Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Bible movie series

The Bible

Series Premiere
3.3.13 at 8/7c

The Bible comes to life in HISTORY’s epic new series. From Genesis to Revelation, these unforgettable stories unfold through live action and cutting-edge computer-generated imagery, offering new insight into famous scenes and iconic characters. Created by producer Mark Burnett and featuring an international cast that includes Roma Downey, this 10-hour docudrama explores the sacred text’s most significant episodes, including Noah’s journey in the ark, the Exodus and the life of Jesus.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vision of the Restoration

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lynn Ridenhour

In 1829 Abigail Leonard sees a Vision of the Restoration

“…they cared more for the fleece than the flock…”

We’re not alone in desiring and hungering for the unity of God’s people. I find the below story fascinating. So relevant for our day.

Even in 1829 there were those who were hungry, who were seeking the Lord, and who were disturbed by the spirit of sectarianism that seemed to be so rampant in the churches. Like Enos in the Book of Mormon, these hungry souls poured out their hearts, seeking an answer to their prayers, crying out for unity among believers. Abigail Leonard was one of those souls who cried out. Listen to her compelling story.

The Women of Mormondom (Edward W. Tullidge, New York: 1877, pp.160-163)

In 1829, Eleazer Miller came to my house, for the purpose of holding up to us the light of the gospel, and to teach us the necessity of a change of heart. He did not teach creedism, for he did not believe therein. That night was a sleepless one to me, for all night long I saw before me our Savior nailed to the cross. I had not yet received remission of my sins, and, in consequence thereof, was much distressed. These feelings continued for several days, till one day, while walking alone in the street, I received the light of the spirit.

Not long after this, several associated Methodists stopped at our house, and in the morning, while I was preparing breakfast, they were conversing upon the subject of church matters, and the best places for church organization. From the jottings of their conversation, which I caught from time to time, I saw that they cared more for the fleece than the flock. The Bible lay on the table nearby, and as I passed, I occasionally read a few words until I was impressed with the question:

"What is it that separates two Christians?"

For two or three weeks this question was constantly on my mind, and I read the Bible and prayed that this question might be answered to me.

One morning I took my Bible and went to the woods, when I fell upon my knees, and exclaimed: "Now, Lord, I pray for the answer of this question, and I shall never rise till you reveal to me what it is that separates two Christians." Immediately a vision passed before my eyes, and the different sects passed one after another by me, and a voice called to me, saying: "These are built up for gain." Then, beyond, I could see a great light, and a voice from above called out: "I shall raise up a people, whom I shall delight to own and bless." I was then fully satisfied, and returned to the house.

Not long after this a meeting was held at our house, during which everyone was invited to speak: and when opportunity presented, I arose and said: "Today I come out from all names, sects and parties, and take upon myself the name of Christ, resolved to wear it to the end of my days."

For several days afterward, many people came from different denominations and endeavored to persuade me to join their respective churches. At length the associated Methodists sent their presiding elder to our house to preach, in the hope that I might be converted. While the elder was discoursing, I beheld a vision in which I saw a great multitude of people in the distance, and over their heads hung a thick, dark cloud. Now and then one of the multitude would struggle, and rise up through the gloomy cloud; but the moment his head rose into the light above, the minister would strike him a blow, which would compel him to retire; and I said in my heart, "They will never serve me so."

Not long after this, I heard of the "Book of Mormon," and when a few of us were gathered at a neighbor's we asked that we might have manifestations in proof of the truth and divine origin of this book, although we had not yet seen it. Our neighbor, a lady, was quite sick and in much distress. It was asked that she be healed, and immediately her pain ceased, and health was restored. Brother Bowen defiantly asked that he might be slain, and in an instant he was prostrated upon the floor. I requested that I might know of the truth of this book by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, and I immediately felt its presence. Then, when the Book of Mormon came, we were ready to receive it and its truths. The brethren gathered at our house to read it, and such days of rejoicing and thanksgiving I never saw before or since. We were now ready for baptism, and on or about the 20th of August, 1831, were baptized."

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cat needs home

I have a great need to have this sweet cat adopted. Here is his sad story:

My daughter had a good friend who has had this cat since he was born. The friend and his father abandoned the house and left this cat and his mother at the house. We have rescued him from the abandoned house, but have not been able to get the mother yet. This cat is very special to my daughter since she has seen him, on and off, since he was born. He is a very mild, one year old cat that loves attention. He is a lap cat and will cuddle. He has not been neutered and is a bit aggressive to other cats, but is the sweetest cat, I think I have ever known. He has to find a home in the next few days or he will have to go to a shelter at the sorrow of my daughter and (a loss to someone who doesn't already have 3 cats) as the sweetest one we have had around. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact me!

Thank you,
Michelle Ballantyne

Friday, February 22, 2013

Car Needed

The Forrest family looking for a reliable car to get back and forth to work. We have $3000.00 to spend on this car. The car is desperately needed so that we may continue to support our family.

Thank you for any and all leads! God Bless!

You can contact us at 816-808-0173 or

Dale and Teresa Forrest

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CPRS Spring Play

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From: Center Place Restoration School

Mark your calendar now for the CPRS Spring Drama, "More Than Conquerors."
Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30
7:00 p.m.
CPRS Auditorium

819 W Waldo

Independence MO 64050

Tickets are $7 per person, and may be purchased in advance in the school office, or at the door on the night of performance.

No reserved seating.

Please join us for a very special evening of ministry presented by the CPRS students.

See the attached flyer for more information.

Take Action to Preserve our Second Amendment Rights

Dear Friends,

Have you taken action to protect our Constitution from those who are trying to tear down the Second Amendment?

Have you contacted your Congressmen and contributed to freedom efforts?

Have you heard about an exciting effort in Missouri to preserve your freedom?

As you know, liberal politicians are trying to disarm the American public. With the media's help, gun grabbers are misleading people about the facts in order to take away their freedom. They want to destroy the unique freedoms and protections that our Constitution provides in America.

If they succeed, it won't stop with certain types of guns, or even with all guns. They hate what makes America great. The Second Amendment helps to preserve your liberty, and once that's out of the way, they can remove the other Constitutional limits that protect you from out-of-control government.

Not only will you be helpless to protect your family, you will also find your country transformed beyond recognition. If you don't want that, you must act now. You can't be silent. You can't pass the buck. It's time to either speak up, or surrender your God-given rights.

Are you willing to take a stand for your freedom? Here's what you can do:

1. Support Missouri state legislation that will help to preserve your freedom if passed.

2. Make your voice heard at the national and public level.

3. Join and contribute to organizations that are fighting to protect your rights.

4. Practice your right to bear arms and raise awareness in your community.

Here are the details you need to take action:

A. Missouri legislators have introduced very important bills to protect you. HB 436 & SB 325 would nullify federal laws and regulations which infringe on the right to bear arms, and make it a crime for any official to try to enforce them in this state. SJR 14 would amend the state Constitution through the public ballot to strengthen our Second Amendment rights.

There will be hearings soon on these and other bills. The hearing for SJR 14 is Tuesday, February 19 at 3:00 P.M. You can fill out a form online to submit your testimony on this bill to the Missouri Senate! Also, please contact your state legislators in support of these bills. Click here for info:

B. The national and public debate is also crucial. You must contact your federal legislators and be heard. Use email, fax, mail, and especially phone calls.

Tell them no new gun laws. No gun bans, no-so called "assault weapon" or semi-automatic gun bans, no magazine capacity limits, no gun registration, no gun databases. No nonsense.

Important: Don't be fooled by "universal background checks" (which GunTalk expert Tom Gresham explains is code for gun registration) and "mental health" reforms (which will be turned against perfectly sane Americans, including veterans). These will be used to find ways to block purchases and confiscate guns. Mass shootings occur in so-called gun-free zones, especially schools and churches, and the only real solution is to allow lawful citizens to be armed in all locations.

After contacting Congress, don't forget to weigh in on the public debate. Write a letter to the editor, call in to a radio show, be vocal in your community.

C. Join gun-rights organizations and donate to their efforts. These organizations are fighting in Congress, in courts, and in the media to preserve your freedom.

The NRA is the largest organization. Join to maximize your political clout.


(There is also a special on NRA life membership for $300 this month by calling 1-888-678-7894.)

However, other organizations play a crucial role in legal and political victories. If you belong only to the NRA, it's time to expand. You can add an amount over the cost of membership to support efforts.


D. Exercise your right! If you don't own any firearms, or if you don't have enough, do a little shopping. Be sure to read up on local and state laws and gun safety. (In your own home there are few restrictions, but before you carry a gun outside the home it's crucial to understand the regulations on open and concealed carry.) Help inform others around you on the American right to keep and bear arms! Thank you.

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From: Curry Kenworthy

Lowry Organ - For Sale

This is a Lowry organ with matching bench. It belonged to and was loved by Ruth Engelke who now resides in a nursing home. It is in excellent condition and we need to sell it ASAP. We are asking $3200.00 OBO. If you are interested or know of anyone who would like to purchase this organ, please contact Judy Gard at 816-795-7987 or 816-674-6978. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RV For Sale - Just in Time

Just in time for spring, summer, and fall getaways. All the comforts of home away from home.

1999 Holiday Rambler Alumascape XL, 27' Excellent condition One-owner/NEW $28K

SALE PRICE: $13,500

1.(1) slide out for extra living space - full length of living/dining area
2.Full-sized Refrigerator/Freezer - 2 doors
4.3 burner gas range and oven
5. Outside shower
6.2 awnings (one over slide-out)
7.Bedroom: Queen bed with sliding door privacy
8.Bath has built-in wardrobe, drawers, tub and shower
9.Ducted heating and A/C
10.Multiple outside electrical outlets
11.Electric tongue jack
12.Ceiling fan, fresh in or exhaust out/variable speed
13.Loads of storage
14.Aluminum storage box on rear of trailer for hitch,jack,tools,sewer accessories, etc.
15.New tires - less than 6,000 miles
16.Radio with premium sound throughout coach
17.Easy tow - hitch assembly included
Has been serviced regularly
Health reasons prompts sale.
Contact Don Beebe, 816-509-3520

Monday, February 18, 2013

"To God and The Lamb" - Bountiful Quartet

Hi Saints,

We've been getting a lot of questions about pre-ordering our upcoming new album;

"To God & The Lamb"

Below is more information on how to pre-order:

You can order 4 or more albums through the BSQ Kickstarter page (think gift shopping here). Most importantly, the CDs will sell for $12.99 on our website after this kickstarter campaign is complete. Ordering now will save you $.99 per album.

The maximum order amount that kickstarter allows you to order is 9 CDs at this price. This means you can save up to $9 on your Christmas shopping and cross 9 people off your list 9 months before Christmas!

Simply click on the green "Back This Project" button and select the "Pre-order" option, (labeled $48 +).

Here's the link:

Without the support of people like you, our ministry of music would not be possible.

Thank You!

If you are having trouble viewing this email, you can also view it in a browser at: View in your browser

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Job Postings for Fort Osage

Fort Osage R-1 School District
Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

HIGH SCHOOL ART TEACHER 2013-2014 School Year


Head Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach - Extra Duty Assignment for 2013-2014

Food Service Manager

INTERNAL POSTING - Special Education Teacher - K-4 - Severe Developmental Disabilities

INTERNAL POSTING - Special Education - In District Autism Consultant (IDAC)

Computer Aided Drafting Instructor

Crime Scene Investigation/Law Enforcement

Middle School English Teacher

Substitute Custodian

Powered by TalentEd Recruit & HireTM Applicant Tracking and Hiring for K-12

You have received this email because your email was provided to Fort Osage R-1 School District. unsubscribe

To ensure that you receive these communications, please add and to your address book or safe sender list.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day in the Country

The Kingsville Restoration Branch will be sponsoring "A Day in the Country" again this year. This was a huge success last year, thanks to MANY people sharing in their time and talents.

We will hold our next "Day In the Country" on October 5. We are looking for volunteers to teach the following classes: basket weaving, rope making, knife and blade sharpening, emergency shelters, drought gardening, solar energy, trapping, alternative energy resources, etc.

Last fall we offered the following classes and plan to have the same people return to teach again: water Purification, wool spinning, essential oils, herbal ointments and teas, buddy burners, emergency preparedness, crocheted rugs from rags, blacksmithing, 72 hour emergency kits, and food dehydrating.

There is no charge to come to this day of fun and learning for the entire family, but we could not do it without the help of many volunteers.

If anyone would like to volunteer to spend the day teaching a class, they can contact: Shannon Andes at 816-288-5211 or Julie Marsh at 816-616-9293.

Thank you!
Shannon Andes

Show Me Life

This Tuesday, February 19th, supporters life will gather at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City to encourage legislators to pass pro-life legislation. Please join us for this important lobby day!

Priority Legislation:
■Ban webcam conference abortions. Ensure that a pregnant woman in a vulnerable situation will not be victimized. Web-cam abortions are a health risk for a woman and a death sentence for an unborn child. Banning web-cam abortions ensures that an abortionist does not push a button and deliver an abortion drug without even being in the same room with the woman.
■Improve our conscience clauses in Missouri for those in the medical profession.

More information including times, speakers, and locations can be found here.

**Also, if you are only receiving this email once (from, it means you haven't confirmed subscription to our other email list. We will be discontinuing this email list soon, so be sure to go subscribe to our new list. To subscribe, go to and enter your email address where it says, "Follow Restoration for Life via Email". We don't want to loose contact with you!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alcohol's cancer risk

Alcohol's cancer risk outweighs any heart benefit

This should be of interest to the saints. The Word of Wisdom is vindicated at last on the issue of consuming alcohol!

"New research shows that even a single alcoholic drink per day can increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer, including breast cancer in women.

Though people have long believed that a glass or two of wine can be good for your heart, the new study, conducted in conjunction with researchers in the U.S., Canada, and France, shows that the cancer risks far outweigh any heart-healthy benefits."

Read the article here:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Eric Odida materials

Eric Odida materials

I am working on a project for Eric Odida and I need some materials. I need copies of articles that Eric has written over the years. And I especially need a copy of his sermon (CD, Tape, or DVD) at the sacrament service at the Auditorium. I also need Sep/Oct 2003 Tidings of Zion this is number 62. I will arrange to pick up and copy any of the materials that the Saints can locate.

Thank you
Alicia Negaard

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prayer Request

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Prayer Request

I would appreciate prayers for my dear friends, the Brad and Christy Williamson family. Christy and I went through breast cancer together 5 years ago. Her's came back 1 1/2 years later in the form of a tumor in her head. They were able to take care of the tumor but the scar tissue kept getting worse and she had been fighting a downhill battle for well over a year. They weren't sure she would even make it through last summer. For those of you that were at Ray's funeral, she was the one in the wheelchair and spoke. She passed away this morning around 3 a.m. She leaves behind her husband, a 19 year old and a 15 year old son. She was a very strong person and had so much faith that God would be with her. So I would appreciate keeping her family in your prayers.

Thank you
Linda Viana

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Charity in Jeopardy

Charity in Jeopardy

Local Charity in need of volunteers and financial aid to continue its much needed services to the Community. If you can spare some time, make a donation, or both, it would be greatly appreciated,

For more information call Julie Leibold RN/FCN @ 816-517-6802

Julie J. Leibold RN/FCN
Community Educator/Health Management.

Cell 816 517 6802

Restoration Coop

Restoration Coop

Unemployed male is seeking general labor or warehouse work.

Call Julie Leibold at 816-517-6802 if you can help.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"America the Beautiful" video

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Video at:

Waldo Restoration Branch
819 W Waldo Ave
Independence MO 64050

Sunday Evening, February 17 at 6:00 pm the video, "America the Beautiful" will be shown. It is an interview with General Boykin and an ex-terrorist. It also reveals the very real threat of Sharia law.

Jim Hobbs will be in charge of the service. All are invited to come.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mike


Apartment Maintenance - make ready man needed

If you know someone who is hard working, trustworthy and very reliable.

Please call 816 260 2193
Mike Holmes

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bountiful String Quartet's upcoming album

Help Spread The Word!

We want to get this music out to the whole world, but we can’t exactly afford a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, so we’re relying on people like you to help get the word out.

Bountiful String Quartet's upcoming album

To God and The Lamb
A collection of sacred hymns
arranged and performed by the BSQ

Release date: March 20th 2013

To learn more about the album
and be a part of this project, Visit, Like, Share, Support:

View our 'Nearer My God To Thee' video on YouTube!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Houses for rent in NW Independence

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chuck Perry

Houses for rent in NW Independence

I have two houses for rent in northwest Independence. Both are two-bedroom houses with basements. I would love to rent to church members or friends you can recommend. Prefer no pets but will discuss. I will do Missouri Casenet search for recent landlord disputes, drug charges, or violent crime charges. Incentives for consistent timely payment of rent.

617 S. Hardy is currently occupied but will be available soon. Two-bedroom with basement. Fenced back yard. Newer paint throughout. Tile floor in bath and kitchen. New central A/C. Replacement windows. Currently renting for $650.00/month.

1923 S. Hawthorne is available now. Two-bedroom with unfinished basement. Fenced back yard. Complete remodel in 2009. New paint and carpet now. Have been getting $675.00/month for past three years.

Chuck Perry

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Exiting Lecture at The Mansion House Chapel

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paula Swayne

Exiting Lecture coming up at The Mansion House chapel

Hello! I pray your February is going well and prosperous. I want all of you to be aware that Jackie Sheppard is speaking here at The Mansion House this Monday, February 11 at 6:45 p.m. We do not usually get her this soon after a previous lecture, so this is a treat....

Jackie is always so incredible, and you really do not know what exact direction she will be lead, but it is always good. It is good training for you and your knowledge of this amazing formula.

In conjunction with this try looking up on youtube, Zamora the horse - incredible change, and also Cassie the dog - cassie is a golden lab, I believe, and Zamora is a black, 23 yr old mare. You will be amazed at both. This is really exciting, because animals cannot talk, but they can respond.

Hope to see you this Monday.

Bless you,

Israel Tour

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Israel Tour

There are a few spaces left for the tour to Israel. Sherrie and I would welcome you to join us. Our 2009 tour to Israel was such a blessing that we knew we needed to offer another tour when the time was right. It is a once in a life time pilgrimage/adventure. We will have our own guide and
transportation. Attached is a sheet giving details and registration requirements. DEPOSITS ARE DUE NOW!! Our telephone numbers are (home) 816-867-5057 cell 816 838-5192. Talk to you soon!

God bless,

Lyle and Sherrie Smith
816 867-5057 or cell 816 838-5192

Spring Retreats at Odessa Hills

From: Glenda Foss

Dates and Registration information on the Spring Retreats at Odessa Hills.

They are as follows:

March 2-3 Junior (4th-6th grade)

March 8-10 Older Youth

March 15-17 Senior High (10th -12th)

March 22-24 Junior High (7th-9th)

Register online at
or contact Judi Smith at (816)633-4199 or

(Promotion Committee)

New Concrete Sideing for sale

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Samuel T Smith

New Concrete Sideing for sale

I have 40-4X9 sheets of new HARDY BOARD SIDEING for sale for a good friend. He bought it for his son but his son had different plans. The material was just past return
period at Home Depot. I will sell it at a discount price. I'm just trying to help a friend.


Apartment For Rent

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Marie Johnson

Extra Nice. 2 Bedroom Apartment,


Large storage room.

Private entrance and parking.

Quiet neighborhood

Close and convenient to Wal-Mart and Grocery Stores,

Available March 1, 2013

$550.00 plus 1/3 of electric and gas bills.


Restoration Scriptures now available

From: Tim Raffety

Downloadable Restoration Scriptures now available

A few men in the Restoration have been working on promoting and providing the Scriptures for many of the electronic devices out there.

Various versions are now available that work with iPads, iPhones, Kindle readers, Nook readers, Android phones/tablets, PC/MAC computers and others.

All three books can be downloaded for your choice of device from:

The desire is to freely provide access to the Scriptures for reading and study to all who wish to use them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Help Minnetta Isaacs

From: Bruce Luedeman

Help for Minnetta Isaacs

Dear Older Youth of the 1968 – 1972.

Do you all remember the Older Youth “Let George Do It” projects we did back (Yikes!!!) 40 years ago?

Our friend Minnetta Isaacs and her mother are in great need of help. Minnetta is on dialysis with renal issues, she is diabetic. Her mother is blind and diabetic as well. They need help cleaning out and up their house in the next two weeks to meet city regulations.

Judy Gard and I are making arrangements to assess the house in the next day or two. I have Minnetta’s permission to put out a call for help. Please call me if you can help a little or a lot. I need to find other Older Youth in the area who are skilled with projects like this and will show up on cleaning day. I am sure a group of Minnetta’s friends could get a lot done and have a great time doing it. If you aren’t able to work, please pray at this time for Minnetta.

Muriel (Winn) Luedeman

The best part of life is

when family members

become your friends

and friends become family.

O, Lord, bless us richly,

Let your hand be with us,

Enlarge our coasts,

And keep us from evil.

I Chronicles 4:9

Muriel Winn Luedeman



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oldbookman $1.00 Book Sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Oldbookman $1.00 Book Sale
(100+ Titles of RLDS Books)

This offer good through February 28, 2013, or while supplies last. No need to purchase extra books. Stock up now for continued winter reading!

Plan for a $3.00 Book Sale in March.

405 Worship Illustrations, 1956, hard, 327 pages

Adams, Loyd, and others, Called and Sent, 1972, soft, 92 pages B

Administrative Policies and Procedures, various years, soft, 50-90 pages, B

Black, Lea Vail, Wings of Worship (Plays), 1968, hard, 226 pages

Blackstock, John W., Moments of Meditation, 1965, hard, 75 pages

Blumenschein, John and Marian, Parent-Child Relationships, 1957, soft, 54 pages B

Boyd, Theo E., Poetic Reflections from the Dust, 1979, hard, 126 pages

Brockway, Esther, Toward Better Witnessing, 1976, hard, 210 pages

Brunson, Madelon, Imogene Goodyear, Geoffrey Spencer, One in the Spirit, 1971, soft, 72 pages B

Buck, Clifford, The Greatest of These, 1966, hard and soft, 160 pages

Cheville, Roy A., By What Authority, 1959, hard, 96 pages

Cheville, Roy A., Growing Up in Religion, 1951, hard and soft, 176 pages

Cheville, Roy A., Ten Considerations for Family Living, 1958, soft, 150 pages

Cheville, Roy A., The Book of Mormon Speaks for Itself, 1971, hard, 203 pages

Cheville, Roy A., The Field of Theology, 1960, hard and soft, 144 pages

Cheville, Roy A., When They Seek Counsel, 1954, soft, 133 pages

Cheville, Roy, The Bible in Everyday Living, 1939 and 1944, hard

Church Member's Manual, A, various dates and pages, hard and soft

Clinefelter, William, The Covenant and the Kingdom, 1964, hard and soft, 138 pages

Cole, Clifford A., Celebrating Together in Our Family, 1955, soft, 32 pages B

Cole, Clifford A., Faith for New Frontiers, 1956. hard and soft, 156 pages

Cole, Clifford A., The Prophets Speak, 1954, hard, 199 pages

Conduff, Sara, Because He Cares, private, 1988, soft, 255 pages

Constance, C. B., The Usher’s Handbook, 1950, soft, 47 pages B

Curry, L. F. P., The Stewardship of the Mind, soft, 32 pages B

DeLapp, G. Leslie, In the World..., 1973, hard, 250 pages

Dempsey, Elbert A., Jr., Adventuring with God, 1985, soft, 120 pages

Draper, Maurice L., Credo "I Believe," 1983, soft, 307 pages

Draper, Maurice L., Witnessing through the Sacramental Ordinances, 1951, soft, 45 pages B

Draper, Maurice, Marriage in the Restoration, 1968, hard, 77 pages

Draper, Maurice, Why I Belong, 1958, hard and soft, 144 pages

Edwards, Deane Butler, All Children Are Mine, 1964, hard and soft, 235 pages

Edwards, Deane Butler, Day by Day, 1964, hard, 64 pages

Edwards, Deane Butler, White Fields for Harvest, 1970, hard, 442 pages

Edwards, Deane, Come Light the Lamps, 1969, soft, 63 pages B

Edwards, F. Henry, God Our Help, 1981 reprint, soft, 230 pages

Edwards, F. Henry, The Power that Worketh in Us, 1987, soft, 343 pages

Edwards, Paul M., Ethics: The Possibility of Moral Choice, 1987, soft, 246 pages

Edwards, Paul M., Inquiring Faith, 1967, hard, 112 pages

Edwards, Paul M., The Elder: Minister of Mission, 1997, soft, 92 pages Elser, Otto H. (Ed.), The Ministry of Health & Healing, 1986, soft, 256 pages

Elliott, May, Extraordinary Blessings of an Ordinary Christian, 1974, hard, 182 pages

Empowered to Care, 1980, soft, 220 pages

Ettinger, Cecil R., Thy Kingdom Come, 1965, hard and soft, 96 pages

Facing Today’s Frontiers, 1966, hard & soft, 112 pages B

Gossett, Bob, The Stranger at Emmaus, 1972, hard, 92 pages

Ham, Wayne, Enriching Your New Testament Studies, 1966, hard, 198 pages

Hartshorn, Chris B., Let Us Worship, 1946, hard, 190 pages

Hettrick, Ric and Marcia, From Among Men, 1976, hard, 220 pages

Higdon, Barbara McFarlane, Good News for Today, 1981, soft, 172 pages

Holmes, Reed, Seek This Christ, 1954, hard and soft, 77 pages

Holmes, Reed, The Patriarchs, 1978, soft, 173 pages

Howard, Barbara, Be Swift to Love, 1974, hard, 186 pages

Howard, Barbara, ed., Children: Of Such Is the Kingdom, 1979, soft, 175 pages

Huskey, Hyrum H. Jr., Counseling Skills for Church Leadership, 1980, soft, 135 pages

I Will Be Aware, 1959, soft, 84 pages B

If You Should Ask Why, soft, 15 pages B

Jones, Irene, Know Your Scriptures, 1966, soft, 107 pages

Judd, Peter & Clifford Cole, Distinctives Yesterday and Today, 1983, soft, 168 pages

Judd, Peter, The Sacraments, 1978, soft, 174 pages

Judd, Peter, The Worshiping Community, 1984, soft, 178 pages

Kirkendall, Norma Anne, Let's Do Something About Our Teaching, 1958, soft

Knisley, Alvin, Dictionary of the Book of Mormon, 1945, private, soft, 158 pages

Kramer, Annando, From Now to Eternity, 1993, private, soft, 164 pages

Lambert, J. R., What Is Man? 1973 reprint of 1914 book, soft, 249 pages

Lancaster, Helen, and Fern Bannister, What Is Appointed unto Me? 1962, soft, 56 pages B

Lancaster, Helen B., Someone Touched Me, 1970, soft, 56 pages B

Lancaster, Reta, and Margaret Hausheer, Stewardship in the Home, 1961, soft, 96 pages B

Landon, Donald D., and Robert L. Smith, For What Purpose Assembled, 1969, hard and soft, 188 pages

Landon, Donald, To Be the Salt of the Earth, 1965, hard, 214 pages

Landsberg, Lewis E., Stewards of the Kingdom, 1962, soft, 48 pages B

Lucero, Paul, In Search of the Eternal Christ, 1986, Lightbearer Publ., Montebello, CA, soft, 104 pages

Maples, Evelyn, That Ye Love, 1971, hard and soft, 95 pages

Mesle, C. Robert, Fire in My Bones, 1984, soft, 253 pages

Mesle, Carl, Forward to Zion, soft, 48 pages B

Mesley, Blanche, I Witness for Christ, 1950, soft, 92 pages B

Mortimore, Olive, Out of Abundance, 1971, hard, 41 pages

Nichols, Jeannette, Her Works Praise Her, 1967, 133 pages, hard

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Priesthood Manual, various years 1960-1990, hard

Robison, Pamela Kaye, Abinadi: Man of God, 1981, soft, 62 pages

Robison, Pamela Lents, Alma, 1985, soft, 90 pages

Ruoff, Norman D., (Comp.), Yearbook of Testimony (Volumes 1-5), 1974-1979, 107-189 pages, hard

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Sarre, Winifred Turner, Perce Judd: Man of Peace, 1983, soft, 176 pages

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Slides of The Auditorium, five 35 mm color slides in a sleeve

Smidt, Christine, An Acquaintance with Grief, 1977, hard, 118 pages

Smith, Elbert A., Faith of Our Fathers Living Still, soft, 16 pages B

Smith, Elbert A., Joe Pine, 1971 reprint, soft, 352 pages

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Young, Leonard M., Communities of Joy, 1994, soft, 229 pages

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Prayer Requests

Prayer is needed for Hope Blakely’s niece, Esther in Portland Oregon,

34 years old, many life problems.

Pray for support to come along side as she changes direction.


Missy Bobbitt flies home today and needs prayers for continuing recovery.

Missy Bobbitt is on Caring Bridge for progress updates
You can check on Missy Bobbitt's progress at this link:


Update on Trevor Bloom

Just got off the phone with Trevor's dad Rawlin - Trevor has had another surgery to fix is crushed pelvis and he said it might be a good year before Trevor is able to walk on his own. He will hopefully be getting his breathing tubes taken out today and moved out of ICU. Please continue to pray for Trevor and the family. If you had not heard - Trevor is 20 years old (Garland Schnack's great-nephew) and was in a head-on collision with another dirt bike.