Tuesday, June 30, 2015

​Project Shine​

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From: Jim Schultz

​Project Shine​

Hello Everyone,

Attached you will find information about an upcoming project I would like for us to do for our community. It is called Project Shine.

We will join other community members on July 11th, and spend the morning working to make a neighborhood school really shine!

We are scheduled to do some simple yard work or you can go inside and paint.

The school we will be at is Randall Elementary, 509 Jennings R​oad​, Independence, MO 64056. Directions are: from the SCRB Church, go east on Salisbury to N Jennings ​Road .. turn north and go about 1 mile.. the school will be on the right.

Please pre-register so they can get your FREE tee shirt size … and plan to arrive at the school around 7:00 am, and we should be done by noon. They will furnish us lunch.

We are doing this in place of our regular men's breakfast.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Jim Schultz



When schools gleam, kids beam.

Call the Project Shine office at 816.521.5300

or go to OurSchoolsShine.org to register

Help us celebrate our 8th Annual Project Shine! One day, every year, the Independence

School District will lead volunteer-based projects at designated schools to clean, paint, and

update. Together, we can make our community shine!

2015 Project Shine schools:

Ott Elementary, Randall Elementary, Independence Academy

Bingham Middle School, Truman High School

Project Shine Event* - Saturday, July 11, 7am-2pm

We Need: Hands-On Volunteers** • Supplies • Corporate Sponsors

Monetary Donations: Make checks payable to: ISD Foundation

and mail to Project Shine, 201 N. Forest Ave., Independence, MO 64050, or visit OurSchoolsShine.org

*Rain or Shine

** Volunteer all day or anytime during event hours.

Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older.

Pray for our Nation - from Francis Harper

From: Francis Harper

Pray for our Nation - from Francis Harper

Dear Ones,
As we approach the day we celebrate the birth of our nation, let us remember to pray for our country. The prayer of Daniel for his people could serve as a prototype for us as we pray: “We have sinned, and have committed iniquity, and have done wickedly, and have rebelled, even by departing from thy precepts and from thy judgments; Neither have we hearkened to thy servants the prophets, which spake in thy name to our kings, our princes, and our fathers, and to all the people of the land. O Lord, righteousness belongeth to thee, but unto us confusion of faces, as at this day; to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and unto all Israel, that are near, and that are far off, through all the countries whither thou hast driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee. . . Neither have we obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in his laws, which he set before us by his servants the prophets. . . Now, therefore, O our God, hear the prayer of thy servant, and his supplications, and cause thy face to shine” upon our land (Daniel 9:5-7, 10, 17).
Love to all,
Francis Harper

Matthew 24:44 (IV) But as it was in the days of Noah, so it shall be also at the coming of the Son of Man.

Mosiah 13:37 And if the time comes that the voice of the people doth choose iniquity, then is the time that the judgments of God will come upon you;

Need for a trailer

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From: Joy Cain

Need for a trailer

Does anyone have a closed trailer we could borrow for Little Women? We need to transport large props, set and furniture pieces from Independence to Liberty on Wed., the 8th (pick up the evening of the 7th) and also for return and redistribution of props, furniture on Friday night the 10th. The trailer would be returned on Saturday July 11th.

Thank you for your kind consideration.
Joy Cain 816.868.4931 or joy.cain1986@gmail.com

Fran and Glyph Notes

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From: paul gage

Fran and Glyph Notes

Fran Webster is still at Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana. She is doing better and is ha
ving therapy. She and Darrell will most likely be there at least one and maybe two more days. Keep the prayers going.

Glyph Notes Labeling:
Wed. July 1, 2015
CRE Office
Volunteers needed to help

4th of July Event has been CANCELED

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From: R Smithpoet4zion@gmail.com

​This Event has been canceled because of wind damage to the American Heritage Center.​

4th of July event
The 4th of July event is at the American Heritage Center,
the same place that did the Heartland vs MezoAmerican Book of Mormon origin class last year.

If you have any questions contact Adam Sheffield at 816-674-3035

​4th of July Concert
"Proud to be an American"
Come and Celebrate our American Heritage
and enjoy inspiring music.
Free Admission
(Donations Accepted)
3:00 p.m.
July 4th, 2015
American Heritage Center
319 S Osage
Independence MO 64050

Prayers for Madi Mullen

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From: Catherine

Prayers for Madi Mullen

My niece, Madi Mullen, is four months old and at Children's Mercy. This is her second night there and she is not keeping anything down. Prayers for her, along with my sister and brother-in-law (Stephanie and Josh Mullen), would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Catherine Bauman

Monday, June 29, 2015

Prayer Request​ for Dorothy Baker​

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From: thebeestop@aol.com

Prayer Request​ for Dorothy Baker​

John Baker took wife Dorothy to the hospital during the night for irregular heart and chest pain.
They are waiting to see the Cardiologist.
They have gotten no rest overnight and are very tired.
They are asking for prayers.

Center Place Christian Theatre

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Center Place Christian Theatre

Last call for business advertisements &/or personal sponsorships - please send me an email if you'd like to place an ad for your business or give a donation in personal sponsorship. I need to print playbills soon! Deadline - July 1st) - I will be happy to arrange a time to pick up your form and donation.

thank you for your support!


Please contact Joy Cain at: joy.cain1986@gmail.com or 816.868.4931

Townhouse ​For Sale in Blue Springs

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Townhouse ​For Sale in Blue Springs

Townhouse for sale in Blue Springs. Brand new carpet, two year old water heater, lawn care included in HOA, washer/dryer negotiable, 2 bed/2.5 bath.


Email: ntperry89@gmail.com Phone: 816.256.7300

Nathan Perry

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

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From: Rachel Horn

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District


Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District
Recently Posted Jobs

Below you will find a list of jobs posted between May 9, 2015 and Jun 28, 2015.

Job Posting Title Job Category
Certificated Paraeducator - Secondary Special Education Classified Apply Now

HVAC Maintenance Worker Classified Apply Now

Physical Therapist Assistant Classified Apply Now

Administrative Intern (INTERNAL POSTING) Certified Apply Now

Paraprofessional - Library Classified Apply Now

Bus Driver Classified Apply Now

Speech Language Pathologist Certified Apply Now

Principal Secretary Classified Apply Now

Certificated Paraeducator - Recovery Room Classified Apply Now

Bus Monitor Classified Apply Now

Social Studies Teacher - Middle School Certified Apply Now

Job Postings Closing Soon
Jobs scheduled to stop accepting applications between Jun 28, 2015 and Jul 5, 2015.

Job Title Job Category

Speech Language Pathologist Certified Apply Now

Principal Secretary Classified Apply Now

Certificated Paraeducator - Recovery Room Classified Apply Now

Star of Bethlehem

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From: Pat Johnson

Star of Bethlehem

I found this and thought maybe there be interest for others
have a great day
Pat Johnson

​See attachment for Pictures


Star Of Bethlehem — Closest Highly Visible Conjunction Of Venus & Jupiter In 2000 Years On June 30, 2015

June 27th, 2015 by James Ayre

After an absence of roughly 2000 years the Star of Bethlehem may soon be making a return to our night skies on June 30, 2015 — to be more specific Venus and Jupiter will be making their tightest highly visible conjunction in nearly two millennia.

The reference to the Star of Bethlehem is with regard to the fact that there was a very similar ultratight conjunction between the two — and close by the star Regulus (as this one will be), and high up in the sky (as this will be as well) — in 3-2 BC. Some astronomers have in the past speculated that this earlier conjunction is what the “Star of Bethlehem” referred to.

At the very least this conjunction will make for a very impressive sight in the night’s sky. The two bright planets have already begun moving closer and closer together in the last evening sky over the past month, this convergence will continue until the evening of June 30, 2015. Those interested should look in the western portion of the evening sky to see the conjunction. Roughly an hour or so after sunset is probably a good time — but obviously there’s some flexibility there.

Relatively close to this conjunction will be one of the brightest stars in the constellation of the Lion, the star

Regulus. As mentioned above, the ultratight Jupiter-Venus conjunction back around 3-2 BC was also located near this very bright star.

While the tightest conjunction will be on the night/evening of June 30, there’ll be a week or so of impressive sights in the days before and after the conjunction.

On the night of June 30th the two planets will so close enough together that they’ll appear to a very bright “double star” — with the outstretched tip of a pinky finger reportedly being enough to cover both up.

Worth noting is that while the two planets vary considerably in size, they’ll appear roughly the same size in the night’s sky owing to Venus being considerably closer than Jupiter. For those wondering, Venus is the brighter one that moves around more (as it follows the Sun around on its path through the sky).

“Star of Bethlehem” conjunction of Venus and Jupiter next week

Posted on June 26, 2015 | By Eric Berger

Let’s hope for clear skies next week as the two brightest planets in the sky, Venus and Jupiter, appear very, very close to one another.

How close? From Houston they will be less than a third of a degree of sky apart on the night of Tuesday, June 30th.

That’s close enough that they will appear like a double star.

Pat Hartigan, an astronomer at Rice University, has put together an excellent resource with background about this event, the best conjunction of Venus and Jupiter we’re going to get for decades in Houston.

Here’s a snippet from his web site.

Why are conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter worth looking at?

Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest planets in the sky (sometimes Mars argues with Jupiter for second place), and so are easy to see even from the center of a big city. Observing them is a connection to the natural world no matter where you are located. When they appear close in the sky it is easy to observe night-to-night variations in their positions.

Evening conjunctions occur right after dark, and so can be shown to children easily as demonstrations of what they might be learning in school.

What makes a conjunction a good one?

Conjunctions are “good” if the planets are far enough from the Sun to be observed easily after sunset or before sunrise.

This can be a problem with Venus, because it never strays too far from the Sun. Another criterion for a “good” conjunction is that the planets are close together in the sky.

How does the June 30, 2015 conjunction rank?

For the best viewing you want a close conjunction that is high in the sky. The conjunction of June 30, 2015 is the best one we will have in the evening for quite some time, rivalled only by the one on March 1 2023, which is not quite as close. The June 30 conjunction will be 1.15, 0.65, 0.33, 0.55, and 0.98 degrees, respectively, on June 28, 29, 30, and July 1, 2, all at about 32 degrees above the horizon at sunset in Houston. Hence, any of these five nights will be better than the best of most other conjunctions. For reference, the size of the full Moon on the sky is 0.50 degrees. The best one in the time interval 2000-2040 appears to be the morning conjunction on Nov 2, 2039.

Where and when should we look for it?

Look to the west-northwest as soon as it gets dark. After about 2 hours for most latitudes the objects will become difficult to observe as they begin to set.

There’s more information on Pat’s site, including diagrams of how this conjunction compares to others in coming decades.

He also will host an open house Tuesday evening at Rice.

Astronomers are pretty excited about this event. The magazine Sky & Telescope has noted that a similar series of conjunctions occurred during the 3-2 B.C. timeframe, which has been suggested as a source for the “Star of Bethlehem.”

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Update on Fran Webster

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From: paul gage

Update on Fran Webster

Dear Saints,

Thank you for your prayers. Please keep them going for the Websters.

Fran did not have a stroke, but a series of se
ures. She is in the Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana which is right on the Indiana/Ohio border.
She is in ICU, but responding. She is able to talk today, whereas she was not able to last night.

The David Joyce family was about 40 miles behind the Websters when they got the news. They stopped and David and Darrell administered to Fran. The Joyce's then tra
veled on home to Morgantown, WV and took the Webster's grandchildren, Michael and Gabby with them.

Darrell thinks they may be in Richmond for a few days as they see how things develop.

God bless

Paul Gage

Lawn ​Mower​ needed

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From: Caroline Baker

Lawn ​Mower​

In desperate need for a cheap lawn mower.

I can't afford much due to lay offs.

God bless

Tidings of Zion # 112

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Tidings of Zion # 112

Dear Saints, CRE Officers, Councils, Missionary Boards,Pastors, etc.

Please read the attachment and respond accordingly.
We are also seeking 2-4 Saints who might like to serve on the Publication Council. This requires good editing and proof reading skills and the ability to communicate by way of email. It is also helpful to live in the Center Place. Anyone interested can contact me.
God Bless
Paul Gage Publicaton Council Chair pauljg_64055@yahoo.com 816-833-6552


June 27, 2015

Dear Saints,

We are preparing for the Tidings of Zion, # 112 with an anticipated publication date of late July or early August. By that time, some of the reunions, camps, retreats, etc will be over. Please invite participants to send in their testimonies.

We are asking that all reunion, camp, retreat directors, all council chairs and officers of the CRE, all pastors and missionary board chairs mark their calendars with the date of July 1, 2015 as the deadline for contributions to the next Tidings.

We may be able to accept items after that date depending on how the process plays out.


Please try to submit a brief article on the make- up of your group and include officers for the coming year and a good photo of the group.

We also encourage the Saints to send in testimonies, experiences, etc that can be shared with others.

Also, any branch projects, programs, outreach to the community, etc are requested.


****Where in the World have you lived and how did you witness for Jesus?

******The Gift of Music (DC 119:6d)

*********Regional Reports

************My Testimony of the Truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Please send all items by email in size 12 Times New Roman.

Have others proofread your contribution as this can save time for the Publication Council.

Pictures are welcome. Make sure they are of high quality and close up. Identify those in the pictures as well as the event, location, etc.

If you have any questions, contact me by email or phone.

Thanks and God bless. Feel free to forward this as needed.

Paul Gage Chair, Publication Council of the CRE
1817 S Pearl St.
Independence MO 64055

Saturday, June 27, 2015

SCRB Vacation Bible School

From: Ronda Ohmer

SCRB Vacation Bible School

South Crysler is having Vacation Bible School for children ages 4 years - sixth grade on July 6-10 from 8:45-12:00. Some of the classes are making T-shirts as one of their crafts. We are asking that if you are planning on joining us for a "Journey to the Promised Land", that you register as soon as possible. I already had to turn in the 1st order for t-shirts.

Questions: Call Ronda Ohmer 252-3819

July 2015 Australian Restoration News

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From: Noel Rowlatt

July 2015 Australian Restoration News

Attached is the latest Australian Restoration News.

Kindest regards to all,
Noel Rowlatt



Around and About the Centre Place by High Priest Paul J. Gage, Independence, MO

Greetings to the lovely Saints in Australia. The Lord continue to be with each of you and bless you every

day. June is fading fast and here we are now half way through the year of 2015. Some anticipate miraculous

and/or destructive things in the last part of the year. Only God knows what lies ahead for us and thus we

might need to be reminded of some scriptures. The theme for the Restoration Branch Family Reunion and

Conference of Restoration Elders was: "The Way IS Prepared" from Alma 17:66-84d and Alma 19:71. Our

Mighty God does not leave us alone to wander through this earthly life, but has placed many… many

signposts along the way by which we will be guided, IF we choose to follow Him.

The reunion experience was very outstanding and we now await to see the results or effect it will have in

our lives in the days ahead. This is always the challenge for us as we come together for weekly worship, a

weekend retreat, week-long reunion or whatever the opportunity is that brings us together as disciples of

Jesus Christ. Jesus said that people would be able to tell if we are truly His disciples by whether or not we

keep His commandments.

There have been several reunions and camps now completed and good reports have come from all of them.

As we all know, the task becomes more challenging when we return home and find ourselves "alone" as far

as regular opportunities to be with the Saints. God will be with you every day.

As far as the CRE is concerned, the usual business necessary to continue the conference was conducted in

2 1/2 days and the rest of the time was devoted to study, small group meetings, worship and prayer. Four

countries (Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, and the USA) were represented, as well as Saints from eleven states in

the USA. Elder William ":Vim" Horn was reelected as Chair of the CRE. Other conference information will

be included in the next issue of Tidings of Zion, which we hope will be out in late July or early August.

All missionary groups continue to function very actively. All were represented at the conference. The

SEAAM Board met during conference and discussed the ministry that has gone and will go into the areas of

the SEAAM ministry. The Saints in Nepal continue to adjust to the effects of the earthquakes. Over $30,000.

has been sent for relief of the Saints there.

The Pastors of Zion continue with the annual "Summer Series," which includes a preaching service each

Sunday evening, at Waldo Avenue RB from June 14-August 23. God bless

Riches from the Scriptures by Elder Neil Kerswell, Queensland.

Chapter 7 Study on Zion

Part One This study has been created in a manner to bring forth many of the pieces of the puzzle that are

given here and there throughout the scriptures about Zion. Making it possible to express what we of the

Restoration understand Zion to be. There is no one scripture that gives us a complete understanding at once,

of what Zion is. In fact there are instances in the scriptures where Prophets were about to write more and God

forbade it. Letting us know that like the Sealed Section of the Book of Mormon, there are some truths that are

revealed only when that which is already given is obeyed.

I hope this study will assist all who read, to use their own gifts and abilities to see more clearly what a

great and marvellous work God will do and how it will come to pass. As scripture often covers many topics

you will find some of the scriptures in this study have been referenced in previous chapters. For the purpose

of this study covering Zion in particular, I hope you enjoy reading them again as they are beautiful. No doubt

you have other scriptural references to further assist in a clearer understanding of Zion. Don’t hesitate to add

them. May God Bless.

D&C 45:12d-14 [Sec 45:12d] and the glory of the Lord shall be there, and the terror of the Lord also shall

be there, insomuch that the wicked will not come unto it; and it shall be called Zion.

[Sec 45:13a] And it shall come to pass, among the wicked, that every man that will not take his sword against

his neighbor, must needs flee unto Zion for safety.

[Sec 45:13b] And there shall be gathered unto it out of every nation under heaven; and it shall be the only

people that shall not be at war one with another.

[Sec 45:13c] And it shall be said among the wicked, Let us not go up to battle against Zion, for the

inhabitants of Zion are terrible, wherefore we can not stand.

[Sec 45:14] And it shall come to pass that the righteous shall be gathered out from among all nations, and

shall come to Zion singing, with songs of everlasting joy.

Points of Importance

 The wicked have no part in Zion

 Zion is a place of safety in the Lord, free from war.

 People will be gathered to Zion of every nation.

 The righteous will come to Zion singing songs of everlasting joy.

D&C 83: 1-2b [Sec 83:1a] A revelation of Jesus Christ unto his servant Joseph Smith, Jr., and six elders,

as they united their hearts and lifted their voices on high;

[Sec 83:1b] yea, the word of the Lord concerning his church, established in the last days for the restoration of

his people, as he has spoken by the mouth of his prophets, and for the gathering of his Saints to stand upon

Mount Zion, which shall be the city New Jerusalem;

[Sec 83:1c] which city shall be built, beginning at the Temple Lot, which is appointed by the finger of the

Lord, in the western boundaries of the State of Missouri, and dedicated by the hand of Joseph Smith, Jr., and

others, with whom the Lord was well pleased.

[Sec 83:2a] Verily, this is the word of the Lord, that the city New Jerusalem shall be built by the gathering of

the Saints, beginning at this place, even the place of the temple, which temple shall be reared in this


[Sec 83:2b] for verily, this generation shall not all pass away until an house shall be built unto the Lord, and a

cloud shall rest upon it, which cloud shall be even the glory of the Lord, which shall fill the house.

 Mount Zion is called the City New Jerusalem.

 Zion shall be built by the gathering of the saints, beginning at the place of the temple.

 A temple shall be built during the generation of the gathering of the saints.

 A cloud shall rest upon the house of the Lord, which is his glory and will fill the house.

D&C 83:6a-6c

[Sec 83:6a] Therefore, as I said concerning the sons of Moses--for the sons of Moses and also the sons of

Aaron shall offer an acceptable offering and sacrifice in the house of the Lord, which house shall be built

unto the Lord in this generation upon the consecrated spot, as I have appointed;

[Sec 83:6b] and the sons of Moses and of Aaron shall be filled with the glory of the Lord upon Mount Zion

in the Lord's house, whose sons are ye; and also many whom I have called and sent forth to build up my


[Sec 83:6c] for whoso is faithful unto the obtaining these two priesthoods of which I have spoken, and the

magnifying their calling, are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies:

 The Melchisedec and Aaronic priesthood will make an acceptable offering unto the Lord in the Lord’s

House.( Temple )

 Temple shall be built upon a consecrated spot, in the western boundaries of Missouri.

Genesis 7:67-72

[Gen 7:67] And the Lord said unto Enoch, As I live, even so will I come in the last days, in the days of

wickedness and vengeance, to fulfill the oath which I made unto you concerning the children of Noah.

[Gen 7:68] And the day shall come that the earth shall rest. But before that day the heavens shall be

darkened, and a veil of darkness shall cover the earth; and the heavens shall shake, and also the earth.

[Gen 7:69] And great tribulations shall be among the children of men, but my people will I preserve; and

righteousness will I send down out of heaven, and truth will I send forth out of the earth, to bear testimony of

mine Only Begotten; his resurrection from the dead; yea, and also the resurrection of all men.

[Gen 7:70] And righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine

own elect from the four quarters of the earth, unto a place which I shall prepare; an holy city, that my people

may gird up their loins, and be looking forth for the time of my coming; for there shall be my tabernacle, and

it shall be called Zion; a New Jerusalem.

[Gen 7:71] And the Lord said unto Enoch, Then shalt thou and all thy city meet them there; and we will

receive them into our bosom; and they shall see us, and we will fall upon their necks, and they shall fall upon

our necks, and we will kiss each other;

[Gen 7:72] And there shall be mine abode, and it shall be Zion, which shall come forth out of all the creations

which I have made; and for the space of a thousand years shall the earth rest.

 Zion will come in a time when the world is in great wickedness.

 God will preserve His people, sending righteousness from heaven and truth from the earth.

 Righteousness and truth will sweep the earth like a flood, to gather out the elect of God to a holy city

prepared of God, called Zion ; a New Jerusalem.

 The Zion of old shall be united with the Zion of latter days and shall come from all the creations which

God has made. A loving combination.

Genesis 9:21-23

[Gen 9:21] And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting

covenant, which I made unto thy father Enoch; that, when men should keep all my commandments, Zion

should again come on the earth, the city of Enoch which I have caught up unto myself.

[Gen 9:22] And this is mine everlasting covenant, that when thy posterity shall embrace the truth, and look

upward, then shall Zion look downward, and all the heavens shall shake with gladness, and the earth shall

tremble with joy;

[Gen 9:23] And the general assembly of the church of the firstborn shall come down out of heaven, and

possess the earth, and shall have place until the end come. And this is mine everlasting covenant, which I

made with thy father Enoch.

When God sees the bow in the cloud, He remembers the everlasting covenant made to Enoch: When men

keep all God’s commandments, Zion will come again on the earth.

3 Nephi 9: 86-94 [3 Ne 9:86] And verily, I say unto you, I give unto you a sign, that ye may know the time

when these things shall be about to take place, that I shall gather in from their long dispersion, my people, O

house of Israel, and shall establish again among them my Zion.

[3 Ne 9:87] And behold, this is the thing which I will give unto you for a sign, for verily I say unto you, that

when these things which I declare unto you, and which I shall declare unto you hereafter of myself, and by

the power of the Holy Ghost, which shall be given unto you of the Father, shall be made known unto the


[3 Ne 9:88] That they may know concerning this people who are a remnant of the house of Jacob, and

concerning this my people who shall be scattered by them;

[3 Ne 9:89] Verily, verily, I say unto you, When these things shall be made known unto them of the Father,

and shall come forth of the Father, from them unto you, for it is wisdom in the Father that they should be

established in this land,

[3 Ne 9:90] And be set up as a free people by the power of the Father, that these things might come forth

from them unto a remnant of your seed, that the covenant of the Father may be fulfilled which he hath

covenanted with his people, O house of Israel;

[3 Ne 9:91] Therefore, when these works, and the work which shall be wrought among you hereafter, shall

come forth from the Gentiles unto your seed, which shall dwindle in unbelief because of iniquity;

[3 Ne 9:92] For thus it behooveth the Father that it should come forth from the Gentiles, that he may shew

forth his power unto the Gentiles, for this cause, that the Gentiles, if they will not harden their hearts, that

they may repent and come unto me, and be baptized in my name, and know of the true points of my doctrine,

that they may be numbered among my people, O house of Israel:

[3 Ne 9:93] And when these things come to pass, that thy seed shall begin to know these things, it shall be a

sign unto them, that they may know that the work of the Father hath already commenced unto the fulfilling of

the covenant which he hath made unto the people who are of the house of Israel.

[3 Ne 9:94] And when that day shall come, it shall come to pass that kings shall shut their mouths; for that

which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.

Summary of Noted points so far

 Establishing of Zion is associated with the gathering of Israel.

 When the descendants of the Book of Mormon Peoples receive their own history from the Book of

Mormon through the hands of the Gentile people, this is a sign that the Work of the Father unto the

gathering of Israel and building of Zion is about to commence.

 If Gentile people are repentant and are baptised, knowing the true points of Christ’s Doctrine. They are

numbered among the covenant people of the Lord (Israel).

 Wicked have no part in Zion

 Zion is a place of safety in the Lord, free from war.

 People will be gathered to Zion of every nation.

 The righteous will come to Zion singing songs of everlasting joy.

 Mount Zion is called the City New Jerusalem.

 Zion shall be built by the gathering of the saints, beginning at the place of the temple.

 A temple shall be built during the generation of the gathering of the saints.

 A cloud shall rest upon the house of the Lord, which is his glory and will fill the house.

 The Melchisedec and Aaronic priesthood will make an acceptable offering unto the Lord in the Lord’s

House.( Temple )

 A Temple shall be built upon a consecrated spot, in the western boundaries of Missouri.

 Zion will come in a time when the world is in great wickedness.

 God will preserve his people, sending righteousness from heaven & truth from the earth.

 Righteousness and truth will sweep the earth like a flood, to gather out the elect of God to a holy city

prepared of God, called Zion ; a New Jerusalem.

 The Zion of old shall be united with the Zion of latter days and shall come from all the creations which

God has made. A loving combination.

 When God sees the bow in the cloud He remembers the everlasting covenant made to Enoch: When men

keep all God’s commandments, Zion will come again on the earth.

Our May Trip to the Philippines submitted by Elder Murray Broughton

When we arrived at the Airport we were met by Bro.Richard Candido, Sr. Jenifer Natino,, her son

Ethen,,and Sr Farah Joy Fieldad. Bro Earnie Natino was at home and was not well, We went to his home and

he asked for administration. We stayed overnight and he was much better when we left early in the morning

for Agno Pangasinan. We started visiting, singing together hymns and sacred songs, studies, preaching

services, and administrations when requested; along with Communion Services this pattern continued

throughout our stay. The chapel wasn’t adequate so we had services outside under a big roof we had erected.

Some travelled a long way to be with us. We had youth activities called Zions League, studies with youth,

basketball, volley ball, badminton and question time. There were four teams; Violet, White, Yellow & Blue.

There were about forty youth. When they had finished up, and finals concluded, we went down to the beach,

for the day, People spoke very well of these young people. We had Sunday School for the children, about 18

attended some days. We went to visit Bro. Bob Allan from Waldo Restoration Branch and his wife Susan but

they had gone back to U S A. It was a three hour drive and we had a lovely talk to his wife’s sister who

was very kind to us.

There were two baptisms in Agno. Pangasinan; Sr.Anadhel Nagal.and Sr.Dona Luna. It is a happy time to

see people make a Covenant with the Lord, to serve him, keep his commandments, and hope to be faithfull to

the end of their days.

We went to Trece Martires Restoration Branch, visited, had administration for the sick, studies,

Communion,etc, Bro Richard Candido was ordained to be a Deacon. We also visited Antipolo City and the

saints there; it was a slow trip, stop, start. In the evening I had study on Church of Jesus Christ.(Ordaninces,

Priesthood, Faith, Repentance, Baptisms). Next morning we had Communion together before leaving. There

were about 20 people present. Jhing Risal Bernadas asked if I would come and bless their house. I had a short

service, and the prayer of blessing. We went back to Trece Martires and it was very slow going. It was very

hot in the Philippines, One week must have been 40 and 40 plus. We enjoyed our missionary trip and are

looking forward to going back, but don;t know when. Thanks to all who gave to help people in need. There

are many. We have since sent money for schooling, and for a sick baby and for an Elder to travel to give

ministry, administrations etc. I would like to thank those who cooked, washed clothes; taught Sunday School

and took Youth activities etc . I thank our Heavenly Father for being with us, in our traveling, and ministry.

Thanks also to Elder Ace De Vera, Priest Julius Candido, Deacon Joel Natino,and Deacon Richard Candido,

for your help, and ministry. Delma’s mother had a fall when we where there, and since we came home has

only a black eye. She is 96 years young. Please remember these people in your prayers.

Tamworth News submitted by Sr. Bev.Wilkinson

Greetings from Tamworth. On Sunday 24th May Elder Peter, Sr. Helen Archer gave the Family Worship

followed by our Class “Translations of the Joseph Smith 6th Angel”, In the Worship Service Elder Peter


the Sermon and said “We know that we have to choose between good and evil and every one of us has to

make that choice each day, for no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of the Lord. Satan desires to take

our Agency and choice form us. If we are to have Zion, we must be of one heart and mind and be tuned into

the Holy Spirit.”

Members met at 93 Glen Garvin Drive Deacon Roy and Sr. Daphne Schubert’s home for prayer Service on

Wednesday 27th May and we prayed for those members on the Prayer List and others who were in need.

On Thanks Giving Sunday 31st May we had a Special Day of Thanks Giving with each member giving

God the Glory in their lives. In his Sermon Elder Peter said “There are conditions on being members of

Christ’s Church. We cannot join and then continue to do acts not in tune with God’s commandments. We are

thankful to a merciful God for all that is good and holy so let us have charity and love in our hearts and be

pure as Jesus is pure”.

On Sunday Queens Birthday long weekend, Elder Peter welcomed our visitors Sr. Linda and Sr. Emma

Kerswell form Brisbane, Elder Kelly and Sr. Gianna Loyd from Newcastle and Priest Joshua and Sr. Claire

and baby Isaac Loyd from Kansas. It was so good to have them meet with us. Joshua, Claire and baby Isaac

have been holidaying in Australia since 25th May and go back to the USA on 24th June. On Saturday night

6th June we all went to the J&L Family Restaurant for dinner. On Sunday 7th June Linda and Emma gave the

Family Worship and Priest Joshua Loyd the Sermon. He said “ I wouldn’t be able to stand here today without

the “Grace” of our Heavenly Father. Let no man glory in man but in Jesus Christ and give God all the glory.

The Celestial Kingdom is the “Glory of the Sun" and all those who truly love God will strive for the Celestial

Glory. These will be just men women and children who were made perfect in Christ. Zion will be a place of

peace and comfort. Joshua summed up by saying “Be spiritually born…have faith.. fear God, for God is

gracious and merciful to those who fear Him. Revere Him: have God’s image in your countenance. Build a

wall of protection in your lives with daily prayer and worship, and repent and become as little children,

humble, pure and full of love and come unto Christ”. Elders Peter and Kelly served the Sacrament. We sang

for our closing Hymn 60 “God be with you till we meet again”. After Worship, a fellowship meal was

enjoyed by all present. On Sunday night Elder Danny presided over a Prayer Service, continuing on with our

Thanks Giving Theme. We also had personal prayer requests and prayed for each other. We took our

visitors to the Tamworth lookout Sunday afternoon. Monday morning we visited the Endeavour Park Bird

and Animal Sanctuary and the Golden Guitar before our loved ones travelled back to their homes. A friendly

and worshipful weekend was enjoyed by all.

On Sunday 14th June Bob and I presented the Family Worship, followed by class and worship. Elder Peter

said “In by gone days the Church was a focal point in the lives of the majority and they kept people’s records

and we were classed a Christian Nation. Today it seems there are many who prefer to go it alone. Without

the worship of God in their lives and because of the unbelief we see much sin and distress in our nation.

Jesus spoke of “other Sheep” who the Father had separated from the Jews because of their unbelief. They

will be gathered in from the four corners of the earth and will become one fold and have one shepherd who is

Christ Jesus”. Sunday 21st Sr. Helen and Elder Peter gave the family Worship. Elder Peter spoke on Lehi

and his family leaving Jerusalem and their journey. On Monday 22nd June Deacon Roy and Sister Daphne

Schubert left to go to Port Macquarie for a six week R&R to escape the Tamworth frosts….

Birthdays for July 1st. Kelly Loyd 6th. Donna Arnall 26th. Daphne Schubert’s 80th Birthday

Newcastle News submitted by Sr. Gianna Loyd

May has been a busy month. Kelly and I went to the USA to see Josh and Claire and baby Isaac. Brother

Josh graduated from Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas with an Electrical Engineering degree.

On Sunday May 17th our grandson Isaac Shawn Loyd was blessed at the Waldo Restoration Branch by

Elder Dwight Burford and Elder Kelly Loyd, his two grandfathers. Another baby was also blessed, Hudson

Carter Maday by Elder Jack Hagensen and Elder Larry Ellis. It was lovely to catch up with the Saints that

have visited Australia in the past and also recently. Elder Kelly Loyd preached at the evening service. We

went back to Manhattan to pack up Josh and Claire's apartment, then left on the Tuesday morning to go to

their new apartment in Overland Park Kansas. It is a very nice apartment "Creekside". After getting moved

in, we left Kansas City Airport May 23rd and we all came back to Australia on Monday May 25th.

On the June long weekend we travelled with Josh and Claire and Isaac to Tamworth. We had a lovely time

of fellowship. It was lovely to see Linda and Emma Kerswell. On Saturday night we had a buffet dinner with

the Tamworth Saints which was very enjoyable

Sunday June 7th we had a Communion Service at Brother Roy and Sister Daphne Schubert's home. Priest

Josh Loyd gave the sermon, it was a good service followed by a luncheon, prepared by Helen, Daphne, and

Beverly. It was all delicious. We did a bit of sightseeing Sunday afternoon and then picked up Bro Danny

Archer at the airport. Later that evening at 7pm we had a Prayer and Testimony service at Bro Roy and Sr.

Daphne’s home.

On Monday we met up with everyone and visited the Marsupial Park and off to the Golden Guitar. We all

had some refreshment and said our goodbyes, then set off to our respective homes. All in all it was a great

weekend of fun and fellowship.


Please include in your prayers the following people who are in need of a blessing in health.

Geoff & Elma Grayden , .Dirk Waasdorp Gwen Whately, Adrienne & Robert Windsor,

Colin & Mary Dunn, Audrey Kerswell, Murray Broughton, Alma & Janice Kerswell

17-19 Juers Street, Kingston, Queensland. Pastor: Elder Alma Kerswell. Phone 07 3800 1151

Sun. 5th. 10.00 a.m. COMMUNION SERVICE. Elder A.Kerswell asstd.by Priest L.Scott

11.00 a.m. Prayer & Testimony Service. Elder A.Kerswell

Sun. 12th. 9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing: Linda Kerswell Flowers:Jan Kerswell

10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder N.Rowlatt

11.00 a.m. Class. Elder N.Churchill

Sun. 19th. Flowers: Sue Parker

10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder G.Parker asstd.by Elder A.Kerswell

Sun. 26th. 9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing: Linda Kerswell Flowers: Linda Kerswell

10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Priest L.Scott asstd.by Elder N.Rowlatt

11.00 a.m. Class. Elder A.Kerswell

BRANCH NEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS for Kingston Branch.

Birthdays. Happy Birthday Wishes to Narelle Olsen who celebrates her birthday on July 13th.

Bereavement. Sadly we report the sudden passing on Thursday 25th July of Moya Rowlatt, wife of Gary

Rowlatt and sister of Neville Churchill. Our deepest sympathy is extended to Gary and family.

Reunion DVD Videos. This was an outreach program financed by the Kingston Branch and the Neil

Kerswell family with Neil doing all the work. We would like to thank him for all the time and effort that he

put into this project. We trust that all who received them enjoy viewing them.

Contributions to the Australian Restoration News need to come by the 20th of the month and must be

submitted by email if possible. Email details are nandjrow@bigpond.com.au Phone contact: 07 3824 8386

We would love to have contributions from isolated members in Australia; articles or testimonies or

just greetings. We would also like to hear from American saints who have ministered in Australia.

If you do not have access to an internet facility and would like to post your article to me, I will try and have it

typed and included, but I would need to receive it by the 18th of the month for inclusion in the next issue.

Postal details are as follows: Noel Rowlatt, 6 Wetheral Place, Alexandra Hills, 4161 Queensland, Australia.

Friday, June 26, 2015

House For Sale ​Price Reduced​

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: J Delany

House for Sale - ​Price Reduced​

​Just listed the house on Zillow.com tonight, "Make Me Move". This is where people can make an offer if they are interested.

All the info is there along with photos.


Best Regards,
Jack Delany

3710 Canterbury Pl, Independence, MO 64055
Contact Jack Delany or Betty Randol at 816-309-2240

3 beds 2 baths 1,278 sq ft
Get More Information
Call: (816) 309-2240

Make Me Move®

Prayer Request for Roger Fullerton

Prayer Request for Roger Fullerton

Please pray for Roger Fullerton. He lives in Enid OK.
He was baptized at the SCRB Reunion this year.

He is suffering from an infection on his legs and will be Hospitalized to take antibiotics.

Thank You

Help with Fallen Tree

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Camille Seever

Help with Fallen Tree

My mom, Paula Swayne, is in need of help with a tree that fell last night while they are still at reunion. Thankfully it only fell across the driveway, but she is not able to clear it on her own, my step-dad is too ill to do it, and she is financially not able to hire it out. They do have a chainsaw, but I'm not sure whether or not it is large enough to handle the job. Is there anyone that would be willing and able help her at least get it to the point that it is ready to split for firewood? She would really appreciate it.

Paula can be reached by text on 816.456.6880. She will be home sometime tomorrow afternoon and will be available via phone then.

Thank you.

Brent & Camille Seever
Young Living Essential Oils
Gold Members #1512521

​Update on Karen Peter​

From: Gary Miller

​Update on Karen Peter​


Thank you for asking people to pray for Karen. She's had a hard time but feels that the prayers of our people have blessed her. This is part of an Email I just received from her:

Hi Gary,

... I THINK (fingers crossed) I might be offered a [transcription] job by Monday. It is over off 63rd Street for an Ophthalmology practice and one doctor. I interviewed for it Thursday, and they had me meet with the doc the very same day!!! That usually doesn't happen until the 2nd interview unless your chances are good, so ... you are one of the blessings God has given to me by way of our chance meeting. ... light a candle and say a quick prayer for me, please. *:) happy

Will you again ask our people to pray for Karen, for her possible hire on Monday.

Thank you everyone for your prayers,


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lauren McKenzie White - Services

Lauren McKenzie White passed away in the comfort of her home; in Sibley, Missouri on June 23rd at 12:42 in the afternoon at the age of fifteen.

Lauren is survived by her loving Father Jason and Mother Katie. Siblings Cole, Kodi and Logan White. Paternal and Maternal parents and siblings.

Lauren was born in Independence, Mo on September 27th, 1999. She loved being camp counselor; she loved being a campfire director; she liked to sing at church; she loved to drive; she loved board games; she loved cooking and baking; she was proud of being a diligent student, when she felt able; she was a great friend; she loved to scrapbook; she LOVED to read (since she was five); and she adored her family!

The visitation will be held at Atherton Restoration Branch, 4910 N Main Independence, Mo June 26th from 5 – 8pm.

The funeral service will be there on June 27th at 10am. Vaughn Cornish officiating. Burial to follow at New Salem Cemetery 1823 Blue Mills Rd. Independence, Mo.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Camp Quality Greater Kansas City http://www.campqualityusa.org/gkc

Electronic versions of the Scriptures


Electronic versions of the Scriptures

Known to work on Android devices with Akdiko
and on Apple devices with iBook

.epub format

Corrected the display errors causing missing chapters

Inspired Version of the Bible Version 0.90
Book of Mormon Version 0.90
Doctrine and Covenants Version 0.90

Last updated July 22, 2013


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

​In Town Reunion Live Streaming​

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: paul gage

​In Town Reunion Live Streaming​

Dear Saints,

The In town reunion, co-sponsored by the Conference of Restoration Elders and Pastors of Zion is live streaming the evening services
Tues. June 23-Friday June 26.

Go to:


God bless
Paul Gage

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Free Refrigerator, Stove, Double Sink and Wood Remnants

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ajtmct@comcast.net

Free Refrigerator, Stove, Double Sink and Wood Remnants

My daughter and her husband have started work on the little home they bought that was previously a duplex and have items they would like to give away.

"The following items are free to anyone that can use them: Electric stove (4 burners), refrigerator (both older models but clean and working well), a stainless steel double sink and knotty pine wood remnants (stained and finished). Items would need to be picked up by Saturday, June 27. Please call 816-372-4709 and ask for Tammy. If no answer, please leave message."

Thank you so much.

Arloe Talcott

Car needed - Ron Gage

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: ron gagetravelgage1@yahoo.com

Car needed

Looking for a nice Honda Accord or something similar with relative low miles for reasonable price.
Please let me know at travelgage1@yahoo.com.

Thanks Ron Gage

Looking for Work, etc.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Joan Vun Cannon

Looking for Work, etc.

I have a lady who is living with us on a temporary basis while she is looking for more work so that she can afford to have a place of her own. She is a good worker who can do house cleaning and home health, and can work as a receptionist in a business office. She is working for Ardyce Koonce and Doris’s next door neighbor Aggie. And I can add myself to the list of people she has and is currently working for.

Her e-mail is​:​ heavenbound4ever_ever@yahoo.com

and her name is Sandi Hopper her cell is 816-785-1209

Please let me know if there are any questions you have about this request.

Joan VunCannon
​816-536-0535 cell

Monday, June 22, 2015

Little Women Playbill advertisements/sponsor​ships

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Joy Cainjoy.cain1986@gmail.com

Little Women Playbill advertisements/sponsor​ships

Please take a look at the attached document regarding The Center Place Christian Theater's production of Little Women coming up very soon. We are seeking private &/or business sponsorships.

You are welcome to send me an advertisement for your business or a message to

Due by 6/30

Thank you for your support!

Any questions?
Joy Cain 816.868.4931 or joy.cain1986@gmail.com


Center Place Christian Theatre

Is pleased to present:

6 generations have read the story ~ this one

will sing it!

Little Women, the musical; is a heart-warming version of Louisa May Alcott’s classic story of family,

during the Civil War era. This classic has been set to music with beautiful orchestration,

personal discovery, heartache, hope & love

and is guaranteed to fill an evening with laughter, tears & a lifting of the spirit!

Performances: July 9 & 10 at the beautiful Liberty Performing Arts Theatre

About Center Place Christian Theatre

Center Place Christian Theatre (CPCT) is committed to producing quality,

family friendly entertainment, while providing an uplifting

environment and experience for its participants.

Past CPCT productions include:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Fiddler on the Roof, and OKLAHOMA!

Future plans:

Winter 2015 – Dinner Theater TBA / Summer 2016 – Mary Poppins

Our Theme Scripture:

“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the

service of your God.”

We truly feel that this effort is a service, and a means of bringing others joy. An

audience member may have burdens or a heavy heart when arriving in the auditorium.

Performers are able to use their God-given talent, to provide entertainment,

transporting the audience to a different place and time, where their concerns are

forgotten, if only for a few short hours.

WHY give to Center Place Christian Theatre?

Partner with us to bring the community family friendly, quality


Support youth in developing their God-given talent, in an

Enjoy tangible marketing benefits for your company & the

uplifting atmosphere.

satisfaction of assisting a worthy venture.

Please consider supporting the Arts, by contributing to:

Center Place Christian Theatre

Business advertisements &/or personal Sponsorships:

Friend / Bronze Level - $40.00 - $74.00

“Friend” listing in our playbill for personal sponsorships &/or ½ page advertisement for business sponsorships.

Supporter/ Silver Level - $75.00-$124.00

“Supporter” listing in our playbill for personal sponsorships &/or ½ page advertisement for business

sponsorships PLUS 2 tickets to the current CPCT season.

Patron / Gold Level - $125 - $299

“Patron” listing in our playbill for personal sponsorships &/or full page advertisement for business

sponsorships PLUS 4 tickets to the current CPCT season.

Benefactor / Platinum Level - Over $300.00, yearly donation

“Benefactor” listing in our playbill for personal sponsorships &/or full page advertisement for business

sponsorships, PLUS four tickets with preferred reserved seating to all CPCT productions.

Thank you for your support of the arts & Center

Place Christian Theatre!

Glory & honor be to God, the giver of all good gifts!

Questions? Please contact Joy Cain at: joy.cain1986@gmail.com / 816.868.4931 or

Dennis Brown at: dlbrown@kgas.com

Please fill out the form on the next page, along with your donation and send to: Joy

Cain – CPCT 2921 Tepee Ave. Indep., MO 64057

Center Place Christian Theater

Business &/or Personal Sponsorship _________________________________________________________

Contact Person: ___________________________________________________



Friend / Bronze Level - $40.00 - $74.00

“Friend” listing in our playbill for personal sponsorships &/or ½ page advertisement for business

Supporter/ Silver Level - $75.00-$124.00

“Supporter” listing in our playbill for personal sponsorships &/or ½ page advertisement for business

sponsorships PLUS 2 tickets to the current CPCT season.

Patron / Gold Level - $125 - $299

“Patron” listing in our playbill for personal sponsorships &/or full page advertisement for business

sponsorships PLUS 4 tickets to the current CPCT season.

Benefactor / Platinum Level - Over $300.00, yearly donation

“Benefactor” listing in our playbill for personal sponsorships &/or full page advertisement for business

sponsorships, PLUS four tickets with preferred reserved seating to all CPCT productions.

Enclosed: _________________________________________________________________________________

(Receipt will be emailed, unless otherwise requested. Your tickets will be held at Will-Call)

Thank you for supporting the arts & Center Place Christian Theater!

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you…” Philippians 1:3

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bob Bobbitt's power point series

Here is the link to Bob Bobbitt's power point series


or go to centerplace.org
click on the I Believe Series - by Robert Bobbitt
under the Evangelism heading

For Sale: ​Mercury Grand Marquis​​ 2008​

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: marbar_2@yahoo.com


For Sale: ​Mercury Grand Marquis​​ 2008​
​Are you looking for a new car? I'm selling my parents Mercury Grand Marquis.

The car is a 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis LS sedan I believe. It has a V8 engine also air conditioning power windows power locks tilt window radio with the CD player cruise control. the car has 41,294 miles, and the color is light blue

Here is some pictures you can look at.

Asking $9500.00 starting.

​Call Mark

Prayer Request for Merran

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: paul gage

Prayer Request

I received an email from Sister Merran, who is one of the six Page family siblings in Australia. She is asking prayers for her son-in-law, Morgan Jones who is very sick and suffering from gastric reflux.

God bless

Paul Gage

Friday, June 19, 2015

Multi-Family GARAGE SALE

From: Marilyn Slauter

Multi-Family GARAGE SALE

1901 S 14 STREET

Blue Springs MO

Saturday June 20

and Next Wednesday June 24

Church Family Yard Sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Jacob Robertsgenesis7-23@hotmail.com

Church Family Yard Sale

Saturday, June 20 from 8-6
310 Cogan Lane, off of Salisbury Road

Prayer Request for Karen Peter

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: G. Miller

Prayer Request for Karen Peter

I have a friend named Karen Peter. She is three weeks away from homelessness and desperately needs employment and a place to live. She has finished a course but needs work immediately. Would you ask people to pray for her.


​Cleaning Business - Independence Area​

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Caroline Baker


​Cleaning Business - Independence Area​

I'm trying to start my cleaning business back up in the Independence and surrounding areas.

I have 20+ years experience.

Cheaper rates than companies.

God bless

Request for printing music with text

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michael J Rhonda J Stahlman

Request for printing music with text

Needed: A dear brother has been given words to new songs that are sung to familiar hymns. I would like to get these songs printed with their music for the next generation to enjoy. Any ideas how to best go about this?

Rhonda Stahlman

Cell: 816-559-1112

Fax: 816-795-7809

Thursday, June 18, 2015

​Prayer Request for Debbie​

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Nancy Skeltonns5skelton@yahoo.com

​Prayer Request for Debbie​

Debbie Winslow, a daughter of Jim and Linda Crane is asking for prayers for herself and her family please.

​YAM 2

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kropp, Steve

​YAM 2

I want to make you aware of an emerging new opportunity within the restoration movement. The YAM – Young Adult Ministries program is constructed by Young Adults for young adults….

If you have any room on your schedule that will allow you to at least come and experiment and see if this might be a chance for you to be strengthened in your faith and in your walk with Christ – Please plug this into your social calendar.

I have been privileged to be a part of the early work of supporting this group of young adults and I anticipate some great things emerging from this effort. In the realm of those many things we plug into our schedule that might be considered “dead works” – I can assure you this will not be one of those.

Hope to see you on the 11th.


Stephen Kropp, M.S.





Ice Cream Social & Yard Games @ 7:00pm

Campfire @ 8:30pm

*Bring a blanket/chairs

Saturday July 11

Oak Grove Restoration Branch


Young Adult Ministries (YAM), is a NEW weekly

gathering for “young adults” (about 18-28) with a

focus on fresh, true-to-life topics, relevant to your life.

Connect on Facebook

Facebook.com/Young Adult Ministries-YAM

Tidings Address Help

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: paul gage

Tidings Address Help


I am needing updates on the following addresses. If you can help, it will be much app

Blue Springs

Jeremiah Jennings 3804 SW10th St. Terr.
Mildred Moore 1001 SW 21st St
Lela White 3335 NW Mill Dr


Sarah Davis 4625 S. Eastland Center Dr #1313
Carlos Espinoza 819 S. Main St Apt 10


John Riedel 828 Walker Ct.


Anna Johnson 419 N. Charles St



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Center Place Christian Theatre - Little Women

Center Place Christian Theatre

Is pleased to present:

6 generations have read the story ~ this one will

sing it!

2 nights only – Thursday, July 8th & Friday, July 9th

Liberty Performing Arts Theatre ~ 1600 S. Withers Rd. Liberty, MO

Curtain: 7:30 p.m. / Tickets: $9.00

Questions? Contact Joy - 868.4931

​Prayer Request - Ashley

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: jennifer.roggy@yahoo.com

​Prayer Request

Please pray for my daughter, Ashley, for relief of the pains from the pregnancy and to fill her heart with joy and peace. She is struggling and is financially burdened with the baby arriving in five weeks. I believe God can work in many ways.

Thank you,
Jennifer Coffman Roggy

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ​Lana Turner​


Proceeds going to the Church building fund to finish the new sanctuary.

This Friday and Saturday, June 19-20. 8AM to ??

Rain or shine. 1008 W. 3rd St., Cameron, MO, next to the soccer fields.

Lots of miscellaneous!

Bake Sale included on Saturday!

Contact #'s: 307-299-7117, 816-244-9805, 816-889-8148.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Lost Dog - Scout

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bruce

Lost Dog - Scout

Scout Schwaller, a black and white, longhaired, blue eyed, husky type dog, is missing since yesterday about 5:00pn in the area of 933 South Main.

Please call Mary Schwaller at 816-517-4721 if you’ve seen him or found him. He is friendly but skittish.

Bruce Luedeman

South Main Street Neighborhood Watch

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Need Worker

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: dannorman@yahoo.com

Need Worker

We are looking for a mechanics​ assistant. We work on Semi trailers doing maintenance and repair. We need someone who likes to work outside and does not mind getting a little dirty. We will train the right person for the work that needs to be done and if you have experience in welding that is a pulse.

Please contact me at dannorman@qualitytrailerservice.com or call at 816-728-0656

"God's Plan for Life: And the Devastating Victory that will Ensue in Yours" By Aaron J Smith

From: Aaron Smith
Independence MO

Friends of the church: (share as needed)

"God's Plan for Life: And the Devastating Victory that will Ensue in Yours"
By Aaron J Smith

For some time now you have known that I have felt compelled to write a book. It is now in the final stages of editing. The estimated time of arrival will be mid-July to the beginning of August. We are now accepting pre-orders at a reduced price of $12. Once the book arrives, the cost will be $15. We are offering the pre-sale to help us determine how many books to order on the first run. This will be a self-published work and all profits from this endeavor are invested in the Kenya Higher Education Fund operated by African Restoration Ministries. This fund assists many saints in Kenya to obtain a skilled trade or advanced degree beyond High School. This gives them a legitimate opportunity to garner work in a country with massive unemployment. If you'd like to reserve your copy now, send a check, (no cash through the mail please)(include your contact information, email/phone/FB etc as well) to:

Aaron Smith
PO Box 375
Independence MO 64051

If you live outside the Independence, MO area and will need it shipped, please add $6. It will be shipped using a Flat Rate Box from USPS. Special arrangements will be made on a case by case basis. You can contact me on FB, through email (section90design@aol.com) or by regular mail above.

"God's Plan for Life: And the Devastating Victory that will Ensue in Yours"
By Aaron J Smith

Do you feel like you are walking in a desert with God? Or worse, that he is the one who has orchestrated this excursion? Would you be amazed if I told you that God did plan and set in motion this journey? He set it in motion because it is the only way to achieve full fellowship with him. He desires more than anything else to have an abiding fellowship with you and this desire knows no bounds. His plan for you to have everlasting life with him will take you to your very limits and then beyond, because he is beyond those natural limits we've placed on him.
Find out the meaning of the sacrifice God is asking.
Discover the ultimate fellowship with Christ as you walk your own Via Dolorosa.
You will begin to comprehend what it is that God is desiring for this time - your ultimate trust in Him and Him alone.
See how Christ becomes your all. He will become elevated to the pinnacle of worship in your life and nothing else will matter.

The verse from Jacob sums up this work, "Wherefore, we would to God that we could persuade all men not to rebel against God, to provoke him to anger, but that all men would believe in Christ, and view his death, and suffer his cross, and bear the shame of the world;"

This adventure is one you would never choose on your own, but after experiencing it, you would never choose anything different. Maybe you're looking for meaning in your suffering. Maybe you've thought that just by living a good life you'd be saved into his kingdom. Or maybe you're standing on the precipice of this great divide and have heard God calling to you to step out into this desert, but you're hesitating. Wherever you're at in this walk with God, you will find a resource to help you along this path, whether it's motivation, hope through the suffering or validation of what you've already experienced.

Although this book focuses mainly on the intense personal journey, one chapter details how this process of obtaining new life is exactly what the church has been and is going through right now.

May God bless you is my prayer as we walk the walk that Jesus walked.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Assistant Editor Needed for Glyph Notes

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Assistant Editor Needed

We continue to be excited about the opportunity to share the good news about The Book of Mormon. To do this more effectively, PSI (Pre-Columbian Studies Institute) is searching for someone to assist the editor with the publication process of the newsletter Glyph Notes. This is a volunteer position. This person would work closely with the editor to manage the complete process of acquiring articles, working with authors, proofreaders, manager of the mailing list, and designer to publish on time, four times a year, as well as overseeing the delivery and mailing of the publication. Prefer someone who lives in the Independence area to facilitate working together and someone who has a degree in English or journalism or special training in producing newsletters. Write to editor at precolumbiansi@gmail.com

Thank you,

Lyle Smith

Thursday, June 11, 2015

​Looking for Cleaners

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From: Midwest Rentals

​Looking for Cleaners

If anyone is interested in cleaning 2 and 3 bdr duplexes in between renters, please contact me at midwest_rentals@yahoo.com.

Thank you,
Rachel Horn

Update from Chris Edson

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From: Ron Hofsommer

Update from Chris Edson

Just got home. The good news is, there is no sign that the cancer has spread to any of Joey's organs. The bad news is, he has 3 lumps in different locations. Because of that, surgery is not an option. However, the surgeon took biopsies today while we were there to submit and determine exactly which kind of melanoma we are dealing with. We return to see him on Monday to get those results. Meanwhile, we also met with the Oncologist and he went over possibilities with us so we know our game plan after we get the results back.​

Please pray for Chris.​

Preparedness Festival This Weekend - Independence, MO

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From: Barbra Jordison

Preparedness Festival This Weekend Independence, MO

It's only two days till this unique area event (Saturday from 8-2). I recommend going early in the day:

This preparedness festival is hosted by the City of Independence and the Independence Stake of the LDS.

Should be a fun and informative morning!

​On June 13, 2015 from 8am – 2pm, there will be an Emergency Preparedness Festival held in

Independence, MO at the parade grounds behind the LDS Stake Center, 705 W. Walnut St.

Hosted by the City of Independence and the LDS, this is open to the public. Please pass on to

as many organizations as possible. We would love to have the entire city participate.

The event will include several workshops and we will be providing interpreters and multi-lingual

brochures for each workshop. There will also be food storage samples, water and hotdogs.


Go Kits

Demonstration on what to carry in a Go-Kit

How to pack a Go-Kit

Different types of packs to use for a Go-Kit

Go-Kits for special needs

Emergency Preparedness for Children

Go-Kits for Kids

Go-Kits for Teens

Identification for children

Entertainment in a Go-Kit

Preparing meals from your Food Storage

Recipes and Samples of meals prepared from food storage

Pre-First Response First Aid

How to treat medical emergencies before the 1st responders arrive

Pre/Post Disaster Home Preparation

Prepare your home before a disaster strikes

What to do after a disaster strikes

Home emergency plans

Updated Phone lists

Where do we meet?

How do we get out?

Where do we go if we can’t go out?

Emergency contacts outside of local area


Sheltering Away from Home

Build shelter from available resources

What types of materials to store for emergency shelters

Financial Reserves/Important Documents

Prepare yourself financially-How much money do I need?

What documents do you need

Practical Food Storage

What do I store?

How Much?

Where do I buy it?

How do I store it?

Where do I store it?

Emergency Communications

We are setting up a mobile UHF/HF/ radio and Amateur TV station

Hoping to find hams around the country/world willing to call in and

talk to visitors during the event.

FRS radios

Water Purification

Where do I get water?

How do I clean my water?

Helping Hands

Boy Scouts

City of Independence will provide:

EOC-Mobile Command Post

Fire Department


Disaster Pet Care

City Utilities​

Church Sound System Request for Council Bluffs, IA Congregation

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From: Mark McCormick

Church Sound System Request
for Council Bluffs, IA Congregation

Hello Saints!
Our congregation is in need of a sound system (Board) with multiple inputs...
We use up to three wireless mics that we have, but out sound system is not large enough to handle it without distracting interference. If there is a congregation with an older system that they have no plans for or don't use anymore our branch would be interested in looking into it to see if it would fit our needs and we could talk about what we could afford.

My contact is (402) 639-2952 or mrmrldsmember@yahoo.com

Your Brother in Christ,
Priest Mark McCormick

Gen. 7:23 "...And the Lord called his people, Zion, because they were of one heart and of one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there were no poor among them!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Need Cooling/Heating Repair

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From: Sue

Need Cooling/Heating Repair

My home air conditioner is not working, Outside unit is not coming on. If there is someone who works on this equipment, please contact me to discuss doing troubleshooting/repair.

Andrew Gatrost
Please call or send text.


Motorized Wheelchair for sale

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From: ​Deana

Motorized Wheelchair for sale

I have a new, little used Quantum Pride J6 Electric Wheel Chair for sale.
I am asking $1600. Please call 816-510-4972 and speak to Jimmy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

​Bids for Crown Molding and Deck Staining

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From: Tura


​Bids for Crown Molding and Deck Staining

Interested in getting bids on crown molding in our house .

If interested please call or message me Tura 816-520-9930

Also need to have deck stained.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hymn I recently wrote​ to the tune of "Lower Lights"​

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From: April Erwin

Hymn I recently wrote​ to the tune of "Lower Lights"​

Hi Garland,

I set Charles S. Ferguson's hymn, Come Thou Lord In Visitation, that was forwarded a few days ago, to the music he noted as being the chosen melody. He asked me to have you share it for others that might want it too. I've attached both a Word doc and a .jpg image of the sheet music to share.

April Erwin

On Saturday, June 6, 2015 8:14 AM, "csf7fr@comcast.net" wrote:

Dear Sister April:
Thank you so much! I would love to be there when you sing the hymn. I looked up information on Philip Bliss​ ​
and had no idea he was such a gifted musician. If you don't mind posting the sheet music to Garlands web site​ ​
I believe others would appreciate it very much.

In Gospel Bonds,
Stephen Ferguson

From: "April Erwin"
To: csf7fr@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2015 11:45:43 PM
Subject: Fw: Fwd: Hymn I recently wrote

Hi Mr. Ferguson,

I was really touched by the hymn you wrote. I shared it with my mom and sister and we've decided to sing it as our next special music. To make it easier, I set it to sheet music. I thought you might like a copy of it in case you hadn't had anyone put it to sheet music for you yet.

God Bless,

April Erwin
Dysfunction Junction and Missing Pieces by April Erwin & Available Now: JUSTICE BURNING

www.AprilErwin.com, www.Facebook.com/AprilErwinAuthor, www.TheErwins.com or www.ProjectingA.blogspot.com

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From: ​Stephen Ferguson​


Hymn I recently wrote

Come thou Lord in visitation
Thou whose right it is to reign,
Rend the veil of darkness o’er us
Break the power of evils chain.

Come thou Lord in visitation
Purge the dross with fire Divine,
Our blind eyes will then be opened
To the vision that is thine.

Come thou Lord in visitation
Thy endowment bring new birth,
Fill our temples with thy power
Zion’s light restore to earth.

Come thou Lord in visitation
Thy true church from bondage free,
That the world may know thy gospel
And peace reign from sea to sea.

Charles S. Ferguson 3/23/2015
Tune: Brightly beams our Fathers mercy

In Gospel Bonds,
Stephen Ferguson

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Truth About Cancer DVD Presentation at Waldo

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From: Charles Golden

The Truth About Cancer DVD Presentation at Waldo

​The Truth About Cancer

The Quest for the Cures a DVD Presentation that will verify the

Truth about Cancer

Location-Waldo Ave. Restoration Branch Sanctuary

819 W Waldo, Independence MO 64050

Time of each presentation is at 2PM

The Total Presentation has 12 hours of information

This will require 6 presentations of slightly over 2 hours per

presentation with a 15 minute break between episodes

All presentations are on Saturday at 2PM

DVD#1 Date 6-13-2015 2PM

episode #1 Modern Medicine & the Cancer Pandemic

episode #2 Your First Line of Defense

DVD#2 Date 6-20-2015 2PM

episode #3 These Dirty Dozens to Prevent Cancer

episode #4 Your Secret Fountain of Youth

(Break for Elders Conference)

DVD#3 Date 7-11-2015 2PM

episode #5 Nature’s Pharmacy

episode #6 Clean Foods-Cancer Free Diet

DVD#4 Date 7-18-2015 2PM

episode #7 Do’s & Don’ts Part 1

episode #8 Do’s & Don’ts Part 2

DVD#5 Date 7-25-2015 2PM

episode #9 Proven Treatment Protocols Part 3

episode #10 Doctor’s Orders

DVD#6 Date 8-1-2015 2PM

Final Presentation

episode #11 How to Survive & Thrive

Come & Learn & Find Out the Real Truth About CANCER

CMRB Reunion Sacrament Service

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From: Alisa Brown

CMRB Reunion Sacrament Service


Due to heavy rains the last few days, the grassy areas that we normally park in for services at the Tabernacle are saturated. There are some concerns of people parking and getting stuck in low areas. We are limited on parking that is on dry ground at Odessa Hills.

Rob Bird (Reunion Director) is requesting that all the CMRB Pastors get word out today on your branch phone/email chains that we are going to have a 27 passenger bus to shuttle people from the Odessa Restoration Branch parking lot to the Campground's Tabernacle Sunday morning for those people who are commuting to the service by car. The first shuttle run will start at 8:00 a.m. and will continue back and forth throughout the Sunday morning Prayer and Testimony service right up to the beginning of the 11:00 a.m. Sacrament Service.

Please encourage your congregations to park at the Odessa Church if at all possible. If you have those from your branch coming who are handicapped, please have them go ahead and drive to the campgrounds and Rob will try to have parking spots for them near the Tabernacle.

To ensure that each Pastor gets this out TODAY, please call the name right below you on the Pastor's list to be sure they have received this message. Do not wait to do this until tomorrow morning.
I have attached the CMRB Pastors' contact information in case you don't have easy access to it. I am also sending this message to Brothers Paul Gage, Pete Hughes, & Garland Schnack to get the word out for those who might be driving out from the Independence area tomorrow.

Times are still the same: 8:30 a.m. gathering with 8:45 a.m. Prayer & Testimony Service. Gathering for the Sacrament Service will begin at 10:30 a.m. and start at 11:00 a.m.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or call me on my cell number: 816-565-5033

Thank you and see you at Reunion!


Central Missouri Restoration Branches
2014-2015 Pastors

Bates City………… Elder Gordon Burns 816-625-3976

3313 Highview Acres Road dellemae44@yahoo.com

Bates City, MO 64011

Chilhowee………... Elder Clayton Foss 816-597-3230

954 SW 600 Road earlybirdinc@centurylink.net

Holden, MO 64040

Clinton…………….. Elder Duane Stowell 816-732-5574

425 SW 1201 Road stowelleduane13@gmail.com

Holden, MO 64040

Colbern Road……. Elder David Gilmore 816-510-4828

2101 SW Liggett Road david.kathy.gilmore@gmail.com

Blue Springs, MO 64015

Kingsville………… Elder Larry Marsh 816-517-6454

706 S. Clay Street larrymarsh1@juno.com

Holden, MO 64040

Knob Noster……... Elder Michael Brown 660-463-7620

512 S. Sandia Drive; Box 6 michaelandalisa4@gmail.com

Concordia, MO 64020

Lexington………… High Priest Steve Bohall 816-934-8309

4750 Highway 224 stemarboh@emarqmail.com

Wellington, MO 64097

Oak Grove………...Elder Phillip Freeze 816-419-5073

3133 Sweet Clover Lane pfreeze@mriglobal.org

Bates City, MO 64011

Odessa……………. Elder Junior Munsterman 816-719-6445

7089 Outer Road; Lot 1 jmunsterpt@gmail.com

Odessa, MO 64076

Warrensburg…….. Elder Alan Ream 660-826-7891

25750 “HH” Highway RB.5FARMS@hotmail.com

Sedalia, MO 65301

Wellington………... Elder Jerry Quick 816-564-2877

33508 Lake City-Buckner Road quick.lynda@yahoo.com

Buckner, MO 64016

Vacancy: Judicial Assistant ~ Western District of Missouri

From: "Kathy Popejoy"
Date: June 6, 2015 at 12:47:14 AM CDT

Vacancy: Judicial Assistant ~ Western District of Missouri

Job Announce#: JA-06-15
Position: Judicial Assistant to U.S. District Judge
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Salary Range: JS 9-11 ($48,403-$76, 131)
(starting salary is based on years of experience and education)
Opening Date: June 5, 2015
Closing Date: June 29, 2015 ~ at Noon

Please review the attached document for more information about the position. Let me know if you have questions. This position is available to all qualified applicants (inside/outside the court). Thanks!

(See attached file: Judicial Asst Ad_6-5-2015.pdf)

Kathy Popejoy
Human Resources Specialist
U.S. Courts - Western District of Missouri
400 East 9th Street, Room 1510
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: 816-512-5035; FAX: 816-512-5034
Blackberry: 816-918-7905

Vacancy Announcement

United States District Court

Western District of Missouri

Position: Judicial Assistant to District Judge

Position Number: JA-06-15

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Salary Grade/Range: JS 09-11 ($48,403 - $76,131)

Opening Date: June 5, 2015

Closing Date: June 26, 2015 at 12:00 p.m.

(Salary based on years of experience)

The United States Court for the Western District of Missouri is currently accepting applications for a Judicial Assistant (JA) to United States District Judge Brian C. Wimes. The JA is an integral part of the judge’s staff and must possess outstanding communication and clerical skills to ensure that chambers operations run smoothly and efficiently. The JA must be able to perform a wide range of duties, including: managing the judge’s schedule and correspondence; interfacing daily with other chambers staff; dealing with members of the bar and the public; maintaining records; and assisting with docketing or other case management duties as assigned by the judge.

• High school diploma, or the equivalent, plus two years of general experience and six years of specialized experience. (Bachelors or Associates Degrees, or Paralegal Certificate preferred, but not required.)

o General experience includes clerical or administrative work in an office environment, with job duties requiring knowledge of internal filing practices, telephone and electronic communications, scheduling, and word processing.

o Specialized experience includes secretarial experience that involved responsibilities as the principal office assistant to a supervisor who was dealing with law-related matters (such as might be found in a law, insurance, or real estate office).

• Knowledge and skill in usingWindows Operating Systems and associated Microsoft Office2010 products, such

• Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing.

• Good judgment and the ability to interact tactfully with other courthouse staff, attorneys, and the public,

• General understanding of court-wide policies and procedure, including principles of case management, paired with a willingness to learn specific understanding of chambers-specific policies and procedures. (Familiarity with CM/ECF and related technology is preferred, but not required.)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

PIANO LESSONS by Janet Williams

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From: Janet Williams


Janet Williams is offering piano lessons at her home in Grain Valley, MO immediately.

Contact Janet at 816-267-0238 for placement.

Janet L. Williams
Tax Pax, Inc.
308 N.W. Yennie St.
Grain Valley, MO 64029


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Janet Williams


Late eighties Allen organ for sale. For more details, please call Jim Cawley at 816-224-0123.


Janet L. Williams
Tax Pax, Inc.
308 N.W. Yennie St.
Grain Valley, MO 64029

Stephen Ferguson recently wrote a Hymn

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ​Stephen Ferguson​


Hymn I recently wrote


Come thou Lord in visitation

Thou whose right it is to reign,

Rend the veil of darkness o’er us

Break the power of evils chain.

Come thou Lord in visitation

Purge the dross with fire Divine,

Our blind eyes will then be opened

To the vision that is thine.

Come thou Lord in visitation

Thy endowment bring new birth,

Fill our temples with thy power

Zion’s light restore to earth.


Come thou Lord in visitation

Thy true church from bondage free,

That the world may know thy gospel

And peace reign from sea to sea.

Charles S. Ferguson 3/23/2015

Tune: Brightly beams our Fathers mercy

In Gospel Bonds,
Stephen Ferguson

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Center Place Community Theater

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From: ​​​Rhonda Schmidt​

Center Place Community Theater

​Musicians wanted!!! Come have fun with us at Center Place Community Theater!!! July 8th, 9th, and 10th CPCT is putting on “Little Women” this summer. We are in need of musicians to play in the pit. If you are interested, please contact Rhonda Schmidt at 816-806-2525 or rdstjs2@gmail.com. (You may need to leave a message on my phone since I don’t get reception at work). Joy Cain is directing this musical this summer, and it looks like it’s going to be fun. Come join us.

Rhonda Schmidt