Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Price Publishing - Spanish Inspired Version

 From: David Price

Price Publishing - Spanish Inspired Version

We are excited to announce that we have received a shipment of the Spanish Inspired Version (Santas Escrituras Version Inspirada) to sell at Restoration Bookstore--one of several places from which you can obtain a copy.  As stated previously on Restoration News, this beautiful edition has a black leather cover with the title in gold lettering.  It includes three marker ribbons and 2100 footnotes containing scripture cross-references, translation notes, and explanatory material.  

The Spanish-speaking members of the Church have been waiting (and praying) for this special book in Spanish for years.  After many years of research and translation, their prayers have now been answered.  Whether you are Spanish-speaking yourself, or if you have friends who are, or even if you have a desire to learn the language, this is a must-have book for your library.  It sells for $50.00. It can be purchased in-store or on our online store by clicking here:  

If you have any questions, call the Bookstore at (816) 461-5659.

Price Publishing Company

PDF version Restoration Business Directory


From: William- Katrina Baker

PDF version Restoration Business Directory

Dear Saints,

I am putting together a PDF Restoration Business Directory.  So I am asking all Restoration Business owners, Independent Contractors or Distributers Consultants etc. to send me:

  • Name of your Business
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • 1-2 sentence description of products, services, or Special offers

Who can submit their business—ANY Person or business who is affiliated with a church that dates their origins back to 1860 or to Joseph Smith III living ANYWHERE IN THE USA.  

This directory will have two sections—

Section 1: Businesses will be organized alphabetically by Categories

  • Home  (roofing, remodeling, carpentry, plumbing etc)
  • Vehicle  (sales, repairs, custom work, RV etc)
  • Business/Finance.  (CPA, Consultants, Investments, Financial Planning, Marketing Lawyers)
  • Education.  (Teachers, tutors, educational specialists)
  • Medical  (Private Practice, Chiropractors, Therapists)
  • Vacation/Entertainment.  (Rentals, Tour/hunting guides, Campgrounds etc)
  • Food (Restaurants, Food Trucks, Catering Services, health food stores)
  • Products/Services (Clothing lines, Cosmetics, supplements, Jewelry)

If your business does not fit in one of these categories, don’t worry; I can add more categories if needed.

Section 2: By State


Because this directory will be formatted for distribution digitally, it can be used as a good resource for people living outside the Centerplace as well.  The goal is to help ALL restoration business to increase leads, sales and growth so as to further the building up the Kingdom of God.  

And Because there will be no printing costs (unless the local pastor wants to print copies for the members of his branch) this business directory is free to all who wish to have a copy.

It is my goal to have this directory ready for distribution by the beginning of September or in two months.  So I am asking everyone who sees this letter to share it with anyone they know who owns a business; because that faster I can build a strong and comprehensive list, the more time I have to work on formatting and the faster I can get this directory out to all who wish to invest their time and moneys into these wonderful Restoration Businesses and Services.

Please Send your Submission to Katrina Baker via email at or via text at 816-405-7555. 

25 Nephilim Architectures


25 Nephilim Architectures Discovered in the Andes, Historians Puzzled by Highly Bizarre Feats

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Notary Public. . .Resolved

From: Dan Hood

Notary Public. . .Resolved

Thanks to all who replied to my call out for a Notary Public.

We have resolved our immediate issue. . .so again thanks to one and all.

Regards, Dan Hood

Lowrey Organ, Mardi Gras Model No. L-66

 From: Joan VunCannon

Lowrey Organ, Mardi Gras Model No. L-66

Looking for a good home, this is an organ that works well and a nice piece of furniture.  Approximate age new in 2008.  Lots of music to go with it.  

Just make a reasonable offer.  

Barry and Joan VunCannon

Monday, June 28, 2021

2 Large-Print 3-in-1 Scriptures Available

From: Paul Ludy

2 Large-Print 3-in-1 Scriptures Available
I just obtained 2 copies of the Large-Print 3-in-1 Scriptures published by Herald Publishing House.

These books are about 7.5 x 11" and weigh about 8 pounds each.

They have a 1975 publication date and include the Inspired Version, 1966 Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants through Section 155.  The burgundy covers are in excellent condition, and pages are clean except as noted.

Book 1 has very minor marking in red ink.  

Book 2 has names on the presentation pages and many places underlined in ink and otherwise marked.  This book has a complete set of stick-on tabs--more than 80 of them.

The books are available for $125.00 each.  They will ship via Media Mail for $9.00.

To order, e-mail to or phone 816-210-8450. I also deliver in the Independence, Missouri, area for only $2.00 per order.

Paul V. Ludy 816 210-8450

For New RLDS Books,
For Used RLDS Books,
For the New 3-in-1,

Donnel Etter Books

From: Paul Ludy

Donnel Etter Books
I have a number of new copies of The Whispering Voice of Warning (various years as shown below) produced by Donnel E. Etter.  Some are in a very limited supply.

1995 yellow (272 pages) $5.00
1996 blue (62 pages) $3.00
1997 red (122 pages) $4.00
1998 black (142 pages) $4.00
2001 gold (141 pages) $4.00
2008 8.5x11" (35 pages) $3.00

To order, e-mail to or phone 816-210-8450. I will ship one book via Media Mail for $3.00 with an invoice and envelope for your payment. For orders of more than one book, I will determine postage by weight. I also deliver in the Independence, Missouri, area for only $2.00 per order.

Paul V. Ludy 816 210-8450

For New RLDS Books,
For Used RLDS Books,
For the New 3-in-1,

Notary Public. . .

 From: Dan Hood

Notary Public. . .
Dan Hood family in need of Notary Public who can go with us to local (64057) care facility to notarize signature of family member who is bed-ridden.

Dan Hood 816-401-2644

Invitation to area Zion's Leagues from RCI's Leadership Camp

 From: Erica Bailey

Invitation to area Zion's Leagues from RCI's Leadership Camp

Thank you,
Erica Bailey

Australian Restoration News - Getting to Know You


From: ​Monique​ Hummel

Australian Restoration News - Getting to Know You

Dear Saints

In this new role as editor and having made the initial contact to confirm your email addresses etc I realize how little I know about everyone. As suggested by Elder Noel Rowlatt, I invite you to all to share something about yourselves, to be printed over the coming months as part of our 'Getting to Know You' - for those, who like myself would like to know you all better. It needn’t be too personal but you might include the area you are from, family members, your nearest branch and how you came to be a member. Were you born and raised in the Church or did you join later?

Anyone can send something in. For the busy parents, ask your children to write something. I look forward to hearing from you all.

              Your Sister In Christ, Monique.



From: paul gage


Dear Saints,

Attached is a Ninety Day Devotional Study Guide in preparing for the Conference of Restoration Elders Fall Gathering September 24-25, 2021.

God bless each of you in your service to Him.

In Christ,

Paul Gage





The Hymnal used is the 2007 Edition of "Hymns of the Restoration."


DAY 1 SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 2021    Doctrine and Covenants (DC) 113 Appendix D;

Hymn 218 "We Thank Thee O God for The Prophet" Prayer Thought: June 27 is a sad day in our history of the Church, but joy is bought in the knowledge of our Risen Lord.


Day 2, Monday, June 28-Mark 16:14-21- Hymn 239 "The Voice of God is Calling"-Prayer Thought; Lord, May we heed your call and be about our duty to witness to all of your children.


Day 3, Tuesday, June 29-Luke 24:44-50- Hymn 242 "When Holy Ghost Shall Come in Power"

Prayer Thought: Great God of all Creation, guide us that we may help build up your Kingdom  so Zion will shine as a witness to the whole world.


Day 4, Wednesday, June 30-John 1:1-5- Hymn 449 "The Lord Will Come" Prayer Thought: O Lord, Our God, thank you for the wonderful gift of yourself. Inspire us to give of ourselves for the Kingdom that all may know You.


Day 5, Thursday, July 1- John 2:14-17- Hymn 95, "Dear To The Heart of The Shepherd."

Prayer Thought: Beloved Father, As we know we are dear to your heart, direct us to your "other sheep" that we might help bring them to You.


Day 6, Friday, July 2-Romans 1:15-17-Hymn 219 "I Have Found the Glorious Gospel"

Prayer Thought: Father, thank you for the knowledge we have of you and help us to be led by your Spirit to guide others to this Glorious Gospel.


Day 7, Saturday, July 3- Second Corinthians 2:14-17- Hymn 493 "The Bread That Giveth Strength-Prayer Thought: Beloved Father, stir our hearts and minds mightily with Your Spirit that we might be "life" to others as You are Life to us.


Day 8, SUNDAY, JULY 4- Leviticus 25:10 and Ether 1:29-35-Hymns 519, 520, 521, 522.

Prayer Thought: Almighty God, please shed your grace on America and the world and mend our every flaw that we, Your Saints, may help "establish Your righteousness."


Day 9, Monday, July 5 I Peter 2:21-25 and 3:15-18- Hymn 368 "With a Steadfast Faith"

Prayer Thought: Eternal God, thank you for the great example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Arouse us as needed that we might live in his steps.


Day 10, Tuesday, July 6- 2 Peter 3-Hymn 354, "O Jesus I Have promised." Prayer Thought:

Dear God, We know your promises are conditional and depend on our obedient responses. Help us to fulfill our promise to You even as we "Stand on Your Promises."


Day 11, Wednesday, July 7--I Nephi 1:65--Hymn 374"God is My Strong Salvation" Prayer Thought: Our Father, As Nephi and so many others have gone before us and many still with us have trusted you in all things, touch me that I might do likewise.


Day 12, Thursday, July 8--I Nephi 2:27-35--Hymn 363,"God Will Take Care of You." Prayer Thought: Holy Father, thank you for the promise of your love and nearness. May we always be loving and forgiving no matter what the offense.


Day 13, Friday, July 9 --Alma 16:149-160--Hymn 370/371 "Faith of Our Fathers/Mothers.

Prayer Thought: Holy and loving Father, may we be always faithful so that our descendents may find the fruit of our faith.


Day 14, Saturday, July 10--Alma 17:65-70--Hymn 372, "With Eyes of Faith." Prayer Thought: O Lord, our God, may we truly keep our eyes upon Jesus and hold fast to the Rod of Iron.


Day 15, Sunday, July 11--DC 17:7 & 18--Hymn 409, "Be With Me Lord." Prayer Thought: O Gracious Father, please guide us  as needed that we might always represent you well.


Day 16, Monday, July 12--DC 43:5-8--Hymn 463 "Zion Prepared."Prayer Thought: Our Father, give us all that we need so we may give you all that we have, for Zion's sake.


Day 17, Tuesday, July 13--Moroni 10:27-30--Hymn 79" Come Learn of the Meek and Lowly." Prayer Thought: God of all Creation, direct our lives that we not only come to you, but follow in your steps.


Day 18, Wednesday, July 14--DC 81:3--Hymn 358 "Plea for a Sanctified People."(Tune: Old, Rugged Cross)  Prayer Thought: O Lord, may we learn obedience before we have to suffer.


Day 19, Thursday, July 15--Matthew 4:15-22 --Hymn 176, "Follow Me." Beloved Father, help us to have the faith of the early Saints in each dispensation and leave all to follow Thee.


Day 20, Friday, July 16 --Genesis 12:1-6 --Hymn 80 "Where He Leads Me." Prayer Thought: O God open our ears so we may hear and heed Thy call and go with You all the way.


Day 21, Saturday, July 17 --Isaiah 6:1-8--Hymn 22 "Great God, as Followers of Thy Son." Prayer Thought: Holy Father, as and when needed put a live coal on our lips that we may be purged of our sins and say, "Here am I, send me."


Day 22, Sunday, July 18 --Daniel 3--Hymn 475 "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God." Prayer Thought:  Our Father strengthen our faith so whether it be a lion's den, a fiery furnace, or the county jail, our answer is as bold as Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and many others.


Day 23, Monday, July 19 --Mark 11:14-28--Hymn 253 "I Would Be True." Prayer Thought: Almighty Father, touch us alive with Thy Spirit so we are always faithful and true and bear fruit and not just leaves.


Day 24, Tuesday July 20--Luke 10:26-38--Hymn 486 "Hark, The Voice of Jesus Calling."

Prayer Thought: Blessed God, as your voice calls to us in every way of life, help us to heed your counsel and "go and do likewise."


Day 25, Wednesday, July 21 --Colossians 3:1-17 --Hymn 508 "Loving Each Other."

 Prayer Thought: Father, help us to love as you love with no boundaries or barriers and may we have true charity, especially at home and church.


Day 26, Thursday, July 22 --Deuteronomy 4:1-40--Hymn336  "Trust and Obey."

 Prayer Thought: Give us desire and strength to trust and obey in every instance.


Day 27, Friday, July 23 --2 Nephi 1:23-30 --Hymn 411 "Let Us Shake Off The Coals."

Prayer Thought: Father, As this scripture and hymn apply to us today as well, be with us that we might stand on your promises  which fail not.


Day 28,  Saturday, July 24 --Daniel 1 --Hymn 414 "Keep Your E yes Upon Jesus."

Prayer Thought:  May we  put you first  and foremost in our hearts, minds, and thus our lives and help to "build up your Kingdom" on earth.


Day 29, Sunday, July 25--Romans 8:28-39--Hymn 474 "Soldiers of Christ, Arise."

Prayer Thought: Blessed God, may we always be true to Thee and thus be found faithful.


Day 30, Monday, July 26 --Enos 1:1-14 --Hymn 32 "In The Garden."

Our Father and Our God, help us, like Enos, Joseph and so many others seek you with all our hearts and stand firm on the Solid Rock which is Jesus Christ.


Day 31, Tuesday, July 27--DC 65 --Hymn 137 "Jesus Shall Reign." Prayer Thought: Precious Lord, stir our hearts to respond to Thy call that Thy Kingdom may soon be a reality on earth.


Day 32, Wednesday, July 28 --DC 23:5 a-c --Hymn 245 "Tell Me The Old, Old, Story."

Prayer Thought: Heavenly Father, help us to use your guidance when sharing the gospel story.


Day 33, Thursday, July 29 --DC 34:5b --Hymn 369 "My Faith Looks Up to Thee." Prayer Thought: Father, as we look up to Thee, help us honor you in all things.


Day 34, Friday, July 30 --I Corinthians 3:6-11 - Hymn 392 "Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah."

Prayer Thought: Dear Lord, as we share of your love and mercy, the seeds are planted and we wait for you to reap the harvest.


Day 35, Saturday, July 31 -Revelation 3:14-22--Hymn 82"Behold, the Savior At your Door."

Prayer Thought: All powerful Father, may we hear you knocking and swing open wide, the door to our hearts.


Day 36, Sunday, August 1 --Matthew 26:22-26 --Hymn 275 "According to thy Gracious Word."

Prayer Thought: O Lamb of God who sacrificed for me, I MUST REMEMBER THEE.


Day 37, Monday, August 2 --Luke 23:33-48 --Hymn 349 --"Savior, Thy Dying Love."

Prayer Thought: O Holy Father, as you died for us, may we live for thee.


Day 38, Tuesday,  August 3 --Matthew 5:45-50 --Hymn 326 "Oh, for a Closer Walk With God."

Prayer Thought: O Father, please do not give up on us, but empower us for the journey.


Day 39, Wednesday, August 4--DC 138:3--Hymn 439 "Prayer for Zion."

Prayer Thought: Father, help us put wings on our prayers that Zion may soon be established.


Day 40, Thursday, August 5 --Ephesians 6:10-18--Hymn470 "God is Marshaling His Army."

Prayer Thought:  Father, help us remember that it is YOUR armor and YOUR army and that we must rely totally on YOU.


Day 41, Friday, August 6 --Psalm 111--Hymn 1 "Let Us Praise the Lord." 

Prayer Thought: Dear God, help us be a people that praise more than we ask of  Thee.


Day 42, Saturday, August 7 --Psalm 119:97-112-Hymn 90 "O, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing." Prayer Thought: Our Father, may we always use the one tongue you have given us to speak and sing your praises.


Day 43, Sunday, August 8 --I Corinthians 10:1-13--Hymn 91 "Rock of Ages."

Prayer Thought: O Father, help us be sure our spiritual house is built on YOU.


Day 44, Monday, August 9 --Mosiah 1:115-118--Hymn 93 "Stepping in the Light."

Prayer Thought: Dearly Beloved Father, may we stay in the straight and narrow path always trusting Jesus every day, all the way, for He is the ONLY WAY

Day 45, Tuesday, August 10 --Mosiah 8:1-7 --Hymn 334 "My Sheep Hear My voice."

Prayer Thought: Almighty Father, help us desire to be obedient in all that You ask of us.


Day 46, Wednesday, August 11 --Alma 3:8-30 and 98-108 --Hymn 224 " Church of Christ in  Later Days." Prayer thought: Holy Father, help us to live so that we do have your image in our whole life.


Day 47, Thursday, August 12 --3 Nephi 5:8-17--Hymn 197 "Book of Mormon Testimony."

Prayer Thought: Precious Lord, may we seek and find our own personal testimony that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Day 48, Friday, August 13--DC 4--Hymn "Glorious Things Are Sung of Zion."

Prayer Thought: Dearest Father, guide us hourly as we seek to do your will and walk with you.


Day 49, Saturday, August 14 --DC 43:3-8 --Hymn 174 "Come Up Higher."

Prayer Thought: Father, help us rise above the things of this world and prepare ourselves for Thy Kingdom.


Day 50, Sunday, August 15 --Jeremiah 6:1-16--Hymn 226 "The, Old, Old Path." This scripture was used in sermon which prompted Vida E. Smith to write this most loved hymn. Prayer Thought: Lord, inspire us to make sure we stay on the precious path that leads to Your Kingdom.


Day 51, Monday, August 16 --I Peter 1:3-16 --Hymn 350 "Take Time to Be Holy."

Prayer Thought: Father, direct our daily walk toward THY holiness.


Day 52, Tuesday, August 17--Acts 2:1-11 --Hymn 351 "Breathe on Me, Breath of God."

Prayer Thought: Dearest Father, breathe on each of your children and fill us with life a-new.


Day 53, Wednesday, August 18--DC 85:21-22--Hymn "Consecration."

Prayer Thought: Our Father, may we realize that each of us is to be a witness for You and thus help spread the gospel story.


Day 54, Thursday, August 19 -- Genesis 7:39-40 -Hymn 173 "Cleave to the Lord."

Prayer thought: Thank you for the gift of agency. May we choose You out of love, because You first chose us out of Love.


Day 55, Friday, August 20 --Luke 6:40-49 --Hymn 183 " How Firm a Foundation."

Prayer Thought: O Lord, help us build our life on the TRUE ROCK-JESUS!


Day 56, Saturday, August 21 --2 Nephi 13:29-32 and 14:4 -Hymn 199  "Wonderful Words"

Prayer Thought: Help thy people know what it means to live by every word that proceeds from Your mouth.


Day 57, Sunday, August 22 --Matthew 11:29-30 -Hymn 71 "Come Unto Me Ye Weary."

Prayer Thought: Remind us to come unto Thee at all times and not just when we are in distress.


Day 58, Monday, August 23 --John 17--Hymn 308 "The Beautiful Garden of Prayer."

Prayer Thought: Lord, show us how to prepare such  garden of prayer where You feel welcome.


Day 59, Tuesday, August 24--John 10:1-16 --Hymn  95 "Dear to the Heart of The Shepherd."

Prayer Thought:  O Good Shepherd, help us to be sheep worthy to dwell in your flock.


Day 60, Wednesday, August 25 --I Samuel 3 --Hymn 209 "Lord, Speak to Me."

Prayer Thought: Lord, speak to us that we, in turn, may speak of You to others.


Day 61, Thursday, August 26--Genesis 19:23-33--Hymn 179 "The Floodgates Are Lifting."

Prayer Thought: O Holy Father, we won't be any use to you as a pillar of salt. Let us look forward to Zion.


Day 62, Friday, August 27 --Numbers 22:20-35 --Hymn 166 "Angels Sought Thee."

Prayer Thought: Dear God,  soften our hearts and minds so we don't have to be "told" by an animal that your angels are near.


Day 63, Saturday, August 28 --II Chronicles 7:12-22--Hymn 332 "My Dear Redeemer and My Lord." Prayer Thought: Gracious Father, help us understand that it takes more than just prayer. We must obey completely to receive your blessings.


Day 64, Sunday, August 29 --Esther 4:12-17 --Hymn 315 "Father, in Thy Mysterious Presence."

Prayer Thought: God, this is our time and place. Let us not fail you or others.


Day 65, Monday, August 30 --Psalm 121--Hymn 61 "This God is the God We Adore."

Holy Father we are always indebted to you for all your blessings. Thank You!


Day 66,  Tuesday, August 31 --Proverbs 22:6 and 2 Nephi 3:11--Hymn 298 "Happy the Home."

Prayer Thought: Our Loving Father, you know the concerns many have for our children. Touch them and draw them back to Thee.


Day 67, Wednesday, September 1 -Isaiah 40 --Hymn 153 "Great is Thy Faithfulness."

Prayer Thought: Father, you are our all in all. Help us to wait, renew and mount up for Your glory.


Day 68, Thursday, September 2 --Joel 2:12-16--Hymn 84 "Give Me Thy Heart."

Prayer Thought: Lord, stir our hearts to give all to you.


Day 69, Friday, September 3 --Daniel 3:9-30--Hymn 482 "Fight the Good Fight."

Prayer Thought: Help us be strong and fearless soldiers in your army, knowing that the battle really belongs to You.


Day 70, Saturday, September 4 --Jonah 1-4-Hymn 490 "I'll Go W here You Want me To Go."

Prayer Thought: Blessed Father, may we learn and know that obedience is better than being swallowed by a whale.


Day 71, Sunday, September 5 -- Micah 5:2--Hymn 113 "O Little Town of Bethlehem."

Prayer Thought: Lord, thank you for Your great sacrifice.


Day 72, Monday, September 6 --DC 142;5--Hymn 485 "Work for the Night is Coming."

Prayer Thought: Father, you have warned and forewarned us. May we make the best use of our time, while we have time.


Day 73, Tuesday, September 7 --Haggai 1:3-7 - Hymn 379 "Where Will Thou Put Thy Trust."

Prayer Thought: Father, direct our path from our own ways to Your Way.


Day 74, Wednesday, September 8 - Malachi 3:10 & DC 147:5 --Hymn 502 "All things Are Thine. O Lord" Prayer Thought: Holy Father, may our stewardship response to Jesus  bring Zion.


Day 75, Thursday, September 9 - Romans 1:15-17 --Hymn 235 "We Come With Joy the Truth to Teach you." Prayer Thought: Lord, help us fulfill our obligation to be strong in the faith and share it with others.


Day 76, Friday, September 10 --I Corinthians 13--Hymn 418 "Love Divine, All Love Excelling."

Prayer Thought: Holy Father, may people know we are your disciples by our Charity-the Pure Love of Christ.


Day 77, Saturday, September 11- -I Corinthians 15--Hymn 133 "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." Dear God, how can we ever thank you enough for your sacrifice and our new life in Christ?


Day 78, Sunday, September 12--Colossians 3:10-25--Hymn 335 "What a Strong and happy People." Lord, show us how we can be such a strong and happy people with no strife.


Day 79, Monday, September 13 --I Thessalonians 5--Hymn 505 "Come, Let Us Join With Faithful souls." Prayer Thought: Yea, Lord, come soon that Zion may be.


Day 80,Tuesday, September 14 --Matthew 24:24-56--Hymn 236 "We've a Story to Tell."

Lord, my we prove our love for you by witnessing to all of your love.


Day 81, Wednesday, September 15--Acts 4--Hymn 237 "Are You Witnessing For Him?"

Prayer Thought: O Lord, give us a strong desire to witness of You to the world.


Day 82, Thursday, September 16 -- Alma 12:10-20--Hymn 244 "There Are Souls Within the Vineyard." Help  us respond to your Spirit and the challenge and take the gospel to the world.


Day 83, Friday, September 17--Hebrews 11 and Ether 5--Hymn 240 "Send Forth the Sowers."

Heavenly Father, stir my heart to remember that I am one of your sowers.


Day 84, Saturday, September 18 -Ether 1:27-35--Hymn 242 "When Holy Ghost Shall Come in Power." Prayer Thought: Father, help us to be receptive to the Holy Ghost so we may go forth in you power to share the good news of the gospel.


Day 85, Sunday, September19--DC 10--Hymn 247 "Send Me forth, O Blessed Master."

Prayer Thought: Our Lord, help us prepare and send us forth.

Day 86, Monday, September 20--Alma 3:108 and 4:5-6--Hymn 489 "My Master Was a Worker."

Prayer Thought: O Lord, as Jesus is our chief example, may we follow in His steps to Zion.


Day 87, Tuesday, September 21--Luke 8:4-15--Hymn 497 "Workers For The Master."

Prayer Thought: Father,  help us to find daily opportunities to tell someone about You.


Day 88, Wednesday, September 22--Mark 4:1-17--Hymn 496 "O Reaper's of Life's Harvest."

Prayer Thought: Dear Lord, prick our hearts so we might thrust in our sickles and bring sheaves (souls) to Thee.


Day 89, Thursday, September 23 Read Church History Volume 1 Chapter 2 about the importance of this date in Church History. Hymn "196 "Book of Mormon Hid for Ages."

Prayer Thought: Lord, the baton of the gospel is now in our hands. Help us carry it to the world.


Day 90, Friday, September 24-25, 2021


The Conference of Restoration Elders

"Fall Gathering of the Saints"

Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch/

Center Place Restoration School, Independence, Missouri

"We Shall Come Rejoicing, Bringing in the Sheaves"

Psalm 126:5-6

Galatians 6:7-10

Hymn 221



Prayer Thought: O  God, help us to prepare to meet You at this gathering. May we sing and shout with the armies of heaven!

Amen and Amen!!