient eat the good of the land" -- Isa. 1: 19; D&C 64: 7a
29 Mar. 18: "Obedience and Righteousness" -- Rom. 1: 3 - 5; 6: 16 - 17; 1st Samuel 15: 22
30 Mar. 19: "Obey My Voice and See My face" -- D&C 90

Gifts of the Spirit -- 1st Corinth. 12; Moroni 10: D&C 46
31 Mar.20 : "He gave me the gift of the Holy Ghost" -- 3rd Nephi 9:20
32 Mar. 21: "In My name, thou shalt Speak with new tongues" -- Mark 6: 17
33 Mar.22: "Gifts of healing -- Laying on of Hands" - Mark 16:19; James 5:15
34 Mar.23: "Blessings of loaves and fishes" -- Mark 6:37 - 46; 8:2 - 8
35 Mar.24: "The gift of Prophecy and of Charity" -- John 14: 29; Rev. 19:10; Moroni 7: 48 - 53

Offer up your most Holy desires -- D&C 92
36 Mar. 25: "Offer up your most holy desires" -- D&C 92: 3e
37 Mar.26: "Broken heart/contrite spirit" -- Psa. 34: 18; 2nd Nephi 1: 72; D&C 94: 2f - g
38 Mar. 27: "Love God" -- Deu. 6:6; Mark 12: 33 - 39; 2nd Nephi 11: 56; D&C 94 59:2a
39 Mar.28: "Offer thy vows in righteousness" -- D&C 59: 2
40Mar.29: "Rend your hearts, not your garments" -- Joel 2: 12 - 18

Promises; My Promises standeth sure D&C 140: 5d
41 Mar.30: "United prayer" -- Acts 12: 5 - 17; Matt. 18: 18 - 20; John 15: 7
42 Mar.31: "Greater works shall ye do: - John 14: 10 - 15; 1st John 4:4
43 April 1: "If My people shall seek My Face" -- 1st Chron. 7: 14
44 April 2: "If thou shall harken diligently" -- Deu. 28: 1 - 15; Helaman 2: 100 - 114
45 April 3: " But MY people will I preserve" - Gen. 7: 67 - 72
50 Days of Preparation

Praise Him for the past, Trust Him For The Future
46 April 4: "City of Zion: One Heart, One Mind" -- Gen. 6: 27; 7: 79
47 April 5: "Day of Pentecost: One Accord, One Place" -- Acts 2 - 5
48 April 6: "Golden Age: not a happier people" -- 4th Nephi 1: 1 - 21
49 April 7: "Seek to bring forth the Kingdom" -- Luke 12: 34 - 35
50 April 8: "Seek to bring forth My Zion" -- 1st Nephi 3: 187 - 189

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Radiocarbon Dating and the Book of Mormon

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BMAF:125 Radiocarbon Dating and the Book of Mormon

This article by Ted Dee Stoddard, an LDS researcher, is great in many ways, but I’d like to make some observations to perhaps give a clearer understanding. It seems to me that if someone was reading this material for the first time, it might leave the impression that this is a new announcement
about radiocarbon dating. That’s far from the case. Those in the RLDS/Restoration movement have known about its great help in dating Book of Mormon cultures for more than 50 years.
When Stoddard talks about creation and how his view changed, which allowed him to believe in old radiocarbon dates, keep in mind that God created our Sun and
put it in orbit. God was not limited to the day or night that our Sun created, so it may well be difficult to define God’s seven days and nights with anything we can understand. And I personally believe that before the flood the atmosphere was different than it is today. Therefore radiocarbon dates
relating to the pre-flood era may well be greatly skewed.
In the section numbered 5 in the article, Stoddard talks about what he calls the “Maya problem.” His question is about people in the Maya area as early as 1500-1000 BC, long before the origins of the Nephite/Lamanite cultures and gives some suggested answers, but neither does he give examples
to support these possible ideas. For a more definitive and possible answer to this “Maya problem,” I suggest you see the article “An Account of Those Ancient Inhabitants: Nephites,” in glyph notes, A Book of Mormon Report, July/August 2011, volume 18, Number 4. It gives the correlation of the Maya
dates established by radiocarbon testing and actual Book of Mormon events.
The Maya Comparative Timeline was prepared using material from articles and textbooks written by current, well-published archaeologists and epigraphers.
They do not believe The Book of Mormon but do provide bits and pieces of its history, which put together make an astounding Maya/ Book of Mormon timeline.
If you are not on the mailing list for glyph notes, e-mail me at, and send me your full mailing address, and I will send you a printed copy.
A final note about geography and in particular whether the Grijalva or the Usumacinta rivers are the Sidon in The Book of Mormon. The author feels that it must be the Grijalva because of the archaeological evidence. This could make sense if The Book of Mormon did not identify where the Land of Zarahemla
lies. Look at the map in the article mentioned above, and you will see how the Usumacinta runs through the center of Maya territory. The headwaters of the Grijalva and of the Usumacinta are close together in the highlands of what is
now Guatemala. Although not shown on the map, the Grijalva is west of the Usumacinta in the far western area of the Maya lands. The Book of Mormon tells that the Land of Zarahemla is in the heart of their lands, or the center of their lands. See Helaman 1:19, 29 and 3 Nephi 2:27, 32. It is difficult to
believe that the Land of Zarahemla, which is so tied with the Sidon, is on the far western edge of the Maya lands, so I believe that the Sidon is the Usumacinta. Remember that belief in the geography is not an act of faith, simply an intellectual enquiry. Eventually we will know Book of Mormon
geography with complete accuracy.
Feel free to dig into any of this you would like. You may well find that The Book of Mormon is intellectually true and convert your mind as well as your heart.

God bless your studies.

Lyle Smith


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From: Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum

Radiocarbon Dating and the Book of Mormon

Nineteenth-century critics of the Book of Mormon failed to attempt to embarrass Joseph Smith by ridiculing the pervasive dates found throughout the Nephite portion of the book. They could have argued something like, “How could anyone be so brazen and foolish as to give on almost every page the year-by-year dates of the civilization that presumably was the origin of our aboriginal Indians? Smith has dug himself a bottomless pit via this error. Let’s see him get out of it.”

These early critics probably were not smart enough to capitalize on what could have been viewed in 1830 and for the next hundred years or so as a major faux pas by Joseph—the fact that he included the computable BC and AD dates on almost every page for the thousand-year period of the Nephites. Today, we see those dates printed at the
bottom of each page and tend to take them for granted. Behind those dates, however, is irrefutable evidence that the Book of Mormon is what it claims to be.

But are the BC and AD dates found at the bottom of most pages in the Book of Mormon valid? Do they indeed correlate to New World historical events? How can readers of the Book of Mormon verify the validity of the dates? And do the dates offer any assistance in helping us identify the New World locations of the lands and events of the Book of Mormon?

Radiocarbon dating is turning out to be an unsung hero in contributing data that support the credibility of the Book of Mormon—especially if the location of New World events of the Book of Mormon is in Mesoamerica. Even though radiocarbon dating might still be considered in its infancy, its science is behind the accumulation of Mesoamerican dating information that, in its own way, overwhelmingly supports one of Joseph Smith’s claims, “I translated the Book of Mormon by the gift
and power of God.”

Go to for an interesting discussion about some of the outcomes of radiocarbon dating in connection with the Book of Mormon. The title of the article at the BMAF website, “Implications of Radiocarbon Dating for the Credibility of the Book of Mormon and the Validity of Book of Mormon Geography Models,” is self-explanatory.

Follow-up discussions and comments are welcome.

(Materials, concepts, maps or conclusions presented at our forums, appearing on this website, or emailed to BMAF members and guests are the sole responsibility of the contributing author(s) and do not necessarily imply that members of the Board of Directors or members of BMAF agree with all or any part of the subject matter and are not
sponsored in any way by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I was born in 1936 in Houston, Texas, and raised as an only child.

My father was a nominal Catholic and my mother attended the Methodist church somewhat.

My father died when I was 5. I was soon smoking, drinking, cussing, and etc.

In my late teens I read a lot of psychology and philosophy books and became an atheist.

A couple of other youths and I were arrested for robbing pedestrians on dark streets at night when I was 19 years old. My “fall partner” accidentally hit a man too hard and he died.

We were convicted and locked up. After four months in prison I had a miniature “Saint Paul – Damascus – Road – Conversion -- Experience.” Everything changed!

Twenty – two months after I was saved, I received the Baptism into the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues and prophesy right there behind bars. I got a lot of persecution.

But four months after that, as I was fasting and praying, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me. I saw His beautiful eyes look into me. He smiled and I felt Him literally touch me.

A month later I began to preach and pastor a small group of inmates in “The Walls.”

After 10 ½ years I made parole and went to Southern Bible College. I met a girl and we were married for 17 ½ years. We had 3 children.

The Lord used me to found two churches in Texas, two churches in N. C. and one in Richmond, VA.

I was privileged to appear on Pat Robinson’s 700 Club, Jim Bakker’s PTL, and many other TV programs. I gave my testimony in John Osteen’s Church, Christ for the Nations, Soul’s Harbor, and scores of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Chapters in various states

I have now been married to Faye for over 25 years, who is a wonderful wife and preaching partner with me.

I came to read and accept the Book of Mormon in August 1958 at the time I saw my Vision of Christ.

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><
Dr. Paul Richardson
2800 Blendwell Rd
Richmond, VA 23224


By Paul Richardson, a Pentecostal Pastor
Richmond, VA

Do you have a large vocabulary? Some of us have smaller vocabularies and some have larger vocabularies. There are over 450,000 words in general use in the English language.But of course, no one uses all the words in the dictionary.

1· Clergy, Lawyers, and Doctors use about 15,000 words.
2· The average American may use about 10,000 words.
3· Skilled workers without college use about 6,000 words.
4· Farm laborers use only about 1,600 words.

Now it is natural for people to use some words more often than the next person. We each have a peculiar store of words we unconsciously use more frequently.Each person’s vocabulary is unique. Like facial recognition or fingerprints, we all have similarities, but we are all different. Every author unconsciously leaves his vocabulary signature on every article he writes.
Computers can identify us not only by our voice print, but also by our vocabulary usage.You could feed several of my articles in this paper into a computer, and with a couple of clicks, you could display an alphabetically arranged index to all the words I used, just like a concordance.It is that simple!

Then you could compare the results with some other writer’s articles and such information would be legal evidence in court to convict someone of plagiarism and prove a case of copyright infringement.

NOW THERE HAS BEEN QUITE A CONTROVERSY ON THE AUTHORSHIP OF THE NEPHITE RECORD, but I am about to present some indisputable facts that will convince any honest and reasonable person, who is intelligent enough to comprehend the matter.

A non-Mormon University Professor in the field of the philosophy of language did a content study on the Book of Mormon, comparing the grammar and language peculiar to each of the 15 books in the Book of Mormon. Samples of writings were taken from:

1. Each of the 15 books in the Book of Mormon;
2. Joseph Smith’s personal writings;
3. Sidney Rigdon;
4. Orson Pratt; and
5. Solomon Spaulding’s manuscript, etc.

To his surprise, there was no match found between the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith’s personal writings or any other contemporary writings of that period. However, there was a partial match between what the prophet Mormon personally wrote and the Book of Mormon in general, which is understandable enough because he did abridge the large plates of Nephi, summarizing the Book of Mormon. But even though the whole Book of Mormon was transmitted through the prophet Mormon, as an abridger, he apparently retained each author’s original words. He did not revise the original author’s words; he merely re-inscribed the records on the golden plates without changing the original words. He just condensed the contents.

But most interesting was the fact that each of the 15 authors in the Book of Mormon used words peculiar to his own book.In other words, they used some words repeatedly in their own book, which are not found anywhere else in the whole Book of Mormon. Note the following examples:

1. Nephi ------ 578 words
2. Jacob ---------79 words
3. Mosiah ------205 words
4. Alma -------- 683 words
5. Helaman ----104 words
6. III Nephi ----207 words
7. Mormon ------60 words
8. Ether----------75 words
9. Moroni --------52 words.

Therefore a computer analysis of the Book of Mormon proves that the Book of Mormon could not possibly be the work of one person. This is conclusive evidence that not one, two, or three, but many people participated in writing the Book of Mormon. We now have absolute proof that neither Joseph Smith, Jr. nor any other single author could have possibly sat down and produced the document. So, if neither Joe Smith, nor any other one man, just spun out the Book of Mormon as a pure fiction, then the Book of Mormon is exactly what it purports to be—a compilation of actual historical records.

I am sure that such a thing as a computer analysis of the words used in a book never even occurred to anyone in 1829. How could you get 15 different preachers in the late 1820’s to conspire together to produce a phony book, give all the credit to some Joe Smith, and throughout their entire lives none of them ever gained from it or confessed to it. Go to some university and see if you can get 15 professors to write different sections of a novel with strong over-all continuity and on a consistent spiritual level duplicating such a work as the Book of Mormon.You might come up with some kind of hodgepodge scrapbook, but not a beautiful intricately inter-woven God-glorifying album like the Book of Mormon.

Joe Smith was far from a professional writer.When he was about 25 years old, he fell into the last category of farm laborers with less than a 2,000 word vocabulary. So now it is settled: Neither Joseph Smith, Jr. nor any other one man wrote the Book of Mormon. The story in the Book of Mormon really happened. It spans over a thousand years of Biblical-type Hebrew history.

The Nephites did the best they could to write their records, but they were not professional writers either. Sometimes their thoughts were crudely or clumsily expressed. And as the critics love to sing, “It is so wordy,” so what!

In God’s timing, Joe Smith came along and translated the plates in a day when the only way to get around was a horse and buggy and the only light was a candle or kerosene lantern. Just think — no telephones, computers, or even typewriters. Joe Smith himself had no idea how the Nephite story was going to turn out until it was written down.

Actually, the Holy Ghost translated the Golden Plates.Joe Smith just read them as they supernaturally appeared to him, and a scribe wrote them down on a pile of cheap paper, with no opportunity for any editing, re-writing, or changes. Wow! Today professional books and newspapers are proofread by three or more copyreaders before they go to press.

The Book of Mormon is not a disconnected assortment of articles. It is an intricate continuous story line, with flash-backs and unexpected coverage of actually three different migrations of people from the old world to the Americas.

There are prophecies symbolically revealed in the beginning of the Book that are plainly fulfilled toward the end of the book that reveals a Great Master Mind behind it all.

The Bible and the Book of Mormon are both a library of multiple books. The Book of Mormon contains 15 books spanning over a thousand years of history. Our protestant Bible contains 66 Books, spanning thousands of years.

Men have marveled at the internal doctrinal unity of our Holy Bible. The same thing is true of the Book of Mormon. There is overwhelming proof that both Books are of Hebrew origin. Apparently, God has chosen the Israelites to be His scribes or secretary. (Romans 3:1-2)

The two books came from opposite sides of the earth: The Holy Bible from the east, and the Record of the Nephites from the west, as mentioned in Ezekiel 37: 15- 20. So how could both books tell the exact same Gospel message about the same Jesus and the same love of God, just in different words? There is only one explanation; they both came from the same Holy Spirit.

The Book of Mormon had to come from (1) God, (2) the Devil, or (3) Man. I have just eliminated Man. In past articles, I have proven that the devil could not and would not write such a book. Satan would never inspire such a godly book that exalts Christ, condemns sin, teaches the Plan of Salvation, exhorts men unto prayer and holiness, and shows how to resist and defeat the devil. He would just be shooting himself in the foot.And Jesus taught that every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? (Matthew 12:25, 26) So all that is left is GOD!

The Book of Mormon maintains a consistent high level of spiritual content that is fascinating, gripping, edifying, challenging, and soul-enriching. And both books are in harmony with their self and each other. So how could anyone deny that the Book of Mormon is inspired of God?
Now we Christians have an even stronger case before the world of unbelievers.God-hating atheists have tried to shoot down our Holy Bible for thousands of years, but they cannot do it. Likewise skeptics have tried to discredit the Book of Mormon for 175 years, but they cannot really do that either. All the critics can do is nit-pick at little crumbs like a drowning man grasping for straws.

THEREFORE, let all the doubters start rethinking this matter.It is time for detractors to recant. I challenge the fault-finders to explain this one. U

Easter Cantata

'The Shepherd's Voice' by Nathan Smith

All are invited to hear a new Easter cantata, 'The Shepherd's Voice', sung by the adult and youth choirs of South Crysler Restoration Branch and written by Nathan Smith of SCRB. This unique worship experience will combine scripture readings and nine original musical compositions centered on the parable of the good shepherd found in John chapter 10.

There are two opportunities to hear 'The Shepherd's Voice':

Saturday, April 7 at 5:00 p.m. at Ridgewood/Pleasant Heights Community of Christ, 4341 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64133


Easter Sunday, April 8 at 11:00 a.m. at South Crysler Restoration Branch, 16101 E Salisbury Road, Independence, MO 64050.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gail Wood - Update

From: Janet Goehner

I called Gail Wood in Saint Louis on Friday morning. She is in the hospital there. Her voice was stronger

today and she said she felt a little better. She has been having a lot of pain.

Update: She has a kidney infection in the right kidney. She has a pinched nerve in her left hip which is causing her much back pain and is affecting her sciatica. She is on pain medication for that and is also taking therapy. She has blood in her urine, which is caused by her blood being too thin, so they have to get that problem resolved. She has been on a blood thinner for a long time, so this has to be monitored very closely. She still has diverticulosis and is on a high fiber diet now.

Please continue your prayers in her behalf. She still has a ways to go and several steps of treatment to go through.

In Gospel Bonds,
Janet Goehner

John Doty - Update

Prayer warriors:

Patty said tonight that John didn't get the meds his doctor ordered yesterday for his heart because the pharmacist didn't follow through on the order for them. So she has had to get involved and make sure the doctor's orders were followed on each shift. As a nurse she knows these things, thank goodness! When we left tonight, she was going in to do just that, again. John looked at us, smiled, and mouthed thank you. He isn't out of the woods by any means, but he's alive and awake.

John is still struggling to breath [on his own now] and to swallow [with a painful throat and badly infected lungs] so he hasn't slept for two days. The nurses have him on Adavan, but he is working so hard to breath he just can't relax. He makes coughing sounds, but not enough to clear his lungs and airways, because he is still so weak. John is being administered to every day, and both John and his family have already received many blessings!

A music therapist from our congregation was in there today singing the "You must cough [cough], cough [cough], to clear those lungs..." song, and John's [theatric] face lit up with a hint of laughter. He actually joined in the chorus with his own weak coughs. As a vocalist, thank goodness he knows not to even whisper until his throat and vocal chords totally heal. His one word mouthed responses say just enough, though.

Urgent prayer requests are for: ease of breathing, restful sleep, and productive cough.

John's brother Jim Doty, Jr. will be putting updates on his Facebook, if you want better updates than mine.

Patty said to tell everyone thank you for your continued prayers and thoughtfulness. So, thank you! Keep praying!

Love you,

P.S. The family must approve any visits to John.

Book of Mormon Festival

Each Church of the Restoration shares a common belief in the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon. No single group of Latter Day Saints have exclusive or “privileged access” to this record. The Book of Mormon Festival will draw upon a diverse group of individuals with varied backgrounds presenting a wide range of topics. Through linguistics, theology, anthropology as well as cultural, historical and prophetic trajectories of the Book of Mormon, the listeners will be offered a new prism through which to view this remarkable record. Each speaker has a testimony of the book’s divine nature as they have plumbed its depths to uncover its unfolding treasure of riches. This Book of Mormon Festival is meant to enlarge our belief in and appreciation for this book as well as those who embrace it.

Book of Mormon Festival

March 23-24, 2012 Remnant Worship Center
2820 S 291 Highway
Frontage Road
Independence MO 64055

Friday Evening 7:00 PM
The Festival of Trumpets
Patrick McKay (Zarahemla Restoration Branch)


Saturday Morning 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Mormon
Bob Meyers (President of the Book of Mormon Roundtable)

The Miraculous Nature of the Printing Process of the Book of Mormon
Dr. Keith Wilson (Associate Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU)

Grace and Works
ApostleRalph Damon (Remnant Church)

Lunch Break — 12:00 Noon to 1:45 PM

Saturday Afternoon — 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
The Plan of Salvation
Apostle Phil Jackson (Church of Jesus Christ, Bickertonite)

Why I Know the Book is True
Dr. Richard Moore (Instructor of Church History at BYU)

Amazing Missing History from the Scriptural Harmony: Filling Biblical Gaps with Missing History from the Book of Mormon
Shirley Heater (Director of Quetzel Archaeology Center for Mesoamerican Research)

Dinner Break — 5:00 PM to 6:45 PM

Saturday Evening (7:00 PM)
The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon
Bob Moore (Zarahemla Restoration Branch)

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