Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sofa Bed and Refrigerator For Sale

From: Jeannine Wright

Sofa Bed and Refrigerator For Sale

Flex-steel hide-a-bed for sale - $100. Excellent condition. Bed used only a few times. Great for small apartment or retirement apartment.
Location: Independence. (Unable to deliver)

Older refrigerator for sale. Excellent condition - $50. Very clean and works good.
Location - Independence.

Call 816-550-4795

Administration needed for Brian Rippey

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From: Lori Rippey

Administration needed for Brian Rippey

This is Lori Rippey. My husband, Brian, had surgery on October 13th for a descending
aortic dissection. He had a spinal cord stroke during surgery and has permanent paralysis to his lower extremities. We are in Madison, WI at University Hospital and would like to know if there is anyone you could find that could come and give him administration.

My cell is 906-367-1384

Thank you for any help.
In Christ,

Friday, October 20, 2017

Tidings of Zion Mailing List Update​

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From: ​​Paul Gage

Tidings of Zion Mailing List Update​

Dear Saints,

Once again, we are seeking everyone's help in trying to find new addresses for the following people. What will help the most, is a new address rather than a reference.
Also, if you know someone who would like to receive Tidings, send me their address.

God bless
Paul Gage, Chair, Publication Council, Conference of Restoration Elders

Dear Saints,

If you can help find new addresses for the following people, it will be very much appreciated.

If you respond, please respond to me at:

Darrel Crown Chess Ave Parsons KS

Jeffrey Gaughf Hallet St. Shawnee KS

Jeremiah Jennings SE Moreland School Rd Blue Springs MO

Jean Fuertsch NW Mock Ave Blue Springs MO

Karl Miller E. Pink Hill Rd Grain Valley MO

Mark Barrett N. London Ave KC MO

Kevin Elwell Berry Rd Indep. MO

Michael Henderson N. Aztec Way Indep. MO

Jessica Stayton S. Main St. Indep. MO

Renee Warsching W. 29th St. S. Indep. MO

Robert Springer SW 1971st Rd. Kingsville MO

Bonnie Alsip E. Colbern Rd. Lee's Summit MO

Jeff Sudduth SE Kristi Lane Lee's Summit MO

Jeff Miller Wildbriar Dr. Liberty MO

Tammy Oltman W. 11th St Maryville MO

Nile Jeffries Maple St Sibley MO

Jacob Stockton E. 1000 Rd Stockton MO

Dustin Bargter NE Country RD 11004 Urich MO

Virginia Raker Regent Dr. Warrensburg MO

Leland Bleck Elk St. Beatrice NE

David Gordon Rosewood St. Omaha NE

Connie Peterson Utah Ct. Perry OH

Thomas Curtis D. St. Springfield OR

John Hager NE Stanton St. Portland OR

Loraine Murray Grindstone Rd Grindstone PA

Lee Stone W. Austin St. Rising Star TX

Message for 10/20/17 - Elder’s Conference Sermon

From: Francis Harper

Message for 10/20/17 - Elder’s Conference Sermon

Dear Ones,

During my sermon preparation for an Elder’s Conference, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would bring things to my remembrance that I needed to share with the Saints. I wondered what God would have me say to encourage the people. These words came to my mind: “I have many spiritual forces at work in the world that ye know not of.” I expected to find those words in the Doctrine and Covenants, but I was unable to find them.

I was frustrated, and running out of time. It was Tuesday morning and I was scheduled to speak that evening. Finally, in desperation, I began to search through the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants, one by one, but it was a fruitless effort. I continued to pray. I hesitated to use the quote without giving the source of the statement.

Later that same morning, during the priesthood prayer service, Richard Neill gave a testimony of seeing a light as he prayed for a certain couple. Then suddenly, Richard began to speak on a subject that seemed to be totally unrelated to the one he had just shared. He said that Elbert A. Smith [later Presiding Patriarch of the church] gave a prophecy to the Saints at Lamoni, Iowa, on November 4, 1917, in which the Lord said:

“You are admonished that ye be not unduly concerned because you are few in number as compared to the world. That is not your concern, but be concerned only that your righteousness be very great, for a few righteous men can accomplish very much, and a little leaven leaveneth a great lump.

“I have many spiritual forces at work in the world, saith the Lord. I have many spiritual forces at work that ye know not of. You see the smaller part of my work, and the world perceives it not at all. Therefore, be not concerned because you are few in number, but let each one look to himself, and to the condition of his own heart and life. Be humble and righteous and full of love . . . that you may stand in holy places and receive the blessings of the Lord.”

The very words for which I had been so desperately searching were given to me in the Lord’s perfect and precise timing. It has been said, “The Lord is never in a hurry, nor is he ever late. My prayer had been answered except for one thing: Richard had not given the source of the quote. After the prayer service had ended, I followed Richard to his office and asked, “Where is this prophecy recorded?” Without a moment of hesitation, he said, “You will find it in The History of the Church, Volume 6, page 646.”

In his own way, the Lord had endorsed the message he wanted me to share with the Saints on that occasion. I can with confidence say, these words are still appropriate for his Saints today, 100 years later on November 4, 2017.

With love to all,

Francis Harper

Francis Harper Message for 10/20/17

From: Francis Harper

Francis Harper Message for 10/20/17

By Many, or by Few?

Jonathan said to his armor bearer: “. . . it may be that the Lord will work for us; for there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few” (1 Samuel 14:6).

The Lord worked for Jonathan that day. With divine assistance, Jonathan and his armor bearer were able to defeat the Philistine garrison. “. . . So the Lord saved Israel that day” (1 Samuel 14:23). Two men with the Lord were enough to win the battle.

Evidently the days of Jeremiah were similar to our own. Judah had known the ways of the Lord but they had forsaken him. Time was running out for them. Jerusalem was about to be destroyed by Nebuchadrezzar, King of Babylon. The Jews were “not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, saith the Lord” (Jeremiah 9:3).

During this critical time in the reign of Zedekiah, King of Judah, God spoke to Jeremiah: “Run ye to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, and see now, and know, and seek in the broad places thereof, if ye can find a man [one man] if there be any that executeth judgment, that seeketh the truth; and I will pardon it” [Jerusalem] (Jeremiah 5:1). The patience and long-suffering of God is revealed in this scripture. For one righteous man, he would spare a city! The most patriotic thing we can do for our nation is to join with others in forming a righteous, saving remnant.

The Lord said to Abraham, “I will not destroy them [Sodom] for ten’s sake” (Genesis 18:40 IV; 18:32 KJV). Ten righteous people would have saved Sodom. Alma told the people of a wicked city: “. . . it is by the prayers of the righteous that ye are spared” (Alma 8:33).

Jonathan spoke the truth when he said, “. . . there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few” (1 Samuel 14:6). By small means the Lord can accomplish anything he chooses. There are many examples of this. He used a shepherd boy with a sling and a stone to slay a giant. He took a boy’s lunch of five loaves and two small fish and fed a multitude.

Paul observed, “God hath chosen the weak things [and the few, instead of the many] of the world to confound the things which are mighty; that no flesh should glory in his presence” (1 Corinthians 1:27-29).

God chose Gideon, whose qualifications appeared to be meager and puny, to deliver Israel from the hand of the Midianites. Gideon described himself, “Behold, my family is poor . . . and I am the least in my father’s house. And the Lord said unto him, Surely I will be with thee” (Judges 6:15-16).Gideon had an army of 32,000 but the Lord reduced the number to 300! So it was by few that the hosts of Midian were defeated.

Nephi prophesied, “And it came to pass that I beheld the church of the Lamb of God, and its numbers were few. . . And their dominions upon the face of the earth were small” (1 Nephi 3: 226-227). Nephi’s prophecy is being fulfilled in our day.

Apostle Arthur Oakman once said, “When 40 men become fully committed to Jesus Christ and the establishment of his kingdom on earth, the world will be changed by the power of God working in and through them.”

God has never been limited in the accomplishment of his purposes by his people being too few in number. Only 120 met for prayer in the upper room. These and a few others “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled, and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13). In our day it will be the same; those who walk with Jesus, although they be few in number, will accomplish great and marvelous things.

Zion's Ridge Fall Festival Cancelled

From: Terry Pickering

Zion's Ridge Fall Festival Cancelled

Due to the pending rain again for this Saturday night, October 21, the Zion's Ridge Fall Festival for 5:00 p.m. has been cancelled again. No new rain date will be proposed. See you next spring!!

Thank you.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

October 2017 Monthly Tidings of Zion

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From: Paul Gage

October 2017 Monthly Tidings of Zion

Greetings Dear Saints,

Please find attached the October 2017 Monthly Tidings of Zion.

God bless
Paul Gage


The Monthly

by the Publication Council of the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE)
October 20, 2017

Greetings to the Saints around the world,

The monthly Tidings of Zion is new effort by the CRE to reach out to the Saints. It does not replace the quarterly Tidings of Zion magazine. The monthly TOZ will only be online. Feel free to copy and distribute to anyone you know who may not have internet availability. We encourage each pastor to copy and make available to your branches and groups. Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Saints and branch leaders may send in items for the monthly Tidings as is also done for the quarterly magazine. We would like to receive testimonies, reunion, camp, retreat experiences, branch events and activities, or articles you may want to write and so forth.

Domestic Outreach: The Domestic Outreach Program, ministry to the USA and Canada, has functioned under the CRE for many years. At the 2017 CRE, a resolution was passed with the intent to "rev up" the Domestic Outreach efforts. The USA and Canada have been divided into ten regions and two priesthood assigned to each area. The intent is to touch base with Saints, leaders, and priesthood in the ten regions. The purpose is to visit with leadership in each area for input as to how the CRE can be more helpful in fulfilling its purpose, as found on the inside front cover of each issue of Tidings of Zion magazine.. Leaders in each area will be contacted by those planning to visit in order to make sure all arrangements are satisfactory to all. Some teams have already been out in the field and sharing with the Saints along the way.

The CRE tries to keep the Restoration Branch Directory up to date and so would appreciate notice anytime there is a change in leadership of the branch/group. It is also very helpful to have a copy of a directory of your branch. The Saints, quite often call the CRE office requesting information to help them in their local situations. This information can be sent to: CRE PO Box 4085, Independence, MO. 64051. ATTN: Paul Gage.

Issue # 121, October/November/December, 2017, of the quarterly Tidings of Zion is currently at the printers. It is expected to be in the homes by mid to late November. This issue will include a number of testimonies from the CRE Priesthood Retreat in Kirtland, Ohio in September as well as other reports of events around the church and testimonies from several Saints.

The Golden Eagles of Center Place Restoration School, (CPRS) are off and flying into the new school year. They recently had a chile supper to support the school's Robotics Club. The chile was great and the robotic demonstrations were fantastic. They will also present the fall play, "Singing in the Rain," in November. Brother Dan Schoenemann is the school administrator. Continue to uphold the school, staff faculty, and students in your daily prayers. Enrollment is around 175 so far this year.

Go Ye therefore, and teach ALL Nations! That is our commission from Jesus, in Matthew 28:19. But that only applies to going to another country. right? What about the hymn we sing, "Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling?" The second verse reads, "If you cannot cross the ocean, and far mission lands explore, You can find the needy nearer; You can help them AT YOUR DOOR." The third verse states, "Let none hear YOU idly saying, 'There is nothing I can do, While the souls of men are dying, and the Master calls FOR YOU."

All the Missionary groups that function under the CRE, as well as other Missionary efforts, are very actively engaged in the mission fields of the areas they sponsor. Missionaries, in the last year or so, or the year before us will have gone to Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Honduras, India, Kenya and several other countries in East Africa, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, the Philippines/Mindanao. Palau, the Philippines/Luzon, Russia, Taiwan, Tahiti, and maybe even more.

But what about YOUR town, neighborhood, work place, school, and so forth? Go YE therefore!

Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE)
Officers and Councils for 2017-2018

CRE Officers Corporate Officers
Chair: William "Vim" Horn President: William "Vim" Horn
Secretary: David Joyce Secretary: David Joyce
Treasurer: Ray Lane Treasurer: Ray Lane
Historian: Danny Hight

Aaronic Council: Aaron Dillion, Ray Dillion, James Friend, Lonnie Griffin,
Stephen Henson, Ken Prater, Aaron Saylor, Tim Saylor, Wilbur Wilson

Coordinating Council: Jack Hagensen, Brian Mundy, John Mundy, Richard Neill, Chair,
Don Norman, Howard Parker, Garry Piatt

Education Council: Synthia DeBarthe, Brenda Eggert, Tracy Levengood, Lonnie Wilson

Evangelism Council: Dale Bainter, Leo Carroll, Russell Reid, Lyle Smith
Representatives from: ARM; GEM; LAMB and SEAAM

Publication Council: Paul Gage, Chair, Jackie Frinsthal, Rebecca Griffin, Jason Hamilton,
Janet Huntsucker, Pam Neidboldt, Jacob Roberts, Christy Schrunk

Stewardship Council: Dale Carrick, Vaughn Cornish, Terry Griffin, Elzy Lasley, Tom Rindels

Women's Council: Suzanne Bendorf, Chair, Nicole Capps, Angie Goff, Deana Griffin,
Mary Prater, Jennifer Rafferty, Monica Rush

Youth Council: Stephen Henson, Todd Henson

The CRE Resource Center

The CRE Office, or Resource Center has many materials available to the Saints. The following are some of the areas or topics:

Church School Quarterlies that have been reprinted and updated are in stock.

Books: Various books are available by authors such as Francis Harper, Kim Augenstein, Jean Robison, Beryl Immer, the Family Steps to Zion by Jack Hagensen and many more. There is also a Restoration Library at the Resource Center with a goodly number of books, mainly from past years. Materials in the library may be checked out.

Booklets, Papers, and Tracts: These materials include topics found in the basic Restoration Gospel. There are also back issues of Tidings of Zion. These are free of charge and can be used in sharing with friends, family and on mission trips.

The Resource Center is also available for meetings and classes as might be desired by the Saints. The office is generally open on Mon-Wed-Fri from 10 am to 4 pm. The office phone number as well as all contact information for the CRE is on the inside front cover of each issue of Tidings.

Any questions, comments, etc. regarding the Monthly Tidings of Zion, may be directed to Paul Gage by email at or phone at 816-833-6552.