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Montana-Dakota Reunion information

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From: Michele Schmidt

Montana-Dakota Reunion information

So, you’ve been meaning to register for reunion . . . but you’ve just been so busy . . . and you aren’t sure which one to attend . . . and you really need some direction.

Let us help you!

Montana-Dakota Restoration Family Reunion is just around the corner!

July 13th, 3 pm to July 18th, 12 pm

At Mizpah Christian Retreat and Conference Center in beautiful White Sulphur Springs, Montana

At only $100 per person*, it is a great deal!

We are waiting for YOU!

Registration is just $25 each and is due on April 1st! Please call us TODAY!

Register with Albert and Shelly Schmidt by calling 816-461-2883.

*Young children and RV fees are discounted.

Apt For Rent

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Apt For Rent

A restoration lady has a walkout basement apartment (full size windows) in a nice quiet neighborhood now available for rent to a single or couple. 2 bedrooms, one and a half baths, full kitchen with major appliances (side by side frig, full size smooth top electric stove, microwave, dishwasher) separate heat and CA controls, laundry hook up and storage room. It has its own driveway for off street parking and a covered patio. Located near 35th
and Crysler in SW Independence. $700 month plus 1/2

Call 816-833-1728

Forming Youth Choir

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From: Joy Cain

Forming Youth Choir

Reminder!!!! The newly forming Youth Choir (you'll help name the group) for ages 15-35 (ish) will be having its first event THIS Thursday at Living Hope Restoration Branch from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00!

Bring a snack, get acquainted, receive information about the group (schedule, etc), and then --- rehearse!

The first concert will be on June 28th at 7:30 p.m. at The Stone Church!

This group is open to all groups - Restoration, COC, LDS, Temple Lot, etc.!

"...And they did break forth, all as one, singing and praising their God..." 3rd Nephi 2:78

Come share your talents and serve others!

Help spread the word!

Questions? Joy Cain - 868.4931 or find us on Facebook - Youth Choir - Name to be Determined!

Home For Sale

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From: bonnie bird

Home For Sale

We have reduced the price of our home to $15,000.00 plus closing costs- AS IS. 1520 West St. Charles, Independence MO 64050. David and I have purchased another home and we are very motivated to sell this fixer-upper. you are welcome to call me or David. 816-516-5224 or 816-516-5151. I will be happy to send pictures on to anyone who forwards their e-mail or cell phone#. This is a two bedroom, one bath home. 2 City Lots. Includes a large family room in basement and a sunroom on the ground level. A porch at the back of the house that can be screened in. We have installed central air and a high efficiency furnace in 2001. A new roof in the fall of 2012. Gutters need to be replaced. Lots of trees, fenced in yard. Bathroom is very small and the floor needs to be replaced. Kitchen is ready for a remodel. Lots of areas for storage. We were blessed with the funds to purchase our new home and would like to pay it forward by offering a bare-bones cash deal to someone who is looking for a new project/rental or starter home. Could move in as early as the 15th of this month.

Queen size box springs

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Ron Gage

Queen size box springs

Queen size box spring for free need to have moved by

Call Ron Gage at 816-726-4600

Greetings from the Philippines!

From: Paul Gage

Greetings from the Philippines!

Feel free to forward this report on.

Dear Saints,
Good news from the Philippines!

Brother Dayn Cederstrom and I are in Tagum City, Philippines. Last Friday we met with the leadership team, and planned the annual Conference which was held on Saturday. We had the election of officers for the coming year. There were over 400 people in attendance. We celebrated the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper together. A very beautiful spirit was in our midst. On Sunday the Tagum City Branch and the Pantukan Branch held worship together. Following the services and lunch we held a baptismal service for 14 new brothers and sisters. Today we will be traveling to three branches - New Batayan Asuncion, and Sampao. There will be two baby blessings and more baptisms. Tomorrow we will meet with the priesthood for worship, study, and training. Wednesday we will go to the graduation service for one of our sponsored students.

Some remarkable things have happened with more to come.

God Bless,
Richard F. Neill

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Starting tomorrow - C of C

Starting tomorrow - C of C

Interim Policies Approved for USA

After extensive discussion of USA National Conference recommendations, interim policies regarding same-gender marriage and ordination have been approved by the Council of Twelve and the First Presidency for the USA only.

Policies will be effective March 31, 2014, and will be evaluated after two years to determine if any updates or revisions are needed to address questions not previously anticipated.

These policies have been distributed to field officers for the purpose of training local leaders for implementation. Please contact your pastor or mission center president for more information on these policies.

Though these policies have now been released by the First Presidency and Council of Twelve Apostles, no official action can occur until March 31, 2014.

Free Older Saints Heralds

Free Older Saints Heralds

Free older Saints Heralds! Restoration Bookstore (915 E. 23rd St, Independence, MO; open 9-5 Mo-Thu, and 9 to Noon Sat) has a new “Free” table in the lobby. This week it is loaded with older Saints Heralds, including many from the late 1800’s and early 1900s!

"The Land of Jerusalem"

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From: David Woodward

"The Land of Jerusalem"
- A fatal blunder??
With 500 pages of detailed text to work with, it is surprising to see that critics of the Book of Mormon tend to focus their attacks on only a few tiny spots of the text. I think no spot has received more vigorous attacks than Alma 7:10, which contains a prophecy of Alma about the birth of Christ. This passage makes the enormous "blunder" of placing Christ's birth in the land of Jerusalem, rather than in Bethlehem. Not only does everybody know that Christ was born in Bethlehem, but everybody knows that Jerusalem is a city, not a land. In fact, the phrase "land of Jerusalem," which is used dozens of times in the Book of Mormon, is never used in the Bible. Critics have long concluded that this odd usage is proof that Joseph Smith was making things up. They further conclude that the blunder about Jerusalem instead of Bethlehem as the birth place of Christ is further evidence for fraud.

As with most attacks on the Book of Mormon, an apparent weakness has become tremendous evidence for authenticity with advances in scholarship about the ancient world. The Dead Sea Scrolls and other recently discovered ancient documents from Israel confirm that the phrase "land of Jerusalem" was an authentic term used to describe the area around Jerusalem--an area that includes nearby Bethlehem. The documentation for this fascinating finding is provided in a F.A.R.M.S. update entitled Revisiting the Land of Jerusalem via the Dead Sea Scrolls, available as a page on this site with my additional comments. That page was updated Feb. 27, 2001, with even further Dead Sea Scroll evidence. Two non-LDS scholars, Robert Eisenman and Michael Wise, discuss an example of the phrase "land of Jerusalem" in the Dead Sea Scrolls in a passage discussing the time of the prophet Jeremiah. They write that the use of this term "greatly enhances the sense of historicity of the whole, since Judah or 'Yehud' (the name of the area on coins from the Persian period) by this time consisted of little more than Jerusalem and its immediate environs" (The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, New York: Barnes and Noble Books, 1992, p. 57, referring to a passage translated on p. 58). Jeremiah's time overlapped with Lehi's time, and in that time, what was latter called Judah or the land of Judah could appropriately be called "the land of Jerusalem," a term that "greatly enhances the sense of historicity of the whole" when used in a document linked to Jeremiah's time. Should not the same be said of the Book of Mormon? Lehi and his people left "the land of Jerusalem" in Jeremiah's day. With the Dead Sea Scrolls before us, we now know it would be perfectly logical for them to refer to the place where Christ would be born as "the land of Jerusalem." Use of that term was utterly illogical for Joseph Smith, who published the Book of Mormon over a century before the Dead Sea Scrolls were even discovered.

Certainly Joseph Smith knew that Christ was born in Bethlehem--he was familiar with much of the Bible and had heard the story of Christ's birth numerous times. If he were making the Book of Mormon up, why on earth would he make such a terrible blunder, placing Christ's birth in Jerusalem? Far from a blunder, the use of the term "land of Jerusalem" in the Book of Mormon is consistent with usage in the Dead Sea Scrolls and can now be viewed as powerful evidence for the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. Indeed, it adds greatly to "the sense of historicity" of the book.

By the way, critics need to know that their arguments used against Alma 7:10 would equally well condemn the Bible, for 2 Kings 14:20 also speaks of the City of David (Bethlehem) as being "at Jerusalem." But in spite of this and in spite of the heavy evidence for authenticity provided by the phrase "land of Jerusalem," the absurd attack on Alma 7:10 remains as one of the most used weapons in the anti-Mormon arsenal against the Book of Mormon. After nearly 170 years of attacking, one would think that the critics could muster much better arguments by now.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Used Range...Wanted

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Dan Hood

Used Range...

Our GE Electric range is on the blink. I would prefer to replace it with a gas stove, standard 30".
We can't afford a brand new one right now, so just putting the word out.
I can pick up, maybe trade home repair work, or other assistance in exchange.

Please contact:

Dan Hood

Thanks, Dan.

One more time

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From: Connie Guthrie

One more time

We need someone to till a small area for a small garden.
If anyone out there knows someone, please email me.

Also, we have a dead tree. And some other limbs.

We would appreciate anyone to help.

Dave just cannot do this.

We thank you all.

We now have a home in Independence, all your prayers were answered.

We are so very thankful.

Dave and Connie Guthrie

Organ for sale

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From: Cindy Hodges

Organ for sale

1983 Baldwin Overture Fun Machine Model MCO for $250.00.
If interested please contact Cindy Hodges 816-461-5498

Thanks so much

Cindy Hodges

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pray for Bill Newton

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From: rkresch

Everyone please pray for my brother, Bill Newton.

He had a major heart attack yesterday,Thursday, March 27.

Thank you,
Kathie Resch

Thursday, March 27, 2014

NY Times “Noah” Ad Encourages Bible Reading

NY Times “Noah” Ad Encourages Bible Reading
In a full-page ad in yesterday’s New York Times, the makers of the new epic film Noah recommend you read the biblical account of Noah’s story in the Bible App. We couldn’t agree more!

Read Noah's story in the Bible App
Link Replaced:

With the abundance of Bible-related movies and television shows over the past year, Hollywood seems to be realizing something the YouVersion community already knows: all over the world, this generation is excited about engaging with the Bible.

Link Replaced:

Trailer link:

April Scripture Calendar

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Bar Giertz>

April Scripture Calendar

Dear Saints,

Attached is a Scripture Study Calendar for April 2014. Every effort has been made to eliminate errors. You will note that the last two days of March are included due to changes on day 30.

We trust you will continue to find these calendars encouraging, and uplifting.
Your Sister in Christ,
Barb Giertz

March 2014 – rev.


D&C 28:9a-c; D&C 10:10a-d; D&C 36:11a-d; D&C 102:2a-b


D&C 103:1-3c; D&C18:7a-e; D&C 137:6a-b

April 2014

“Wherefore the voice of the Lord is unto the ends of the earth, that all that will hear may hear;” D&C 1:3a


Scripture Thought


Sec 1:3

Are we prepared to hear the voice of the Lord?


Daniel 10:7-9

Will you be a hearer or will you flee?


Deuteronomy 4:11-13

Where do we find the voice of God?


Sec 85:17

Are you willing to be the voice?


John 10:27-28

Are we his sheep?


Sec 45:2

Do we listen for the Lord’s voice?


Psalm 1:1

Who are your companions?


2 Nephi 11:147-148

Do we hide the counsel of the Lord?


2 Nephi 6:59-61

Have we learned to hearken to the Lord’s counsel?


1 Nephi 5:232-237

Do we hearken unto the counsel of the Lord?


Matthew 22:15-22

Do we try to entangle others for our own purpose?


Proverbs 12:5-9

How much bread do you have?


Proverbs 1:22-33

Do we listen to the reproof of the Lord?


Psalm 33:4-12

How long will our counsel stand?


Psalm 14

Are we ashamed of the Lord’s counsel?


Proverbs 19:20

Do we hear the counsel?


Acts 4:27-33

Do we listen or have predetermined our counsel?


Deuteronomy 32:24-29

Are we void of counsel?


Jacob 3:12-15

Who is your counsel from?


Acts 20:25-29

Have we shared all our counsel?


Mark 2:13-15

Christ came for the sinner, not the righteous.


Alma 19:81

God gave us a plan to correct our sins.


Psalm 25:8

How do you teach a sinner?


Proverbs 13:6

What is your relationship to the sinner?


1 Peter 4:16-19

Have we left room for the sinner?


Proverbs 23:17

Where is your desire?


Mosiah 12:1-8

Even the vilest sinner can repent.


Mark 3:21-22

Repentance and forgiveness is universal.


Luke 6:33

Do you love the sinner?


Luke 15:8-10

The return of a sinner should bring joy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"They Were Good People" - A New Book: High Priest Francis Harper

A New Book: High Priest Francis Harper from Woodbine, Iowa has just released his latest book, entitled,

"They Were Good People"

Brother Harper has included chapters in the book dealing with people of the Church as Restored in 1830, Reorganized in 1860, and up through Oscar Case, Elbert A. Smith and others. Stories and testimonies have been gathered from many sources. There are 26 chapters in 311 pages.

This is a timely book as we approach the 184th anniversary of the Church on April 6,
The book sells for $10.00 and is available at the Conference of Restoration Elders office at 500 N. Union in Independence, MO. Office hours are 10-4 Mon-Wed-Fri. The books can be mailed, as ordered, for an additional $2.00 for postage per book. The office phone number is 816-836-3421. Checks can be made out to the CRE and in the memo line write "Francis Harper book"

The book will also be available during the activities of Church Heritage Week, March 30-April 6, 2014.
March 30 5th Sunday evening preaching service,
Tues. April 1 Service of Testimony,
Thur. April 3 Service of Prayer,
Sat. April 5 all day gathering of the Saints, and
Sun. April 6 combined Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

all held at Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch/CPRS in Independence, MO.
All these events sponsored and supported by the Pastors of Zion (POZ) and Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE).Flyers and/or notices have been sent out to the pastors, at least in the Center Place.

If you are a pastor or group contact person and would make this information available to your branch or group, it would be very much appreciated.

If you have any questions you can call me at 816-833-6552 or contact me by email at

Thank you and God bless

Paul J, Gage
CRE Office Manager

Prayers for Mission Trips

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From: paul gage

Dear Saints,

If you would, please uphold in prayer the following missionary endeavors over the next two months:

India/Nepal High Priest Francis Harper, Elder Brian Herren, Priest Travis Clark

Philippines (Mindanao-southern region) Seventy Richard Neill, Elder Dayn Cederstrom

Kenya Elders Brian Mundy and Joe Hale and Kathleen Rindels, Judi Smith, Riane Thomas

Philippines (Luzon-northern region) Elder Murray Broughton and wife Delma from Australia and Elder Frank Shepard from Maine

Germany Elder Brian Mundy

April 2014 Australian Restoration News

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From: Noel Rowlatt

April 2014 Australian Restoration News

Attached is the latest Australian Restoration News. We trust that you will have a worshipful and happy Easter as we remember the great blessing that Jesus bestowed upon us by His death and resurrection.
Noel Rowlatt.



Around and About the Centre Place by High Priest Paul Gage Independence, MO

Greetings to the lovely Saints in Australia. Often when I think of you, I recall the words from the hymn, "Praise Ye the Lord." The fifth verse reads: "His Saints are lovely in His sight, He views His children with delight. He see their hopes, He knows their fears, and looks and loves His image here." Rest assured that as He sent His Only Begotten Son to die for our sins, it was out of His great and eternal love.

I, along with fellow Elder, Leo Carroll, from Waldo just returned home from a ten day trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania. We had a wonderful time visiting with three groups of Saints and several in their homes. The
Lord blessed us in every way. The trip reminded me of my two previous trips to Australia in 2007 and 2012, except we didn't see any kangaroos.

There are many activities coming up in April for those in the Centre Place. Sunday night, March 30 will begin a week of Church Heritage opportunities for the Saints to come together. March 30 will be a Sunday
evening preaching service at Waldo and sponsored by the Pastors of Zion (POZ) in conjunction with the city of Independence, MO in an effort to collect various items for the needy and homeless.

Tuesday evening, April 1, 2014 will be a Service of Testimony and Thursday, April 3, 2014 will be a Service of Prayer. Both services will be held at Waldo/CPRS.

Saturday, April 5, 2015 will be an all day gathering of the Saints for learning, worship and fellowship.

The events of this day are sponsored by the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE).

Sunday, April 6, 2014, is the 184th anniversary of the Reorganization of the church in 1860. This day will find many Saints in the Centre Place

gathering for the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper at Waldo/CPRS. The event is sponsored by the POZ and supported by the CRE.

A number of youth retreats were held, in March, for the youth of the Centre area. The retreats were held at the Odessa Hills Campgrounds at Odessa, MO.

Please continue to uphold in prayer, the various missionary teams going into the world: High Priest Francis Harper, Elder Brian Herren and Priest Travis Clark to Nepal and India, March 22-April 30. Seventy Richard Neill and Elder Dayn Cederstrom to the Mindanao region of the Philippines in late March and

early April. Elders Brian Mundy and Joe Hale and sisters Judi Smith, Riane Thomas, and Kathleen Rindels to Kenya April 14-28. In late April, Elder Murray Broughton and wife Delma will be going back to the

Luzon region of the Philippines. They will be joined by Elder Frank Shepard from Maine. The SEAAM Board is still seeking those who would come to Australia. We are currently seeking those who might come over for the reunion in 2015.

Registrations are coming in for the Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Conference of Restoration Elders June 22-27, 2014. This is the third annual event sponsored by the POZ and CRE. We would love to have some Saints from Australia join us for this reunion/conference.

The theme for the reunion, "Prepare Every Needful Thing" DC 85:36b. This is a vital scripture for each of us to actively pursue in our efforts to prepare our individual lives for the return of Jesus Christ and/or His Kingdom. An old song said, "The times, they are a-changing." This surely is true in today's world, how even with all the high technology, a huge airliner can go missing for over two weeks and have all countries
in limbo in regards to the moral and ethical standards, that were once assured, but now very rapidly being removed from society, promoting a condition among mankind that is like unto the days of Noah and Lot.

The word of the Lord will not return to Him void.

As this month we remember the last week in the life of our Lord, Jesus Christ, when He walked the earth, may we be willing to face the facts of what Jesus endured for each of us. May we be willing to rise above the conditions of the world and become a people He can use to usher in His Kingdom. God bless each of you in your efforts to be faithful and endure to the end. Love in Christ God is Great submitted by Elder Neil Kerswell,Queensland.

I love scriptures that describe God, they thrill the soul as you begin to understand, but more often try to imagine what God is really like. They are filled with foundation qualities which if we will welcome into our
being would make our lives a much richer experience.

Deuteronomy 32:3 & 4. (3) Because I will publish the name of the Lord; ascribe ye greatness unto our God. (4) He is the Rock, his work is perfect; for all his ways are judgment; a God of truth and without
iniquity, just and right is he.
.anniversary of the organization of the church in 1830 and the 154th


If you were ever going to put your trust in someone, the God of our Creation as described in Moses’ song has got to be the place to start. Just think of our fellow man, many tell lies, some are involved in dodgy
work practices, others are unjust in their views to life, and therefore people suffer at their hands without cause. The scripture above from Deuteronomy describing our God tells us He is genuinely Great, He is a
foundation Rock upon which we can build without fear of collapse, His work is perfect, honest and pure, He judges all creation because he has Laws that uphold, protect and preserve those whom they govern. God is!
and represents truth, justice and righteousness.

To describe God like this, Moses was moved upon by the Holy Ghost, which gift bears witness of Him; without which we as human beings are incapable of sharing a truthful witness of God. This is so important
for Ministry. If we through sin, do not have the Spirit of God enlightening our hearts and minds, we are best to take a seat in preference of someone who does that day; of course the more notice the better. But
ultimately the people of God come prepared for a Spiritual Feast of the Bread and Water of Life. Anything less is going to give the sheepfold indigestion and some may become weak or sick.

Psalm 25:4 & 5. (4) Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. (5 .Lead me in thy truth, and teach me; for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

God does not expect us to understand without help. He is patient and willing to teach us. In fact He has told us he likes to reason with us as a man reasons one with another. This gives us to understand that he
wants a personal relationship with us one on one. This means you and I are very important to Him. In fact not only will He talk with us as we pray believing, through the Ordinances of His Church he comes to live
within us by the power of the Holy Ghost. This presence in us we are told will bring all things to our remembrance and give us what to say in the very hour we have need of it. This gift and presence relates us
to God helping us truly become His sons and daughters. Do you know of anyone in the ways of world thinking that can even light a candle to the goodness and reliability of God? Through the sacrifice of God
through His Son Jesus Christ, we have had opened to us citizenship in the Kingdom of God; we are saved.

Within God’s kingdom there are many mansions and glories. Are we willing to keep the laws of the highest?

Psalm 86:15. But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, long-suffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.

God is filled with compassion and grace. He is not ruthless, short fused as some leaders are throughout the world. He has compassion on us in our sins, and has shown grace towards us, or in other words He gave
us a gift we did not earn or deserve; made available in the life and ministry of Jesus. He is long suffering and merciful with us. We should all be so thankful that he is, but let us not tempt the Lord our God because
He has told us His Spirit will not always strive with man. Oh how awful the state of a person with whom God has withdrawn His Spirit. Let us abide within His grace and mercy, loving Him and keeping His commandments.

These 3 small scriptures that have been quoted help us to begin to understand just a little about God.

God is Great, God is our Foundation and Rock, God’s Works are perfect, God judges, God is Truth, There is no iniquity in God, God is just and right, God reveals unto us His Way and teaches us of His Path, God
leads us into His Truth, God is our Salvation, God is compassionate, God is gracious, God is long suffering and filled with Mercy and Truth.

As I think about God with these things in mind all I can do is Honor His Holy name. May you be blessed as you ponder these things in your heart is my Prayer in Jesus Name, Amen.


Tamworth News submitted by Sr.Bev.Wilkinson

Greetings form Tamworth and we wish you the Joys and Blessings of a Happy Easter. Although small in number we continue to meet for Services and are grateful for the ministry given by our Priesthood, Elder
Peter Archer and Deacon Roy Schubert.

On Sunday 23rd February Elder Peter spoke on “Agency” He said Satan wanted to take away man’s Agency, a gift given to all by God, and because of this grievous sin, was cast out of heaven. We have our
Agency to choose whom we may serve. We have chosen to make a covenant to be children of God. Elder Peter said “ Pray always to be able to withstand all temptation and the Holy Spirit will lead us in all good.’’

We were saddened by the passing of our Brother Priest Glaude Graybill on 22nd February 2014. He was a blessing to us in his ministry in Australia with his Brother Roger in 2007. A gentle, humble, loving man.

Our sympathy and love is extended to all his family.

On Sunday 2nd March we gathered at 93 Glen Garvin Drive for a Worship and Communion Service.

Elder Peter spoke on the 'Miracles of Jesus’ and that God never changes and is the same throughout Eternity.

On Saturday 8th March Elder Peter and Sr. Helen travelled to Sydney to take their son Danny’s refrigerator and items to him at his new unit, and on the 9th March Deacon Roy and Sister Daphne went to Tumut to visit son Paul and family and spent a week with them.

Elder Peter’s theme for Sunday 16th March was the “ Sword of the Spirit”. Peter said “Try the Spirits, the true spirit will lead to all truth The word is our Lord Jesus, and in him is the Spirit of Truth. We come
prepared in our worship to feel the spirit which bears witness of all Truth.”

Birthdays for April

Arron Whitcomb 10th

Wedding Anniversaries.

Elder Peter and Helen Archer on 2nd April. and Donna and David Arnall on 9th

Kelvin View Mission News submitted by Elder G,D. Grayden, Pastor Kelvin View, Victoria.

We continue to meet at the Kelvin View Hall which always presents a beautiful churchy appearance with the picture of Christ being central and the Communion table suitably decorated with a red cloth, flowers
central and the three standard books very much visible.

The offering plate also takes a suitable position, reminding us of the privilege of giving towards the work of the kingdom and also on the Communion Sunday, the offering plate for the Oblation for the poor and
needy. This same hall many years ago was the venue for preaching by missionaries of the church sharing the restoration message.

Our two Elders, Broughton and Grayden, have continued to provide preaching ministry with sermons covering: “Faith removes mountains”, “The first to the last”, “What manner of men”, “A man with a
question” (the wonderful prophecy of Enoch providing much interest).

Br.Neville & Sr.Betty Broughton have been enjoying a holiday in Tasmania and we welcome them back.

Ministry at Benalla to Bro.Larry Pedersen who resides in a care facility is made once a month and the subject for the Sacrament service was “The potter and the clay”. The Pastor used a piece of pottery that was
made at his Grandfather’s pottery factory in Melbourne many years ago.

We continue to look for much needed rain and this reminds us of the likening of the Holy Spirit to water, without which we will die.


Newcastle News submitted by Sr.Gianna Loyd. Newcastle

My parents, Don and Nina DiRico, celebrated 56 years of marriage on March 4th I had my birthday on March 8th are expecting their first baby due around end of September early October.

Philippines News submitted by Elder Murray Broughton

We had sad news recently that there had been an accident in Agno where 2 members and 3 others were involved in a traffic accident. Sr.Maribel’s husband is seriously injured. Your prayers for them would be very much appreciated.

Sunday School is being held in various locations, areas and average attendances are as follows:

Agno-39 children, Trece Martirez-21children, Antipolo-10 children, Puerto Galera-16 children. Youth ministry has grown in numbers and they are looking forward to our coming to the Philippines.

I am trying to buy a house in Trece Martirez for worship services, Sunday School and for the youth to study God's word. I love going to the Philippines on Missionary work. Please remember us in your prayers.

(Elder Murray and Sister Delma Broughton will be leaving for Philippines on 4th May 2014 for 4 weeks.)

Expression of Appreciation.

I want to thank the good Saints of Australia for the condolences that were sent to us after the passing away of Glaude. Glaude had been suffering from poor health especially the last few months, but we were
taken by surprise when he did pass on. Glaude told me the day before he passed away that he thought the end was near for him and that it was not his own thinking, but that God had revealed this to him. He also
said his hope was in the resurrection. When he said that the end was near for him, I thought he was speaking of the next few months, not the next day, and I don't think he knew for sure when it would happen. Another elder and I administered to Glaude the evening before he died and both of our prayers were that God's will be done in his life, and that was what Glaude requested we ask God in our prayers.

The six months that we spent in Australia in 2007 were a great blessing to Glaude and I, and I know that Glaude wanted to make a return trip, but of course that never happened. Thank you again for your kind
thoughts and sympathy.

Roger Graybill

April and Carol St Vincent 14th



. We are all very excited by the news that our son Josh and his wife Claire


Please include in your prayers the following people who are in need of a blessing in health.

Geoff & Elma Grayden Gwen Whately Adrienne Windsor Colin & Mary Dunn Stan Robinson Roy Schubert Bob Wilkinson Those injured in the accident in the Philippines



17-19 Juers Street, Kingston, Queensland. Pastor: Elder Alma Kerswell. Phone 07 3800 1151


Sun. 6th. 9.50 a.m. Recorded Music

10.00 a.m COMMUNION SERVICE. Elder A Kerswell Priest L.Scott

11.00 a.m. Prayer & Testimony Service. Elder A Kerswell

Musical Item for Service. Glenn Kerswell followed by a short meeting to discuss the type of side fence to be erected and associated earth works

Sun. 13th. 9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing. Luke Scott Flowers: Janice Kerswell

10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder N.Rowlatt Priest L.Scott

11.00 a.m. Class. Elder N.Churchill

Sun. 20th. 9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing. Linda Kerswell Flowers: Linda Kerswell

(Easter) 10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder N.Kerswell asstd. by Priest L.Scott

Musical Item for Service. Linda & Luke

followed by Morning Tea (Please bring a plate)

. 9.50 a.m. Recorded Music Flowers: Joyce Rowlatt

10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Priest L.Scott Elder A.Kerswrell

11.00 a.m. Class. Elder N.Rowlatt


Congratulations to the following people who celebrate personal events in April.

Birthdays. Alma Kerswell reaches the milestone of 70 on the 14th

Wedding Anniversaries.

Donald & Narelle Olsen on the 7th

Neville & Del Churchill on the 14th


Sue Parker of Murwillumbah has had an eye operation and is recovering very well.


We were saddened to receive the news of the death of Br.Glaude Graybill and join with the other Australian saints in extending our deepest sympathies to his family.

Contributions to the Australian Restoration News need to come by the 20th submitted by email if possible. Email details are Phone contact: 07 3824 8386

We would love to have contributions from isolated members in Australia; articles or testimonies or just greetings. We would also like to hear from American saints who have ministered in Australia.

If you do not have access to an internet facility and would like to post your article to me, I will try and have it typed and included, but I would need to receive it by the 18th issue.

Postal details are as follows: N.Rowlatt, 6 Wetheral Place, Alexandra Hills, 4161 Queensland, Australia.

The editor reserves the right to edit any material supplied for printing in this publication.

Joyce Rowlatt on the 21st will celebrate their 30th

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Storm" - Ted Yoder - hammered dulcimer

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paula

Fan Friday #28 - "Storm" - Ted Yoder - hammered dulcimer

This incredible dulcimer player will be having a concert here at The Mansion House on May 17, 2014 in the chapel. The tickets will only be $10.00. You can get them through Dave Courtney at (816) 896-8889.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Cosmetologists wanted

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Julie Leibold

Cosmetologists wanted for Makeover/Makeup Events

Makeup supplied

Please Call Julie Leibold RN/FCN at 816-517-6802

Julie J. Leibold RN/FCN
Community Educator/Health Management

Monday, March 24, 2014

Houses For Sale in Blue Springs

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Betty Vickery

Houses For Sale in Blue Springs

Jerry is the administrator for Leo Vickery's estate. We have two side by side, 2 bedroom, full basement - part finished, the houses are at 431 and 433 Sherwood Drive, Blue Springs, MO--just behind Casey's at N Highway 7 and Pink Hill Road. They would be great for a family unit that wants to stay together. Both have new roofs within the last year.

They can be seen by googling the address or contacting

Betty Vickery

Plumbing services needed

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Midwest Rentals

Plumbing services needed

Plumber or person with plumbing skills needed periodically for residential rental units and business strip center. Jobs include: drains, sewer lines, leaks, faucet repair or replacement, garbage disposal servicing or replacement, servicing of a grinder/pump, etc. Same day service preferred and sometimes necessary. Please contact Rachel at with information regarding experience, two references, and rates - service call or hourly, daytime and evening/weekend.

Thank you.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Home For Sale--check it out!

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Benjamin Newell

Home For Sale--check it out!

Ben and Rochelle Newell are selling their home. They designed and built this house themselves 9 years ago and now are looking for good people to move in. It's on a quiet, dead-end street with great neighbors. You will be surrounded by country, but five minutes from any store you might need. The house is in the Independence School District (William Southern Elementary School, Bridger, and Truman).
Click the following URL to see the listing:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

In Defense of Joseph Smith

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Melody Nelson

In Defense of Joseph Smith New comment on Was Melissa Lott Willis a plural wife of Joseph Smith

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post

"Was Melissa Lott Willis a plural wife of Joseph Smith...":

Link Replaced:

He said after the psychiatry mental status exam Giant's game
with the Atlanta Falcons. In the event of a due process proceeding, independent
evaluators can give testimony and their written reports
can be submitted as psychiatry mental status exam evidence.

Apartment in Independence needed

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Nathan Smith

Apartment in Independence needed

My aunt and uncle need to move to a handicapped accessible apartment in the Independence area. The ideal apartment would have two bedrooms and be near a bus line. They can afford about $500/month in rent. Please contact if you know of an opportunity.

Prayer Request - Nepal Missinon Trip

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jacob Roberts

Prayer Request

Please keep Francis Harper, Brian Herren, and Travis Clark in your prayers. They will be traveling to Nepal for missionary work during March 22 to April 30.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Urgent prayer request!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: April Erwin

Urgent prayer request!

Lindsey Kunz is in the hospital after her 3rd surgery in 3 months and things aren't going well. I called today to talk to her and she was unable to speak to me herself. I'm being told they will have to do more x-rays to find out what is causing her distress today. She is a 32 year old wife who has always seemed in such good health until just recently. She could really use some mighty prayers.


April Erwin

Invest In Our CPRS Youth

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Center Place Restoration School

Invest In Our Youth

Center Place Restoration School is now drawing near to the close of the 2013-2014 school year – our twenty-second year of operation. With this year’s senior class, we will have issued 425 diplomas over that time, as well as several certificates of completion for non-traditional students. Our graduates have gone on to a variety of fields and endeavors, and many have become faithful leaders. We are pleased to see our students working within the church and community, and intend that CPRS will continue to be a source of the strong foundation that is so necessary for today’s youth.

In the future we have a vision of expanding the ministry of the school to reach not only the outlying areas but eventually other nations, through technology, media, and future missionary work.

The operation of a facility such as CPRS works best with the united assistance of our people. Costs include insurance, general upkeep, special projects, salaries, textbooks and classroom supplies, to name a few. Tuition paid by families covers only about 55-60% of the cost of running the school, with the remainder of our operating funds coming from branches and individuals who have a vision for this work.

You, too, may be part of this high calling of preparing our youth for the future and spreading the truth of the gospel message by making a one-time or regular donation to CPRS. Monies may be sent directly to the school at 819 W. Waldo Avenue, Independence MO, 64050, or may be brought to the school office. Your contribution will make a difference that you might never fully realize. We invite you now to give to this tower of Zion and be part of the mission.

Thank you for your consideration and hope for your continued prayerful support of this cause.
Thank You
Pam Crislip
CPRS 816-252-1715

Kingdom Builders service

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jon Tandy

Kingdom Builders service

The next Kingdom Builders service is this Sunday night, March 23, 6:30 PM, at Outreach Restoration Branch.

All are invited, but especially please pass this message along to youth (Jr. High through Older Youth) and youth leaders in your branches.

See our Facebook page ( for updates about future services, and share the page with others!

Updates will also be posted on the new Restoration Branch Calendar at (

The final Kingdom Builders service of this season is planned for Apr. 27.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Free Restoration Faith e-book novel available

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From: April Erwin

Free Restoration Faith e-book novel available

Hello Everyone!

My latest Restoration Faith based e-novel, Dysfunction Junction, just released in December of 2013. I had some great testimonies that led to the writing and publishing of this book and I'm so excited to be able to share it with everyone!

To help spread the word and shape my marketing efforts, I'm looking for 3-5 women in the age range of 20-35 years old who would like to receive a free copy of this novel in exchange for a written review and to fill out a short questionnaire to help me in marketing my book.

Dysfunction Junction is an e-book that can be emailed directly to you in any format for any reader. If you don't have an e-reader, you can read it on your computer or laptop as a PDF file or print the pages.

You can read more about my book, see the book trailer and more if you check out my website at Also there are several reviews up at, but keep in mind the book is available for all readers, NOOK, Kindle or any other reader. (It is not available in print format at this time.)

If you're interested, or know someone that would be, please email me at or message me through my website with the Subject line: "Free book". I look forward to sharing with you.

Thank you so much!

April Erwin
Missing Pieces by April Erwin & NOW AVAILABLE : Dysfunction Junction,, or

Noah's Ark Has Been Found

Noah's Ark Has Been Found

Read the article here:

The Visual Evidence

The first part of the survey was to examine the object and take its measurements. The shape looked like hull of a ship. One end was pointed as you would expect from bow [below: D] and the opposite end was blunt like a stern. The distance from bow to stern was 515 feet, or exactly 300 Egyptian cubits. The average width was 50 cubits. These were the exact measurements mentioned in the Bible.

Home For Sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: C Waters

Home For Sale

Salem East - Fort Osage High School
Osage Trail Middle School
Blue Hills Elementary School
School District - Fort Osage
3 Car Garage - 4 Bedrooms - 2 full Bath - 1 Partial
18501 Concord Circle
Listed through The Arndorfer Team Premium Realty Group
816 215 9731

Celebrating Our Heritage

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Joe Burkart


Celebrating Our Heritage
All Restoration Branch Saints Are Invited
The Restored Gospel
—A Call to Action—
Then and Now
Saturday, April 5th, 2014
Waldo Restoration

Saturday April 5th Agenda
9:15-9:30 Gather
9:30-10:30 Prayer Service
10:45-12:00 General Class -
The Restored Gospel—The Treasure in
Earthen Vessels— Elder Danny Hight
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:15 General Class -
The Restored Gospel—The Treasure in
Earthen Vessels— Elder Danny Hight
2:30-3:00 Closing Worship
3:15-4:30 Priesthood Meeting
Other Activities During
“Heritage Week”
Events sponsored by the Pastors of Zion &
the Conference of Restoration Elders
March 30 at 6 PM, 5th Sunday
April 1 at 6:30 PM, Testimony
April 3 at 6:30 PM, Prayer
April 6 at 8 AM, Preparation
Prayer Service
10 AM Sacrament Service

Thank you,
Joe Burkart

Beit Lehi is a buried city under excavation

Beit Lehi, Israel (Translation: The House of Lehi)

Beit Lehi is a buried city just a few miles southwest of Jerusalem, and is currently under excavation. It received its name from the Bedouin Arabs who reside in the area.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT - Research and Writing Specialist

Job Posting

Research and Writing Specialist for our Kansas City office.






STEPHEN C. MOSS (816) 471-8282


March 17, 2014


Research and Writing Specialist

Office of the Federal Public Defender

Western District of Missouri

The FEDERAL PUBLIC DFENDER for the Western District of Missouri is accepting applications for the position of research
and writing specialist, to be stationed in the Kansas City office. The Federal Public Defender operates under the
authority of the Criminal Justice Act, 18 U.S.C. § 3006A, to provide defense services in federal criminal cases and related
matters by appointment from the court to individuals unable to afford counsel.

Requirements. A research and writing specialist is an attorney position. Applicants must be: (1) a graduate of an
accredited law school; (2) admitted to practice in good standing before the highest court of a state; and (3) licensed to
practice in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri by the first day of duty. Appointment is subject to a
satisfactory background investigation, including an FBI name check and fingerprint check.

Duties. The primary duties of a research and writing specialist include: (1) drafting motions, memoranda, briefs and
petitions to be filed in the U.S. District court, the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States; and

(2) consulting with attorneys on legal issues arising in discovery, motion practice, trial, sentencing and appeal. A
research and writing specialist may be required to perform general paralegal duties, as well as other duties as assigned.

The research and writing specialist is not an assistant federal public defender and does not ordinarily sign pleadings or
make court appearances. The position requires occasional travel.

Selection Criteria. The successful applicant for research and writing specialist will have an established capacity or clearly
demonstrated aptitude for excellence in criminal defense practice, a commitment to the representation of indigent
accused persons, and a reputation for integrity. Applicants must also possess the ability to communicate effectively with
clients, witnesses, colleagues, and the court and agency personnel. The successful applicant will have strong legal
research and word processing skills, will be able to analyze legal issues from complex records, and write clearly and
concisely. Appellate writing experience or experience in handling federal criminal cases is preferred.

Salary and Benefits. The starting salary for a research and writing specialist falls within a range of $47,923 (JSP-9, Step 1)
to $114,872 (JSP-15, Step 1). The salary of the successful applicant will be commensurate with the person’s
qualifications and experience. The position is the excepted service and does not carry the tenure rights of the
competitive Civil Service. The position does offer federal government employment benefits, including participation in
health and life insurance, retirement and the Thrift Savings Plan. Salary is payable only by Electronic Funds Transfer

How to Apply. Persons may apply by forwarding a letter of interest, résumé, and representative writing sample. Legal
experience should be described in detail. Send completed application to Stephen Moss, “Acting” Federal Public

Defender, Western District of Missouri, 818 Grand Blvd., Suite 300, Kansas City, MO 64106. To request a reasonable
accommodation for any part of the application or interview process, contact Administrative Officer, Kristin Kertz at
(816)471-8282. Position is subject to the availability of funds. Application deadline is April 15, 2014.

The Federal Public Defender is an equal-opportunity employer.

Update on Donna Comfort

---- Forwarded Message -----
From: Bruce Luedeman

Update on Donna Comfort

Donna is making some progress after her fall. She is still in considerable pain and is on meds for that. Villages of Jackson Creek staff will review her case after two weeks which will be March 26 and decide what the next course of treatment will be and if she can go home. That is Donna’s desire, to be able to go back to her home, so that is what we are praying for at this time, that she improves enough and there are resources available so she can return home.

There isn’t much fight left in Donna and she has been preparing herself for this time for quite awhile. While she isn’t giving up and would like to stick around longer, she is very tired. It’s been a hard year. We hope she will gain enough strength to make it to her birthday which is May 22. She will be 83 and would like that.

You all have been wonderful to remember her with cards and letters of appreciation. Keep them coming. Perhaps that will help her endure. I know it will make however many days she has left very pleasant. Her address is 4221 S. Mc Coy, Independence, MO 64055.

P.S. Donna particularly enjoys cards that make her laugh


Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Rachel Horn

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

More teaching positions

Home with Acreage - Wanted

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Olivarez

Home with Acreage

We are looking to purchase a home with acreage. We would like 10 - 40 acres anywhere in the western half of Missouri. We would also prefer a home with a minimum of 2 bedrooms. We would also consider raw land to build a house on. Please email John at or call 816-304-0297.

God Bless,

Obituary for Thomas Dooley

Obituary for Thomas Dooley
Thomas Ernest “Tom” Dooley, 83 of Independence, MO, passed away, Monday, March 17, 2014 at Golden Living Center. Services will be 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at the Carson-Speaks Chapel, 1501 W. Lexington Ave., Independence, MO 64052. Burial with full military honors will follow in Mound Grove Cemetery. The family will greet friends from 6 to 8:00 p.m., Tuesday evening at the chapel. Tom was born January 3, 1931 in Independence, MO to Roy and Cathryn (McKevit) Dooley. He grew up in Independence and graduated from William Chrisman High School. He proudly served in the US Army during the Korean War. He was a member of the Chilhowee Restoration Branch. He devoted his life doing missionary work with his wife and her family. He is survived by; 2 daughters, Beth Ann Smith and her husband Richard Smith of Napoleon, MO and Merry Cathryn Kremer of Orrick, MO; 5 grandchildren, Mateo Morgan, David Morgan, Miguel Morgan, Nico Morgan and Marcos Smith and 6 great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife Angela Dooley in 2002. Online condolences may be expressed to the family at (Arrangements: Carson-Speaks Chapel (816) 252-7900)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Piano Wanted

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Connie Guthrie

Also, we are looking for a piano. The one we was to get when Dave's mom passed away last April we did not get. Dave's birthday is on March 25th, I would like to find him one for his birthday. He will be 66 years old.

For any questions please email us at

We do thank you.
Connie and Dave Guthrie

Dodge Ram Truck For Sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Connie Guthrie

We are trying to sell our 1996 Ram Truck, it is a 4 x 4. Automatic, power windows, supercab, with side steps and short bed has tool box on back.

We have it in Independence at our house.

We are asking $4000.00 obo

It is a really nice truck but we have no need for it.

For any questions please email us at

We do thank you.
Connie and Dave Guthrie

Kenya Youth Banquet

Kenya Youth Banquet

You are invited to a banquet to assist our Kenya youth in attending college. The banquet will be held at Colbern Road Restoration Branch on March 29th.There is a $25.00 donation for the dinner. Viewing for the silent auction will begin at 5:00 p,m. and the dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m.
For reservations or further information,
please contact Mary Prater at (816) 277-8885.

If you are unable to attend the dinner but would like to help support this fundraising event we are opening up the live auction to the general public. Bidding will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. The following items will be auctioned off:

One week vacation in a 2 bedroom condominium at any RCI resort in the USA

Two night stay at a 2 bedroom condominium in Branson

Victorian dollhouse and antique furnishings

Dinner for 6 by a personal chef

Dinner for 8 with an African theme

8 hours carpentry work

Wedding cake by Covenant Cakes

Wedding floral design and flowers at wholesale cost

Wedding accessories (i.e. guest book & pen, flower girl basket, ring bearer's pillow, toasting goblets and many more items)

3 Hours of House Cleaning

Staycation Package: includes 4 tickets each to Adventure Oasis, the Zoo, etc.

There will be numerous items in the silent auction including many theme baskets. We hope you will come and support this worthy cause.

Thank you,
The Restoration Women's Council

Cara Frye Update

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paula Swayne

Cara Frye Update

The tube that goes from the liver to the intestines was damaged during the gallbladder operation. They will be borrowing from her intestines to rebuild the tube.

Cara's doctor was just here and I took notes. I am just pasting the notes to this message. I hope it makes sense to you. I am upset I cannot go with my daughter to the hospital in St. Louis. I am unable to leave my husband David as he takes too much care.

Here are the notes I took:
Dr Strasberg is world renowned in this area and is located in St Louis.

World’s expert on this situation. This will make her life much better. The ambulance to Barnes-Jewish is $3000. They are going to make it happen at no cost. To fix everything don't worry about the costs.

Will get ambulance ride tomorrow afternoon. Will be seen by a team there. They will look at the tests and take more tests, and do the operation. They will sometimes put a tube in to take the poison out, and then come back later in a couple months when the poison is out for the complete operation.

She will feel a lot better either way it goes.

Her doctor feels so bad, and has been losing sleep over it. They are going to make sure this is taken care of at no cost.

She will be picking her up around noonish.

I hope this helps the prayers for her

Auditorium Organ Recital

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: King, Jeffery A (Jeff)

Auditorium Organ Recital

Jeff King COC Auditorium Organ Staff member and member of the Outreach Restoration Branch, is performing an Organ Recital Sunday March 23rd at 3:00 PM at the COC Auditorium in Independence. Recital is free and last for about 30 minutes. Works of Bach, Handel, Franck and Widor, as well as some hymn arrangements will be performed.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Update on Donna Comfort

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bruce Luedeman

Update on Donna Comfort

Donna Comfort was moved to the Villages at Jackson Creek, room 324B. She is still in a lot of pain, but making a little progress sitting in a chair. Please continue to pray for her. I know she would appreciate a card or note.

Villages at Jackson Creek
3980 Jackson Drive Rm 324B
Independence MO 64057


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Bruce Luedeman

Prayers for Donna Comfort

Donna Comfort fell Wednesday evening at her home and suffered a compressed fracture of the pelvis. The fracture was small but she is in a lot of pain. She is at Centerpoint. The plan is that she be moved to Jackson Creek tomorrow some time. Please pray for her.


Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 Central Missouri Restoration Branches Reunion

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alisa Brown

2014 Central Missouri Restoration Branches Reunion

Central Missouri Restoration Branches' Reunion invitation as well as the themes/speakers to the Saints. The 2014 reunion dates are June 21-28.
Michael Brown--Reunion Director



June 21-28


Saturday: Elder Jim Mulheron

June 21 “Be Still and Know That I am God”

(8:00 p.m.) Psalm 46:10-11 Isaiah 6:1-8

Sunday AM: Elder Karl Anderson

June 22 “The Church’s One Foundation”

(10:45 a.m.) Matthew 16:16-19 D&C 32:3a-c

Ephesians 5:24-27 D&C 135:3

Sunday PM: Elder Shaun Bruto

June 22 “Teach Your Children Light and Truth”

(7:15 p.m.) D&C 90:6a-d

Monday: Elder Steve Mapes

June 23 “Be Fruitful Branches”

(7:15 p.m.) John 15:1-8 Galatians 5:22-23

Tuesday: High Priest Steve Bohall

June 24 “The Responsibilities of Privilege”

(7:15 p.m.) John 15:16-27 D&C 131:4

Wednesday: Elder Steve Kropp

June 25 “The Call of Christ in an Age of Dilemma”

(7:15 p.m.) D&C 1:4 D&C 108:12-13

Isaiah 55:1-11 Revelation 22:16-17

Thursday: Elder Aaron Smith

June 26 “The Eternal Quest for Zion”

(7:15 p.m.) D&C 10:3-4 Genesis 9:21-23

D&C 36:12c-13 I Nephi 3:187-189

Friday: High Priest Marlin Guin

June 27 “Stand in the Power of God”

(7:15 p.m.) I Corinthians 2:5 I Nephi 3:230-231

Psalm 18:1-2 John 1:12

*Note: All preaching services

will be held in the


at the Odessa Hills Campground.


Dear Saints and Friends,

Preparations for the 2014 Central Missouri Reunion are already

underway. We trust that the opportunity to spend an entire

week with the saints in spirit-led worship, study, fellowship, and

fun is significant to you; and that you will be willing to make the

sacrifices necessary to be part of what has been for most who

have done so—a life-changing experience. For those of you who

do choose to come we would encourage you to begin, even now,

making spiritual preparation for this unique event in the lives of

the saints.

The 2014 Central Missouri Reunion is June 21-28 at the Odessa

Hills Campground located approximately 3 miles north of Odessa,

Missouri & one-half mile west of state highway 131. Our reunion

theme is taken from Matthew 5:16-18; “Christ calls us to be a

light unto the world.” You will find the daily themes to be timely

and of great importance in today’s world.

Please register for reunion as soon as you know you are coming.

Pre-registration helps us keep our costs low and to staff and

prepare food for the reunion appropriately. There are limited

cabins, housing, and camper spaces. We will make every effort to

accommodate any special needs that are listed on the registration

forms on a first come, first serve basis. Registration forms have

been distributed to the Pastors of the Central Missouri Branches.

You can also register on-line at:

Please join us at Odessa Hills Campground June 21-28, 2014 as we

draw together in worship that we may better understand Christ’s

purpose for us and better respond to His calling to us in this “great

and marvelous work” during these last days. I look forward to

seeing you at the 2014 Central Missouri Reunion!


Michael Brown—Reunion Director 660-463-7620

Mail registration forms to:

CMRB Reunion Registration questions?

P.O. Box 783 Call 816-633-4199

Odessa, MO 64076

J. Howard Automotive Repair

J. Howard Automotive Repair

Our new shop website is up and running.
It still needs some work but check it out

Missionary Family Reunion, June 22-28, 2014

Invitation to Attend the Missionary Family Reunion, June 22-28, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

As you make your summer plans, we would like to invite you to join us at the 14th annual Missionary Family Reunion. The theme is "Enter at the Strait Gate." It will be held at Graceland University from June 22-28.

The Missionary Family Reunion, sponsored by Restoration Seventy is outreach focused and crosses all organizational lines. It promotes the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. and is rich in testimonies from missionary efforts.

As missionary members of Jesus' church, we are called to invite all to leave the world and enter His Kingdom through the Strait Gate, often referred to as the "Narrow Way." The rich young ruler that approached Jesus carried too much baggage to "Fit" through the gate. Through our daily themes we will explore what it takes to fit through the narrow gate - both physically and spiritually; How we can become Fit fishers of men, like Jonah; How we can improve the spiritual Fitness of our ears, so we might better hear the Lord when He speaks to us; Improving the Fitness of our faith; How to shed the weight of pride from our hearts to make us Fit for God's presence; and lastly how we each must Fit jointly together to become one.

Sunday: Enter at the Strait Gate
Monday: Fit to Enter
Tuesday: Fishing Fit for Jonah
Wednesday: Ears Fit for Samuel
Thursday: Faith Fit for the Brother of Jared
Friday: Humility Fit for God's Presence
Saturday: Fit to Enter as One

We humbly invite all who are concerned for the souls of their fellowman and desire to share the fullness of the Gospel to join us the last full week of June in Lamoni, Iowa. To register please visit our website at

Registration is a non-refundable $50 per family with the balance of the budget made up by free will offering. All donated funds will be used to offset reunion expenses.

For additional information please contact Greg and Jani Thomas at or (256) 457-1293 (Jani) or (256) 679-6016 (Greg).

May God add His blessings to your missionary efforts,

Jani and Greg Thomas,

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Duplex For Rent

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lori Laster

Duplex For Rent

One bedroom duplex in Independence, partially furnished if desired. $475.00 per month, water, trash and yard work furnished. Use of washer/dryer and some storage. Front porch. Call Lori - 816-838-0261.


Car For Sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lori Laster

Car For Sale

2000 Crown Victoria, 4-door police interceptor, good condition w/ new tires. $3500 value will sell for $2400. Call Justin 870-615-2603, or Lori 816-838-0261.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saundra's Cleaning Service

Saundra's Cleaning Service

Phone: 816-804-8994

If you're too busy to do cleaning chores, Saundra's Cleaning Service, LLC of Independence, MO is just one call away.

We are an insured company providing the highest quality of residential and commercial cleaning services throughout Greater Kansas City and Jackson County area since 1989.

Our 20 years of experience in this business guarantees expert service and total customer satisfaction. We do all cleaning chores including one time cleaning on special occasions and spring cleanings as well.

Gun safety and Related Concerns

Gun safety and Related Concerns

Presented by

Sue Lange
Missouri Concealed Carry Instructor
Public Speaker

7:00 PM, March 13th, 2014

Living Hope Restoration Church
2425 S. Crysler
Independence, MO
(Take the drive back to the metal gym building behind the parking lot.)

Donation Basket to cover advertizing

Topics include:
Basic Handgun Safety
Safety with guns in the Home
Safety with guns around Children
Is self-defense a right or an obligation?
Does the Bible allow for use of deadly force in self-defense?

The Restoration Women’s Council - African Restoration Ministries

The Restoration Women’s Council

African Restoration Ministries cordially invite you to attend the

3rd Annual Kenya Higher Education Banquet

To be held at Colbern Road Restoration Branch

Saturday, March 29, 2014

5:00 p.m. Silent Auction

6:00 p.m. Dinner

$25 Minimum Donation

For reservations, please contact your Women's Leader

or call Mary Prater at (816) 277-8885

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

Recently Posted Jobs

Below you will find a list of jobs posted between Jan 18, 2014 and Mar 9, 2014.

Administrative Assistant
Certificated Teacher
Administrative Intern

Job Postings Closing Soon Apply Now

Looking for stuffed animal

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Bruce Luedeman

Looking for stuffed animal

I am looking for a pillow sized, stuffed, squishy, floppy legged cat.

Color doesn’t matter.

Willing to pay a reasonable price.


The best part of life is when family members become your friends and friends become family.
O, Lord, bless us richly, let your hand be with us,
enlarge our coasts, and keep us from evil.
I Chronicles 4:9

Muriel WinnLuedeman

Mobile Chalk Board Wanted

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From: Steven Schultz

Mobile Chalk Board Wanted

We are looking for a used mobile chalk board at least 30" x 48" for Church use. I can pick up at giver convenience.

Thank you.

Steven Schultz, Elder

Monday, March 10, 2014

Donate clothes for children in Mexico

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From: Joanie Glandon

Donate clothes for children in Mexico

The Hill Cumorah Expedition Team is collecting children's clothes (through teen sizes) and stuffed animals to take to children in Mexico. If you have clothes/stuffed animals to donate, please contact Tim Brown at 816-813-3370 before April 10.

Thank you.

Health Care Giver needed

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From: Darrel Powell

Health Care Giver

Looking for a live-in caregiver for an elderly gentleman.
Nice country home near Stewartsville
, MO
Includes wage, room and board.
Please contact us for more information.

Darrel Powell

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Put envelopes in Tidings of Zion magazine

From: Paul Gage

Publish Glad Tidings!!

Needed 10-12 people to help:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Put envelopes in Tidings of Zion magazine

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
10 am

Put mailing labels on Tidings of Zion magazine

Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE) Office
500 N. Union
Independence, MO

We can usually get the job done n about 2 hours if we have 10-12 people.

Please pass this on.


God bless

Paul Gage
CRE Office Manager
Independence, MO

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Caleb needs a Car

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From: Jill Etter

Caleb needs a Car

Hello Church Family,

My son, Caleb Etter, is looking for a reliable older car so that he is able to fulfill his desire to work and go to school. If anybody has any knowledge of an older car for sale, would you please call or text the number below?

God bless and all that good stuff!

Jill Farnham Etter
Voice Professor
MCC-Blue River
Music Arts Institute
Etter Voice Studio

Friday, March 7, 2014

Online reviews/Comments - JOSEPH SMITH FOUGHT POLYGAMY

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From: Melody Nelson

Online Reviews/Comments
by Richard and Pamela Price

See link if interested in this subject.


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From: Lynn Ridenhour


The BYU TV channel film crew from Provo, Utah, will be in Independence this coming Wednesday, 12th at Faith Bible College, 210 S. Main to film a worship service. Dr. Lynn Ridenhour, Baptist minister, will be speaking on the restoration gospel. The public is invited.

The purpose of the documentary is to demonstrate how the message of the Book of Mormon is presented by a Baptist minister to Protestants. Again, the time and place is: Faith Bible College, 210 S. Main, Independence, Wednesday 12th, 7 pm.

BYU TV channel will be filming the service. We would love for you to come. Lynn Ridenhour

Pyramid found in Ukraine

Pyramid found in Ukraine
The oldest pyramid in the world, found in Ukraine.
Contains an unknown mummy wearing a crown.
Thought to be built during dinosaur period:

Book Of Mormon Round Table

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From: robyn mun

Book Of Mormon Round Table
The 3rd Sunday of the month

Sunday, March 16th, 2014 at 6pm

Speaker/Presenter: Eric Scott
“Isaiah’s Prophecies in the

Book of Mormon”

See you on floor “A” of Stone Church!
1012 W. Lexington Ave., (lower north parking lot)
Independence, MO. 64050 816-254-2211

Let Us Endure To The End….
(2 Nephi 13:30-32 & 3 Nephi 7:10 rce / rlds / cofc / 2 Nephi 31:20-21 & 3 Nephi 15:9 lds)

Love, Robyn Mun
816-838-6575 cell & text

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Essential Oils 101 Class

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I am so excited to let you know we are having another Essential Oils 101 Class this coming Sunday March 9 at 3 p.m. here at The Mansion House. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear the history of essential oils, how they are made, and what the difference is between pure, therapeutic essential oils and the other oils you find out on the market. You will be able to make intelligent decisions after this class!

It will happen right in the mansion itself so you can come right on in at the 21st Street entrance under the columns through the double green doors. 2121 So. Sterling Avenue, Independence, 64052. You may park on the street if you want or in the front drive. The snow on the parking lot on 22nd should be long gone by then so you may use that, too

We have had such good reports from these classes, and have been having more requests for more of them

Again, this is a FREE class. There will be no sales pitch, nor order forms or catalogues - just information. If perchance you want to order just walk up to me, and I will help you out with my wholesale price. Other than that just bring yourself and anyone you might want to bring along.

We do NEED AN RSVP, however so we have enough handouts for you and anyone you might bring. My phone number is (816) 456-6880.

Hope to hear from you soon. I look forward to seeing you

Paula Swayne

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oldbookman March, 2014 - $3.00 Book Sale

Oldbookman March, 2014
$3.00 Book Sale

This offer is good through March 31, 2014, or while supplies last.

E-mail to or phone (816) 210-8450 to order.

"Featured Album"
Walk in the Light, New CD in shrinkwrap with 18 hymns sung by Connie Burns, a member of the Restoration from the Detroit area. Note: These are not particularly RLDS or Restoration hymns.Titles: "Your Grace Still Amazes Me," "How Could You Say No," "Joseph’s Song," "The Lighthouse," "Wish You Were Here," "Touch Your People Once Again," "No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus," "In the Garden," "That’s Him," "He Touched Me," "I Will Serve Thee," "He Was There All the Time," "He Grew the Tree," "Here We Are," "Healer of My Heart," "Thank You," "The Call," "Stand By Me."

Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers, Ludy & Associates, 2011, soft, 98 pages
Bryant, Verda, Between the Covers of the Old Testament, 1965, hard, 400 pages
Cheville, Roy A., Meet Them in the Scriptures, 1960, hard and soft, 242 pages
Cheville, Roy A., Scriptures from Ancient America, 1964, hard and soft, 368 pages
Children’s Hymnal, 1957, hard, (with brown or blue covers), 200 pages
Galbraith, Madelyn, There Is a Book, 1971, hard, 309 pages
Galbraith, Madelyn, Village in the Sun, 1975, 261 pages, hard
Gregson, Louise Clark, Book of Mormon Story and Color Book (volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), soft
Gregson, Louise Clark, Stories of the Scriptures of Ancient America, (volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), soft
Hartman, Frances, Poetic Voices of the Restoration, 1961, hard, 227 pages
Hymnal, The, (the "gray hymnal"), 1956, hard, 582 hymns (fair condition)
Hymnal for Youth, 1951, hard, 395 pages
Hymns of the Saints, 1981, (burgundy) 501 hymns, hard
Jordan, Doris N., Strength for the Journey, private, 1996, soft, 438 pages
Lea, Leonard J., Views from the Mountain, 1961, hard, 220 pages
Rules and Resolutions, various years, hard
Saints’ Hymnal, 1933 (with blue or purple covers), 442 hymns, hard, fair condition
Sanford, Mabel A., Joseph's City Beautiful, soft, 207 pages
Smith, Elbert A., Square Blocks, 1968 reprint, soft, 475 pages
Stienon, Elaine, Utah Spring, 1979, soft, 224 pages
Thomsen, Blaine C., The Ammonite, 1979, soft, 294 pages
Weldon, Roy E., and F. Edward Butterworth, Book of Mormon Deeps (Volume 1), 1977, private, hard, 356 pages
Weldon, Roy E., and F. Edward Butterworth, Book of Mormon Deeps (Volume 2), 1978, hard, private, 341 pages
Weldon, Roy E., Book of Mormon Deeps (Volume 3), 1979, hard, private, 350 pages

Go to to see lists of thousands of RLDS books available.
E-mail to or phone (816) 210-8450
if you need something you don’t see listed.