Monday, December 3, 2018

Replies to the Smith document: accepted and challenged

From: Garland Schnack

Replies to the Smith document: accepted and challenged

Gary Wheeler

Just FYI

Walton became an adulterer. He abandoned his wife for another woman.

He had attended the same congregation as me for a while, and after reading his book, I met with him privately to ask him to repent from leaving the RLDS. He said he was going to build Zion. I asked, with what church? He said, without a church. I said, you can't, because the scriptures say the church brings forth the Kingdom. I noticed very shortly after this meeting with him, he started claiming he had a church. I met with him in 1980, before these paper articles were written.

Gary Wheeler


Donna English

I believe he died May 28, 2010 so it would appear he was not the one mighty and strong to unite the saints.

Obituary for Eugene O. Walton

Published in Kansas City Star on June 3, 2010 First 25 of 43 words : Eugene O. Walton, 82, Independence, Mo., passed away May 28, 2010. Graveside services will be held at 1 p.m. Friday, June 4, at ...


Bradley Barnhart

The articles are in relation to the discovery of the fabricated document termed, 'The Joseph Smith Blessing', by forger Mark Hofmann. The quote and claim regarding Joseph Smith III's testimony in the Temple Lot Case has also been used by the LDS/Mormon apologists in the past in an attempt to discredit Joseph III being successor. The testimony of Joseph Smith III's isn't fully given by those with this agenda. Here is a good examination Setting Apart of Joseph Smith III Young Joseph didn't automatically become the church's prophet when his father 'ordained'/designated him...obviously...his father was still alive. Eugene Walton's claims were just silly.

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