Thursday, November 30, 2017

Honey for Christmas !!!

​From: David Ben Torah

Honey for Christmas !!!

The end of the year is close at hand and the Honey supply is getting small. If you want some Honey before the end of 2017 please give us a call at 816-965-3589.

4oz $4
8oz $6
8oz $7
1lb $8
1lb $10
quart $14
2lb $15
5lb $30

David Anway

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Roofing Help Wanted

From: Carol Barber

Roofing Help Wanted

Carol and Ron Barber need help to re-roof the back roof of their house. It is a relatively flat low slope roof, 871 sq ft, and accessible from the 3rd floor dormer. It needs several sheets of decking removed and replaced. Rana cannot handle the plywood by herself. Cold application roll roofing will replace the shingles that are on it. Would like to begin working on it immediately before it gets cold. If you can help or know someone please call or email. Or if you know a roofer who won't charge thousands please call or email.

Carol Barber
1036 W Waldo
Independence, MO 64050


Home: 816-886-5286
Carol Cell: 816-872-5407
Rana Cell: 816-872-5408

Thank You!
Carol Barber

Free Christmas Cactus

From: Garland Schnack

Free Christmas Cactus

Does anyone want a Christmas Cactus?

Call: 816-796-4167
or cell 816-305-1144

​​Spanish Service at Waldo, December 3

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From: Jon Tandy

​​Spanish Service at Waldo, December 3

Bienvenido a Waldo, y Feliz Navidad!

Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch is continuing its combined Spanish/English services on the first Sunday evening of each month. The next service is this Sunday, December 3 at 6:00 PM. Address is 819 West Waldo Avenue, Independence, MO 64050.

We invite those who speak or are learning Spanish and would the exposure to the language. We would also encourage you to invite Spanish-speaking friends or relatives to come hear the gospel and to worship Jesus Christ.

The next service after this will be January 7, 6:00 PM.

Jon Tandy