Sunday, September 29, 2013

Testimony and song to share

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From: April Erwin

Testimony and song to share

Thank you for service this morning, the spirit was there and it was so wonderful to feel united with our brothers and sisters in the presence and Spirit of Christ.

Your final scripture that used the word repent 7 times prompted Angel and I to share with you the Children's song that we were inspired to write last Communion Sunday. We've been attending services in the afternoon with Mom at the Heritage House with a small but loving Restoration group. They often have guest speakers, and on last communion the speaker was preaching a call to repentance. A call that was shared in love and kindness rather than fire and brimstone (although there are often times for that...). While hearing him preach, Angel was given an Acronym for the word REPENT. After the service, she wrote it down and showed it to me:
Recognize the sin
Entreat the Lord and
Earnestly for
No more

When she showed me the acronym, the first words out of my mouth were, "There's a song in that." I could almost hear the children singing it.
The next morning I got up and while getting ready for the day, the melody and lyrics started coming to me. Soon, Angel and I had finished it together. It was a catchy, fun song. The kind you would learn in Sunday school or Bible school. But the lesson was important and it would help everyone remember the way to repent. We created a video to share with others who might want to learn it and teach other children as well. I posted on Facebook and Youtube and then got busy.

What brought it back to mind and really confirmed it for us even more today, in addition to your scripture, was reciting the Lord's Prayer, where Jesus teaches us to pray, "suffer us not to be lead into temptation". From the very beginning He's been teaching us that not only must we repent of our sin, but then pray earnestly that we won't be tempted again. For Him to grant us strength, yes, but even more, avoidance all together. Angel was even reminded that she was urged to pray this way in her patriarchal blessing years ago.

It was a strong reminder to us, as well as confirmation, that the song we wrote was inspired. I wanted to share the song with you and invite you to share it and the testimony with whomever you feel led, it's there to glorify God. I've attached the video as well as the link directly to youtube where it can be seen. The lyrics are also attached as well as included below. I hope this finds it's home where ever God intends.

Angel and April Erwin

Repent, repent,
Jesus says repent.
This is what it means to me
Recognize the sin,
Entreat the Lord and
Earnestly for
No more
This is how we do
What Jesus tells us to,
So R-E-P-E-N-T
Repent! (echo)

SEAAM News from India and Nepal

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From: paul gage

Dear Saints

The Lord is greatly blessing us in our efforts to serve Him. Everything went well with our flights and the Saints greeted us with the wonderful, warm welcome they always share.

The next day we worshiped with the Saints at both congregations in Kathmandu and was a wonderful reunion to see our brothers and sisters again.

The Women's retreat began on Sunday and we had 22 women from both of the branches in Kathmandu. Sheila shared classes on the Book of Mormon and how to teach children the stories of the book.

John Eichhorn and I had classes on the Covenant presented through the Book of Mormon, Christ in America, Sons of Helaman, etc.

The women shared their testimonies and we appreciated the spirit of their worship and devotion to the Lord.
We are now at Pokhara at the Priesthood Retreat.

It was a beautiful reunion as we greeted the India brothers and sisters and those from Eastern Nepal. We enjoyed worship with them today as this is their Sabbath.

It was a momentous day in the Church history of Nepal because we were able to use the copies of the 1908 Book of Mormon that Dil Gurung has spent three years making sure the translation is correct. Praise the Lord!
Love in Christ,
Bob Schrunk

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Zion's Cannery Flyer

From: Lynette Davis

Zion's Cannery Flyer


Tuesday: 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

16501 E Truman Road
Independence MO 64050

Thank you.


Young Living Essential Oils

The second Tuesday of every month

@ 6:30 pm

Justin and Heather Park


October 17 @ 7:00 pm

November 14 @ 7:00 pm

Ed Geiersbach and Marsha McNelly


December 12 @ 7:00 pm

Dr. Gene Warner

Word of Wisdom

October 24 @ 6:30 pm

November 21 @ 6:30 pm

December 19 @ 6:30

Kim Augustein

Solar Oven Cooking*

October 26 @ 1:00

Matt Fleming

*Materials fee requested

9th Annual 2013 Woman to Woman Conference

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From: Linda Guin

9th Annual
2013 Woman to Woman

Joy in the Journey
Thou wilt show me the path of life; in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

Zion the Beautiful

Beckons Us On

Sponsored by

Colbern Road

Restoration Branch

Saturday, November 9, 2013

8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Registration Begins at 8:00 AM

$12.00 Donation

Is Requested

Lunch is Provided

Please RSVP to:

Marla Kroesen


Friday, September 27, 2013

The Trinity of Grace by A. A. Oakman

The Trinity of Grace

Excerpt from a sermon given Sunday, January 14, 1951, at Stone Church in Independence

"This leads us to the cardinal principle governing the prophecy of the kingdom.
If the foundation of Zion is not seen in the lives of men, then there is NO
possibility for the Kingdom. We make this statement with due regard to the
factors involved and feel sure that our judgment will be sustained by
the convictions of the church. The prophecy of Zion is not in a book.
The word is not printer's ink. There can be no kingdom unless Christ
lives in men today. And if the towers of Zion are not seen in the
righteousness of the people of God, then there are
no towers of Zion to be seen. We talk about the good times to come
and speak of the day when we shall dwell in peace and unity and harmony.
But we ought to live as if that day were already here; the only condition
upon which that day ever can be here is that we live as if it were now with us.
The man of faith hopes then, against hope, that sufficient numbers of
mankind will respond to the love of God. He believes this with all his
heart and he lives as if they had already responded. As he does this,
he actually contributes to the coming of the kingdom and becomes a
factor in the divine equation which will help to solve the riddle of the ages.

FAITH - an inward light which shines more bright and clear
as we discipline ourselves.

Hope - the glory of faith, a peculiar quality of spirit which accepts
the hard, unyielding, stubborn facts of man's sin and degradation
and yet sustains the man of faith.

Charity - the understanding of men which sees them as they are and as
they shall be under God, and acts toward them as if they had
already achieved the highest glory.

With this trinity of grace in their souls, those of the early church went
humbly forward "to the borders by the Lamanites."

Have we yet gone to the "border"? Not, of course, to some geographical
location, but to the borders where heaven meets earth, where we shall find
the children of the promise and call them to repentance and life and power
which comes from Christ? How often has the Book been in our hands as
we have journeyed? To the same extent has the vision been in our hearts?
For except the Book of Mormon is used by the church much more than it has
been hitherto, unless it becomes an instrument of power in our hands,
there can be no vision of Zion with its faith, hope, and charity. '

By Apostle A. A. Oakman
Saints' Herald September 3, 1951

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Announcement on Haiti

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From: Bob Moore

Announcement on Haiti

The congregations in Haiti that know about the recent COC decision concerning homosexuality are very upset. The want to stay attached to the Restoration, but want to separate from the COC. Michel Rosier is now pastor of the Petitionville Congregation. It has over 800 members. They left the COC on September 1 and now operate as an independent branch. Michel is well respected throughout all Haiti and believes that 25 congregations could quickly follow his lead. Those branches total at least 5,000 members. Michel is coming here to tell why he left and to ask the encouragement and support of the saints in America.

The meeting will also include current information about church members in Sri Lanka and India who have already left or are in the process of leaving the COC. They total at least 3000 members.

While the saints have found it difficult to work together, partially because we were badly bruised and beaten by the church years ago, now we have a splendid opportunity to work together to keep the International Church together.

Thank you,



Michel Rosier, past church Chief Financial Officer

for Haiti will speak about

The Community of Christ in Haiti

Friday, Oct. 4 • 7:00 PM Zarahemla Branch

502 SW 17th St, Blue Springs, MO

Saturday, Oct. 5 • 7:00 PM Waldo Restoration Branch

819 W Waldo, Independence, MO

Michel recently left that church

along with his congregation of 800 members.

He is asking for your encouragement and support.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Judi faunce

**When? - OCT. 4, 6:00 PM
**Where? – Bingham Field (1716 S. Speck Rd.)
**Who? – CPRS Boys Soccer (vs. Heritage)
**Pregame: Color Guard by CPRS Scouts
National Anthem by CPRS Choir
**Halftime: Eagle B-Vac players vs. Dads/Faculty/Staff
** Face Painting at the game!
**Admission for adults $3/seniors $2/CPRS students/faculty free!!!
**Prize for “Best Fans”!
***First 100 people to arrive get a free Blue/Gold Tote Bag with CPRS logo on it!

the GAME!
Chili w/ fixins’

ITEMS will be available!

Judi Faunce

Junior High Retreat

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From: Monica Reed

Junior High Retreat

What: Junior High Retreat (7th through 9th)
Where: Odessa Hills Campground
When: Starts 6:00 on October 4 through Noon on October 6
Directors: Brian and Monica Twombly
Cost: $40

One can register online through

Monica Twombly

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Women’s Clinic Run/Walk for Life

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From: Allen Howen

The Women’s Clinic Run/Walk for Life 5K is this Saturday, September 28th. This run/walk benefits the Women’s Clinic of Kansas City, a pro-life pregnancy center in our area that offers support and counsel to women considering abortion. I hope to see you at the run!


Race start time: 8 a.m.
Prize ceremony: 9:15 a.m.

Remember to join us at 8:00 am, September 28th, on the Independence Square as we move our feet together to run (or walk) a 5K in support of the unborn. Each day at the clinic we see lives changed eternally and babies born through the ministry. Together we are making a difference in the lives of families in our community!

We are praying for runners and walkers to join us in raising $40,000 to support our free clinics. This is a GOD SIZE goal and we can't do it on our own!

There is no cost to walk (runners pay a $30 fee if registered in advance, or $35 on race day).

We hope you will set a personal goal or team goal to raise pledges as you walk. This is not a sporting event (unless you want it to be,) but an easy walk that anyone can do. Walk, run, skip or crawl-it's up to you!

Go above and beyond! Get others involved too! Form a Run/Walk for Life team and be the captain or liaison for your church team.

Visit our website at to register as a walker or runner. We would like for ALL participants of all ages to register online.

For more information call Sue Mahurin at 836-9000, or reach her by email at

If you haven't signed up for the 2013 Run/Walk for Life yet, register below!

You can walk for FREE or register as a runner for an additional fee for our CHIP timing!

House for Rent

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From: Garland Schnack

There is a house for rent on our street.
(This is north of 24 Highway and east of Salem East -
go north on Salem Drive, east on 18th Street to Ethan Lane)

The address is:
2010 N Ethan Lane
Independence MO 64058

The sign in the yard says to call: 816-228-2903

Lamplighters Art Project

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From: Tracy Wren

Lamplighters Art Project

The SCRB Lamplighters are looking for an art service project. We need a project that would accommodate about 25 girls. Possible projects would be a mural or backdrops for plays, etc. We can do the project this coming January.

If you have questions or suggestions please call Laurie Brown at 816-650-5027. Thanks!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

Recently Posted Jobs

Below you will find a list of jobs posted between Aug 3, 2013 and Sep 22, 2013.
Job Posting Title Job Category
Food Service Substitute Classified Apply Now
Job Postings Closing Soon
No jobs scheduled to stop accepting applications between Sep 22, 2013 and Sep 29, 2013.

Mother's Milk Request (Update)

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From: Camille Seever

Breast Milk Needed

Camille and Brent Seever's newly adopted baby, Caden is in great need for breast milk.

Because of the special circumstances surrounding him his little system cannot tolerate formula. Camille has been mixing the two together when she is low, however he does not do well with that either, crying out in pain.

If you can help please phone Camille at (816) 863-0702 or

Thank you so much. 😊


Mother's Milk Request (Update)

My mother very kindly put out a request to help us find breast
milk for our adopted little boy and we have had an outpouring of response. Since Sunday, I have had several come forward to help with donations, including a partial donation of up to 2000-3000 ounces of milk from one. I'll get that milk tomorrow to know for sure. I have several others that are donating smaller amounts and that are beginning to put aside milk for us. We are blessed and eternally grateful.

We were initially looking to adopt our daughter's infant birth-sister. Since my daughter has a milk allergy, I did a plethora of research on homemade formula and trying to nurse on my own. Unfortunately, she passed away. When our son came, it was by the hand of God! He was an unsolicited adoption. He was born 4 days after we found out about him
and 3 days after we met the birth-mother. 3 days later we were given custody and 2 days later he was brought home. We have been in chaos ever since trying to prepare and address his needs. Now that things are calming down I can begin the process needed to help him on my own. It may take a month or more before I can do that. In the meantime, I am overwhelmed and grateful for those that have responded with donations, prayers, encouragement, and advice. What we are receiving should be enough to get us through the next month or more.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Seever Family

Prayers for Kate Weber

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tom Nunn

Prayers for Kate Weber

Please put Kate Weber on your prayer list.
She just started treatment for a very aggressive stage 3 breast cancer.
Also include her family and one year old son.

Tom Nunn

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bids needed for tree removal

From: Bruce Luedeman

Bids needed for tree removal......

Tree Removal needed at 620 S. Main Street. The tree is street side, approximately 80’ high, 16’ (192”) in diameter, and many years past it’s normal life span. I would appreciate any recommendations for a tree service that is capable of handling a tree this size.

Bruce Luedeman

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prayers for Arturo Gomez

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From: Gary Whiting

Arturo Gomez, a minister well known in the Restoration suffered a heart attack while traveling in Mexico. He was been released from the critical care unit, but faces several more days in the hospital. He has an occluded artery and had some kind of irregular heart rhythm. He has requested the prayers of the Saints. I hope you can help spread the news.

Thank you
Gary Whiting

Joseph Smith III home for sale

Joseph Smith III home for sale

Thought a church member might be interested in this:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Job Needed

Job Needed

Rachelle needs a job in the 23rd and Noland Road area of Independence MO. She does not have a car.

If you can help please call Rachelle at: 816-288-7923


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Camille's Baby Shower

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From: pdswayne

Camille's Baby Shower-Reminder

Just wanted to send our a reminder for my daughter's baby shower coming up on Sunday, September 29 at 3 pm (see attached invitation to download)

I really need to know whether you are or are not going to be able to come so I have the right amount of refreshments.

Some of you know just how much of a miracle this baby is. He is very special with special issues. I/We would really like for you to meet him

Please call me to respond at (816) 456-5880 or email me at the above email address

Thank you. Hoping to hear from you soon.

May the love of Jehovah abide with you.
Shalom b'shem Yashua Ha Mashiach (Jesus The Messiah)

Shaulah (Paula)

Show Me 4 Life Fundraiser

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Catherine Thomas

Show Me 4 Life Fundraiser
Online Service and Business Product Auction--

Show Me 4 Life is working to collect one diaper/safety pin to represent each of Missouri’s 625,000 abortion victims (Phase 1—Missouri’s Abortion Memorial).

Inline image 1

After the collection has been completed, the pins will be displayed in clear, infant-sized caskets which will be set off in cross-shaped frames (Phase 2—Missouri’s Life Memorial). We want to provide a visual representation of the tragedy of abortion, while simultaneously pointing people to the hope and forgiveness offered through the life of Christ. Upon completion, the memorial will be donated to Missouri Right to Life for use as an educational resource.

With the resources available to bring our current pin count up to 485,000+ pins, Phase 1 is nearing completion, but we still need an additional $790 to finish this portion of the memorial. Estimated expenses for Phase 2 are $6,000+.

In an effort to raise the funds necessary to proceed with this project, Show Me 4 Life is organizing an online service and business product auction. Beginning now through October 8, 2013, we will be accepting applications for those wishing to donate services or business items to this pro-life, Christ-honoring cause. Below is a list of suggested services:

Computer Repair, Photography, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical work, Blacksmithing, Web Site Design, Accounting, Tutoring, HVAC, Piano Tuning, Hair Cuts (Barber or Beautician services), Pet Grooming, Yard work, Painting, Typing, Editing, Baking, Sewing, or House Cleaning in teams

If you are willing to donate your time and skill in this endeavor, please visit and submit your application.

For those of you wishing to donate gift cards or your company’s product, please complete this form:

Bidding will begin on Thursday, October 10, 2013 and will close on Thursday, October 17, 2013, at midnight (CST).

If you have any questions, please call 816-518-1380 or e-mail me at
In Christ,
Catherine Thomas

"We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." Elie Wiesel--Holocaust Survivor


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jill Gowan



Game time is Friday, Oct 4th at 6:00 at:
Bingham Middle School
1716 South Speck Road
Independence MO 64057

arrive early for the pregame excitement!
First 100 fans get a free give away. It is pretty cool!
Student Council is sponsoring several activities during the week and will conclude with a pep rally at school on Friday!

Bake Sale

Face painting for the kidos (or adults if you want!)
Half time game of CPRS staff vs a 3/4th grade BVAC team.
I think a few red cards will be issued!
High School Choir is going to sing the National Anthem
Aaron is going to announce the game and more!

Noren Celebration of Life

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jay Huffman

Celebration of the Life and Ministry of Clyde and Margaret Noren

To ALL the Saints and family and friends of Clyde and Margaret Noren, this invitation is sent to you. As some of you may know by now, Clyde has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and Sister Margaret has continuing heart problems.

As their Pastor, I want to invite ALL of you to a Celebration of the Life and Ministry of Clyde and Margaret Noren to be held at Farview Restoration Branch on Saturday September 28, 2013 at 5:30 PM. There will be a POTLUCK Dinner and afterwards we will assemble in the Sanctuary for a time of sharing our mutual testimonies and Love for the Lord and for them.

Date: Saturday, September 28, 2013

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: Farview Restoration Branch

11404 E 24th Street South

Independence MO 64052

(The corner of 24th Street and Vermont

One block South of 23rd Street and Vermont

behind the KCMO Public Library.)

It is a POTLUCK Dinner, so bring food for your family and a couple more.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vernard Schnack - Obituary


Vernard M. Schnack passed from this life on September 16, 2013 at the age of 91 at Rosewood at the Groves, Independence, MO.

Vern was born September 25, 1921 at Logan, Iowa to Herman and Evelyn (Holeton) Schnack. He married Viola Carlile on March 16, 1941. His wife, Viola, his parents, and his brother, Lionel, preceded Vern in death.

Vern was a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and attended the South Crysler Restoration Branch. He was ordained a Teacher on March 18, 1951 and later ordained an Elder in 1954.

When his father’s back was broken, Vern quit school to help with the family farm after completing the eighth grade.

Vern and Viola moved to Independence in 1941 where he was employed at Lake City. He and his wife moved to Cameron in 1948 and farmed. Later he managed the Shell-Pitts Allis Chalmers farm implement dealership for eight years. In 1960, Vern started the Ford tractor and implement dealership. Due to a severe heart attack, he sold the dealership. After recuperating, he obtained a Real Estate Broker’s license. He then purchased and managed a Real Estate Agency. Vern retired in 1985 and he and Viola moved to Independence. In his retirement, he volunteered at the Independence Regional Health Center and later was hired as a Nurse’s Assistant and worked until 1992.

Vernard is survived by a son, Garland Schnack and wife Eileen of Independence, a daughter, Lou Jean (Muff) Mitchell and husband Duane of Dixon, MO, five grandchildren: Troy Schnack and wife Sandy of Kansas City, Jill Schnack Stewart and husband Brent of Blue Springs, Julie Bloom Hunter and husband Jerry of Independence, and Rawlin Bloom and wife Sarah of Kingsville, MO, Maria Mitchell Scanlan and husband Michael of Lee’s Summit, MO, and six great-grandchildren.

Visitation will be from 6:00-8:00PM Friday, September 20 at Speaks Suburban Chapel, 18020 E. 39 Street, Independence, MO 64057. Funeral service will be at Speaks Suburban Chapel on Saturday at 10:00AM followed by a graveside service at Mound Grove Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Center Place Restoration School, 819 W. Waldo, Independence, MO 64050.

Monday, September 16, 2013

CPRS Pancake Breakfast

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gayle Fleming

Pancake Breakfast
sponsored by the CPRS Junior Class

September 21
From 8-11 a.m.
t South Crysler Restoration Branch

Serving Pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice and milk

Tickets are $6 each with a family ceiling of $25

Please come and support the Junior class this weekend. There are only 6 students in the class.

You can get your tickets from two SCRB students; Elizabeth Smith and Kristen Gilbert.

You may also buy your tickets at the door, but if you do, please RSVP to Gayle Fleming so we know how many to plan on.

Thank you for your support!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dennis Moe


Moe Farms has fresh, home grown eating and canning tomatoes for sale at 50 cents a pound.

Call Dennis or Nancy at 650-2059
Moe Farms

Friday, September 13, 2013

Medical Boot - For Sale

Medical Boot - For Sale

Save money on this Adult Orthotic Boot

New $300.00.............Now $100.00

If you
cannot pick it up in Independence Mo
there will be a $15.00 charge for in country shipping.

Contact: Tom Hairabedian

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book of Mormon Round Table Sunday

Book of Mormon round table Sunday

Sunday, September 15th at 6:00 pm
Our Speaker will be Neil Steede
on an interesting topic "The Golden Balls" part 2
Hope to see you on floor "A" of Stone Church

Let Us Endure To The End
Robyn Mun

Accompanist needed

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: June Tygart

My trio which sings at nursing homes and Sr. meetings at churches needs a good accompanist.
The only pay is the joy of service and fellowship. If you know someone who sight
reads well or is
willing to work on some piano accompanists to play with us, please let me know or have them contact

June Tygart

Job Needed - Caleb Etter

I am looking for a job. Please see my resume below and contact me if you can help.

Caleb Etter


Caleb Etter

16904 E. 29th St. South, Independence, Missouri 64055 Home: 816-373-0309 - Cell: 816-589-3062 :

Career Overview

Fast food worker highly efficient at preparing food orders quickly while greeting all customers and managing the cash register accurately.


● Proven leader
● Engaging personality
● Reliable and punctual
● Integrity
● Respect
● Friendly
● Honest
● Communicating well with unfamiliar people.

Work Skills

● Hard working
● Quality work completed on time.
● Strong attention to detail
● Comfortable standing for long time periods
● Image processing
● Reliable team worker
● Neat, clean and professional appearance
● Comfortable standing for long time periods
● Delivers exceptional customer service
● Night owl


● Student Council.
● Independence City Youth Council.
● Truman High School Trutones, Concert, and Men's choir Section Leader all 3.5 years .
● Metropolitan Choral of Singers.
● Assistant stage manager for Fiddler On The Roof production.
● Former Community Manager Assistant (
● Helping break set for many private school musical productions.
● 2012 Leadership Camp ( Note: Camp is listed in Calendar tab.

Work Experience

Crew Member

August 2011 to February 2012

Subway Rottinghaus Company Incorporated – Independence, Missouri

Took necessary steps to meet customer needs and effectively resolve food or service issues, recorded customer orders and repeated them back in a clear, understandable manner, correctly received orders, processed payments and responded appropriately to guest concerns, communicated clearly and positively with co- workers and management, resolved guest complaints promptly and professionally.

Education and Training

MCC Blue River 2014

Independence, Missouri, United States

Computer Informations and Emphasis on Network Security, minor in Cybersecurity

Truman High School 2012

Independence, Missouri, United States

High School Diploma


Name: Ben Gatrost

Cell: (816) 277-6125

Business: United States Government

Name: Rebecca Chapman

Cell: (816) 560-443

Business: Accounting, and Farming

Barn Help - Part Time

Barn Help - Part Time

A horse boarding and training facility in lees summit is looking to hire part time barn help for Tues, wed, and Friday 8 to 12.

Contact Tom Williams at 816.718.9646

News from SEAAM

Greetings Dear Saints,

As you may know, the South East Asia and Australian Ministries Board, known as SEAAM, continues to be very active in this part of the world. A missionary team is going to Nepal in mid-September for a month and then on to Australia for two months. The team will consist of Bob and Sheila Schrunk and John Eichhorn. The Schrunks will be going on to Australia.

A team will be going to the Mindanao area of the Philippines where SEAAM has been functioning since 2006. Seventy Richard Neill will be leading this team in late October.

Brother Murray Broughton, from Euroa, Australia, along with his wife, Delma who is Filipino, will be going to the Luzon area of the Philippines, which includes Manila. Brother and Sister Broughton go to Luzon twice a year and they will be there from Oct. 6 to about Nov.6, 2013. The work is growing rapidly in both areas of the Philippines where SEAAM is working.

Brother Murray is once again requesting help in obaining the scriptures and Christian books for the Saints in Luzon. He has requested ten copies each of the Inspired Version, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants along with 40 hymnals and books for children, in addition to various tracts.

SEAAM was formed in 1998 due to requests from this part of the world. SEAAM was formed within the framework of the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE). Within the CRE, the SEAAM Board is accountable to the Evangelism Council as well as the CRE.

It should be noted that the SEAAM Board does not have any connection to or affiliation with any factional or missionary group, though there are some of them working in this part of the world.

Currently we are looking for assistance in obtaining materials and mailing costs to send the materials to the Saints in the Luzon area of the Philippines.
We still need nine copies of the Inspired Version and five copies of the Doctrine and Covenants. The copies do not have to be new. The hymnals and other books have all been made available.

You, your family, or branch can help by donating or purchasing the needed scriptures. The IV sells at Price Publishing for $22.50 each and the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants run $8.50 each.

A big expense, as you might know, is postage. A large flat rate box, with a weight limit of 20 pounds, currently costs $77.95 to send internationally, while a medium flat rate box, also with a weight limit of 20 pounds costs $59.95. It looks like we will have at least five large boxes and two medium boxes to mail.

TheSaints can help in several ways:
You can send a check to the CRE and in the memo line write "Books and/or postage for Luzon Saints."
You can go to some one who has the scriptures and purchase them.
You can donate copies of the scriptures if you have them.

Please let me know how and when you would like to help. We would like to send these books while Brother Murray is there.

If you have any questions, call at 816-833-6552 or better yet, email me.

Thanks in advance and God bless

In Christ,

Paul Gage
SEAAM Board Member

House Cleaner

House cleaner

Looking for someone to clean our house every other week. Please let me know if there are any interested? Looking to pay approximately $15/hour for a GOOD clean, including all floors, all counters, bathrooms and kitchen really well. Includes dusting.

Jami Lane


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chuck's Estate Sale

From: June Tygart

Chuck's Estate Sale

The sale of Chuck’s instruments, tools, books, music, clothes, sail boat, antiques and various and sundry items is:

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
September 19, 20 and 21
from 8:00 a.m, to 2:00 p.m.

615 N E 81 Street
Kansas City MO 64118

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Update on Houston

Update on Houston

Houston is Jim and Linda Crane's grandson and Jamie
Mitchell's(Crane) son
. He was struck by a car while running across a busy street in Independence MO.

Jamie L Mitchell
on Facebook

My heart is so much lighter now that I know my son can hear and understand me and especially since he can see me. Our road is still long but the burden is much lighter! This has been less than 3 weeks and the progress has been staggering even his doctors are impressed. There is no doubt that the power of prayer and Gods love for us all is what is steering this miracle! Thank you all for you past and continuous prayers and my prayers are with all of you and your families as well!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Winds and brass players needed

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tammy Tandy

Winds and brass players needed

Mount Zion Music Association is needing more winds and brass players with playing experience to join our full orchestra. If you have time on Saturday mornings and would like to play with other musicians seeking to glorify God through music, please consider joining us. We are most especially needing at least one trumpet player, a clarinet player, and another flute player, but we have parts for more trumpets, trombones, percussion, and more.

Please email us at or contact Tammy Tandy at 816-833-2944 or for more information.

We are also planning a Christmas concert with full orchestra only, so please keep that in mind as well!

Odessa House For Sale

From: Debbie Allen

For sale - House, (old schoolhouse) on 2 acres, blacktop road, west of Odessa, right off of I-70. Mature fruit trees, garden spot, one medium size shed, small fenced pasture for animals. Partially remodeled. Original hardwood floors. Has all newer major appliances. Full bath, laundry/utility, living/dining, kitchen, eating nook, 2 small bedrooms on main floor. Upstairs has 2 very large bedrooms, bathroom and outside entry door. Crawl space, no basement. Four Restoration families on same road. As is, you finish remodeling, $82,500, firm.

Contact Curtis, (816)263-4734.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Independence Square Building For Sale

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Bruce Luedeman

Dear Saints,

A two story office building is going up for sale soon at 420 S Main Street, Independence MO. At one time it held city offices and it was a Mormon Book store and repository for home school materials. I don’t know the asking price yet.

The building has been the focus of prayer for several years by a number of Restoration believers. A vision was received in 2011 for it to have a special work and ministry to be done in it.

This would be a cooperative project similar to the starting up of CPRS in 1991 but not so large. The building will need funds to update it as well as the purchase price and a group of people who have a heart for this type of ministry.

I am circling this building in prayer for the money to be there to purchase 420 S Main and a group of people who have had a similar vision from the Lord. If you have had an experience regarding this property or mission, please contact me.

Muriel Luedeman

The best part of life is when family members become your friends and friends become family.

O, Lord, bless us richly, let your hand be with us, enlarge our coasts,
And keep us from evil.
I Chronicles 4:9

Muriel WinnLuedeman

Thursday, September 5, 2013



Item for Free

Great condition! Bring your own truck/trailer for pickup.
You can contact us at 816-225-1112

Picture attached

Janice Altschul

HELP!!! Anyone with A Log Splitter?

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: pdswayne

HELP!!! Anyone with A Log Splitter?

Our prime source
of heat is wood. We have some but not enough to get us through the winter. I've been told there is wood out there, however:

1. We have no way of getting it here. We have a trailer, but no truck

2. We need to find someone with a log splitter willing to help us get the wood split and into the container

David has been really ill, and cannot arrange these things anymore, nor does he have the strength to work.

I have been hesitating to ask, because I keep thinking it will resolve itself. But with the fall upon us I felt I needed to speak our need.

Thank you.
May the love of Jehovah abide with you.
Shalom b'shem Yashua Ha Mashiach (Jesus The Messiah)
Shaulah (Paula)

Free Kenmore Refrigerator

Free Kenmore Refrigerator
Pick up in the Blue Springs area
Call Shirl at: 816-220-0232

Houston Update

Houston Update - from Facebook 09/04/13

From: Jamie L Mitchell

God is so good, already I can see Gods handy work with my son. Over the past few days Houston has made some real improvements, especially today. My baby is showing real signs of trying to wake up. Today he was making real deliberate movements and he even said "owe" twice this morning. This evening he was scratching his face, trying to touch his head and figure out what happened. We were having a hard time keeping him from pulling out a certain tube that really needs to stay! Most exciting is that he answered me with "uh hu" and "no" when I asked him if he was thirsty and answered "huh?" when we said his name. It was hard to hear him but he said it! God is so good and thank you for all of your prayers and your continuous prayers! It's crazy to get excited over your 14yr old picking his nose but what can I Is good!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jim Schultz cites experience in mayoral run

Council member Jim Schultz cites experience in mayoral run

Independence City Council at-large Member Jim Schultz is running for mayor in 2014.
Independence, Mo. —

By Jeff Fox

Jim Schultz has a straightforward job description for the position he is seeking.

“I think the mayor has to be the best listener in the community. ... I firmly believe that,” he said.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September $1.00 Book Sale

Oldbookman $1.00 Book Sale

(100+ Titles of RLDS Books)

This offer good through September, 2013, or while supplies last.

“B” indicates a booklet.

405 Worship Illustrations, 1956, hard, 327 pages

Adams, Loyd, and others, Called and Sent, 1972, soft, 92 pages B

Administrative Policies and Procedures, various years, soft, 50-90 pages, B

Black, Lea Vail, Wings of Worship (Plays), 1968, hard, 226 pages

Blackstock, John W., Moments of Meditation, 1965, hard, 75 pages

Blumenschein, John and Marian, Parent-Child Relationships, 1957, soft, 54 pages B

Boyd, Theo E., Poetic Reflections from the Dust, 1979, hard, 126 pages

Brockway, Esther, Toward Better Witnessing, 1976, hard, 210 pages

Brunson, Madelon, Imogene Goodyear, Geoffrey Spencer, One in the Spirit, 1971, soft, 72 pages B

Buck, Clifford, The Greatest of These, 1966, hard and soft, 160 pages

Cheville, Roy A., By What Authority, 1959, hard, 96 pages

Cheville, Roy A., Growing Up in Religion, 1951, hard and soft, 176 pages

Cheville, Roy A., Ten Considerations for Family Living, 1958, soft, 150 pages

Cheville, Roy A., The Book of Mormon Speaks for Itself, 1971, hard, 203 pages

Cheville, Roy A., The Field of Theology, 1960, hard and soft, 144 pages

Cheville, Roy A., When They Seek Counsel, 1954, soft, 133 pages

Cheville, Roy, The Bible in Everyday Living, 1939 and 1944, hard

Church Member's Manual, A, various dates and pages, hard and soft, used cond.

Clinefelter, William, The Covenant and the Kingdom, 1964, hard and soft, 138 pages

Cole, Clifford A., Celebrating Together in Our Family, 1955, soft, 32 pages B

Cole, Clifford A., Faith for New Frontiers, 1956. hard and soft, 156 pages

Cole, Clifford A., The Prophets Speak, 1954, hard, 199 pages

Conduff, Sara, Because He Cares, private, 1988, soft, 255 pages

Constance, C. B., The Usher’s Handbook, 1950, soft, 47 pages B

Curry, L. F. P., The Stewardship of the Mind, soft, 32 pages B $

DeLapp, G. Leslie, In the World..., 1973, hard, 250 pages

Dempsey, Elbert A., Jr., Adventuring with God, 1985, soft, 120 pages

Draper, Maurice L., Credo "I Believe," 1983, soft, 307 pages

Draper, Maurice L., Witnessing through the Sacramental Ordinances, 1951, soft, 45 pages B

Draper, Maurice, Marriage in the Restoration, 1968, hard, 77 pages

Draper, Maurice, Why I Belong, 1958, hard and soft, 144 pages

Edwards, Deane Butler, All Children Are Mine, 1964, hard and soft, 235 pages

Edwards, Deane Butler, Day by Day, 1964, hard, 64 pages

Edwards, Deane Butler, White Fields for Harvest, 1970, hard, 442 pages

Edwards, Deane, Come Light the Lamps, 1969, soft, 63 pages B

Edwards, F. Henry, God Our Help, 1981 reprint, soft, 230 pages

Edwards, F. Henry, The Power that Worketh in Us, 1987, soft, 343 pages

Edwards, Paul M., Ethics: The Possibility of Moral Choice, 1987, soft, 246 pages

Edwards, Paul M., Inquiring Faith, 1967, hard, 112 pages

Edwards, Paul M., The Elder: Minister of Mission, 1997, soft, 92 pages

Elser, Otto H. (Ed.), The Ministry of Health & Healing, 1986, soft, 256 pages

Elliott, May, Extraordinary Blessings of an Ordinary Christian, 1974, hard, 182 pages

Empowered to Care, 1980, soft, 220 pages

Ettinger, Cecil R., Thy Kingdom Come, 1965, hard and soft, 96 pages

Facing Today’s Frontiers, 1966, hard & soft, 112 pages B $2.00

Gossett, Bob, The Stranger at Emmaus, 1972, hard, 92 pages

Ham, Wayne, Enriching Your New Testament Studies, 1966, hard, 198 pages

Hartshorn, Chris B., Let Us Worship, 1946, hard, 190 pages

Hettrick, Ric and Marcia, From Among Men, 1976, hard, 220 pages

Higdon, Barbara McFarlane, Good News for Today, 1981, soft, 172 pages

Holmes, Reed, Seek This Christ, 1954, hard and soft, 77 pages

Holmes, Reed, The Patriarchs, 1978, soft, 173 pages

Howard, Barbara, Be Swift to Love, 1974, hard, 186 pages

Howard, Barbara, ed., Children: Of Such Is the Kingdom, 1979, soft, 175 pages

Huskey, Hyrum H. Jr., Counseling Skills for Church Leadership, 1980, soft, 135 pages

I Will Be Aware, 1959, soft, 84 pages B

If You Should Ask Why, soft, 15 pages B

Jones, Irene, Know Your Scriptures, 1966, soft, 107 pages

Judd, Peter & Clifford Cole, Distinctives Yesterday and Today, 1983, soft, 168 pages

Judd, Peter, The Sacraments, 1978, soft, 174 pages

Judd, Peter, The Worshiping Community, 1984, soft, 178 pages

Kirkendall, Norma Anne, Let's Do Something About Our Teaching, 1958, soft

Knisley, Alvin, Dictionary of the Book of Mormon, 1945, private, soft, 158 pages

Kramer, Annando, From Now to Eternity, 1993, private, soft, 164 pages

Lambert, J. R., What Is Man? 1973 reprint of 1914 book, soft, 249 pages

Lancaster, Helen, and Fern Bannister, What Is Appointed unto Me? 1962, soft, 56 pages B

Lancaster, Helen B., Someone Touched Me, 1970, soft, 56 pages B

Lancaster, Reta, and Margaret Hausheer, Stewardship in the Home, 1961, soft, 96 pages B

Landon, Donald D., and Robert L. Smith, For What Purpose Assembled, 1969, hard and soft, 188 pages

Landon, Donald, To Be the Salt of the Earth, 1965, hard, 214 pages

Landsberg, Lewis E., Stewards of the Kingdom, 1962, soft, 48 pages B

Lucero, Paul, In Search of the Eternal Christ, 1986, Lightbearer Publ., Montebello, CA, soft, 104 pages

Maples, Evelyn, That Ye Love, 1971, hard and soft, 95 pages

Mesle, C. Robert, Fire in My Bones, 1984, soft, 253 pages

Mesle, Carl, Forward to Zion, soft, 48 pages B

Mesley, Blanche, I Witness for Christ, 1950, soft, 92 pages B

Mortimore, Olive, Out of Abundance, 1971, hard, 41 pages

Nichols, Jeannette, Her Works Praise Her, 1967, 133 pages, hard

Oliver, Lucille, Celebrate Your Existence, 1971, soft, 79 pages

Oliver, Lucille, Cry for the World, 1981, soft, 186 pages

Oliver, Lucille, The Crystal Mountain, hard, 1974, 144 pages

Out of the Dust, 1957, hard, 42 pages

Parsons, A. H., Parsons' Text Book, 1971 reprint, soft, 332 pages

Premoe, David, and Robert Kent, Witnessing: The Sharing of Our Lives, 1982, soft, 205 pages

Preston, John, Peter Bosten, 1978 reprint of 1918 book, soft, 352 pages

Priesthood Manual, various years 1960-1990, hard

Ruoff, Norman D., (Comp.), Yearbook of Testimony (Volumes 1‑5), 1974‑1979, 107‑189 pages, hard

Russell, Naomi, Light from the Valley, 1979, soft, 200 pages

Russell, William D., The Word Became Flesh, 1967, hard, 284 pages

Sarre, Winifred Turner, Perce Judd: Man of Peace, 1983, soft, 176 pages

Schneebeck, Harold N., Jr., The Body of Christ, 1968, hard, 158 pages

Slides of The Auditorium, five 35 mm color slides in a sleeve

Smidt, Christine, An Acquaintance with Grief, 1977, hard, 118 pages

Smith, Elbert A., Faith of Our Fathers Living Still, soft, 16 pages B

Smith, Elbert A., Restoration: A Study in Prophecy, 1945 and 1951, hard & soft, 290 pages

Smith, Frederick M., The Higher Powers of Man, 1968 reprint of 1918 book, soft, 232 pages

Smith, Israel A., The Language of the Book of Mormon, 1958 soft, 24 pages B

Sparkes, Vernon M., The Theological Enterprise, 1969, 272 pages, hard and soft

Squire, Ethel, Women Answer Christ’s Call, soft, 88 pages B

Stevens, Thelona D., Bible Studies, various years, hard and soft, 152 pages

Stevens, Thelona D., Book of Mormon Studies, private, Independence, MO, various years, soft, 196 pages

Stevens, Thelona D., Living Water, 1989, soft, 159 pages

Tousley, Pershing, The Master Sculptor, 1981, soft, 187 pages

Twelve Sermons (by the Council of Twelve Apostles), 1972, hard, 151 pages

Updike, L. Wayne, Worth More Than Sparrows, 2001, private, soft, 108 pages

Vest, Inez (Peggy), Power to Become, 1967,soft, 64 pages B

Visiting: A Pastoral Care Ministry, 1985, soft, 186 pages

Weddle, Franklin, How to Use the Hymnal, 1956, hard, 96 pages

Wrigley, Louise Scott, Called to Be Friends, 1963, soft, 51 pages B

Yarrington, Roger, Restoration Ethics Today, 1963, hard and soft, 168 pages

Yarrington, Roger, The Auditorium, 1962, hard, 92 pages

Young, Leonard M., Communities of Joy, 1994, soft, 229 pages

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