Saturday, January 30, 2016

A request for information

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From: Connie Guthrie

A request for information

​David and I will be celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary on February 6th.

As I do not know Independence that well, I was wondering if someone could recommend a nice restaurant where we could enjoy dinner and celebrate our 46 years of a wonderful marriage.

If anyone has some ideas, please contact me. This is a surprise for David.

Thank you

Connie Guthrie

Lord, Whom Shall I Marry

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From: Connie Guthrie

Lord, Whom Shall I Marry

I am trying to find some copies of the book Lord, Whom Shall Marry. We was told it is out of print.

That is so sad. The testimonies in this book are so from our Lord and needs to be shared especially to all children in our church.

Please if anyone knows where I can find copies please let me know.

The Lord has placed upon my heart to share these copies.

Thank you

Connie Guthrie

Friday, January 29, 2016



Around and about the Centre Place by High Priest Paul Gage, Independence, Missouri.

As an old saying states, "Time flies when you are having fun." January is going fast, are you having fun? The work

of the Lord should be fun, that is to say, enjoyable as we labor with the Lord and the Saints. It is a different kind of fun

than going to a party, a ball game, etc. I'm sure we all realize that, although the Father did throw a big event for the

prodigal son when he returned home. Remember what prompted the prodigal to go home? In Luke 15:17, it says, "And

when he came to himself...." I believe the Holy Spirit moved upon him and reminded him of what he had given up and

where he was-in a pig pen, so hungry he almost ate the food for the pigs. He realized then, after wasting his money and

time, he wasn't having any "fun." He said, "I will arise and go to my father..." In the Book of Mormon, Enos 1: Enos,

son of Jacob had gone to hunt beasts. Whether he had gone to have fun while hunting or not, we do not know. We do

know, as he tells us in verse four, the words of his father sunk deep into his heart. He then had the tremendous

experience of being spoken to by God and forgiven of his sins. His faith then was unshaken in the Lord. What "fun,"

joy and sheer happiness and delight he must have felt then and the rest of his life. Since God does not change, that

same joy is available to us, if we go to the Lord in mighty prayer and fasting as needful.

February is our next challenge! It is often referred to as the month of love because of Valentine Day. God is not

restricted to one day a year or a month a year, as He freely offers His love to us every second of every day of our lives.

The words of one song state that, "The love of God is greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell. It stretches from the

highest star and reaches to the lowest hell." This agrees with Psalm 139. Every day we have the opportunity to have

more fun than those of the world who do not know or acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Savior. Jesus said he came to

give us life, and that more abundantly." John 10:10.

In the "old days" of the Church, every January was "Stewardship Month" in which much teaching and preaching was

done to emphasis the importance of stewardship. I think DC 147:5a says it all, "Stewardship is the response of my

people to the ministry of my Son, and is required, alike, of all those who seek to build the kingdom." No matter how

we define or determine what our stewardship is, it comes down to our response to the ministry (sacrifice) of Jesus

Christ. Our response comes in many different ways, and yes, sometimes we may be in the pig pen with our face in the

mud. Dear Saints, do not let the adversary steal your joy and happiness in the Lord. God loves you, cares for you, and

always has us in His watchful keeping. Make Him the number one Love of your life.

The work continues in the Center Place as the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE) and Pastors of Zion (POZ)

work together to provide ministry and training for priesthood and members. Planning is already underway for the

Annual Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Conference of Restoration Elders June 19-24, 2016. It would be really

great to have some representation from Australia. The missionary groups continue to function and recent missions have

been conducted in Kenya and East Africa, Nigeria, and both the northern and southern islands of the Philippines. The

SEAAM Board hopes to have a mission or two to Australia in 2016 and awaits direction from the Australian

Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch is one of several branches now doing some "live streaming" of services and

events. If you want to share in these you can go to the website: Click on Waldo

Avenue Restoration Branch and then down near the bottom of the page, click on Waldo Avenue/Pastors of Zion

Livestreaming, then click on the event you want to watch.

Center Place Restoration School completed the Christmas break and is now into the second semester of the school

year. Administrator John Larson and members of the school board are visiting various branches encouraging a greater

interest in and response to the school.

Testimony “A Father’s Love”
by Sr.Pat Chadwick, Independence,Missouri

Dear Saints, Noel asked me to write a piece for the newsletter there, but first I want

to send my warmest regards to all of you there in Australia. Our experience with you at the reunion last year was just

wonderful. We are sorry that we won’t be there this year but I know all who attend will be blessed with that same

sweet Spirit that graced the reunion last year.

At the reunion I had the opportunity to teach a class for the women. I shared a testimony with the women in the class

that I felt impressed to share again in this newsletter. It is about God’s Love.

We all experience dark times in our lives and Hal and I experienced such a time when we were 27 and had been

married 7 years. Hal’s father was diagnosed with a terminal illness and his mother could not cope and had a nervous

breakdown. Suddenly I was caring for Hal’s father, mother, and our three small children, who were 5 and under. Hal’s

father lived 6 months and then I continued to care for my mother –in- law, which was no easy task, due to her terrible

Our marriage crumbled under the stress. I was totally overwhelmed and became severely depressed. I could not

sleep at night and would stay up and do house work. Hal worked nights and was not home. One night I was in the

kitchen doing dishes, there was a darkness that came into the kitchen, and terrible thoughts came into my mind, that I

end it all and take my life, even God would not blame me. It sounded like a good way out. It frightened me and I knew

it was wrong to think that way. I recognized this darkness as Satan and that the thoughts were a lie, He has been a liar

from the beginning of time. I felt almost overcome. I knew I could not last the night without help. I called the one

person who I knew would come in the middle of the night, my father. When he picked up the phone I said “Daddy I

need your help, can you come to the house.” He did not even ask me what the matter was. He answered, “I will be right

I went into the front room to wait and very quickly my father arrived and I realized he must have driven at a great

speed to get there so quickly. Immediately upon arriving he offered to administer to me and a sweet spirit came during

the administration and the darkness fled away.

Afterwards as I sat there quietly with him in the front room, a voice spoke to me, it came into my thoughts with great

power. It said, “Look at your earthly father”.

I looked at my father, I noticed for the first time how he was dressed. I noticed that his shirt was not buttoned, that

his belt hung unbuckled in his pant loops, he had no socks on, and his shoes were untied. I realized how he must have

jumped out of bed and just thrown on the clothes he had taken off the night before and stuffed his feet into his shoes

and rushed to my aid, breaking the speed limit. I saw great concern and love upon his face and in his eyes. Then the

voice said “See how much your earthly father loves you and how quickly he has come to your aid, don’t you know that

I your Heavenly Father love you even more and I am always with you”.

Great warmth filled me and I experienced the abiding love that my Heavenly Father has for me and all of His

children. That experience has been of great benefit to me. During all the trials of life I have been comforted by the

knowledge that my Heavenly Father loves me with a deep and abiding love and He is always with me. This great love,

care and concern is for all of His children. He loves us so much and is always with us. Pat Chadwick

Philippine Trip and Organization of a Branch reported by Elder Murray Broughton, Kelvin

We left and arrived on the 23rd December 2015 and stayed in Trece Martirez.the next day we had a communion

service. On Christmas day we went to Pasay City to bless the baby daughter of one of our brothers in Christ from

Australia, who now resides in Pasay City, Philippines. On December 26th, we left early in the morning for Agno

Pangasinan, (where we will spend the next three weeks). On the 27th December, we held a communion service at

which we had a big congregation of members and non-members. The next day, we had a get together Christmas party

for the young Sunday School children and distributed the gifts from Bro.Bob and Sr. Beverly Wilkinson. Sr. Delma

told them to open their presents at the same time. The children’s faces were glowing with happiness and most hadn’t

seen koalas or kangaroos before. On behalf of those children I would like to thank Bro.Bob and Sr. Bev for their

donation. We distributed also the gifts for the Trece Martirez Branch with which they are all very

happy.Unfortunately,we did not go to Puerto Galera; instead we sent the gifts to Sr.Joy, who is doing a good work for

the less fortunate and teaching Sunday School in that area. She distributed the gifts also to them for Agno Branch,Trece

Martirez Branch,Antipolo Branch and Puerto Galera. We also distributed 4 boxes of used clothes which we sent by

shipment and rice to 77 families. We had previously sent money from Brisbane Saints, which was given to people in

rice and food after the floods in which 2 church members were washed out their house. Their story during and after the

floods is really heartbreaking but they did not lose hope and instead they are praying that there are no more floods and

typhoons like this last one in which most in our area loss their rice crops.

We went to visit one of our sisters, Merly Nanasca in the hospital. We gave her money to be able to start treatment of

kidney dialysis, but unfortunately she had so many complications, her doctor told her that she only had 3 months to

live. She decided not to have dialysis, instead, going home and buying medication to sustain her up to 3 months. I pray

the Lord will give her a healing and a blessing that she may overcome the trials in her life. I pray also that she will not

suffer. We went to visit her in her home and she looked a bit better than she did in the hospital. I administered to her

I gave many administrations to those that were sick. On Jan.12, 2016 we left for Candon Ilocos Sur to visit

Bro.Ronnie & Sr. Remy Datu and their 2 boys. It was a good visit and we had communion service, study and hymn

singing with them .I was surprised to see the people who came for the service and study based on Christ’s Church,

Ordinances & Priesthood. I gave some people a bible and Tidings of Zion magazines.

We went back to Agno the next day and on the 15th of January we went to Trece Martirez,, arriving late in the

afternoon. The next day,we travelled to Antipolo City,to have a service and communion with the saints .There were

three baptisms. There were also administrations of the sick .There are seven members in Antipolo and I organized a

branch of which Elder Ace de Vera is the Pastor. We went back to Trece Martirez and had also a business meeting and

I stood down as Pastor .Elder Ace de Vera is the Pastor of Trece Martirez and Antipolo Branches. We had services

every night during our four weeks stay. We had to feed them spiritually and I know there is more to be done in the

Philippines, with some people asking for baptism next time we go back. We have only one member in Puerto Galera,

Sr, Joy Maranan, and she is really doing a good work for the Lord. She teaches Sunday School children, and as part of

Christmas holidays she organized a "Christmas Share your Blessings" to indigenous people called “Mangyan Tribe"

living in her area, Dalaruan. Everything I did, showed that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak,

remembering the words of the Lord Jesus who said; “It is more blessed to give than to receive." Let us make a home in

our hearts for him and share our blessings with the homeless and the needy

Elder Murray G.Broughton
(Pastor of COJC Agno Branch)

Victoria News
submitted by Elder G.D.Grayden,
Pastor of Kelvin View Branch

Services have been maintained for the members living in the Euroa-Kelvin View area. Our Priesthood numbers have

been affected by the illness of our Deacon, Bro.Dirk Waasdorp who now lives a great distance from the work, which

places a greater load on the two remaining elders. We miss him very much.

Our attendance numbers have declined for various reasons and this is a matter of concern. The driving licence of the

pastor has been restricted and the kindness of several others in providing transport each Sunday is much appreciated.

Please excuse me for painting a dull picture, but rest assured, our desire is to continue the work and we pray for each

member in the branch to keep up the fight against the adversary who would see us close.

We ask you to pray for Sr.Loris Broughton who recently lost her husband Harry. Over 500 people attended his

funeral; what a wonderful testimony to his value in the community where he and Loris resided. His knowledge and

skill in caring for animals was indeed a blessing to the community. God bless you Harry and may the continued

presence of the Spirit of comfort rest upon a true and faithful member,


Tamworth News
submitted by Sr. Bev Wilkinson

Greetings from Tamworth and a Happy Blessed New Year

On Sunday 3rd January Elder Danny Archer gave the Sermon then he travelled back to Sydney.

Bob and I presented the family Worship on Sunday 10th January, Bob welcomed us and qffered the Prayer and I

read “The Ministry of Hymns” by Sharon Warner. For our Class we are watching a DVD of the Gospel of John. For

the Sermon Elder Peter Archer read Sec 1:7-8c Sec 8a “What I the Lord have spoken I have spoken and I excuse not

myself (b) though the Heavens and the Earth pass away, my Word shall not pass away but shall all be fulfilled, whether

by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same; for Behold and Lo, The Lord is God and the Spirit

beareth record and the record is true, and the truth abideth for ever and ever Amen”. Elder Peter also spoke on the Faith

of Adam who was obedient in offering the firstling of his flock as a sacrifice although he didn’t know why. Genesis 4

7 “and then the Angel spake saying, this thing is a similitude of the sacrifice of the only begotten of the Father, which

is full of Grace and Truth”. Elder Peter Served the Sacrament and Deacon Roy Schubert gave the Benediction.

On Sunday 17th January 2016 Elder Peter and Helen presented the family worship Peter welcomed us and gave the

invocation and Helen read “Keep me from harm, that it may not pain me” by Jennifer Raffety. In our Worship Service

Elder Peter spoke on the Light; He said let us walk in the light for "Jesus is the Light of the World” The natural man is

an enemy of God because he rejects the Light," Bear one another’s burdens and let us not be weary of well-doing. Let

us all go forward in faith never doubting, because without faith it is impossible to please God; forgive all men, have

faith, repentance and forgiveness and to God be the Glory”. Deacon Roy gave the Benediction. After the service,

members, friends and family went to the Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant to celebrate Helen’s birthday.

On Wednesday 20th January we met at 26 Higgins Lane for a Prayer Service.

On Saturday 23rd January Elder Peter and Helen Archer travelled to Port Macquarie to bless baby Sebastian Dunn,

fifth child of Lance and Georgia Dunn and grandson of Merran, on Sunday 24th January 2016.

We thank Kingston Branch for their annual donation of $600 towards the upkeep of church car.

Birthdays for February. 2nd Patrice Fulton 3rd Jonathan Page 12th Frank Shepherd

13th Paul Fulker 15th Lauren Nixon (Smith) 15th Maurice Bryant 28th Marissa Gilbert ( Whitcomb)

News from The Hummel Family in South Australia
submitted by Sr. Monique Hummel

We are settling in to our new home. Fortunately, there is much for us to do and we are trying to channel our energy

into home improvements. The boys will return to school after a 6 week summer break and we are keen to start a busier

routine. Ethan has decided on a Career in Aviation Mechanics and will be studying a certificate through TAFE while

completing his final year of high school. Jacob will begin year 10 this year but is not yet sure what type of career he

would like to get into. He has decided to return to football having been given the 'go-ahead' from his GP after learning

of a rare bone condition he has in his arm (he's missing a piece of bone approximately 2cm in diameter). Seth will soon

begin his 2nd year of high school - he would like to share that he has no ambition other than to leave school as soon as

possible and make a career as a stuntman.

I have begun work with a Community Care Service where I travel to different homes each day and do 'whatever is

needed' - work varies from showering and personal assistance, to medical appointments and sometimes just spending

time with people. It is different from the work that I have done previously in Aged Care but I am enjoying the

opportunity to help other people.

The break in our family has been very difficult to bear and we continue to ask for your prayers during this time. This

situation is still very new but it has made us very aware of the difficulties experienced by broken families particularly

when the decision to divide a family has been made for you. I feel very much as though we have been confronted by

Satan in our home and that he is attacking our family. Although I see the great need to pray for help, I struggle to find

the words. I want you to know, that it has been important to us, to know that you are praying for us.

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Psalm 30

Please include in your prayers the following people who are in need of a blessing

Geoff & Elma Grayden Gwen Whately, Adrienne & Robert Windsor, Alma & Janice Kerswell,

Loris Broughton, Dirk Waasdorp, Don & Nina DiRico, Monique Hummel & Family

Norm Melling Audrey Kerswell, Neville Churchill, Jonathan Page, Mary Dunn.



17-19 Juers Street, Kingston, Queensland. Pastor: Elder Alma Kerswell. Phone 07 3800 1151

ACTIVITY SCHEDULE, February, 2016.

Sun. 7th.
10.00 a.m. COMMUNION SERVICE. Elder A.Kerswell asstd. by Priest L. Scott

Musical Item for Service. Glenn Kerswell

11.15 a.m. Prayer & Testimony Service. Elder A.Kerswell

Sun. 14th.
9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing: Linda Kerswell

Flowers: Sue Parker

10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder G. Parker asstd. by Elder A Kerswell

11.00 a.m. Class. Elder N. Rowlatt

followed by a BYO Fellowship Lunch.

Sun. 21st.
9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing: Luke Scott

Flowers:Janice Kerswell

10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE. Elder Neil Kerswell asstd. by Priest L. Scott

Musical Item for Service. Linda Kerswell

followed be a Fellowhip Morning Tea (Please bring a plate)

Sun. 28th. 9.50 a.m. Hymn Sing: Linda Kerswell

Flowers: Linda Kerswell

10.00 a.m. PREACHING SERVICE: Priest Luke Scott asstd. by Elder A. Kerswell.

11.00 a.m. Class. Elder N. Churchill


Birthdays. Happy Birthday Wishes to the following people:

Amy Scott will celebrate her Birthday on the 18th; and Bill Kerswell has his Birthday on the 21st.

Wedding Anniversaries.

Neil & Joanne Kerswell will have their Wedding Anniversary on the 11th..February.

Alma & Janice Kerswell will celebrate their 49th Wedding Anniversary on the 18th February.

Bereavement. Our deepest sympathies are extended to the family of Myra Churchill who passed away on

Tuesday 26th. January at the great age of 101. She was the wife of Elder Vince Churchill (deceased) and

mother of Elder Neville Churchill and Moya Rowlatt (deceased). Her funeral Service will be conducted by

Elder Neil Kerswell on Saturday 6th,February at the Metropolitan Funeral Chapel. Newnham

Branch Officers Elected for 2016. (Our Branch AGM was held on Sunday 6th December.)

President: Elder Alma Kerswell
Treasurer: Priest Luke Scott
Youth Leader: Luke Scott
Counsellors: Elder N.Rowlatt, Priest L.Scott
Music Director: Sr.Linda Kerswell
Recorder: Luke Scott
Secretary: Sr.Linda Kerswell
Book Steward: Sr.Janice Kerswell
Women’s Leader: Sr.Jan Kerswell

Mower Replacement. A new ride on mower has been purchased that has dramatically reduced the mowing

time. The cost of this was shared equally between the Branch and the H.& O.Slade Memorial Trust which

Contributions to the Australian Restoration News need to come by the 20th of the month and must be

submitted by email if possible. Email details are Phone contact: 07 3824 8386

We would love to have contributions from isolated members in Australia; articles or testimonies or

just greetings. We would also like to hear from American saints who have ministered in Australia.

If you do not have access to an internet facility and would like to post your article to me, I will try and have it

typed and included, but I would need to receive it by the 18th of the month for inclusion in the next issue.

Postal details are as follows:
Noel Rowlatt
6 Wetheral Place
Alexandra Hills
4161 Queensland Australia

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Looking for Copies of Old Testimonies

From: Pat Johnson

Looking for Copies of Old Testimonies

I'm looking for copies of old testimonies regarding the last days (our time??)

Help would be appreciated.

I could receive by
or fax (816)503-9782
or would take pictures of documents if people don't have copies to share
this isn't for publication purposes but for my personal information.
I have the Infallible Proofs - are there other books available?

Pat Johnson

Book Of Mormon Round Table

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From: robyn mun

Book Of Mormon Round Table
The 3rd Sunday of the month

Sunday, February 21st, at 6pm
Speaker/Presenter: Bob Myers

“Alma the 2nd’s Plan of Redemption Sermon ”

See you in Luff at Stone Church!
1012 W. Lexington Ave., (upper west parking lot)
Independence, MO. 64050

Let Us Endure To The End….

(2 Nephi 31:20-21 & 3 Nephi 15:9 Utah Saints / 2 Nephi 13:30-32 & 3 Nephi 7:10 Iowa Missouri Saints)

Love, Sister Robyn Mun

816-838-6575 cell & text

​Catering Items​

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From: Jan VanMeter


​Catering Items​

For sale catering supplies including punch bowels, cups, plates, forks, chafing dishes silver trays and other.

for sale at Best offer.

These are not plastic products.

The people who wanted these has evidently changed their minds. I am deaf so it would be best that you email me.

These products are located at Heritage House.

Jan VanMeter

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

​Hutch and Table and 4 Chairs​

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From: Connie Guthrie


​Hutch and Table and 4 Chairs​

I know I posted this a couple of months ago. We now have to make room for a bedroom for a friend who is out in the cold.

We are offering this for $300.00 or OBO. If you don't like the color paint it, brown or whatever. It is a hutch with a round table and 4 chairs.

The cost to get this hand painted not by us, was $3000.00. It was made special for a young man in Ok who died.

Connie and David

Monday, January 25, 2016

Update on Butler, Missouri Restoration Branch Fire

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From: paul gage

Butler, Missouri Restoration Branch

Dear Saints,

The following information was forwarded by Elder Phil Freeze, pastor at the Oak Grove, MO Restoration Branch after a conversation with Elder James Daugherty, pastor of the Butler, MO Restoration Branch.

The Butler, Missouri Restoration Branch was damaged, by fire, on Sunday, January 17, 2016.

Following the morning services and a fellowship lunch the Daugherty's received a phone call in mid-afternoon that the church was burning.

The inside of the church building is totaled and one outside wall. It may be three to four months before they will need help to finish the inside.

The electric company has added a temporary meter and electricity so contractors can work and did not charge the church for this work.

In the interim time, the Butler Saints will be meeting in the old Butler High School gym.

The gym, known as the "Community Use Center", is located one block west of their old meeting place, which is at 4 W. Pine St. in Butler, MO

Also the city of Butler is not charging them for the use of the gym. . Both of these things are blessings.

Please uphold the Butler Saints during this time of trial.

Paul Gage

Obituary for Ronald Lee Basquette

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Barbara Basquette

​Obituary for Ronald Lee Basquette

Ronald Lee Basquette, age 78, passed away on January 25, 2016. Ron was born January 12, 1938 in Paris, Illinois to John and Mary Louise (Bodine) Basquette. He graduated from Paris, IL High School and served in the US Air Force from 1956-1960. He married Diane (Bates) October 4, 1959. Ron attended CMSU and graduated in 1964. He spent all of his working career as a salesman for Butler Mfg., retiring in 2001. Ron was baptized a member of the RLDS church in 1961 and held the priesthood office of Priest. He was active at South Crysler Restoration Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ. In 2006 he married Barbara Farnham.

He is survived by Barbara, Son, James ( Robin) Basquette, Platte City, MO, Daughters, Anne Mundy (Brian), Meredith Jeter (Chad), step daughters Michele Schmidt (Albert), Tamara Caviness (Rob), all of Independence, MO, 11 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, sister Joyce Marquis. Ron was preceded in death by his parents, wife Diane, and sister Peggy Marquis.

Visitation from 9:30-11:00 A. M. Saturday, January 30, 2016 with memorial service at 11:00 A. M. at The Church of Jesus Christ, Missionary Restoration Branch. 3415 N Elsea Smith Road, Buckner, MO 64016. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Center Place Restoration School, 819 W Waldo, Independence, MO 64050 Private interment at Mound Grove Cemetery.

A special thank you to Dennis Renyer and Crossroads Hospice for their help with Ron's care.

books! Books! BOOKS!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paul Ludy

books! Books! BOOKS!

I still have many banana boxes filled with books that need new homes. They are mostly children's fiction, history, biographies, etc., that were on the shelves of Sionita School.

Did I mention "Free"? They are now free for you.

These would be ideal for home
schoolers or entrepreneurs who would like to earn some money. Everyone welcome!

Call or e-mail to arrange to bring your truck to get as many boxes as you can carry. Take whole boxes. (There are several pickup loads.)

Note: Books will NOT be available T-W-TH this week.

Paul V. Ludy
816 210-8450

Friday, January 22, 2016

Honda CRV for sale - low miles, excellent condition

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From: Claire Elizabeth Loyd

2014 Honda CRV LX FWD for sale, low miles, excellent condition.

All services performed at Honda dealerships. Vehicle has new car warranty until 36,000 miles and a power train warranty for 5 years/60,000 miles (whichever comes first).

We bought the vehicle brand new in September 2014. It currently has 28k miles and is light blue. It has been an excellent vehicle. We are selling it so that we can purchase a minivan for our growing family.

See Craigslist link for full description and recent photos:

Call or text ​​
Claire Loyd (316)641-9137 or Josh Loyd (913)689-9546 for further details.

Vacancy: Operations Generalist ~ Western District of Missouri

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Troy Schnack

Vacancy: Operations Generalist ~ Western District of Missouri

> From: "Kathy Popejoy"
> Date: January 22, 2016 at 2:20:52 PM CST
> To: "Recipient List Suppressed"
> Subject: Vacancy: Operations Generalist ~ Western District of Missouri
> Please post the following vacancy announcement.
> Job Announce#: RCR-06-15
> Position: Operations Generalist
> Location: Western District of Missouri - Kansas City, Missouri
> Starting Salary: CL25 ($39,219- $63,742) based on experience
> Promotional opportunity to CL26 ($43,192-$70,189)
> Opening Date: January 22, 2016
> Closing Date: February 5, 2016 ~ at Noon
> Please review the attached document for more information about the position. Let me know if you have questions. This position is available to all qualified applicants (inside/outside the court). Thanks!
> (See attached file: Ops Generalist_01-22-2016.pdf)
> Kathy Popejoy
> Human Resources Specialist
> U.S. Courts - Western District of Missouri
> 400 East 9th Street, Room 1510
> Kansas City, MO 64106
> Phone: 816-512-5035; FAX: 816-512-5034
> Blackberry: 816-918-7905

Postal Service to host KC job fair

Postal Service to host KC job fair

Event will be at Kansas City District Office on Saturday


t's will be held at the Kansas City District Office at 300 West Pershing Rd. from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Applicants will be shown how to navigate the online application process at

The job openings available are for city carriers, rural carriers, postal support employee clerks, mail handler assistants, and tractor-trailer operators.

More than 400 positions are available, according to the Postal Service.

Employees will work at the various Missouri and Kansas post office branches and processing and distribution centers, according to the Postal Service.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Prayer Vigil Friday January 22

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From: steve bishop

Prayer Vigil Friday Jan.22

43rd Annual Prayer Vigil to End Legalized Abortion on Demand
Friday Jan. 22 from 6pm to 7pm, near the corner of 24 hwy and Noland Rd.

We will meet at New Jerusalem Restoration Branch at 7:15pm, after the prayer vigil for pro-life news, snacks and fellowship

Any questions call Steve and Ellen Bishop 816-650-3588

IT Job Announcement

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Troy Schnack


United States Bankruptcy Court

District of Alaska
605 West 4th Avenue, #138,
Anchorage, AK 99501


Position: Systems Manager (CL 28/29) (Commensurate with qualifications)

Close Date: Open Until Filled. We will begin considering applications on February 1, 2016.

Salary: CL 28/29 ($62,166 - $120,181 base pay) + 5.31% COLA

The Clerk’s Office of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Alaska is accepting

applications for a Systems Manager position in Anchorage. The Systems Manager is responsible for the

planning, acquisition, application, operation, integration, and maintenance of all automated systems,

equipment, and networks operating within the court unit. The incumbent troubleshoots and resolves

operational and network-related automation problems and ensures an effective cyclical maintenance

program for all office automation equipment. The Systems Manager is responsible for the planning,

procurement and installation/upgrade of all national systems and applications. The incumbent develops and

provides training for end-user personnel.

• Advise management in all aspects of automation needs, objectives, and capabilities, including

anticipation of future requirements and potential problems. Develop short and long range

automation improvement plans for the court unit; ensuring changes can be implemented with

• Manage and execute implementation plans for major automated systems. Adapt software and create

systems documentation; perform testing; and, establish operating procedures. Establish security

systems for hardware, software, and data. Conduct post-implementation testing to ensure adequacy

of systems and applications and recommend changes, as required.

• Develop budget justifications for systems equipment, upgrades, and general automation operations.

Monitor all expenditures. Oversee procurement of hardware, software, peripherals, and support

contracts. Develop specifications and evaluate bids in accordance with regulations. Monitor

delivery, installation, and implementation of equipment and systems.

• Support and maintain the Data Communications Network (DCN), Local Area Network (LAN),

various serial communication systems, web-based services, electronic mail systems, and

operational and administrative applications and systems. Perform upgrades on existing systems and

• Establish and maintain system operating procedures, protocols, data security, backup plans, and

user permissions. Develop and maintain local court technical documentation for administered

• Develop specific system features to satisfy local court unit needs, including developing adaptations

to national systems. Participate in the planning for and the acquisition of specific alternate and

backup systems for the court unit.

• Maintain automation equipment inventory according to internal control guidelines. Oversee

automation equipment cyclical maintenance program for the court.

• Develop and maintain library of software, including documentation of locally developed

applications. Prepare statistical and management reports for operational and/or administrative areas

• Work closely with information technology professionals within the federal courts to ensure

operational integration and efficiency. Interact with IT professionals at the AO and counterparts in

other districts to exchange information on new developments and refinements.

• Establish and deliver training regarding system use and capabilities to court staff.

• Extensive knowledge of theories and principles and advanced training and specialized experience

in practices and techniques of computer hardware, software, office automation, database and

network design, and data communications.

• Thorough knowledge of LANS, WANS, Linux and Microsoft network architecture.

• Skill in analyzing court information technology requirements, both hardware and software; and,

planning for and implementing recommendations to meet those needs.

• Skill in identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate

options and implement viable solutions.

• Skill in training non-automation personnel in automation techniques and processes.

• Skill in implementing, managing, and documenting automation system(s) when system analysis,

system integration, and consideration of both hardware and software are affected.

• Ability to meet critical deadlines.

• Ability to organize and prioritize work schedule, work independently with little or no supervision,

• Knowledge of court policies, procedures, and guidelines.

• Knowledge of the functions, processes, and automation needs of operational, administrative, and

• Ability to effectively integrate automation with such functions and processes.

• Knowledge of budget processes and ability to develop and manage a budget for the automation

• Knowledge of procurement regulations and skill in communicating with procurement staff and/or

vendors to secure the proper equipment for the unit.

• Skill in adhering to regulatory controls and internal audit procedures.

• Knowledge of and compliance with the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees and court

• Ability to consistently demonstrate sound ethics and judgment.

• Ability to communicate effectively (orally and in writing) to individuals and groups to provide

information regarding technical automation processes and administrative matters.

• Ability to interact effectively and appropriately with others, providing customer service and

resolving complex and difficult matters while complying with regulations, rules, and procedures.

• Skill in translating and documenting technical information into non-technical language.


• Applicants must be a United States citizen or eligible to work in the United States.

• The successful candidate is hired provisionally, pending the results of a background investigation.

• Employees of the United States Bankruptcy Court are appointed in the excepted service, are

considered “at-will,” and can be terminated with or without cause by the court.

• Employees are required to use the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) for payroll deposit.

• Employees must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Court.

Employees of the United States Bankruptcy Court are eligible for, but not limited to, the following

• Accrual of paid and sick leave days, and paid holidays.

• Participation in pre-tax benefit programs (Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance programs; Flexible

Spending Accounts; Commuter Reimbursement Benefit.)

• Available group life insurance and long term care insurance.

• Participation in the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS).

• Thrift Savings Plan (with employer matching a percentage of employee contributions.)

Qualified applicants are invited to apply by submitting a Form AO 78, Application for Judicial Branch

Federal Employment available at, and a resume with three

references. Your package must be emailed in PDF format, with Announcement 16-1 on the subject

line, to:

The court provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you require a reasonable

accommodation for any part of the application process, please notify Margaret Bondi, Personnel Specialist,

at (907)271-3923. The decision on granting reasonable accommodations will be made on a case by case

Travel for a personal interview will not be reimbursed. Video conferencing is available for long distance

interviews. The Clerk reserves the right to modify the conditions of this job announcement.

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Alaska is an Equal Opportunity Employer

​Part Time Web Design/Technician Job

From: ​Bruce Luedeman

​Part Time Web Design/Technician Job

I am in need of a ​​web designer/technician part time. My web site is I have programs I tweak and add/delete from time to time. I am able to pay $15 per hour and the work is infrequent. The person I utilize should be familiar with using Word Press, PayPal and SuperSaas Calendar Systems. The calendar system is fairly straight forward and shouldn’t be a problem to pick up quickly. I have a pending program that needs to get on the web site asap. While I would be open to working with a talented high school or college student I really need to be able to work with someone long term.

Please call, text, or email me below. Thanks!

Bruce Luedeman MA, EMT
NRA Training Counselor
USCCA Training Counselor
201 W. Lexington #100
Independence, MO. 64050
Ph# 816-353-6826

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Navajo Rug

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sonia Greyeyes

Navajo Rug

I have a Navajo Rug that was woven by my mother-in-law, we need to sell this rug so it can help our financial need to move...we are asking 800.00 or best offer.

Treadmill for sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sonia Greyeyes

We are selling our treadmill for 150.00 it is in good condition works great but has a tear in the padding in the handle we bought it at sears about 8 or 9 years ago.
​ It is a NordicTrack. You can call me if you are interested my number is 816-621-5635

​For Sale: Table and Chairs and China Cabinet​

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Katy Allinder

​For Sale: Table and Chairs and China Cabinet​

I have a table, 6 chairs and a china cabinet for sale all for $200 Obo.

China cabinet is 48 in long x 16 1/2 inch wide x 72 1/2 in tall. The door is in need of minor repair, needs a new magnet in order to remain fully closed.

Table is 40 inch wide by 60
Inch long with small degree of wear to the top and in need of repair to one of the legs.

Wonderful pieces that need someone to give them a little work and bring them back to life. Chairs are in great shape and the seats recently recovered. Must pick up and move.

If interested Please email or call Katy @ 816-510-7942

Thank you

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

For Sale - Pressure Washer and Earthway Planter

From: David and Arlene Graham

For Sale - Pressure Washer and Earthway Planter

Please make an offer for these items

The funds will be donated to Price Publishing

Please call or email:
David and Arlene Graham

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tidings of Zion Items

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: paul gage

Tidings of Zion

Dear Saints, CRE Officers, Council Chairs, POZ Officers, Pastors, Branch Leaders, etc.

If you have any items you want considered for the next issue of Tidings of Zion,

the DEADLINE is FEBRUARY 1, 2016.

Send them to me by email along with any photos. Send the photos separately. Make sure any photos are high quality and printable, that is that all subjects in the photos are adequately clothed. Front pics are best as no one likes to see the backs of heads, etc.

Please use font Times New Roman size 12.

You may not get another notice, SO ACT NOW!! Please.

Paul Gage
Chair, Publication Council

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Butler Restoration Branch just burned

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vaughn Cornish

Butler Restoration Branch just burned

Please remember them in your prayers.

Butler Restoration Branch
​4 W Pine Street
Butler MO 64730​

Presiding Elder Jim Daugherty
R1 Box 378
Butler MO 64720

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

From: Rachel Horn

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

> From: "Fort Osage R-1 School District"
> Date: January 17, 2016 at 12:37:45 PM CST
> To:
> Subject: Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District
> Reply-To: "TalentEd Recruit & Hire"
> Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District
> Recently Posted Jobs
> Below you will find a list of jobs posted between Nov 28, 2015 and Jan 17, 2016.
> Job Posting Title Job Category
> Certificated Paraeducator - Elementary Special Education Classified Apply Now
> Summer School Position Certified Apply Now
> Substitute Custodian Classified Apply Now
> Counselor - Elementary - 16-17 School Year Certified Apply Now
> Counselor - Middle School - 16-17 School Year Certified Apply Now
> Process Coordinator 16-17 School Year Certified Apply Now
> Certificated Teacher - Early Childhood Special Education 16-17 School Year Certified Apply Now
> Certificated Teacher - Elementary (Grades 1-4) - Possible Openings 16-17 School Year Certified Apply Now
> Certificated Teacher- Elementary (Grades 5-6) - Possible Openings 16-17 School Year Certified Apply Now
> Job Postings Closing Soon
> No jobs scheduled to stop accepting applications between Jan 17, 2016 and Jan 24, 2016.
> Fort Osage R-1 School District

​NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mike and Rhonda Stahlman

​NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program

​Beginning Thursday, February 18, 2016

FREE Education and Support for Families of Individuals with

Mental Illness

Do you have a family member with mental illness? Have you struggled to understand the diagnosis? Would you

like to know how to take care of yourself while caring for your loved one?

The NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program is a free 12-week course for families and friends of individuals who are dealing with

conditions such as ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. The course is taught by trained family members who have lived with

this experience. The course teaches the knowledge and skills that family members need to cope more effectively.

Family-to-Family Course Topics include:

 Family responses to the trauma of mental illness.

 Schizophrenia, major depression, and mania: Diagnosis and dealing with critical periods.

 Depression and Bipolar subtypes; Panic disorder; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD);

 Borderline Personality Disorder; Co-occurring brain and addictive disorders.

 The biology of the brain: emerging scientific discoveries.

 Problem solving workshop

 Medication review

 Understanding the inner experience of having a mental illness.

 Communication skills workshop.

 Self-care, relative group testimony.

 Rehabilitation, services available.

 Advocacy, fighting stigma.

The NAMI Family-To-Family Education Program is appropriate for parents, siblings, other family members and significant others

of person with severe and persistent mental illness. Registration is REQUIRED.

Class begins February 18, 2016, 12 Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm @ The Church of Jesus Christ Missionary Restoration Branch

3415 N. Elsea Smith Road Buckner, MO 64016

To register or for more information, please contact: NAMI-KC Ken Dawn @ or 816-931-0030​

Here is a link to a ND for those who are interested. She is good in that she is very knowledgeable with heart.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

For sale: from Aaron Smith

From: Aaron Smith

For sale:

Ethan Allen coffee table and two end tables - $100

Duncan Phyfe table and 6 chairs - $250

Yorktowne Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware - 8 sets


Friday, January 15, 2016

Office Space Available Feb 1, 2016

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Penny

1200 SQ ft. of office space for rent. 411 E. 23rd. St. Independence, Mo

A Karate Studio is currently in the space. Pictures are of the front entrance area and the main area of the space for rent. Small office in the back as well as storage. (Space does not include mats or mirrors. These are property of the Karate Studio)

The space is finish to suit and rents for $1200.00 per month. Very nice, busy street with great visibility. Whatever your business is you can advertise it on the well lit sign in front of the building.

Please call to find out more details.

Penny Curtis

816-254-3335 Day

816-682-3205 Evenings

Need your help, please

From: Sandra Hografe

A friend of mine had a co-worker pass away this week, leaving her two, adorable, small dogs in need of another home.

Mimi is a 5 - 6 year old, female, Shih Tzu. Winky is a 4 - 5 year old, male, Yorkie. They must stay together!

If you, or someone you know, wants to add to your family, please email Gayla. Her email address is

The picture attached is the photo the owner had on her work desk. Their 'mom' loved them dearly.

Sandi Hografe

CPRS - Job Opening

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Center Place Restoration School

CPRS - Job Opening

Center Place Restoration School is currently accepting faculty applications for a HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR DIRECTOR beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.

This position involves working with students in 9th through 12th grades. Responsibilities include selecting music for the choir, working on vocal training and performance preparation during
daily class times, and rehearsing for concerts within the school setting and occasional community/branch outreach.

Candidates should have experience in choral music and be comfortable working with students. A music degree or extensive music background is preferred.

Applications may be picked up from CPRS. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM, and Fridays from 8:00 AM-3:30 PM.

(816) 252-1715

Fridge. . .need Resolved​

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: fineline

Fridge. . .need Resolved​

We wanted to thank all who responded to our need for a fridge.
The issue has been resolved thanks to the kindness and support of the Saints.

Thank you Garland for this online bulletin board. . .it is a great service to the all.

Dan Hood

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Revised Priesthood Retreat Flier

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Horn, Vim

Revised priesthood retreat flier

Aaron Smith had to bow out of teaching the class, so Steve Kropp agreed to teach it.

Below and attached is a revised flier for the upcoming priesthood retreat which includes the names of the teachers for the day, Elder Steve Kropp in the morning and Elder Karl Anderson in the afternoon. We hope that many of you will be able to attend and look forward to our time of worship, learning and fellowship together. A lunch will be available at the church. Please register online so we have a sense of how many will be coming. Email me if you have any questions.

Your Brother in Christ, Vim

January 30, 2016 Priesthood Retreat

Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE)
Priesthood Gathering
January 30, 2016

Oak Grove Restoration Branch

Oak Grove, Missouri

Take Up Your Cross 2
Matthew 16:25-26

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me. And now for a man to take up his cross, is to deny himself all ungodliness, and every worldly lust, and keep my commandments.”

We invite all Restoration Branch priesthood members to come for a day of worship, classes, and fellowship.

Tentative Schedule

8:00 am Registration

8:30 – 9:30 Prayer Service

9:30 – 10:45 Class Elder Steve Kropp
11:00 – 12:15 Class Elder Steve Kropp

12:15 – 1:00 Lunch (provided)

1:00 – 2:15 Afternoon Class Elder Karl Anderson

2:15 – 2:30 Wrap-up

Registration - While pre-registration is not required, we do request that you do so in order to know how many are attending. To register online, use the address link below, or go to the CRE website at

You can also pick up a registration form at the CRE office, at 500 N. Union in Independence, MO, or have one sent by contacting the office and requesting that a form be mailed to you. To contact the CRE office, call 816-836-3421 (local) or 877-748-8947 (toll free), or send written request to, CRE PO Box 4085, Independence, MO 64051.

Online Participation - If you have a group that wishes to participate electronically, please email Vim Horn at

Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity

Clerk needed in law office on the Independence Square. 20-30 hours a week. Legal experience not required. Knowledge or experience with medical files is required.

Call 816-842-6411

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Native American books

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jan VanMeter

Native American books

I have 2 boxes of Native American books of different kinds plus several patterns for dance costumes and other.

If anyone is interested I will be glad to donate them.

Jan VanMeter

Collector Car For Sale

Collector car for sale

I have a 1969 Dodge Charger RT for sale. It has a 440 Magnum engine and 125,000 miles.

The interior is in excellent condition. It was appraised at $45,000.00 and will consider best offer.

If you are interested please call Erin Fitch at 816-536-2855 only serious buyers need inquire.

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tree Trimming Service

Jeff Johns

Tree Trimming Service

I'm looking for anybody who needs tree trimming done. I do not climb, but I can take down small to medium size trees (or large ones if they are in the wide open). I do trimming from the ground with a pole saw. I can get up to roughly 12 feet or more without a ladder. I've worked for other tree services such as "the best tree service in KC" (according to Angie's List), named Advanced Tree Experts North, so I know what others charge. I charge cheaper rates than any other service around and I look to make the work area very clean when I'm done. My aim is to create a fair business between me and my customers, but even more, I desire to make them happy. I've done work for Richard Neill and his son, Andrew and they seemed pleased and surprised at my cheap service, and were also pleased with my work.

If you would like to get in contact with me, my email is
my phone number is 816-616-2074
If I do not pick up, please leave a message and I'll return your call.
Thank you.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: julie leibold



Intro to Consumer Power & the Shopping Annuity concept

Tue, Jan 12, 2016 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM CST
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll-free): 1 866 899 4679
United States : +1 (224) 501-3318

Access Code: 918-374-173

Julie J. Leibold RN/FCN Health Ambassador c. 816 517 6802 "Stay Informed to Stay Well"

House needed

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sonia Greyeyes

House needed

We are needing a house to rent fairly cheap. A 3+bedroom or 2 bedroom with finished basement in independence or the outskirts.
We are in desperate need of housing.

Thank you.

If anyone knows of something please call me at 816-621-5635

Monday, January 11, 2016

Fundraiser for Zion's Ridge

Sharon Toms

Fundraiser for Zion's Ridge

Zion's Ridge Campground Board is having a Valentine's Day Fundraiser to raise funds to complete our Shower/Restroom building in time for 2016 Reunion and scouting activities. We will be selling homemade candies, fudge, baked goods and spa baskets. Order forms will be posted at a later date. We will be taking orders between Jan. 25th and Feb 6th for pickup/delivery on Saturday Feb. 13th.

We are looking for anyone who has a gift, talent or passion for creating any of these items or other items to sell and wish to help. Please let us know your specialty if you would like to contribute. You may contact Sharon at (816) 456-3245 or

Presently we have the following items committed to be made (fresh not sitting in a box on the store shelf already):
Fudge in heart shaped glass dish
Peppermint bark in heart themed treat bags
Peppermint coated pretzels in heart themed treat bags
Soft homemade carmels
Coconut chewies
Coconut and cherry thumbprints
Cream cheese mints
Heart shaped bread braid
Cinnamon rolls
Cookie trays
Spa Baskets including an asst. of mitts or sponges, bath salts, bath scrubs, towels, emery boards, etc.

We are also still selling the Women's Council Cookbook which proceeds from are divided between Zion's Ridge and Odessa Hills

Would anyone be willing to help deliver and provide a singing telegram as their talent?

Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for your support as we work together to further develop the Campgrounds.

Update regarding Mike Lipari/prayer request

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pam M

Update regarding Mike Lipari/prayer request

Thank you all for your prayers for Mike and Debbie Lipari.

Mike passed ​away this weekend.

Please continue to remember Debbie and the family in your prayers.

​Thank you, ​
​Pam Miller

5th Annual Prayer Vigil at the Temple Lot

“I was not a politician,

but I had strong opinions in regard to

such subjects as human slavery,

and felt it incumbent upon me to

fearlessly express my views and to do

what I could to help the Nation

overcome what I so plainly

recognized as an evil.”

—Joseph Smith III, Memoirs, page 85

What do we recognize as evil today?

Are we fearlessly expressing our views,

and doing all we can to stop that evil?

Let’s start the New Year by joining together in prayer,

asking God to help us stop the evils of our day!

Please come and stand on sidewalks surrounding the

Temple Lot, to pray for His guidance, and praise Him

that we still have the liberty to pray in public!

We look forward to praying with you at the

5th Annual Prayer Vigil at the Temple Lot

200 S. River Blvd, Independence, MO 64050

Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 17th, 2016 3:00-4:00 pm

Contact Steve & Ellen Bishop at (816)650-3588 with questions.

DRESS WARM and bring a chair if you need one.



---------- Forwarded message ----------

RWC Annual Brunch


All women are invited to the annual brunch sponsored by the women's council.
The brunch will be Saturday, January 23 from 9-12 at Waldo Ave. Restoration Branch.
Registration will begin at 8:30.
Come share with us as we begin a new year and a new theme.
Our theme for the first 3 months is: Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by payer and supplication
with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Philippians 4:6

If you are coming please call Mary Prater at 816- 277-8885 so we will have an idea of how much
food to prepare.
We look forward to seeing you there!! *:) happy


--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jean


NICE ! !

GREAT GRANDMA Jean (Evans) Roush

via: Jean and ALL the FAMILY


6 LBS. 9 OZS. & 19-1/2 INCHES


MO 65746

P. O. BOX 575

Jared Gowan leaves

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jill Gowan

Jared Gowan leaves

Dear friends

Our 21 year old son Jared left this morning for Army Basic Training. He will be at Fort Benning near Atlanta, Ga for the next 10 weeks. If all goes well he will graduate and head straight to Virginia for 17 weeks for his advanced training as an Aviation mechanic. He should be returning in July. We are asking for your prayers for his health and safety, specifically healing for his current knee injury, wrist sprain and hernia that he has some minor issues with. Please pray that the Lord will bring healing and / or protection from further injury.

Please also pray for his spiritual and emotional development as well.

Thank you,
Jill and Chip Gowan

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Of Mormon Round Table - Sunday, January 17th, at 6 pm

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: robyn mun

Book Of Mormon Round Table

The 3rd Sunday of the month

Sunday, January 17th, at 6pm

Speaker/Presenter: Panel of 3

Bob Myers, Joshua Mariano, Eric Scott

“Prophecies about the Future from the Book of Mormon”

See you in Luff at Stone Church!

1012 W. Lexington Ave., (upper west parking lot)

Independence, MO. 64050 816-254-2211

Let Us Endure To The End….

(2 Nephi 31:20-21 & 3 Nephi 15:9 Utah Saints / 2 Nephi 13:30-32 & 3 Nephi 7:10 Iowa Missouri Saints)

Love, Sister Robyn Mun

816-838-6575 cell & text

Friday, January 8, 2016

Urgent Prayer Request

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pam M

Urgent Prayer Request

I used to teach preschool with a dear lady named Debbie (Klotz) Lipari. Her husband MIKE LIPARI is in desperate need of a miracle. He had a terrible accident at work Wed evening and fell from machinery and was run over. (They think he may have suffered a stroke that caused the fall ?) He is in the Liberty Hospital and at this point is not expected to live. Debbie and the family are devastated and have requested prayers for a miracle.

Thank you,
Pam Miller

Best Choice Labels Follow Up

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Muriel Luedeman

Best Choice Labels Follow Up

I learned of some people who collect Best Choice labels and thought I would pass them along in case anyone wants to find a home for their labels, or to encourage people to collect them.

Sharon Toms

CITA Christ in the Americas

The funds support an orphanage and activities in Zamarano, Honduras

Donna English

New Hope CofC Budge

Becky Stayton

Stone Church Preschool

Thank you,


Muriel Winn Luedeman


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mary Kay Consultant

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lynn Vogel

Dear Friends, FYI and thank you very much.

I'm asking all my friends to pass on my website and help me find customers. Could you please pass this on to at least 5 people? Mary Kay is a well known and well loved brand and has great customer loyalty. We have a great line of sun screens and men's products too. Many people have lost their consultant, are simply busy, or choose to stay home these days, so I offer a mail order program if you prefer.

If you invite me to your home, I am honored to meet you and your friends. I take a teaching approach to demonstrate our products. I offer a complimentary facial to introduce products and a follow-up appointment to fine tune and review how to use the products correctly. Did you know that if you use only your ring fingers on your face you won't pull or tug on that fragile skin so much? We recommend that you apply cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens with an upward and outward motion to fight gravity, but down on the nose and in under the eyes.

On, you may sign up and the profile questions will point you to the products which will be of most benefit to your skin care needs. You can also play around with Virtual Makeover if you like color cosmetics. We have it all! Then you can pay through propay with your card and have your products Ezshipped from our factory directly to you.
I'm praying for a way to reach a million consumers this year but I cannot do this alone. If you could pass this on to your friends and the people you know, or if you produce a newsletter, bulletin, program or some type of communication for your church, club, group or business that you could use to forward my website, I'd appreciate it. I can sell in all 50 states plus the U.S. territories.

Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true!
Anna Lynn Vogel

Price drop – Holden, MO, property for sale


Price drop – Holden, MO, property for sale

Click the following link to view the listing:

Sign Language classes

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Melissa Scott

Sign Language classes

Its a New Year and a new semester. Now is the time to learn that foreign language you have been putting off learning. I have sign language class times available on Tuesdays at the Colburn Rd Mid-Continent Library from 3-4pm and 5-6pm. If there are enough interested​ I will make other classes available on different days if need be. I am able to come to individual homes should the need arise for a slightly higher cost of $20 for 1 then the cost lowers for each additional person. I teach/tutor anyone who has problems with Spelling/ English using sign language as a mode of learning. Cost for tutoring is $15 a child. Please contact me for cost of classes and any questions you might have.

Melissa Scott
816-914-1577 call or text

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Two cats need a loving home

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Two cats need a loving home

Sasha and Norma's owner passed away unexpectedly Monday evening and now they are in need of a forever home. They are sisters from the same litter, 7 years old and big babies (and a little chubby as they enjoy their treats!). Both have gray tiger stripes and would love to find a home where they can stay together. For more information, please contact:

Wilma June Canfield

Van for Sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ralph Damon

Van for Sale

2006 Toyota Sienna LXE
Pearl White, 106M miles,Leather Seats, Sun Roof, Roof Racks, Rear Entertainment System, Excellent Van, Always Garaged.
Asking $9,000. Books out retail just over $10,000.

Ralph Damon 816-588-3296

​Concerned Priesthood of The Restoration class Feb 6th 2016

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mark McCormick

​Concerned Priesthood of The Restoration
class Feb 6th 2016

I would highly recommend this time of worship and study to the priesthood in the Independence area.

Have a blessed day!

Your Brother in Christ,
Mark McCormick
Gen. 7:23 "...And the Lord called his people, Zion, because they were of one heart and of one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there were no poor among them!"

On Wednesday, January 6, 2016 1:14 PM, Brian Turner wrote:

Here is the announcement for the class’s on the 6th of Feb for those that are interested in attending​ ​
…​ ​
also for those that will be forwarding or printing I have included a PDF of same document.

Take care

Brian Turner
P: 402-763-2842

​January 2, 2016
A Happy New Year to the faithful Priesthood of the Restoration Branches / Groups
I am writing to remind you about our February 6th 2016 meeting that will be held at Farview Restoration Branch Church, 1104 E. 24th St. South, Independence, MO (24th and Vermont).
Farview will be having their Men’s breakfast starting at 8 a.m. on that day – even if you are fasting for the meeting it is a great way to fellowship. There have been great conversations during this time of fellowship.
Agenda: 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. Men’s breakfast / pre fellowship 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Prayer & Testimony - Lasting as long as the Spirit leads us then moving into the classes.
10 a.m. – 11:30 Class 1
11:35 – 1:00 Class 2
All times are estimates as there are times that the Holy Spirit moves us to stay in prayer or on a topic.
So many times when we come together we are incredibly blessed by the Spirit and leave with a renewed spirit.
The purpose of the CPR (Concerned Priesthood of the Restoration) is simple in that we do not promote, endorse or adhere to any Faction or group, but we are Priesthood that feel the need to hold on to the basic principles as when the RLDS Church was established and have been lost. There is a real need within the Priesthood body to understand the very basics of the Gospel and how we can move ourselves to being open for Endowment type of experiences and to bring a ministry to those in the outlying areas.
Today, more than ever, we need to come together and learn from each other so that we may be ready and ready our flocks for that day when Christ returns and we can be the servants that brought tenfold!
3 Nephi 5: 36 Verily, verily I say unto you, that this is my doctrine; and I bear record of it from the Father; and whoso believeth in me, believeth in the Father also; 37 And unto him will the Father bear record of me; for he will visit him with fire and with the Holy Ghost; 38 And thus will the Father bear record of me; and the Holy Ghost will bear record unto him of the Father and me; for the Father, and I, and the Holy Ghost, are one.
D&C 32: 3a Behold, verily, verily I say unto you, This is my gospel, and remember that they shall have faith in me, or they can in nowise be saved; and upon this Rock I will build my church; 3b yea, upon this Rock ye are built, and if ye continue, the gates of hell shall not prevail against you; and ye shall remember the church articles and covenants to keep them;
Men of the Priesthood, if there is a subject that you have been blessed in as it relates to strengthening the Church we would enjoy the opportunity to have you share with us.

Yours in Christ
Brian Turner Chairman
Concerned Priesthood of The Restoration ​

A Special Promo for the New Year at Pure Dance Studio!!

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From: Pure Dance Studio

A Special Promo for the New Year at Pure Dance Studio!!

We are excited for the new year and the start of our Spring Semester!

Enrollment for the spring semester is still open, and we are offering a special discount!!

*Special Promo: Mention this e-mail and receive $10.00 off your first month's tuition!
*This promotional applies to newly enrolling students or to students who have not been enrolled with Pure Dance Studio for at least 6 months.

To enroll for classes or for more information:
Call 816.616.3287 or E-mail

To stay up-to-date with news and events from Pure Dance Studio please like our page and follow us on facebook!

Best wishes for the new year,
Cassy and Kelda Glandon

Pure Dance Studio

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Items For Sale--fridge/washer-dryer

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From: Robin Cross

Items For Sale--fridge/washer-dryer

This is an older but working top of the line refrigerator.
Side by side, freezer on the left. Icemaker, IN-Door
ice and water dispenser. It is still plugged in and cold.

This is a nearly new working stacked washer and dryer.
It was removed from our upstairs hall closet. It is a
smaller washer and dryer for one or two people. They
are bolted together right now.

Both are in Raytown and available for pickup.

Robin Cross

Needing Evening and Part Time Caregiver

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From: Eleanor Miller

Needing Evening and Part Time Caregiver

I am in need of a mature Care Giver for my 100 year old Aunt. Preparation of Evening Meals. Light Housekeeping Bathroom Help, Preparation for Bed. Must be Non - Smoker and prefer Church Restoration Lady. The hours are evenings ?, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Can alternate with 2nd Care Giver and/or a Substitute fill in for other days, when needed. I pay $15.00 per Hour. Independence Area.

Please Contact Eleanor Miller at: 816-461-7363

I would also like to consider a Live in Care Giver, Room and Board, Plus a Salary to be considered.

Monday, January 4, 2016

20 cu ft. Kenmore Refrigerator For Sale

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From: david teeters


20 cu ft. Kenmore Refrigerator For Sale

with ice maker

$100.00 or best offer

You must be able to pick up by January 10th

David - phone 816-213-1411

or email

Kenmore Freezer -- $200.00

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From: david teeters

Kenmore Freezer -- largest made for home use

Size: 61 ½” X 27 ½


questions, call

You must be able to pick up by January 10th

David - phone 816-213-1411

or email

​Rental House Available​

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From: Penny

​Rental House Available​

We have a cute 2 bedroom house 1 bathroom house that will be ready to rent by the 1st of next week. It has a fenced back yard . It rents for $600.00 per month + utilities.

Stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer included

Penny Curtis

Pure Water Oasis Inc.
411 E. 23rd St.
Independence, Mo 64055

​Prayer Request - Jerry

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From: Nathan Oglesby


​Prayer Request

I have a coworker whose husband is battling cancer. My coworker’s name is Robin and her husband’s name is Jerry.

Thank you,


​Catering Items For Sale​

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From: Jan VanMeter

​Catering Items For Sale​

I have catering supplies for 200 people that I can no longer use. Plates, punch cups, forks, punch bowls, silver trays, chafing dishes and some other. I need to get these things out of Heritage House because they are taking up storage space that is needed here. I will take best offer.

Jan VanMeter
email :
tel:​ 816-503-8996

Sunday, January 3, 2016

One bedroom Apartment For Rent

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From: Laura Jones

One bedroom Apartment For Rent

For Rent-One bedroom garage apartment available for $450 a month with utilities included. No washer or dryer hook ups. Cable and telephone not included. Looking for a single non-smoking, non-drinking quiet ​Latter-day Saint with no pets. No cohabitation.

If interested call Laura Jones at 816-686-6359

China Cabinet

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From: david teeters

China Cabinet – solid wood and lighted

Beautiful condition. See attached photos

$200.00 or best offer

You will need to pick up by January 10th.

contact: David Teeters - phone 816-213-1411 or email at


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From: david teeters


This upright piano is in excellent condition. Has been in our family for 70 years

Free to anyone.

You will need to pick up by January 10th.

contact: David Teeters - phone 816-213-1411 or email at

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Oldbookman January Sale

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From: Paul Ludy

Oldbookman January Sale

RLDS Book Sale for January, 2016

More than 100 Titles

20 and 30 Copies of Some Titles Available

$3.00 Each unless Priced Otherwise



This offer is good through January 31, 2016, or while supplies last.

E-mail to or phone (816) 210-8450 now.


Anderson, Audentia (Ed.), Joseph Smith III and the Restoration, hard $8.00

Anholt, Kasper, Seek First the Kingdom

Barrington, George, God Will Not Let Me Go

Barrington, George, Use Even Me

Blair, Frederick B., The Memoirs of President W. W. Blair, hard $8.00

Burton, Emma Beatrice, Beatrice Witherspoon, hard $8.00, soft $3.00

Butterworth, F. Edward, The Adventures of John Hawkins

Case, Oscar, My Book of Acts

Chadwick, Pat (Ruth Ann), Miracle of the Tulips

Cheville, Roy A., Joseph and Emma, Companions

Cheville, Roy A., Meet Them in the Scriptures

Cheville, Roy A., They Made a Difference

Conduff, Sara, Because He Cares

Cornish, John J., Into the Latter Day Light, hard $15.00, soft $3.00

Draper, Maurice L., Footnotes

Draper, Maurice, The Founding Prophet

Draper, Maurice, Why I Belong

Edwards, Paul M., The Chief

Edwards, Paul M., F. Henry Edwards: Articulator for the Church

Evans, R. C., Autobiography of Bishop R. C. Evans, hard $15.00

Griffiths, Iris, The Vindicator

Hiles, Norma Derry, Gentle Monarch: The Presidency of Israel A. Smith

Hinckley, Helen, Columbus: Explorer for Christ

Holmes, Reed M., The Forerunners

Hunt, Larry E., F. M. Smith: Saint as Reformer (Volume 1)

Hunt, Larry E., F. M. Smith: Saint as Reformer (Volume 2)

Inouye, Henry K., Jr., Roy A. Cheville: Explorer of Spiritual Frontiers

Jordan, Doris N., Strength for the Journey

Kelley, Edmund G., The Making of a Frontier Missionary

Kramer, Annando, From Now to Eternity

Launius, Roger D., Father Figure [Joseph Smith III], soft $8.00

Legg, Phillip R., Oliver Cowdery: Elusive Second Elder

Loving, Albert L., When I Put Out to Sea

Luff, Joseph, Autobiography of Elder Joseph Luff, hard $15.00

McKiernan, F. Mark, Sidney Rigdon

Renfroe, Z. Z., Sent Forth to Witness

Ritchie, Malcolm L., Roy Cheville—The Graceland Years

Ritchie, Malcolm L., Roy Cheville—The Patriarch Years

Russell, Naomi, Light from the Valley

Sarre, Winifred Turner, Perce Judd: Man of Peace

Smith, Elbert A., Brother Elbert, hard $8.00

Smith, Elbert A., On Memory's Beam

Smith, Lucy Mack, Joseph Smith and His Progenitors, hard $15, soft $3.00

Smith, Mildred Nelson, The Master’s Touch, hard $8.00

Spencer, Geoffrey, Clifford A. Cole

Stowell, Addie Spaulding, The Red Man's Hope [Hubert Case], hard $15.00

Strand, Ruby, Ninety Years Remembering

Townsend, Elsie, Always the Frontier

Townsend, Elsie Doig, If You Would Learn, Go Teach

Tucker, Margaret Bullard, Biography of Richard Bullard

Tucker, Peggy, Trek of Faith

Yale, Alfred H., My Friend Paul


Anthony, Joseph H., Birds of a Feather, hard $8.00, soft $3.00

Atkinson, Mabel Sanford, The Land Shadowing with Wings

Brockway, Edith, The Golden Land

Brown, Paula, The Mormon Girl, hard $8.00

Butterworth, F. Edward, The Sword of Laban (Volumes 1, 2, 3)

Carter, Mary Leland, An Instrument in His Hands; The Two‑Story Book (also includes The Minister Who Was Different by Elbert A. Smith), hard $8.00, soft $3.00

Church, Olive, A Time of Rebellion

DeLapp, Ardyce, Stories That Teach

Galbraith, Madelyn, Feather in the Wind

Galbraith, Madelyn, There Is a Book

Galbraith, Madelyn, Village in the Sun

Gilberts, Helen, Sariah

Hartung, Hazel, Stars to Steer By

Keairnes, Grace, A Reasonable Service, hard $8.00

Linder, Ted, Ben Nelson: Defender of the Faithful

Milner, Winifred M., Light from the Dust

Presler, Viola Velt, Growing Up in a Troubled Time

Presler, Viola Velt, Nephi’s Wilderness Journey

Preston, John, Peter Bosten, hard $5.00, soft $3.00

Reece, Colleen L., Fourth Generation P. K.

Reece, Colleen L., Sanctuary

Reece, Colleen L., The Ninety and Nine

Reece, Colleen L., The Other Nine

Reece, Colleen L., The Unknown Witnesses

Robison, Pamela Lents, Alma

Robison, Pamela Lents, Limhi, Son of Noah

Sarre, Winifred Turner, If With All Your Heart

Sanford, Mabel A., Joseph's City Beautiful, hard $6.00, soft $3.00

Short, Viola, The Fourth Relaford, hard $6.00, soft $3.00

Simmons, Florence Whipple, The Boundless Quest, hard $8.00

Simmons, Verneil, The Tender Twig

Smith, Elbert A., Joe Pine, hard $8.00, soft $3.00

Smith, Elbert A., The Minister Who Was Different, and Mary Leland Carter An Instrument in His Hands (The Two‑Story Book), hard $8.00, soft $3.00

Sparkes, Vernone M., The Theological Enterprise

Stienon, Elaine, Lightning in the Fog

Stienon, Elaine, The Light of the Morning

Stienon, Elaine, Utah Spring

Stowell, Addie Spaulding, Return Unto Me

Stowell, Addie Spaulding, The Walls of Zion

Strand, Ruby, More Stories that Live

Thomsen, Blaine C., The Ammonite

Tinkham, Ruby, The Unwilling Saint

Tracey, Florence, Riches Untold

Walker, Marietta (Frances), With the Church in an Early Day hard $8.00, soft $3.00

Walter, Gladys Mae, The Solid Rock, hard $5.00, soft $3.00

Walter, Gladys Mae, Three Jumps Ahead of the Squirrels

Ward, Jessie, The Call at Evening, hard $8.00, soft $3.00

Wight, Estella, A Vineyard Story, hard $15.00, soft $3.00

Wight, Estella, In the Shelter of the Little Brown Cottage, hard $15.00, soft $3.00

Wrigley, Louise Scott, Stand Tall

Wyatt, Geraldine, Dawn of Peace