Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Gary Hawley - Update Jan 1, 2019

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From: Jennifer Cool

Gary Hawley - Update Jan 1, 2019

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts towards my dad's condition. He has been blessed through this whole process of healing. Many prayers have been answered. And we praise the Lord that he knows what is best and what is in the future for each person's life. As of right now the bacterial infection has been contained and is slowly being defeated. However, the bacteria has done great damage to the living tissue in his foot. Coupled with that fact, is the reality that the blood clots and vascular disease in his leg make it impossible for him to regrow new tissue. Various doctors have given their professional opinions that my dad's foot is so deteriorated that it is not good to keep it and his quality of life would be better if they amputate it. . They have scheduled his amputation from the knee down for Thursday of this week. They predict that by the end of February his stump should be healed, and he would be able to balance on a prosthesis. Another concern that they will address during Thursday's operation is the condition of his "good" left leg. The plan is to amputate his right foot and then proceed into a 2nd surgery on his left leg which also suffers from vascular disease and deterioration. The doctors will attempt to improve the circulation in his "good" left leg. This is necessary in order to strengthen it to be able to support him when his right foot is no longer there. Otherwise, it could also deteriorate and possibly have to be amputated in the future. We do not know how long that would take or how much time Dad would have before that might happen. So we are praying that God will bear him up for the surgery and rehab. Please pray that these operations will do what is best for Dad.

Dad and Mom are at peace with this and have seen the hand of the Lord move in many ways. Even the very doctors that he has sent their way have commented on their faith and mental stability during this time. My parents aren't disparaging that life has ended. Instead, life, as they knew it, is changing. The hope they have is that some things will be better.

"God is able to do exceedingly more than all we hope or imagine, according to His promise that is at work within us."

We are thankful for each prayer and thoughtful action family and friends have bestowed upon us. May the love you've given be returned and magnified, that we may truly be a city of Light set on a hill.

Visitors, letters, texts, humor, and calls are welcome. However, we would ask any visitors to politely take the initiative to step out of the room for a moment while a physician is discussing or addressing the physical needs Dad has. Sometimes it's been hard to remember to ask our previously thought out questions or to think through the many life changing decisions that we are faced with when a dear friend is present. Please don't take offense. Once again, thank you for all the love and kindness you've give. Keep it coming.

In gospel bonds,
Jennifer Cool

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